Beloved Femi, gone too soon... Sun re.
  • 49 years old
  • Born on February 2, 1966 in Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Passed away on July 23, 2015 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States.

Dr. Obafemi Ayantuga B.Sc., D. Phil., MBBChir., SFHM,. FACP., MPH was the Medical Director of Hospitalist services at the Fairview Medical group in Minnesota, U.S.A.

He obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry and Bio Chemistry from London University in 1986 and then proceeded to Oxford University to pursue his Ph.D in Organic Chemistry. At Oxford University, Dr. Ayantuga was able to complete his thesis in an impressive time period of just under 3 years and at a fairly young age of 23 years. During his research at Oxford, he developed a molecular cell and was awarded the coveted Bishop Frazer prize for Excellence in research in Organic Chemistry by the University of Oxford.

Obafemi Ayantuga’s quest for learning was not to end there. He decided to go on to medical school and graduated a few years later from Cambridge University with a MBBChir. in 1994. There, he received the John and Margaret Henderson memorial prize in Medicine.  He worked as a Senior house officer in a couple of UK hospitals before leaving for the U.S.A to continue his career where he was an Internal Medicine Resident at the University of Minnesota Medical school.

Dr. Ayantuga worked at the Kanabec hospital in Mora, Minnesota for a few years and at the time of his death, was working at the Fairview Southdale Hospital group, having been appointed Medical Director there in 2010.

He had many years of experience in Professional Medical leadership and has served on various committees ranging from Patient care, Pharmacy and Therapeutics, Medical Group Practice to Hospital Trauma care, to name but a few.

He belonged to several professional affiliations such as the American College of Physicians, The society of Hospital Medicine, The American college of Physician Executives and the American Public Health Association.

Dr. Ayantuga garnered a wealth of experience spanning over 20 years in the Medical and Research fields and became one of the 47 Senior Fellows in Hospital Medicine(SFHM) in the U.S.A in the elite class of 2014. He continued until his death, to demonstrate dedication to quality and process involvement, illustrating commitment to active engagement in lifelong learning. 

Posted by Anthony Ogunkoya on 31st July 2018
We miss you and will continue to miss you. Rest in perfect peace
Posted by Abiodun Adeniran on 24th July 2018
Another year, brother. You remain within our hearts and the many others that loved you and as close as a beautiful memory.
Posted by Olufemi Vaughan on 24th July 2018
Rest In Peace, Dear Femi.
Posted by Adeola Adewunmi on 23rd July 2018
Continue to rest in perfect peace Femi.
Posted by Ade Amodu on 24th July 2018
Dear Femi, May you continue to rest in peace. Amen.May time continue to heal the searing pain still felt by your sisters and those closest to you.
Posted by Tunde Osomo on 24th July 2018
For every life you touched while here on earth , YOUR memories are UNFORGETABLE !..... Keep resting with the LORD until JESUS comes for that gloriously awesome reunion of all believers.
Posted by Bola Atta on 23rd July 2018
Dearest Femi Its so painful coming to this page always. I have avoided it all day. You have been on my mind every minute. Songs that remind me of you popping up on the radio... memories. sweet and cherished memories. You are missed by so many people. You are loved Femi. Beloved Femi. Be at peace; laugh the way you used to always. I thought that time would heal quickly but it really hasn't. The course just changed and you aren't there. 3 years today. I have no words to describe the void. Rest in peace my beloved brother. Rest in perfect peace xox
Posted by Toyin Olakanpo on 23rd July 2018
Gone too soon! Gone too soon! Gone too soon! Dearest Femi -- I think of you often. My daughter has never seen me cry until the day I heard you had passed. I still cannot believe you have gone even though I was at your funeral. Continue to rest in peace dear friend. Continue to rest in peace. Amen #ForeverMissed
Posted by Chris Dada on 23rd July 2018
Wow, I can’t believe it’s been three years. I was thinking about Femi yesterday -thinking about how unknowable our futures are. Femi, you are missed. Rest in peace.
Posted by Rotimi Adewunmi on 23rd July 2018
Obafemi my dear bro. I miss and think about you everyday. I still can't get my head around it. 3 Years !!!!! But I know that Our Lord remains the Alhpa and Omega. So bro, I know you are in a much better place, continue to rest in eternal peace in Jesus Name, Amen.
Posted by Abiodun Adeniran on 5th February 2018
Obafemi, still gone too soon, still missed, still remembered. Happy belated birthday, dear brother. Playing a song for you today. Continue to rest in peace. Amen.
Posted by Busola Osibamowo on 3rd February 2018
Oh ‘can it be’’!!
Posted by Elsie McEwen on 2nd February 2018
Wishing you a wonderful birthday in heaven, dear's still hard to take in, but I'm thankful for the beautiful memories. May your gentle soul continue to rest in peace. You're always fondly remembered. xxx
Posted by Ade Amodu on 2nd February 2018
Dear Femi,may you continue to rest in peace.May your sisters and family be comforted on a day like this that will bring memories of birthdays past. Amen.
Posted by Toyin Olakanpo on 2nd February 2018
Happy Birthday Femi! Un-forgettable, sweet Femi. May you continue to rest in the arm of our Lord.
Posted by Olufemi Vaughan on 2nd February 2018
Eternal rest grant to Femi, O Lord. Rest in Peace. Amen.
Posted by Anthony Ogunkoya on 2nd February 2018
Dear Femi, we miss you. My biggest regret was that I never came to see you in Minnesota before you left us. Rest in peace!
Posted by Busola Osibamowo on 2nd February 2018
Dear femi, another birth year today! I miss you so very much,it’s still unbelievable. But I know you are in a better place.I love you. Rest in Peace my treasured brother, rest in Perfect Peace. Amen?
Posted by Bola Atta on 1st February 2018
My beloved Femi Today you would have turned 52. I would have called you at midnight so I am writing to you to wish you peace. To tell you how so much I miss you. That a day doesn't pass where I don't think about you. That I get scared to come to this site because of its reality. But today I must come and tell you there is forever a special place for you in my heart. Sleep well Femi. God loves you xox
Posted by Ade Amodu on 13th October 2017
Dear Femi, I have just come across your memorial site. It was by happenstance.We were in class 1c together in Igbobi college in 1976.You left after the first year.It was the last time I saw you but I still remember you as being very personable.My very deepest sympathy goes to your sisters. I never met them but reading their tributes shows how raw the pain still is. I Pray for God who is our comforter and healer to comfort your sisters,family,friends and all the people whose lives you impacted in one way or the other.Rest in peace and may the lord bless you forever.Amen.
Posted by Rotimi Adewunmi on 3rd September 2017
My dear Bro, just woke up. 3.30am 4th Sept .dreaming about you. AGAIN. It happens quite often with you. So i want to just write it. The dreams are mostly about your laughter and good cheer Femi. Just like at school, you trying to make me ignore the tossers in Chapel, Nothing more my bro. Very cross my mind daily...for the better thank God, but its odd because we lost touch when you went to America. Guess its all childhood memories and fondness. You are an angel Femi..always were----but a naughty Angel. Lol. Rest in Eternal Peace my dear brother. Yep..I have changed my life. I know you know!!!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Lilian Petite on 29th July 2017
I often think about you especially when I walk the hallways of Fairview. Your smile, your positive attitude and your great friendship. You encourage me to have surgeries when I was so scared. You gave me confidence and support . I really miss you, my friend. You are gone but never forgotten.
Posted by Solape Thompson on 25th July 2017
Still gone...never forgotten! Rest well, Femi. And well done!
Posted by Tunde Osomo on 25th July 2017
Dr Obafemi Ayantuga.......Unforgetable that's what you are !
Posted by Kunbi Sowunmi on 24th July 2017
Continue to rest in peace dear Femi. Your memory and legacy lives on.
Posted by Ronke Boardman on 24th July 2017
Femi. The days go by but surely, does not heal the wound. The pain and the suffering in no way gets less. Pray for your loved ones you have left behind that they will find peace and understanding of your leaving them. Truly you will be forever missed
Posted by Rotimi Adewunmi on 23rd July 2017
HHHmmmm..another year gone. Its bizarre because i visit this site every week Femi, trying to understand why you were taken to be with the Angels. Much to my shame, i couldn't show up last year because I was terrified I would break down if I saw Bola and Busola, so I turned back at VGC. I am sure you laughed---that boisterous laughter/giggle..looking at me that Rotimi--you fool. Love you Femi. Your passing changed my life for the better. Your life taught me more than i knew i could become. Rest In eternal Peace my dear friend. Saw my mum last week, told her about my trepidation. about this anniversary. but she just reminisced about your wonderful parents who were her "aburos" kind, selfless, generous of spirit both of them....those were her words. She misses them and misses you through my missing you. Am sad, But I know your name is in THE BOOK..of that am sure. Rest well bro. Until we meet again in Jesus Name. Amen.
Posted by Adekemi Ajayi on 23rd July 2017
Dear Femi, your departure still remains surreal two years later. My memories of you always leave a smile on my face - my graduation ball, watching Wimbledon, talking about career choices, listening to music, your dry wit and even telling me off - there was never a dull moment. Rest well xx
Posted by Anthony Ogunkoya on 23rd July 2017
Femi, you left too early. We will forever miss you!
Posted by Ebun Abarshi on 23rd July 2017
Dear Obafemi, Your memory is of a truth - blessed! Remain rested in the bosom of your God and Creator… And may the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, the love of God and the sweet fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with Bolajoko, Busola, Lola, their families and with all who knew you… Amen.
Posted by Toyin Saraki on 23rd July 2017
Dearest Femi, still so painful, gone far far too soon. Miss you. Rest in perfect peace. Amen.
Posted by Busola Osibamowo on 23rd July 2017
How can it be? Obafemi! We lost your beautiful smile and gentle counsel. There is a raw hole in my heart . But you have gone on to better climes is my consolation if ever there can be one! Rest in peace my beloved one and forever only brother. Sun re oh.
Posted by Bola Atta on 23rd July 2017
my dearest brother, its always so painful coming to this site because it reminds me of the reality....such a painful reality still. Femi I miss you everyday. I have thought about that day 2 years ago over and over in my head. Life has changed forever. It can never be complete. one half missing. I miss you Femi. I miss you so much. continue to rest in peace Femi. Forever in the most special place in my heart. I love you xox
Posted by Adepeju Adebajo on 23rd July 2017
Femi with the saints. The wound you left is still so fresh and deep. Only God knows why and Ka bi o osi. We glorify and praise God in all things. God please send down your blessings from heaven on all Femi's loved ones in Jesus name we pray.
Posted by Toyin Olakanpo on 23rd July 2017
Dearest Femi - I still can't believe you are gone. I remember you today. 2 years on. Continue to rest in peace my dear sweet friend. Jesus is Lord.
Posted by Toyin Olakanpo on 9th February 2017
I kept on thinking it was February 11th and thought I would write a note then. Got the dates mixed up. Cant believe you are gone. I still have mini conversations with you when I bump into a rude Croatian or see Oxford pop up on the departure board at Paddington. I will always have good memories of you Femi. You were a dear dear friend. May you continue to rest in peace. Much love, Toyin
Posted by Busola Osibamowo on 3rd February 2017
Precious Femi, The Lord loves you more. Amen. Keep resting xxx
Posted by Ronke Boardman on 3rd February 2017
You are truly missed. Continue to rest in perfect peace. Amen
Posted by Patricia Ojora on 2nd February 2017
Femi, Forever missed... continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord
Posted by Bola Atta on 2nd February 2017
Femi, Beloved Femi. I wish you were here today, but you are not. The only consolation is that you are in a more beautiful place. At peace. No pain, no grief, no sorrow. Just resting in peace. I miss you too much my dearest brother. You are irreplaceable. Continue to rest in God's bosom. You are so loved.
Posted by Tunde Osomo on 2nd February 2017
May your beautiful and gentle soul continue to rest in peace Femi .You are sorely missed over here however we all take solace in the factual belief heaven is a blissfully better abode than this wicked world.
Posted by Anthony Ogunkoya on 2nd February 2017
We miss you as always! Rest in perfect peace!
Posted by Hauwa Juwara on 14th January 2017
It is indeed a great loss, I have never met the ayantuga but my Dad speaks so highly of them, femi God loves you more , am in tears after reading all the beautiful things said by everyone. Sis lola, sis bukola and sis bola accept my condolences from the juwara.
Posted by Bola Atta on 1st January 2017
Femi, 2016 marked the first full year without you. It felt empty, its very difficult to describe. As we enter another year, it becomes more apparent that you are not coming back. I wish you peace where you are. I wish you God's eternal love this year and through eternity. I feel that you are happy. It is us who still mourn. I know you don't wish to cause us pain or heart ache, I will make more of an effort this year is what I promise. I have so much I would like to share with you. I miss you more than my heart could ever imagine. Be at peace my beloved brother. I will love you forever.
Posted by Busola Osibamowo on 26th December 2016
Dearest Femi, how I miss you more than ever. Christmas yes,but!!!! You are resting,and may our Lord's light continue to shine on you,daddy and nonny. Amen.
Posted by Bola Atta on 6th November 2016
Femi, My heart is still broken. I lay flowers at your graveside yesterday and I could not believe that you have a graveside. It is peaceful. The sun shone brightly on a warm November day. I felt your love! Indeed you are gone too soon my dearest brother. I miss you so much. Continue to rest in peace where there is no more pain; no more turmoil; no more sorrow.... You are in the most special part of my heart forever. Sleep well Beloved Femi.
Posted by Yinka Masha on 21st August 2016
Busola, I heard and Tunde A confirmed. I am so deeply sorry. Words are inadequate at times but I pray that these as well as those of others bring comfort and solace. I remember when our kids were young in Harrow...Wembley, how you would pack weeks in advance for those awesome trips to the US. You would say 'Yes, I'm done...I'm packed and ready to go'. It always amused me how excited you would I know. You are always welcome here and my doors are always open. We have shared very many memories through the years as pre-teens, teens, students, wives and mothers. You remain one of my oldest and most 'meaningful' friends. As I write these words, I hope to share in the weight of your loss and so lessen the pain, while laying it all at the foot of the Cross. May Christ continue to comfort and heal you forever.
Posted by Olufemi Vaughan on 6th August 2016
Dear Femi: I stumbled on the announcement of your passing a few weeks ago, and while it has been many years since we spoke, I felt the urge this morning to add my tribute through this special medium. Although our path at Oxford overlap for a short time, you had a lasting positive impression on me. With your passing, I am reminded of your gentle smile and warmth-- I deeply appreciate our friendship. Despite your genuine humility, it was obvious to me even at your very young age in the late 1980s that you were a truly brilliant scientist and scholar. Your exemplary record as an outstanding and compassionate physician is a clear reflection of your deep commitment to excellence and boundless generosity of spirit. My heartfelt condolences to Bola and your family. Femi, rest in perfect peace. Eternal rest grant him O Lord. Olufemi Vaughan
Posted by Busola Osibamowo on 27th July 2016
How can Obafemi have a 'memorial site'?!
Posted by Busola Osibamowo on 25th July 2016
Precious and forever loved Femi. I still refuse to believe that you have left us,so writing this memorial and lighting a candle for you is extremely painful. We WILL meet again Femi and I hang on to that Hope. I love you my darling brother.

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