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My Miracle: The Day NORM was Born...June 16th/1987


My Miracle: The Day NORM was Born...
Shared by Lynda Belanger on 02/25/2011

I never taught Miracles can happen more then once in a lifetime, but it sure did when I delivered Norm on June 16th, 1987. He was so cute, tiny and huggable fury little buddle of joy. He was by my side at all times especially after discovering his older brother's sickness. It is called Tuberous Sclerosis and along with Epilepsy, that was a shock because they thought Norm had the same sickness and we had been through alot with coping one son but we weren't prepared for both of them sick... Day after day being on edge and worried we had confirmation that Norm was very healthy, what a relief... Norm was the most helpful little man with his brother being sick and physically challenged. He was only 2-3 year old when he started doing his own bed and also made sure his room was always cleaned, I give him that very CLEAN little man... Norm never changed as growing up, he was always so dependable, responsable, very helpful, big hearted person and from what I know he did not have any enemies... He was very well known for his qualities and actions... I know he was not always an angel cause he did do a few things that was a bit upsetting but so did I... lol We were all his age at one time and if I can remember I think I did worse then him... lol  Let's change the subject, His lost is so hard to get through, even our family and his close friends still don't believe he's gone but one thing I tell them is that Live your Life to the Fullest and Take One Day at a Time. We will be with him one day "Party Time Again" but only when our time comes but to always remember that he loves and misses us as much as we do. He is always here with us at all Times...

From Me to You... :)


"To all his Family and Friends: I would like to tell you that his SPIRIT is always here with us no matter where we are or what we are doing because he is the one that gave me the strenght and willingness to do this Memorial Site. He wants you all to know that he loves you as much as you do and to hang in there because life is so precious and to enjoy it to your fullest. Till we meet again,Love Norm"