Dr Obyorah Onyia
  • Date of passing: Feb 4, 2012
  • Place of passing:
    Abuja, Nigeria
Oby you loved life, and lived it fully

This memorial website has been created in the memory of our friend's husband and friend, Obyorah Onyia.

Obi, we will ALWAYS remember you. 

Funeral on
Friday, 13 April 2012

Memorial on
Sunday, 28 April 2013

May your soul rest in peace.

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Christopher Agha Okoro on 6th February 2014

"Dearest Tina, it was just like yesterday and already 2years. Words cannot sooth the pains, tears cannot wash away the sorrow you have been through, but the Lord is our Shepard, he has moved your life on, Obi would have loved that you move on in life, keeping his memories always in your heart, He was a good in-law, we all miss his humor. The love to the lord is with you. Shalom,,"

This tribute was added by Chukwuemeka Ezenta Eze on 4th February 2014

"Chairman, how time flies. Its already 2 yrs since you left this world. Everyone who knew you will always miss you. Rest in the bossom of the Lord. Amen!!"

This tribute was added by D Ene on 4th February 2014

"Oby, it has taken me all of 2yrs since your passing to do what I am doing now. That's because it has indeed been so difficult for Ben and I to fully accept that you really did leave just like that and without a final good bye to your very close and cherished ones.

It is well as we know you rest peacefully in the bosom of the Lord where we will eventually see you again.

Continue to rest peacefully our dearest friend, till we meet again IJN Amen."

This tribute was added by George Egesi on 4th February 2014

""Yes indeed, two years had passed on and  YOU ARE FOREVERMISSED.

May your gentle soul rest in the LORD.""

This tribute was added by santosh menon on 4th February 2014


Two years and I missed you every single day,and I miss the peace you always brought to a situation......rest in peace


This tribute was added by Onyia Felix on 4th February 2014

"The great IROKO Tree that small shrubs takes shade from, the pain is still in the heart of your boys but we are not crying again, we have taken solace in the word of God to wait for the resurrection of the dead and  we will always try all our best to keep the legacy you instilled in us. we will continue to miss you. Continue to Rest with the Lord"

This tribute was added by Florence Agbugui on 28th February 2013

"Oby, How time flies! The news about your passing was shocking and it still is. The good Lord knows best. We pray that God will continue to grant you, and those that went before and after you, eternal resting place in his kingdom, Amen. God will also guide, protect, and strenthen the family you have left behind, Amen. Rest in peace!
The Agbugui Family"

This tribute was added by joy girl on 24th February 2013

"Obi  I miss your laughter, dancing and your chilled out persona! You are definitely still in our hearts but truly missed also. Oh yes gone much too soon! Continue to enjoy in heaven my brother!"

This tribute was added by Chika Okolo on 8th February 2013

"“Obi, although you are gone but your spirit lives on especially in the hearts of your loved ones and friends.
Death took your physical body away but the Obi we know still lives on and there are things to remind us of you especially your open, kind and happy life.

God bless your gentle soul."

This tribute was added by esther ogun on 4th February 2013

"Forever in our hearts, gentle giant. May your sweet kind soul continue to rest in perfect peace. Amen!"

This tribute was added by Vincent Adjimani on 4th February 2013

"Obi you look Fresh as Though you were here with us but Nayyy. Well what can we say? God be with you till we meet again. My heart is very heavy looking at your pictures.It scares me that life is soo Brief. Rest Peacefully as I'm sure you're in a better place. We miss your Charisma"

This tribute was added by Chukwuemeka Ezenta Eze on 4th February 2013

"I can't believe it's already one year on since you left us Obi. I know everyone who knew will be feeling the vaccum you left behind. It's a big vaccum you left and no one can easily fill it. Continue to rest in the bossom of the Lord. Amen!!"

This tribute was added by George Egesi on 4th February 2013

"I remember the day I walked into your office in London and you CALLED out "COSCO" (that was the college we both  ATTENDED  in Nigeria).
It is true one year has gone since you passed on. You will be missed.
May the Almighty  GOD grant you eternal peace.  May I say again and again you will be missed. Rest in The  Lord."

This tribute was added by santosh menon on 4th February 2013

"It's been a year, and it's been a year of happenings, miss you bro......G.B.


This tribute was added by Chukwuemeka Ezenta Eze on 13th April 2012

"I write these lines with very heavy heart. What i can I say and leave? Obi you were a shining star that shone into a million lives. My Chairman and Big oga at MODULAR both in lagos and Enugu. I recall the very day I walked into that office in Western House and requested to see the MD. From that you positively touched my life in many ways. You gave me the name ALAYE. Rest in peace OBI."

This tribute was added by Alberto Osuji on 13th April 2012

"Uncle Obi, the news of your death came to me as a real shock. I saw your brother in Enugu and he told me about the incident, I am in sorry. U helped me as a young boy in Assumption Church, Ikoyi to aspire 4 greater heights; I remember Western House; I remember Modular Systems...I saw you last on a Mothering Sunday last year after which you did play host to us in Emene. God grant you mercy."

This tribute was added by Lynda Kwentoh on 3rd April 2012

"Wow! Obi,  still cannot believe u are gone. It was a huge shock when l heard it. What can I say The Good Lord knows best. May Your Soul Rest in Perfect Peace Amen! May the Lord protect your family / siblings, and give them the  strength to bear their loss."

This tribute was added by Jude Obiorah Ene on 29th March 2012

"Obi,i remember those days when u made ma wrongs right,when there was nothing left behind to learn from you,the days that you also thaught me all anti-dotes to all problems as a teenager.Those were one of the times you became my mentor and gave me the name "FUGITIVE" Obi, your your pass has created a vaccume that will never be filled but you are still "MODULAR OF THE WORLD" bye till then"

This tribute was added by Sujani Menon on 25th March 2012

"I only know you through my husband Santosh. He used to talk to our sons and me about you almost every other day. So you had become part of our family and life. We were anxiously waiting to meet you in person, but couldn't. You left before that. My heart always felt that you are a Great Soul. RIP. You will be missed for ever."

This tribute was added by Rose Okpalobi on 25th March 2012

"May almighty God preserve you from pains of hell and admit you more readily to the possession of the glory of God in Jesus name.  May God be the strenght of your loved ones especially your wife.  Oby & Ifeanyi Okpalobi.(New Orleans, Louisiana)"

This tribute was added by Abbey Orebanwo on 23rd March 2012

"Obi, the very first day I met you, you left a vibrant personality with me. I can never forget the conversation we had after your long trip to my wife's 40th birthday party. You said, that during the course of your journey you felt you will need your passport, as the party venue was so far in the bush. You will be truly missed. Cannot believe you have gone to rest. Till we meet again. Peace"

This tribute was added by santosh menon on 21st March 2012

"It still has not sunk into me that you have gone ahead......never a day when we did not talk....even the day you left we were talking ....will never forget you......always in my heart.....and bro...I know you will always look out where ever you are...rest in peace......."

This tribute was added by Onyia Felix on 19th March 2012

"If River can cease to flow,if the ocean runs dry,
if the mountains vanish into the sea,
if the candle of life extinguishes,
but Tears will continue to flow when ever your name is mentioned,
your sudden departure have left many questions unanswered. Adieu."

This tribute was added by Onyia Felix on 19th March 2012

"Obiora "The Heart of the people" your life impacted many, you brought many back to their feet to continue the race, you put smile on the face of many that were opressed,you stood against many injustice being perpetrated by the power brakers, you lived your live for others and  i know you will live again, you lives on in our heart, you will always be remenbered for ur kindness  ..adieu."

This tribute was added by Michael Eneh on 19th March 2012

"Obi the great, you may be gone today but your memories will live on .......may your soul rest in peace, Amen!"

This tribute was added by chime victor on 14th March 2012

"MODULAR. The name i came to know you with,touched my life in a splendid way. You and your late DAD came to my RESCUE FINANCIALLY when it mattered MOST. I still cannot thank YOU enough. I REMAIN GRATEFUL TO YOU AND YOUR LATE DAD for a well spent life! OBI,why do you have to die? Why so soon, BRO? May GOD bless you and accept you in HIS PARADISE! THANK YOU SIR!"

This tribute was added by Emmanuel Chime on 9th March 2012

"It's with shock, regret and sadness that one was greeted with the news of your sudden passage unto glory on that fateful 4th feb. Did we tell heaven that we are tired of your lovely great presence? Anyway, who are we to question God, cos He knows all. We will forever miss u in Udi, Abuja and where your presence is greatly appreciated. Adieu Unemadu!!! RIP."

This tribute was added by Chinyere Ede on 9th March 2012

"We have lost an amazing human being. Those of us who have been fortunate enough to have him as a friend has lost a dear friend, who will stand for you at all time. No word can adequately express our sadness at Obi's death. Obi we will ever miss u. May ur soul rest in peace."

This tribute was added by General Odukwe on 8th March 2012

"Shocking…sad…very sad…Agwo you left us too soon. May your gentle soul rest in peace. No one can be like you..you will be solely missed"

This tribute was added by Mbong Akinyemi on 5th March 2012

"Oby!   You were an amazing perosn! Full of laughter, grace and candour !   May the almighty God give you rest!  I will  miss your brotherly love and kindness. There are very few people like you! What a loss to humanity!"

This tribute was added by knut ndoma-egba on 4th March 2012

"My bro my mgbadike.  U are and will remain one in a zillion in every respect.  I miss u my brother."

This tribute was added by bianca zeoli on 27th February 2012

"Obi you  will always be in my heart. So many years passed, but  I cannot forget you, your smile, your fanny things, your voice,your kindness, your music and  how much we enjoyed that time. Obi it is very hard for me to understand. Still I can not realise it. All my love to you Obi and  to your Kids and to your family. R.I.P  "mama lee""

This tribute was added by Victoria Eze on 24th February 2012

"Oh death, where is thy sting, oh grave, where is thy victory!

Big bros, I'm still trying to comprehend all this but since it has pleased God to allow it, what can I say. I am sure you will find perfect rest in His bossom. You are highly missed."

This tribute was added by Linda Ezekpo-Okeke on 24th February 2012

"As all of you know, Obi is a native of Udi.  In fact, he’s helped many people in this town in one way or the other to have a happy life and he has introduced many of us the joys and peculiarities of life.  He knows how to turn sadness to happiness. What A GREATman.
Uncle Obi, you will be missed. We can’t question God. We know he needs you more. May your soul rest in perfect peace.  Adieu Uncle Ob"

This tribute was added by LUCY D on 24th February 2012

""A sadness still comes over us,
Tears in silence often flow,
Memory keeps you ever near us,
Though you died few days ago."

"Rest in peace with our Lord""

This tribute was added by Rita Onyia on 24th February 2012

"Oby my dearest brother-in-law, It still seems like a dream.
No farewell words were spoken, no time to say goodbye, you were gone before we knew it, and only God knows why....
If tears could build a stairway and memories a lane, I'd walk right up to heaven and bring you home again.

I miss you my beloved brother and you will forever remain in my heart!"

This tribute was added by Chuma Ukwu on 23rd February 2012

"Okanga!!!! I am still trying to come to terms with the news of your sudden and abrupt demise. So many friends are heart broken. I can still see your smiling face as i write this.... The erudite you!!! I pray we have enough firepower to stand our grounds like you did. I believe heaven needed a rare towering champion urgently and you went for it!!! God knows better!!! Adieu Okanga!!!!!!!!!"

This tribute was added by Sola Oyebade on 23rd February 2012

"Its sad beyond belief that Oby Orah has passed on at such a young age. He will be terribly missed by his adoring sister Ifeoma, his loving niece & nephew (morenike & Sj) & Tina his wife. The rest of the family including his children will feel pain beyond pain, but there is a God & he will heal the pain slowly but surely. May your soul rest in heavenly peace  God Bless the Onyia Family."

This tribute was added by simon gibson on 23rd February 2012

"Oby you were the best friend anyone could have wished for and I will miss you for the rest of my life.
Your White Bro."

This tribute was added by Akanu Abass Obasi on 21st February 2012

"My lovely sister Tina, We heard about the untimely death of our in-law Obi which happened on the 4th of February 2012. The news shocked us and we were kujard. Obi will be missed greatly. We pray that God will comfort all the members of the family. May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace."

This tribute was added by BEN LEE EZE on 20th February 2012

"Obi, would never have thought you would leave without a hug and a goodbye. You always would do that to those close to you. This last time, when it would have mattered so much, you wrung down the curtains when all of us were looking elsewhere.

Adieu GREAT SOUL till we meet in His Bossom."

This tribute was added by Harriet Aneke-Ogbu on 19th February 2012

"Uncle Obi, your charisma lit up any room you walked into. The first time Chy and I moved to the Uk, you took us into your home with no reservations. You could relate to anyone, it didn't matter their age. There are not enough words to say that you would be greatly missed.....I can't believe there will be no more 'uncle Obi' at villa during christmas time. May your soul rest in peace uncle."

This tribute was added by ifeoma ndiolo on 18th February 2012

"Obi, your smile and warmth lit up every room you entered. Your love for little kids was pretty obvious and I remember you playing with my daughter Adaora and making her laugh out so loud. Just like your name, Obiora - you had such a large and welcoming heart for everyone. You will live forever in our hearts and especially in the heart of my dear friend Tina. Rest in peace with our Lord"

This tribute was added by Roseline Njar on 18th February 2012

"Obi, you had a capacity for making people laugh, we will miss your great sense of humor.
May You rest in peace and may God comfort your beloved wife and all your loved ones."

This tribute was added by tonia osawaru on 18th February 2012

"I have found it difficult to believe that you are gone. It's been a huge shock. Obi, we will miss you dearly especially our sister, friend and your wife, Tina and the children,but we know one thing for sure that you are resting in the bossom of our Lord. We love you dearly even in death. Adieu Obi."

This tribute was added by ndidiamaka ezeh on 17th February 2012

"Vibrant, jolly good Obi. You loved life and people around you, friends appreciate and enjoyed ur generous nature when you were here on earth. Just know that ur altruistic attitude inspired those around you and leading by example @ the time you did, made you the apple of ur friends eye. Good-bye Obi, as u depart to self, timeless, stainless dwelling.  Rest in Absolute Perfect Peace."

This tribute was added by derrick ibeto on 17th February 2012

"Obi your death is  a lamentable calamity,big loss to your friends,family, society and nation at large.May your soul rest in perfect peace Adieu."

This tribute was added by Vincent Adjimani on 15th February 2012

What a shock!!!!!!. Is that how we depart this sad world????.Words cannot describe my shock at your sudden departure. Only time can bring healing to my heart. All I can say is that we will miss the Giant in you. You were an inspiration to us all. Nonetheless, God be with you till we meet again. We love you but God loves you more. RIP"

This tribute was added by Christopher Agha Okoro on 15th February 2012

""OBI" our In-law. A man amongst other men, a pillar amongst other pillars, Anywhere you are now, you left a mark behind that can never be filled.


This tribute was added by Vivien Okonkwo on 15th February 2012

"Obi it is difficult to understand and hard to take in that this is it. You have always left a lasting smile on the face of the family. I cant see anyone filling the gap. We cant question God so I guess he needs you more. You will be missed. Your loving memories will alway be there. May the lord give the family the fortitude to bare the loss.  The Okonkwo Family"

This tribute was added by Oge Onyechi on 15th February 2012

"My Dearest Uncle, it hurts so much wenever i think of  your demise,  you left us too soon. D tots  of your death sufffocates me am so Heart Broken. Although you are no more but ΰя good memories will always Linger on..  Rest in d Bosom Of the Lord. Adieu my Big Uncle"

This tribute was added by BLESSING NWACHUKWU on 14th February 2012

"My Big Bros, Great Boss, my mentor!!! You will dearly be miss by your families, friend, Udi youths  and whole lots of people. You gave me inspiration and guidance in life, I say thank you. We will miss everything about you.
May God accept your soul!!!!!!!"

This tribute was added by queen eneh on 14th February 2012

REST IN PEACE BROS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

This tribute was added by Pamela O on 13th February 2012

"Obi, you will always be remembered for your presence, enormous enthusiasm, lovely sense of humour and your very caring nature. You touched the hearts of all who ever met you - both young and old.

May your soul rest in peace."

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