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I miss you so much, Mom.

Shared by Lou Ann Ehret on January 3, 2015

I remember... My Mom's love for God and Family - in that order - above all else.

I remember... Her love for music and her musical talent.  ... She often told us, "You can't be angry when you are singing."  How true. She would encouraged us to sing or whistle. Then she would join in. ... she would even whistle "in harmony" with my brother and me - and it would create an "overtone" which always made us laugh out loud.

I remember her hugs. They were always so warm and comforting. Every time she had the opportunity... she told us how much she cared. To this day, I can hear her saying "I love you, Lou".  Because of her... I believe that is the best thing any parent can do for their children.

She had a way of giving everything she could to others - always putting other people ahead of herself. She believed her purpose in life was to help others. She was a caregiver to her mother.. and when her mother passed away... she continued her selflessness by taking in three little elderly ladies... and she provided 24 hour care to them in her home - until she could no longer physically manage it.

There are so many other wonderful things about my mother that I remember.  I wish life had been kinder to her.  She deserved so much. I wish I could tell her now, how much I love her - She passed away 4 years ago... today...

I miss you - my sweet Mom.... so very much.

The Rooster Story

Shared by Charles R Beasley on February 13, 2011


Mom always used life experiences to teach life lessons. On one occasion we (mom, my sister, and I) were visiting Aunt Marianne (mom’s older sister) at her farm outside of Zephyr Hills, Florida. They had orange groves and many of the various farm creatures one might expect. Among these creatures was a very territorial rooster who considered the barnyard as his and was quite intolerable of strangers. I on this day was out in the barn playing with my cousins when the Big Bad Rooster decided that I was intruding on his ‘turf’! He charged me with his wings flapping and screaming at me as though he was ten times the size he really was! My first instinct was to run to safety as fast as I could, which meant to the house. As it were mom and her sister were standing by the fence surrounding the barnyard watching as I ran toward them and the house. That Huge Rooster was hot on my heels and I was running and screaming, terrified at the consequence of being caught! Mom and her sister were yelling “turn around and face him” over and over but I kept running! I got to mom and she stepped in between the rooster and me as my protector and that Mean Old Rooster stopped abruptly and ran the other way! Later in life mom recalled that story to me telling me that one should stand and face life’s adversities and not run from them. Although many years had passed she always had the right anecdote stored away to address a life issue. She was always subtle, but to the point when teaching me how to be a man.
Oh, and as a footnote to this story……as a youngster I was involved in track and field. Mom would always come to my “meets” to root me on. When I was running a race and someone was catching me I would hear this loud ‘rooster crow’ coming out of the stands inspiring me to run faster! Mom was always watching out for me!     

Wonderful Neighbor

Shared by Monnie Martin on February 2, 2011

I remember Norma from Tampa Fl.  She lived across the street from me and I was always SO impressed that she took care of little old ladies in her home in order that they not be sent to a cold place to live out their lives.  She saw to it that their medical needs were taken care of and that they had a very cheerful place to live.  I remember one lady called Frances who had Alzheimers. Frances loved to read and Norma and I giggled over the fact that she never had to buy Frances another book.  She could reread the same one over and over.  One major thing I could say about Norma was "To know her was to love her"  Her heart was bigger than she was.  I am SURE her place in Heaven is a palace and I look forward to seeing her there as I haven't much longer here myself.  I feel God was so good to allow me to know her as a friend.  Monnie Martin

Mother's Eulogy January 30, 2011

Shared by Charles R Beasley on January 31, 2011


Eighty-four years ago the Lord put a flower on earth.  As this flower grew she encountered many individuals… who were in turn blessed by her love, her friendship, her optimism, and her kindness… among many other things.

The gardens in which she lived were not always of the finest soils; in fact many were quite rocky. She was not always surrounded by other beautiful flowers and had to endure many of the weeds of life. Yet through all of the adversities she flourished and shared her beauty and love of life. She did this with her deeds to others and with a spirit inspired by the Lord.

As the years went by and she began to wane… she kept that spirit and remained positive to those who were fortunate enough to pass her way. Keeping faith in the Lord and passing the Love on so that others could feel it.

But as with everything in life, time took its toll. The beautiful flower began to fade, yet the love she shared will always remain.

So here we are today to return this flower, Our Mother, Grandmother, relative, or friend… back to the Lord.

The earth has lost a beautiful flower… Heaven has added to its bouquet.

Thank you Lord for giving us your flower!

We Will Always Love You and Miss You!    

Shared by Kat Beasley on January 9, 2011

Norma was "Mom" to me from the moment I met her 30 + years ago. My first thought of Mom was what a beautiful Lady she was inside and out. She loved me unconditionally & accepted me in her life without question. I will miss her greatly.  Her son loves me and our sons with all his heart as she did Lou and Charley. What a legacy of love she left behind. She was always such a positive person no matter what the circumstance, and so very faithful in dealing with all that came her way in her life. The love she gave her kids made their lives full of hope, gave them strength, and inspired them to be the best that they can be. I see the "seeds"she planted in them everyday, in the way they treat their families. Love you so very much Mom, thanks for letting me be a part of your life. Love Kat

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