Posted by Tendai Mupandenyama on September 7, 2021
I miss you so much Daddy, now l know how important of having you around how you used to protect my sisters if they anything l would say about you is you never wanted no harm to come to your Children ❤️, l love you , Rest In Peace baba vangu ❤️
Posted by Tendai Mupandenyama on July 19, 2021
Dad , my father,Baba vangu honestly l don’t know where to start , l can’t believe lam writing a tribute to you , l wish l could tell you how l feel right now face to face but Mwari vakaita kuda kwavo , the hole you left in my heart is unbearable Dady , my heart is shattered, l never thought by today you will be no more Ndiri kurwadziwa baba , you left unexpectable Mukanya  , I remember wn l was a young one day u it was dark and they were stars ✨ in the sky and you started singing for me “nyenyedzi uripi , nyenyedzi yamangwanani “  ,you used to sing for us a lot and these are my childhood memories l would never forget “chimwe chikati hona munhu ,chimwe chikati ane yiiko chimwe chakati ane dende………. if you seeing this right now Iam sure you hv finished the song for me , oooooh how l miss you already, l have a lot to say but for now l will say l love you ❤️and you will stay in my heart forever and REST IN PEACE BABA VANGU .
Posted by Takudzwa Munyafe on July 15, 2021
Mukanya, though we had little or no interaction directly, I've felt the presence of your character through my sisters with the culture you instilled in them, the values and the love of where they come from. There is no better way to define success. May your soul rest in eternal peace and till we meet again
Posted by Kalebu Matutu on July 15, 2021
I have not had much interaction with Bamkuru but I have learnt a lot of him from the positive things I have heard from your sister in laws and your the wife Alice Mupandenyama.

Bamkuru you run your race and passed on the button to your children to continue your legacy. Your memeories will remain and though are gone, your name and good deeds will live on. MHSRIP
Posted by Nyasha Mpandenyama on July 15, 2021
Dad you have left a huge place that non one is going to replace, l don't even know where to start, l just want to thank God for giving us you as our father, you were a father, friend, a grandfather. I never experienced your anger, you were the quietest person l haver ever known, You will forever be cherish you hold a special place in my heart Dad l love you, l will miss your response when l call you then you would say, "maita basa amai vangu". It break my heart l can believe that you are no more,,, l had hope that you will be okay day after surviving for almost 12 day you were in pain but at the same time you were stable, MAKATISIYA TAKAVARAIRWA MUKANYA TISINGAFUNGIRE, I remember l call you Friday around 2 pm to just to sympathize with you that you Will be okay and your response was *horait mwanangu ndazvinzwa* l never thought that was going to be our last conversation Dad. I really really love you May your lovely Soul Rest in Peace Dad. I hope you are in a better place now, free from pain, Heaven has gain an Angel, Till we meet again Daddy Rest in power. Love you so much
Posted by Mando Mashini on July 14, 2021
Mr Mupandenyama sir. You were indeed a gallant hero, so much loved by many. A father, grandfather, brother, cousin and a friend to many I pray to God our loving father that he may receive you among his angles. MYSRIP sir and I will always do my very best in taking care of your beloved daughter Tendai Mupandenyama so we can make you proud. We light a candle ️ in celebrating your life sir, you shall forever be missed, I pray to God that he may strengthen the Mupandenyama family as this is a difficult moment.. Rest In Peace Mr Mupandenyama sir through Christ our lord Jesus

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