Let the memory of Norven be with us forever
  • Born on June 15, 1930 in Herrick, South Dakota, United States.

Norven served in the US Army from 1952 to 1954.

Norven D. Mayer

I was drafted into service February 4, 1952 and sworn into the Army at Sioux Falls, SD., then sent to Fort Sheridan, Illinois for clothes and shots.  After a few weeks we were bused to Fort Knox, Kentucky, 3rd Armored Division.  After 16 weeks of basic training I was assigned as a tank operator/driver.  After a ten day furlough to home, I was flown to New York and bused to Camp Kilmer, New Jersey (near Newark). Once there we shipped out middle of August 1952.  I was assigned to the 351st Battalion in Trieste, Italy during the Korean War.  When we arrived in Trieste, I was put on riot patrol because of the unrest in the Mediterranean.  While stationed here I trained on parachute jumping from C-119 airplanes.  The troops were being readied to go to Korea. The war ended in the summer of 1953 at the 38th parallel and it is that way today dividing North from South Korea. I finished my service time in the Honor Guard. I was released at Fort Sheridan, Illinois with a Honorable Discharge as Cpl. Norven D. Mayer.

Posted by Bernice Brown on 15th June 2014
Happy Birthday & Father's Day to a great man who will always be loved by many!!!

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