Let the memory of Ryan live within our hearts forever.! We will receive justice.!
  • 19 years old
  • Born on January 24, 1993 in Jackson, Mississippi, United States.
  • Passed away on March 25, 2012 in Jackson, Mississippi, United States.

This memorial website was created in the memory of our son, brother, lover, friend or even acquaintance Nolan Ryan Henderson, 19 who was born on January 24, 1993 and passed away on March 25, 2012. Even though many of the facts have come to light, we cannot forget about him and his justice. We will continue to fight for all bits and pieces of the tragic situation. His life and memories shall be kept in our hearts forever.

Posted by Harriet Kinnel on 24th January 2018
Have a Heavenly 25th Birthday Ryan. You’re always in our thoughts. Love, Aunt Missy
Posted by Howard Nelson on 24th January 2018
Happy 25th Birthday Brother! Love you and you are truly missed.
Posted by Cameron Henderson on 24th January 2018
Happy 25th Birthday!
Posted by Cameron Henderson on 26th November 2017
We negated to interact much but during the times we did, you made an distinguished impact in the lives of others whom admired and became fond of your presence....rest with abundance as the memory of you will never dissipate but flourish in the paradigms of our hearts.
Posted by Melicia Johnson on 26th March 2017
Posted by Julius Henderson on 25th March 2017
Still missing you!!! keep holding us down.....
Posted by Nolan Henderson,Jr on 24th January 2017
Happy Birthday Ryan, may you continue to rest and be our guardian angel down here. Nothing has changed for me, it's actually gotten worse. I'll be making a big move soon that we talked about. The time has finally come and I know you're be watching over me every step of the way. Thanks for always supporting me and allowing me to be your dad. I promise to make you proud, continue to look after your brothers and the rest of the family. I love and miss you dearly Dueze!
Posted by Howard Nelson on 24th January 2017
Happy 24th Birthday Ryan. We love and miss you my brother and may God and his angels be with your family. Love you bro!
Posted by Melicia Johnson on 25th January 2016
I love you angel, continue to shine your light on us. God bless
Posted by Nolan Henderson,Jr on 24th January 2016
I love and miss you dearly son. I'm still fighting and won't ever stop. I would give anything to trade places but daddy can't fix this. Continue to rest in peace and I'll see you soon.
Posted by Anjelica Ewing on 29th September 2015
Thinking of you this morning...Rest Easy Hun!!!
Posted by Julius Henderson on 1st May 2015
Big Head, just stopping back to say what's up. I think of you often, we are still fighting.... Be easy, Big Unc...............
Posted by Julius Henderson on 26th March 2015
Keep resting and we will keep fighting! You will always be loved and missed!!! Big Unc
Posted by Nolan Henderson,Jr on 25th March 2015
It's been three long, hard years since you were taken from me. I miss you dearly. You are my angel looking over me. Continue to rest in peace my son and know that we still fighting for justice! I LOVE YOU RYAN #justice4ryan. #justiceforryan
Posted by Nolan Henderson,Jr on 27th March 2014
I miss you so much son. Words can't describe the pain inside of me. Rest in peace son, you are my guardian angel. My life will never be the same! Justice is coming I promise. #justice4ryantillthedayidie!!!!!
Posted by Julius Henderson on 26th March 2014
Ryan, Life is not the same without you. We are still fighting and always will. I'm sure you are in good hands. I'm still waiting on you return my text :-). Missing you............
Posted by Melicia Johnson on 25th March 2014
It's been 2 years...smh and it still doesn't feel real. But I KNOW you're good and that's all that matters..love you big head
Posted by Melicia Johnson on 4th February 2014
Love and miss you, continue to shine your light on us and guide us
Posted by Takisa Henderson on 3rd February 2014
Ryan, it's so weird that I think about yu all the time.! We never talked, idk what it is....but yu leaving has affected me.! I really wished yu were able to see your 21st.! I truly don't believe it's fair.! Rest easy sir.!
Posted by LaTeisha Adell on 12th October 2013
Ryan I miss you soooooo much. Here I am a year and 7 months later and not one day has gone by that I havent thought about you. I know you up there looking down on us with ya big ass head lol! You really left your mark down here man. Until we meet again, I Love you Ryan -Jazz aka Juneyy
Posted by Howard Nelson on 25th March 2013
Rest in paradise brother..words cant explain how much i miss kicking it with you..met your family. Beautiful family..I feel your presence whenever im with them. Cant believe its been a year but im going to stay strong for you and your famiy and we will meet again once the sunrise. #RestInParadiseBrother
Posted by Chris Dillard on 24th January 2013
Happy 20th birthday Ryan it's still hard to believe your still no here with us
Posted by Jamar Sims on 13th December 2012
it has been 8 months since you passed away i thought that i would be able to recover for the lost by now, but i still feel the same. IM glad that the time you was earth was a joy and happy experience for you. LOVE you big brother rip.
Posted by Amber Jackson on 14th June 2012
hey Ryan your gone and dearly missed but no one has never forgotten...last time i saw you was at the park and you gave me a big hug...i still see that smile ...TRULY MISSED
Posted by Harriet Kinnel on 12th June 2012
Enjoyed our visit when I stopped by. Thanks for the help I think he is doing better. I promise to be back soon. Love, Aunt Missy
Posted by Melicia Johnson on 11th June 2012
hey ryo!..there isnt a day that goes by that your not on my mind..I love you and we all miss you, but i know your still with us..everytime i see that red jeep..lol..i know that you saying whats up meemz!lol..i love you man we gone make you proud..i promise!like you would always say...(man meemz you been my nigga since the sixth grade!)I miss seeing that big head at the bus stop man..ily
Posted by Jamar Sims on 11th June 2012
Ryan you were a big brother to me, its hard to believe you gone, its hard to move on from this. But i know God will make it better. You are in a better place now you dont have to worry about any more conflict because the guardian angel's our here to protect you. love you man rip.
Posted by Devaun Manley on 27th May 2012
I can't believe this happened to you bro. I remember the old times in middle school and everything. When i heard this happened to you, i was so hurt inside, and couldn't believe it. I get so angry & sad inside because i just can't believe this happened to you! Wish i could speak to you again! :(
Posted by Alesia Henderson on 22nd May 2012
I still cant believe you're gone... I miss your presence..!
Posted by Ashley Henderson on 21st May 2012
Hey Ryan, Just Stopping By To Heyy And I Miss You And I Think About You Everyday, I Know You Looking Down On Me, I Love You Ryan
Posted by Howard Nelson on 18th May 2012
"Ryan..I know your up there with the good Lord.I met your family and there good peple like you...I thank the Lord for putting you in my life.You were more than a roomate but your my brother,,and I will help your family with justice..I miss those good days of having fun working out at the gym.I know we will see each other again.See you when the sun rises brother:(
Posted by Patrick Patterson on 5th May 2012
Yo Ryan, came acroos this on facebook thought I would just drop a few words. It's been over a month bro still cant believe this happened to u man but hold it down and continue to look over your fam and real friends and God chose u for a reason bull, u must have been something special. R.I.P Ryan. #Justice4Ryan!!!!!!!
Posted by Omar Abdul on 5th May 2012
Redan will forever miss you my friend save me a spot up there leave a seat open for me
Posted by Tenika Wilson on 4th May 2012
Hi cuz, suck your gone. I only met you a couple of time and to think we are first cousins. I last saw you, you was a baby, so cute and happy, you and Damien. I wish I knew you, but from what I hear you was a perfect friend, full of like, motivating,, a rapper and just a all around cool person. Of course u was, u a Henderson, even thought not my last name, we share blood. I luv U cuz!
Posted by Harriet Kinnel on 2nd May 2012
I think about you everyday little big head boy! Love always, Aunt Missy
Posted by Alma Henderson on 17th April 2012
I never got that visit. I forgive you as I remember the college days. I know that you and granddaddy are together. You both are watching over me. Gone to soon. Love always. Grandmother.
Posted by Wyteboy Reggie on 30th March 2012
Always n my heart lil cuz. I know its gotta b sumn good to come fromthis. C u soon!!!
Posted by Ashley Henderson on 28th March 2012
Ryan you are more than a cousin to me your are my brother I would never forget the times we had from when was little till I grew up on you, you always told me keep ballin and do what I gottah do and I PROMISE ima do that for you, you always said you was going play me one on one I wish I would've got that chance but I will keep fighting for Youu. I LOVE YOU NOLAN RYAN HENDERSON. R.I.P
Posted by Tina Nevels on 28th March 2012
Ryan did not know me personally, but the Henderson family are dear friends and past neighbors of me and my family. Mrs. Alma Henderson was my Sunday school teacher and role model as a child. Since Ryan was Mrs. Henderson's grandson, I know he was a tremendous young man. My deepest sympathies to the entire Henderson family. WIth Love The Jackson and Nevels Family Greenwood, MS
Posted by Tatyana Graham on 27th March 2012
I love you Ryan . You will dearly be missed, not getting that phone call from you letting me know your home is going to kill me. But you are now home with God. No pain, no suffering. You know Dames and the fam will hold it down for you ! Patna Patna ! Taty will miss you :(. Good Solider Gone. Salute To A Good Young Man <3

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