Shared by Sandy Haley on January 25, 2012

VWF FRIDAY NITE...What a wonderful memory my Friday's were. She looked forward to each and every wk with her and Charlie. They loved to watch us and hear us sing, have a couple drinks and of course order from the kitchen. Everyone thought she was wonderful and so youthful acting and looking. We still miss her and keep the empy chair that sister sits in when able to come. It will never be the same without her and her smile and love for us all. My Mother was an unbelievable person who was there whenever I needed to talk, cry, laugh, sing or listen. I miss everything about her and still have tearful days and nights often. This part of life is miserable when you miss someone whom u spent 61 yrs with. I know she had a long life and a happy and loving one, but you are never ready to give them up to God. You were the best mom on earth and we told you that often and truly mean it. We still play Joker Wild and roll the dice for a free drink and laugh and have fun but someone is missing. It feels strange not being able to hold your hand or kiss u on the cheek so I do it secretly and pretend u are there,which u are in spirit. All my love to u mom...Sandy Rae <3

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