Let the memory of Norma be with us forever
  • 76 years old
  • Born on March 11, 1936 .
  • Passed away on November 3, 2012 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Norma Miletta 76 years old , born on March 11, 1936 and passed away on November 3, 2012. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Jackie Hawk on 11th March 2019
Hi Momma, I was at the house today and as I laid on floor I felt you and John all around me, are you happy now that your love is with you. Happy Birthday mom I'll love you forever
Posted by Sandra Anderson on 12th March 2018
Happy Birthday in Heaven Momma!!!! I love you more and more and know that I will see you again one day. I miss you....every day. I miss your smile, your laugh, the way you said my name, your dog talks, your man talks, your perfume, your burnt hamburgers for lunch.....your everything. I am so very happy I have you for a mom! I hit the mom jackpot for sure!
Posted by Cheryl Wilbourn on 3rd November 2017
Hi Mama, It's been five years now since you left us and there is still a big empty space in my heart that was yours. I still miss you so much. I went home once this year, for George's birthday. It was great to see everyone. John looked really good, but Maya was humongous. I took her to the vet to have them check a growth on her leg, which turned out to be benign. Sandy, the vet, said she needed to lose a lot of weight, so I talked to John about it. He agreed to cut her dogfood in half and I went out and got her a good quality, high fiber, diet dog food. I hope he keeps up with it, because she is enormous. Anyway, it was nice seeing everyone, but going home is getting to be really difficult. I'll be 61 years old this year, and it takes a toll on me, whether I drive or fly. Well, Mama, just wanted to tell you how much I miss you. Love you.
Posted by Cheryl Wilbourn on 11th March 2017
Happy Birthday Mama. I wish you were still here. I'll be going home sometime this summer, but it's not the same without you. John still misses you so much. I hope you have a wonderful birthday with all of the doggies. Give them all kisses from me, especially my Roxy. Joshie is graduating from the University of New Mexico in May and we are all flying out there to see him. I'm so proud of my boy. If you were here, I would fly you out there also. Well, I love you Mama. Happy Birthday.
Posted by Cheryl Wilbourn on 10th December 2016
Hi Mama. I know I haven't written in a while but you're never far from my heart. Mom, my little Roxy crossed the Rainbow Bridge this week and my heart is broken. I had hoped she would pass peacefully in her sleep, but that was not to be. She was in so much pain and I couldn't help her, except to get her to the vet as soon as possible. I stayed with her to the end, but I know she didn't realize that I was there. I hope she knows how much I love her. Mama, i know she's scared so will you and Scarlet find her and take care of her and love her like I do? I know she'll be okay with you. I miss you Mama.
Posted by Jackie Hawk on 12th November 2016
Hey Mom I been thinking about you, thanksgiving is coming up, you know your favorite time of the year- I know you would be happy to know that the family will be together just like you wanted maybe not everyone but it will always be in memory of you. I love you
Posted by Sandra Anderson on 3rd November 2015
Hi Momma, I sure do miss you every single day. A couple people have said I am starting to look like you, so that makes me extra happy because that is the best compliment ever. I often wonder about what you are up to....of course I always imagine you with Scarlet because I'm sure you found each other. I keep myself busy with animals all the time. I hope I make you proud. I try not to get sad without you here...sometimes it's hard but mostly I just think about seeing you again. We sure have a lot of great memories. I love you mom. You are my best friend and I sure hope you hear me when I talk to you. Love you to the moon and back. Sandy
Posted by Cheryl Wilbourn on 31st July 2015
Hey Mama I haven't written to you in a while so I thought I would. I have my garden in this year and my tomatoes are going crazy. The plants are taller than me with so many green tomatoes on them that I can't even count them. I only bought four little plants and now they're humongous. I'm going to be swimming in tomatoes when they finally ripen. Mike discovered that there was a hummingbird flitting around our house this spring so I went out and got a hummingbird feeder and hung it up outside his office window. I think we only have one, not that flock like you had. He shows up a couple times a day. Whenever I see him it takes me back to sitting in your screened in porch and watching your little hammers battle it out for the feeder. It was always so pleasant sitting out there and watching them. Hey, my teeth implants are almost done. I should have a much better smile by the time I go home for Thanksgiving. Well Momma. I love and miss you. You're never far from my thoughts.
Posted by Cheryl Wilbourn on 5th April 2015
Hey Momma, Happy Easter. I was just putting together the family Easter basket and remembered how every year at Easter you would send the kids a card with money, so I decided to carry on that tradition in your memory. I'm sure the kids will remember. I want them to always remember what a wonderful Grandmother you were, as I'll always remember that you were the greatest Mother anyone could be blessed with. I miss you Momma.
Posted by Jackie Hawk on 5th April 2015
Happy Easter mom, I still play the recording we made about memories, the memory you love the most is your favorite Easter memory you know the one about Terrie and Cheryl and the Easter basket. I had know idea how much I missed you telling that story, if you were here right know I would say "tell me another story mom" love you
Posted by Cheryl Wilbourn on 12th March 2015
Happy Birthday, Mama. How did you enjoy your day? Did the angels treat you extra extra special? Did you get to sleep late in your fluffy bed of clouds with Scarlet curled up next to you? I hope you're being treated like the queen that you are. I wish that I could give you a Birthday hug. I miss your hugs. Hey, we're all going up to Dads for his birthday next month. We're staying at Frosty Hollow again. I love staying at the bed and breakfast. It always reminds me of you. It reminds everyone of you. I love you, Mama. I wish you were still with us
Posted by Sandra Anderson on 11th March 2015
Happy Birthday Momma. I miss you every single day. I miss having dog conversations with you. I miss calling you about everything. I miss seeing your beautiful face every day at lunch. I miss the sound of your laugh. You are the best Mom ever. Love you. Sandy
Posted by Cheryl Wilbourn on 22nd December 2014
Hey Mama. Just wanted to wish you Merry Christmas and I wanted you to know that I've been keeping up your tradition of the Thomas Kincaid centerpieces for Jackie, Sandy and George since you've been gone. I think it makes them feel you whenever they get them. Jackie always cries. I feel you when I send them. I miss you so much. We all do.
Posted by Jackie Hawk on 3rd November 2014
Two years ago today your battle against cancer had ended. The day before you had already slipped into a coma and I can honestly say you must have felt very loved as your family rallied around you taking turns holding your hand. They say the last sense to go is your hearing so Sandy played all your favorite songs, Cheryl talked about dogs, George sang our childhood song “BILLY BOY”, I sang “BRAND NEW KEY” a song I would dedicate often to you and John kept holding and kissing your hand as he journeyed down memory lane from the first time he saw and fell in love with you until you took your last breath. The familiar scent of your perfume, sand and sable was fading so I knew this would be the last day I would feel your warmth, I squeezed your hand, kissed your neck and whispered “goodbye, I will love forever, my mommy dearest”. I miss you mom
Posted by Cheryl Wilbourn on 11th March 2014
Hi Momma, I missed your birthday yesterday. I miss everything I used to do with you. I miss calling and laughing with you. I miss visiting you two or three times a year. I've only been home once since you left us. We're going to Dad's in April. I remember how much you loved that bed and breakfast. It's not the same without you there. Nothing's the same without you there. I love you.
Posted by Sandra Anderson on 11th March 2014
Happy Birthday Momma! I miss you every single day. There are so many things I want to talk to you about. So many hugs I want to give you. I love you ....love you....love you. The one thing that keeps me happy is that I know we will meet again. So, for your birthday we are going to Friendly's with John. Maybe I'll get that cheeseburger you wanted to eat the last six months of your life. I'm so sorry you weren't able to do that. Maybe I'll eat a big Banana Split for you. I know you love them. I'm fostering an old dog now, her name is Butter. I'm also fostering four kittens and a momma. I'm staying busy, it's good for me. I miss you Mom...so very, very much. Love, Sandy
Posted by Jackie Hawk on 11th March 2014
Happy birthday Mommy Dearest- Today I would be preparing your birthday dinner, I think I would definitely want to make your favorite meal this year and dumplings are a must. I couldn't help bawling today thinking about you, it still hurts ya know. Richard was comforting me and we started talking about your life, it really was a wonderful one and I have to say, you did it your way- hugs and kisses, your Jack-a-Mack
Posted by Rachael Church on 11th March 2014
Happy birthday Gramma. Dreamed about you the other day. Think of you always. Love you
Posted by Cheryl Wilbourn on 10th November 2013
Hi Momma. Just missing you. I love you.
Posted by Jackie Hawk on 12th May 2013
I missed you being by my side at the garden road flower place, me and Amber went and bought your favorite flowers, Lantanas- I hope you love them. Happy mommy's day, mommy dearest, your girl, Jack-a-Mack
Posted by Sandra Anderson on 16th April 2013
Hey Momma, I went to visit John during lunch today. He made Broccoli Rabe, but it wasn't nearly as good as the hamburgers and broccoli you used to make for us. I think of you everyday. I always see something and say "I can't wait to show Mom" or "I can't wait to tell Mom". I tell you things all the time, I hope you can hear me. I miss you Mom...everyday.
Posted by Cheryl Wilbourn on 13th April 2013
Hey Mama, Yesterday was my 28th wedding anniversary. Who would ever believe that I would ever stay married that long! I' ve been thinking about you so much lately. I miss you so much. I miss calling you and talking about dogs and John. It was good being with Jackie, Sandy and George for Dad's birthday, but it wasn' the same without you there. I love and miss you so much.
Posted by Cheryl Wilbourn on 29th December 2012
Mama, I miss you so much. Cheryl
Posted by John Miletta on 24th December 2012
Merry Christmas Grandma <3 I miss you a lot
Posted by John Miletta on 17th November 2012
Thanksgiving is coming closer and I cant imagine one without you. Nobody could bring everyone together quite like you did. I still hope we do though, I want everyone together with the same food you used to make. I hate how much can change in only 1 year. I love you Grandma Norma. I would say rest in peice but im sure your not resting! Probably out training Scarlet more =) I miss you. <3

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