Your life Has indeed touched many.
  • 68 years old
  • Born on November 2, 1944 in Nigeria.
  • Passed away on May 7, 2013 in Lagos, Nigeria.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Nwora Anyaegbunam 68 years old , born on November 2, 1944 and passed away on May 7, 2013. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Ojini Machie on 7th May 2014
Today I light a candle in memory of the greatest Uncle that ever lived. Continue to rest in perfect peace Ojinnaka. We miss you so much.
Posted by Edward Ibegbu on 6th February 2014
Uncle, diokpa, ojinaka.i miss you but I know that you are our eye in the sprit and us your eye in the living.
Posted by Ojini Machie on 14th June 2013
Oke osisi anaa! Ojinakaaaaaa! Onye oga adili nma Ga ije gi nke oma. They've come from far & near to bid you farewell today. The rain drops when your body touched the ground is a testament to your greatness. ADIEU GREAT ONE, ADIEU MY UNCLE. You will be forever missed. Sayonara!
Posted by Ojini Machie on 12th June 2013
My dear Uncle, It's hard to accept you are gone. How is this so? You are larger than life. Your wisdom, laughter, joy and love for family were infectious. May the angels carry you on their wings. May eternal rest and peace be yours. You have left a void in our hearts & in our family. Love you so...
Posted by Chinwe Dare on 10th June 2013
Uncle may your gentle soul rest in the bosom of our lord Jesus. You inspired so many people with your God given gifts and was a true blessing to humanity. You will be missed but God loves more. Everyone that shows up at your home is a family. May your legacy live on generations after you. Aunty Maureen you are not alone. God's angels will watch over you and the family. Amen.Tunde & chinwe
Posted by Soji Denloye on 10th June 2013
Uncle Nwora, Thank you for all the wonderful memories; bouncing around on your laps, holidays in Festac and Onitsha, the nickname 'Asoje we' :D, accounts of the outrageous things I said as a kid and even the recent dear family retreat. We love and miss you always, Uncle. Touch you last.
Posted by Anene Bosah on 3rd June 2013
How are the might falling!!! Uncle Nwora, your passing away from this world thought me that, in the mist of life we're in death. You will be missed greatly but God loves you more. May Your Soul Rest in Perfect Peace, Amen!!!
Posted by Nwaka Nelly Raphael on 31st May 2013
Uncle, your passing to the greater beyond was a big shock to me, you were greater than life always ready to help anybody that need your assistance. You are a pillar for our family and you will always be remembered by us. Rest in peace.
Posted by Isabel Machie on 30th May 2013
Dear Big Uncle, Your home was one of the first I knew. Your presence was always felt. I sincerely appreciate the contributions you've made to my life. Rest in peace.
Posted by Uju Akinboro on 29th May 2013
Dear Uncle, I still find it difficult to believe you are no longer with us...You are sorely missed.Nevetheless, I thank God for your life, the love you poured out to many and your legacy. May your your gentle soul rest in perfect peace...shalom
Posted by Chika Onyechi on 29th May 2013
Uncle,as your candle of love keeps burning in us,we in your memory,will pay it foward to people we meet.You will forever be remembered for your goodness,healthy smile of happiness,and kindness.May God Grant your soul.Greetings to our mother,she's always talked good of you.Rest in the bossom of the Lord good man.And may God bless,and console your family.Chika Onyechi,for the family.
Posted by Chika Onyechi on 29th May 2013
You are a man with a large heart,reaching out to anyone in need.You lived your name...'NWORA'{A child for all},Who ever gave you that name,I bet didn't know what you would be in future.God knew,And now you have fulfilled your mission,He called you,leaving the candle,of your,love,care,kindness,burning,in everyone/families you touched,including ours.Thank you.
Posted by Chika Onyechi on 29th May 2013
When God calls,you answer,without looking back,or putting things together.God only calls when He knows you have fullfilled your mission;To us,it's like a dream,You will only pass on the way you did,why?,because you are too good to let go. You were loved by all who met you....Your smiles,,care,love,kindness,to mention but a few,Good soul,R.I.P.
Posted by Akaoduye.s. Bob-Manuel on 29th May 2013
and larger than life personality that touched so many. Especially I will miss most of all his value for family and how he brought family and friends alike together. Rest in Perfect Peace Uncle Miss you and love you always Uncle Nwora.
Posted by Akaoduye.s. Bob-Manuel on 29th May 2013
He was a man of many parts – Husband Father Uncle and Friend. When I say friend I mean friend not only to his friends but to us that were friends to his children as well. He was very approachable although his stature and voice demanded your respect. Never the less he was loved by many. I will indeed miss him, his call and comments on skype and face book, his listening ear, wealth of wisdom
Posted by Chudy Maduegbuna on 27th May 2013
Uncle NWORA Your life touched so many and inspired a lot of people I wished you have stayed a little longer to reap from your you efforts. Rest in Peace My Prayer for the rest of us is that we will all come to the saving knowledge of JESUS
Posted by Titi Denloye on 25th May 2013
Uncle, I love you and miss you so much. You'll be missed but never ever be forgotten.
Posted by Emeka Onwudinjo on 24th May 2013
Uncle, You were a shining light for the rest of the family, a friend to everyone and an all round good person. You will be definitely be missed but we know you are in a better place. I appreciate everything you taught me and all of the time we spent together. Rest in peace uncle. Adieu
Posted by Stella Denloye on 24th May 2013
To my niece and nephews, may God's blessings never depart from your homes. Long live DF.
Posted by Stella Denloye on 24th May 2013
will miss his vibrant voice, energy and most all his advise. I thought and looked forward to the time when ALL in the first generation of 'Dear Family' would sit together on rocking chairs at our annual home coming, watching the grand children, but alas, God has His perfect plans for us. To my darling sister Maureen, may the Lord continue to be your strength and shield. To my niece and nephews, m
Posted by Stella Denloye on 24th May 2013
traditions and would perfectly organize funerals and weddings to relieve much sweat on the part of the involved parties. He was the chief organizer at my wedding, my father had passed on and my poor mother was a bit overwhelmed. He was Mr Fix-it for everything from broken toys to marriages. That was my 'Uncle' as I always called him - Uncle Nwora and he called me 'Sula'. I will miss his vibrant v
Posted by Stella Denloye on 24th May 2013
Even at our last meeting, he bravely bore the pain and exhaustion of the return flight from Dubai after his operation and refused to be assisted. I watched him walk majestically albeit on a walking stick into the car, home. He was always there for all. He was generous and many can testify. He was Mr Organizer! He had knowledge of the intricacies of the Onitsha culture and traditions and would perf
Posted by Stella Denloye on 24th May 2013
My Tribute to the STRONG MAN. I had never seen his weakness even at very painful and trying times when other mortals would fall apart. His stoic posture and disposition is all you see, because he knew he had to lead - 'Ojinnaka'. At moments when he thought no one was observant, he sheds a tear behind the newspaper. Even at our last meeting, he bravely bore the pain and exhaustion of the return fl
Posted by Tilewa Denloye on 24th May 2013
Uncle, I don't even know how to process the fact that you're gone, you were always so full of life and laughter and a presence unlike anyone. I love you, rest in peace.
Posted by Iroloye Bob-Manuel on 23rd May 2013
Dear Uncle, I am without words, May you rest in peace and may the Lord bless and keep those you've left behind in Jesus name.
Posted by Enyinnaya Nwosu on 22nd May 2013
Uncle anyi, i remember the last time i saw you, you were sitting by the kitchen door doing what i always ask you to stop doing and you immediately smiled and started asking me questions. lol. You were a great man, father to all, friend to all. You will be missed uncle. Nobody can ever be like you our chief. still shocked. Sleep in peace.
Posted by Vincente Onwuchekwa on 21st May 2013
Uncle, We were at the kitchen table only a few weeks ago laughing over our shared taste for sugar-filled tea. You were telling of your days in the youth corps and cooking soup for N1 back then. I never expected you'd be taken from us so soon. You were a monument that will never be forgotten. Sleep well.
Posted by Justina Onwudinjo on 21st May 2013
Ojins What can I say other than to thank God for the life you lived on earth. He touched many lives , fed many mouths. You were not just my brother in law but a senior brother to me and my siblings. You will be greatly missed. Rest in perfect peace .
Posted by Tur Heeb on 20th May 2013
I ji nna ko ogbo i You were the light of my marriage life and the heart of the Anyaegbunam I Ibegbu family. From the day I was introduced to you until the burial of my husband and till you joined the saints , you were my pillar of strength an courage. It hit me when I realized that you were gone. Though I cried and am sad. I would rather dwell on the sweet memories I had of you.
Posted by Kiki Nwokedi on 20th May 2013
My darling Uncle, Ojinnaka, You were a father and a friend to so many. Thank you for you support, love, selflessness. You brought joy to all of us. Its so hard to say farewell. You will be greatly missed. Rest in the bosom of our Lord.
Posted by Ify Onwudinjo on 20th May 2013
My Dear Uncle...I cannot hold back the tears. I cannot imagine visiting Lagos now and you not being there; to see, to greet, to hug. You were one of the very first uncles I knew, a big part of my world even as a child, you called me "Yeyaa" and you didn't mind when Ifeoma and I played the piano loudly and very off-key...I will miss you so much. May your soul rest in perfect peace...
Posted by Iyabode Akinsinde on 20th May 2013
Uncle Nwora, to say the news of your passing was a rude shock is an understatement. Kayode & I were so excited to see you & Sister when we visited last December, if we had known you were bidding us good bye we would have stayed longer to enjoy your usual warmth, jokes, advices & words of wisdom. You 'are' just like a big brother to us. God will give us all the strength to bear his absence.
Posted by Chinedu Ofodile on 18th May 2013
Uncle, Last time I saw you was when we were leaving the family retreat in December. I'm left asking myself why you were taken away from us soo soon but I believe God has bigger plans for you. You touched so many with your heart and I'll miss that. Rest in peace Uncle!!!...
Posted by Nweje Chike on 18th May 2013
The blow was hard, the shock severe,we never dreamed your death so near. But only those who love can tell the pain of parting without farewell. God give us strength to face this blow, what it meant losing you, no one will know.To hear your voice, to see your smile,to sit and talk with you awhile,to be together in the same old way would be our dearest wish today. Adieu a great Hero.
Posted by Nkem Molokwu on 17th May 2013
Uncle I still remember speaking to you in January,you asked when i was coming to visit you,and i said soon. Not knowing that would be the last time i hear your voice. I take solace in the fact that you're in a better place. Rest in peace Uncle xxxx
Posted by Funke Emodi on 16th May 2013
Uncle Nwora! Continue to rest in God's bosom, your legacy lives on. You were a pillar in the family, a voice for the voiceless and I will always remember how you stood up for my mom at my father's funeral in Onitsha. You will surely be missed. RIP UNCLE!
Posted by Juliet Onwuchekwa on 15th May 2013
Uncle, who can I run to?,who can I turn to? No one to call me Zuli! A very big void has been created, No one as large hearted as you to fill the void, Bom noite, Bom noite great one!
Posted by Sola Moniz on 15th May 2013
Dear Uncle Nwara, You were an uncle to all of us, young and old even though unrelated. You had a heart so big and generous, and full of love. May your legacy live on in the lives of your loved ones, and may God be a present help to them as you were to others. You will be missed. Sola (Adegoke)
Posted by Afoma Ofodile on 15th May 2013
Uncle, I still remember the last time I saw you, on Easter Monday - a quick "hi" and "bye" and I was gone, never knowing it will be the last time I saw you. But I'm grateful for that time and all the other times you were "my Uncle". May you rest in peace. (1 Thessalonians 4 v 13-14).
Posted by Michael Akinboro on 15th May 2013
Your towering figure was a call to respect. You did respect people and you also received from people. Above all you were very loving and that will remain with us forever.
Posted by Chuck A on 15th May 2013
Daddy, I didn't get to see you before you left but i know all is well. There is a mighty gap in a lot of lives, a mighty gap that no one else can fill. You were a father to the fatherless, a friend to the lonely, above all, you were my father.Thank you for bringing joy to so many. I love you so so so much! Rest in Perfect Peace!!!
Posted by Frances Okolo on 15th May 2013
Kaku, It's hard to believe that you are gone. I still hear you calling me, 'Prankinses'. You were the advocate for the underdog and we pray that God will raise someone else to continue where you left off. You touched many lives indeed and you will be greatly missed. May God bless and keep your family. I will miss you.
Posted by Onyebuchi Ofodile on 15th May 2013
You'll forever live on in our hearts. we miss you...
Posted by Akin Akinboro on 13th May 2013
Uncle, Thanks for inspiring me to do what is right and reaching out to touch others. God bless your wife, children and grand children in Jesus name.

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