My Grandmother

Shared by Julie Noblitt on August 24, 2010

I could have had no better role model than my Grandmother Julia Norene Lucus.

I learned by her example how to work, and what was important most in life was family .

I can remember Grandmother working all night At GE and being up all day teaching her grandchildren how to ride a new horse she bought  them, because she thought we needed to have the responsiblity and pleasure she had growing up. My grandmother rode her horse all over the horse mountains were she grow up. She could hunt as well as her two brothers and her cousins. She could out ride any man.  And She was no wilting lilly. 

She loved My Brother Mark, My baby sister Laurie and me and  even though we were not perfect and made mistakes , kicked our butts and went on loving us anyway.

She was one of a kind, a woman before her time.  

And I miss her so very much,

Julie L Noblitt-Howell



Shared by robert langley on August 8, 2010

 my fondest memory of norene was the way she could not get our names right. when up set she would always call me richard, raymond, robert, you damnit. and i knew i was in trouble. but her bark was always worse than her bite. the time i spent with her through the years was full of good memories, from here farm to the mountains. no one can or will fill her shoes she wore to many to try to fill them. always a hard working woman, she worked harder when she retired than when she worked. god bless you and keep every one in line. we will see you soon. 

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