Posted by Lou Ann Ehret on April 16, 2021
Happy Birthday, Momma!! You have been on my mind a lot lately... as Tom and I have moved back to Florida to be closer to family. We have some beautiful flowers in our front yard and they bring you to my mind because I remember how much you loved your garden. I love and miss you, Momma... every day.
Posted by Charles R Beasley on April 16, 2021
♫ Happy Birthday to You, ♪ Happy Birthday to You, ♫ Happy Birthday My Momma, ♪ Happy Birthday to You ! ♫  ♥ I Love and Miss You !! ♥
Posted by Ellanora Hamill on April 16, 2021
Lou Ann, Tom and Family...thinking of you today on Norma's 95th birthday. We never stop missing our parents and know that you have fond memories.
Posted by Charles R Beasley on January 3, 2021
Hi Mom
Thinking of you Especially today . I love you and miss you. I see the confidence, intelligence, independence and diligence, and loving ways everyday, that you instilled in both your kids throughout their lives. I hear about your special ways constantly and see the impact that guides them throughout their lifetime. The way you impacted your son as to how to treat a woman & someone he loves and is still to this day after 41 years together, has been such a blessing. I thank you for that.

I'm sure it makes you smile to know that they WERE listening and watching.
Love, Kat B.
Posted by Charles R Beasley on January 3, 2021
It is so very hard to comprehend that it has been 10 years since you left to go to heaven! There is not a day that goes by that I am not reminded of you in some way or another. Your love is with me everyday! I miss your physically being here Mom, but in my heart and in my mind I hear your voice nearly every day! I Love You !! 
Posted by Lou Ann Ehret on January 3, 2021
January 3, 2021
Precious Momma, in heaven -
It has been 10 years ago, today... that we lost you. With every day that passes, I miss you more and more. Tom and I moved back to Florida a few weeks ago and I wish you were here with us, to enjoy the places you loved so much. You are always in my heart and my memories of your smile and your warm hugs give me comfort. I often get strong feelings that you are watching over me from heaven, Momma... and I thank you for that. I love and miss you Momma... more than words can express.
Posted by Charles R Beasley on April 16, 2020
♪ ♫They say it's your birthday♪♫......And as the song says momma it IS! I woke this morning thinking of you and with the current illness in the world I was reminded how you used to tell us to eat well and keep our "red corpuscles" strong so we could in turn stay healthy! All the things you taught us as we grew continue with us momma just as the Love you left with us! I Love and Miss You !! Everyday!
Posted by Lou Ann Ehret on April 16, 2020
Good morning and Happy Birthday Momma.
I am thinking about you, especially today, on what would be your 94th birthday. I put the hummingbird feeder out today, in remembrance of you -because you loved watching them and because they usually return for the spring, on your birthday. I miss you So much Momma. Words just cannot express. I love you SO very much and I look forward to the time I can see you again.
Posted by Kat Beasley on January 3, 2020
Hi Mom D
Its me Kat. Your daughter in law here on earth. I think of you often with smiles and with tears. I miss you. You were such an inspirational. strong. dedicated. & special Mom to your son and daughter. I have loved listening to so many wonderful stories about you from both of them over the last 40 years and how you touched their lives in so many ways. How you kept them strong thru much turmoil at times, and how you made them smile and gave them a positive attitude even thru negative situations. So many of your wonderful teachings live within them still throughout their lives. God sure sent an angel when he created you. Beautiful inside and out! It makes me smile when Charley reminisces about your sense of humor and special things you said to him and Lou like on road trips that we passed on to our boys
"bet that bug don't have the GUTS to do that again" LOL as they splatter against the windshield. One of the many smiles you brought our way,
Anyway.....Thank you for the smiles and good teachings you brought our way. Love and Miss you Mom Kat B
Posted by Lou Ann Ehret on January 3, 2020
Precious Momma in Heaven,
There isn't a day that goes by, that I don't think about you. Your laughter and sense of humor... your beautiful singing... your faith in God... your ability to love and forgive. My memories of you are with me so often - that it is hard for me to believe you have been gone from this earth for so long... and yet I feel such an emptiness in my heart, without you here... today... just as I did the day you left.
I love you and miss you so much.
Posted by Charles R Beasley on January 3, 2020
When I opened my eyes this morning you were heavy on my mind momma. Seems as though yesterday you were still here, available to talk with, available to hug. I miss you deeply my beautiful mother !! Kisses and Hugs!  I Love You Mom!!  Charley
Posted by Lou Ann Ehret on April 16, 2019
Happy Birthday, Precious Momma. You would be 93 today, if you were still with us. I still can hardly believe you are gone. I think about you every day.
I know how you enjoyed watching the hummingbirds on our patio. They have been known to return on your birthday, most every year. They showed up a few days early this year, to our surprise - so I have been thinking about you and your smile a little more lately, and missing you a whole lot more, the last few days. I just wish I could give you a hug and tell you how much I love you and miss you.
Posted by Ellanora Hamill on April 16, 2019
It is great that you are keeping your memories of your mother alive. Thoughts are with you all, especially as Easter time approaches.
Posted by Charles R Beasley on April 16, 2019
Thinking of you a little bit more than usual today cause it's your b-day!! Miss you and Love you my Sweet Momma!! Happy Birthday!!
Posted by Lou Ann Ehret on January 3, 2019
Momma, not a day goes by that I don't think about you. It has been eight years today that we lost you. I love and miss you so very much. I got to visit Tampa this week and reminisce about your life.
I thought about all the people you loved while you were on this earth and how your beauty and caring touched so many people in such positive ways. I will always appreciate the humor and love you shared with others and I am proud to have been your daughter.
Posted by Ellanora Hamill on January 3, 2019
Lou Ann and family....we never stop missing our parents. Enjoy your memories of your mother today and every day.
Posted by Charles R Beasley on January 3, 2019
I awoke this morning and you must have been watching me because I immediately began thinking of you. Every year begins with your memory Mom and how you always looked forward to the 'fresh' start a new year brought! Your always positive thoughts live on in me my sweet Momma!!     ♥ I Love and Miss You ♥
Posted by Lou Ann Ehret on April 16, 2018
Happy Birthday, to my Precious Momma. You would be 92 years young today.
I think about you every day, Honey... and I love and miss you more and more as time goes by. The hummingbirds you loved so much - have made it back again this weekend momma... in your honor. Oh... how I wish you were still here... to sit with me and watch them.
Posted by Charles R Beasley on April 16, 2018
Happy Birthday My Sweet Mom ! I am thinking of you and missing you just a little extra today because it is your b-date ! I Love You !!
Posted by Kat Beasley on January 5, 2018
Hi Mom Davis-Its Kat,, your other girl you treated as your own. I thought of you all day (1-3-2018) as I do so very often. and I thought of How much I appreciate all your strength, compassion, respect, and unconditional love that you instilled in your son, who has passed it along to his sons and me . You were such a wonderful person inside and out, and because of this I know where you are and you continue to watch over your son and his family, as well as Lou and hers. I feel so very privileged to have been able to tell everyone what a wonderful mother-in-law I had. I love you .
Posted by Carol Combs on January 4, 2018
Mamm, I didn’t know you well but what I did know is you were a beautiful person inside and out. Your daughter will always be my best friend . She shared a lot about your. Please keep looking down on her and pray for her and her family. Love you Lou.
Posted by Lou Ann Ehret on January 3, 2018
Precious Momma,
Today is seven years you have been gone. It doesn't seem possible.
I still think about you and one of our last conversations. I remember how you smiled when we talked about your legacy of family... through your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Family was always the most important thing in your life and your family still holds that value, thanks to you. I know you are watching over all of us, Momma. Your love is present in our hearts and we miss your hugs every, single day.
I miss you Momma.... more than I can say.
Posted by Charles R Beasley on January 3, 2018
Mom it is a cold wintery day here today, but while gazing at your picture that beautiful smile and loving eyes warmed my heart ! I will forever miss and love you !!
Posted by Lou Ann Ehret on April 17, 2017
Easter was especially beautiful this year because it was also your birthday.
The hummingbirds that you loved to watch so much even showed up again this year on your birthday, as they have for years.
I love and miss you so much, Momma.
Posted by Charles R Beasley on April 16, 2017
Thinking of You EXTRA today on one of the few times that Your Birthday coincides with Easter !! I know the celebrations in heaven are especially joyous today because of that my Sweet Momma!! ♥ I Love You and Miss You ♥
Posted by Lou Ann Ehret on January 4, 2017
Yesterday... the thoughts of you... and the tears of grief were too much for me to write here. It's been six years now, since you left us. I think about you every single day and wish, more than anything, you were still here. I wish I could put my arms around you... just one more time... and tell you how much I love you.
Charley and I talk about how much love you taught us... and the funny things we did with you... like singing harmony to old tunes when we were on "road trips". We remember how you use to whistle - in harmony - with us - and it always made us laugh.
Remember when Charley was running Track and you stood up and "cock-a-doodled" to tell him to "Run, Charley, Run!"?
You touched so many lives here on earth and left wonderful memories with every person who knew you.
You didn't have an easy life. There were so many difficult times you faced... but somehow you always put your own needs aside for those around you... believing that a person is only worth what they can do to help others. I know God must have you at His side now, because of your wonderful character and graciousness, here on earth.
Your legacy of selflessness and unconditional love stays with us Mom and it lives in our hearts every day. We sure do miss you.
Posted by Kat Beasley on January 3, 2017
Hey Mom D. I'm thinking of you today as I think of you often and wish you were still here with us so that I could see your beautiful smile and share in your great stories,words of wisdom, great sense of humor, (definitely instilled in your children :), and your strength in the Lord. Thank you for your Sons continued dedicated Love for me and his family, which I know he learned from you. Love and Miss you so much.
Posted by Charles R Beasley on January 3, 2017
Think of my Sweet Mother everyday!!! Miss You Mom.
Posted by Charles R Beasley on April 16, 2016
You would be 90 today. I still think of you in some capacity everyday my sweet Mother. Your love and lessons never fade! I miss you!
Posted by jesse beasley on April 16, 2016
Happy birthday grandmother. You're still loved and missed here on earth. I hope heaven its all you wanted it to be and more
Posted by Charles R Beasley on January 3, 2016
Miss and Love You Mom!!  I Think of You Every Day!! ♥♥♥♥
Posted by Kat Beasley on April 17, 2015
Thinking of you especially today on your birthday here on earth. I know why the Lord gave you a birthday in the springtime,...Its because he knew it would be your favorite season with the newness of life and all the beautiful flowers you would grow, Mom D. I sure miss your smile and your way of always making me feel special and loved. How blessed I am for having your son's love and respect for women due to his great upbringing.. Thank you for leaving your legacy of two wonderful children, as I am sure you well know and are smiling down from heaven. Love and Miss you Much Kat Beasley (Daughter in Law)
Posted by Robert Lee Mitchell on April 16, 2015
It is with love and appreciation that I think of my sister, Norma, today, her birthdate. She was truly an Angel on Earth, who cared for her mother and others to their dates of passing from this life. I have no doubt that she joined (or organized) a quire of angles in heaven. It is sad that we so often do not realize the true wonder of our family members until they are taken from us. "Honey" as she was often referred to by her mother, was irreplaceable on earth. I, her younger brother, pray that she is being remembered by her extensive family members and friends who were fortunate enough to have shared even a small part of her caring and love in their lives. GOD bless her!!!
Posted by Charles R Beasley on April 16, 2015
Bet You and all there with in heaven are singin' and dancin' on your day today!! I know you need this flower for your hair!! ♥ Love You Mom ♥
Posted by Nancy Starcher on April 16, 2015
I will never forget the day Norma handed me her Mary Kay business card and said call me. The funny thing was, that at that time, I was thinking about finding a consultant. Thank you Norma.
Posted by jesse beasley on April 16, 2015
today would have been your 89th birthday here We still miss to this day we love you and hope you are doing well in heaven
Posted by Charles R Beasley on January 3, 2015
Bet you have a new chapter of Sweet Adeline singing in Heaven Mom!! Miss You Everyday !!  ♥♥ Love You ♥♥
Posted by Charles R Beasley on April 16, 2014
Thinking of you mom as I do everyday, but especially today !
♥ Love You and Miss You ♥
Posted by jesse beasley on May 5, 2013
i know you are in heaven smiling down on all of us. we miss you and your wonderful light grandma. love your grandson jesse and great granddaughter danielle
Posted by Lou Ann Ehret on April 16, 2013
Today - April 16 - would have been Mom's 87th birthday. I love and miss you momma. Think about you every day.
Posted by mary Lou mcwhorter on January 3, 2013
Norma - a Very fun loving and caring person for others. Her reward in Heaven should be fantastic. I am sure if needs be she is still friendly , caring to others. I enjoyed many great times with her and apppreciated her positive thinking very well.  Mary Lou
Posted by Jan Kanoy on January 3, 2013
I met Norma through Mary Kay and through church at MBC. Such a sweet lady. I never knew of all the struggles she endured throughout her life but it certainly made her a beautiful person, inside and out.
Posted by mary Lou mcwhorter on April 17, 2012
Oh yes, how well I remember the wonderful times I had with Norma especially involved with the Mary Kay groups. Also the care she took of elderly women in her home and her more than beautiful flower gardens. Yes, she will be forever missed. Mary Lou
Posted by Joanne Brownrigg on June 27, 2011
Dear LouAnne, Tom & the entire family,
Thanks for giving me this opportunity to enjoy and visit with Ms. Norma Davis; beautifully done! This site can open your eyes to all that she was, and still is, in the hearts of all those that truly loved her.
Posted by Monnie Martin on April 17, 2011
I am SO glad to have had Norma as a friend and neighbor. She will always be a beautiful memory and an example of how love is to be extended to all. I am so fortunate to have had her in my life.
Posted by mary Lou mcwhorter on April 16, 2011
Yes, we remembered her b/d - I had her picture on our credenza ahd a few wils picked daiseys in front of it yesterday and today. I remembered the great times we had together especially with the Mary Kay projects. I know she is happy and both of you a
Posted by Ellanora Hamill on April 16, 2011
Lou Ann, Tom & Family ~

Thinking fond thoughts of Norma on her birthday. We always sent her a card and it seems odd not doing that this year. She was a sweet lady.
Posted by Nancy Starcher on April 16, 2011
I still remember the day Norma handed me one of her Mary Kay business cards. I knew then that she was a very special lady. I can hear her laugh as I write this. Thank you for letting me know you Norma.
Posted by Deana Hanes on February 19, 2011
My Mom, Norene Williams, and Norma were best friends. They had so many good times together. They sang in Sweet Adelines together, and Norma invited Mom to go with her to MBC church. Mom and I still go there. They would go out to eat together and go places together. She was there for Mom when she needed her.
  Norma was a very special person and will greatly missed.
Posted by Joyce Crichlow on February 10, 2011
Norma and I were good friends since the 2nd grade at Ballast Point School, when her family moved to the next block from our family. Her brother, Bobby, and my brother, Guy, were friends, too. Norma and I graduated from Plant High School in 1944 & have kept in touch ever since. To her family & friends, a prayer of heartfelt sympathy. I'm glad I knew her.
Joy Risley Crichlow, Lakeland, FL.
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