Filled with fond memories of your life and times, we bless the hours you lived and the path you trod, and completely leave the rest with God who loves you most!
  • 31 years old
  • Born on November 8, 1983 in Enugu, Nigeria.
  • Passed away on December 25, 2014 in Opi, Enugu, Nigeria.


This memorial was created in memory of our beloved son, husband, father, brother, friend, colleague, Dr. Obioma Azubike, who passed away on December 25, 2014. We will cherish his memory forever.

We encourage family, friends and associates of Dr. Obioma to help us populate this website with stories, photos, videos and songs that reflect memories of him. Kindly include dates with the photographs (even just the year will suffice) to help us keep track of the events. Thank you.

Service of Songs / Wake keep :

Date: 25th January, 2015

Time: 5pm

Venue: #19 Anambra Road, Trademoore Estate, Phase 2, Lugbe, FCT - Abuja

Funeral Service & Internment:

Date: 30th January, 2015

Venue: Umuigwu Oboro, Ikwuano LGA, Abia State, NIGERIA

Family, friends and associates are all invited to join us to celebrate Obioma’s life and give thanks to God for the blessing that he was to us on this side of eternity.

Posted by Obasi Isaac Obi on 29th January 2015
O-B-I,as I fondly called you,You were more than a friend and a brother to me.The news of your demise came as a shock to me and my wife that faithful day. Ever since then,I have been lost in thoughts and kept asking,How ? and Why? did it happen. But who are we to question this Immortal,Invisible and Only Wise GOD! You always stood as a brother should for me. At my wedding that year,you were my Best Man. You did all you could that fateful day to make sure that day was successful and memorable. After my wedding you kept calling to know if We were doing well. Oh my dear brother,the memories of all the time we spent together sharing ideas and thoughts are all fresh in my memory. We had a discussion the last time we spoke,now how do I carry on without you. I have spoken with your wife,even though I have been short of words,But I know God would surely comfort and console her and your young daughter. Your Mum,God would protect and console too. I ask myself over and over again,, Does Jesus Care,When our heart is grieved Too deeply for Mirth or Song,, As the Burdens Press,and the Cares Distress,,, Does He care enough to be near! And I get a heavenly assurance,,, Oh Yes,He cares! I Know He Cares! His Heart is touched with our grief,,, When the days go weary,the Long nights dreary,, I know our Saviour CARES! GOD SURELY CARES! To Anene and your daughter,God Surely cares! His heart is touched with your pains and griefs,and HE would comfort you all. May your gentle soul find eternal rest in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ,Till we meet to part no MORE! Adieu my dear brother! Go in Peace!
Posted by Adaugo Deborah on 28th January 2015
I did not know you personally,but going through these tributes,yours was a life well lived,touching souls and leaving smiles on your trail... Its not how long you lived,but how well... My sincere prayers goes out to your young family,may God hold their hand n guide their path... To your friends,may God console... And to us all,may we be able to number our days and know that we won't live forever........ Rest in God's bossom.. It is well.
Posted by Jane Korieocha on 22nd January 2015
Obi Obi as u where called in d dept in Gwags by some of ur friends,dis came as a shocking news 2 me bcos u are a young man always making things happen.I wish dis was just a rumor or a dream,but God knows best.RIP Obioma Azubike.
Posted by Ifeanyi Franklin Chukwu on 21st January 2015
Is this true .. Chie .. We shall meet again .. So long ..
Posted by Ifeanyi Franklin Chukwu on 21st January 2015
Rest in Peace Brother .. We miss you .. Chie .. am still lost for words.. kai.. I believe you are resting in the Bosom of our Lord in Heaven ..
Posted by Kingsley Nwankwo on 20th January 2015
It came with shock when I heard of your untimely death. I have come to realize that there is never a good time or right way to die. You were a wonderful brother and friend. I don't know what else to say, cos I've not come to the reality that I'll never see you again. Rest on my good friend.
Posted by Nnenna Orakwue on 18th January 2015
Rest in peace obioma. For those you left behind, may God give them the strength to endure this loss. Rest with our God my dear friend...... We will miss u.
Posted by Chinedu Egwuonwu on 17th January 2015
May God bless, comfort and strengthen Annie, Zane and your Mom. I'm so sorry my dear friend, but I'm glad God has made sure this isn't the end.
Posted by Favour Echebiri on 16th January 2015
Really I can't believe am writing a tribute to you Obinwanne. we were not close but wherever our path met, u always smiled n we greeted. You were gentle, calm, responsible n a child that's worth more than 10 children. U lived a short but precise life.. death has lost this battle wit u, u won! I can't stop singing this song ever since your passing and I hope the angels of God sing it to Ur mum n wife every nite in their sleep..... "When peace like a river attendeth my way when sorrows like sea billows row whatever my lot thou hast thot me to say it is well, it is well with my soul. It is well, it is well with my soul" I hope u find rest in the bosom of The Almighty God and your family finds solace in God and His promises
Posted by Chukwurah Queendaleen Chi... on 16th January 2015
Oh death, where lies thy sting? Oh Grave, where is thy victory? Obie , it has taken me days to process the news of your death and yet I am still in doubt. Can't come to terms that you are no more. It seems like a mirage..OBIOMA GOD'SWILL AZUBIKE. Is this really the will of God? Your demise has reminded me that we are all visitors here on earth n can be called home at anytime. Indeed no one is promised a tomorrow. .To think that your were already making your way to the top breaks my heart. I take solace ìn the fact that you were a peaceful and humble guy who loved the Lord... Never knew i would say this to you,at least not this early. Adieu Obie my childhood buddie, Farewell Daddy Zane. Till we meet to depart no more!!
Posted by Chinyere Ejeliogu on 16th January 2015
Obioma, was so sad when I heard u had died. Right from when igot to know u, u were a gentle soul, always smiling. I don't know why God allowed this to happen, but he said in all things we should give him thanks. I pray that God will give ur mum n wife the fortitude to bear this great loss, knowing that we will meet again in heaven to part no more. I will miss u dearest obioma,my namesake. Do rest well in the bossom of the lord. Adieu dearest friend.
Posted by Nneka Chima on 16th January 2015
Honestly since I learnt about your death I began viewing life differently and it hasn't changed. I can't remember any death that has moved my inner core like yours. A jarring reminder that life is so short and we must leave good memories behind. You did. Ever smiling, Obioma. I wonder if you can see us from where you are? You left like a candle in the wind. You shouldnt have gone. Rest in the bosom of the Lord
Posted by Ojukwu Chidebe on 16th January 2015
Obioma, I remember you as an epitome of gentility. You were always calm in all situations. I am truly sad to here that you have left this earth so soon. You will be missed.....
Posted by Okechukwu Ikoku on 15th January 2015
Honestly, it hurts to know that Obioma Godswill Azubuike is dead. Sometimes I still glance through the last chat we had on 23 December, 2014. I still stare at your DP on BBM; the one you put on Zane's first birthday. I even sent an sms to your phones eagerly waiting for a reply that might say it's just an April Fool's joke but all to no avail! It's just unimaginable! The day I heard the sad news I was at my fiance's place. We both sobbed uncontrollably because we had a good time a couple of weeks back with Afam Moneme. Not to mention the reunion we had at John Ubaka's wedding..... I've lost loved ones before in my life, my dad, colleagues and all that; but the death of Obioma is just unbelievable. I cannot say Rest In Peace to you, rather I will say Rejoice In Paradise because I know your soul dwells in the heavenly abode of the good Lord. I promise to do my best in making sure that Zane gets a befitting life in your absence. I will surely miss you bro! May this message find it's way to your ears in heaven.
Posted by Uzoma Obiaka on 15th January 2015
Obioma, words will not be enough. This world is a market place, we are all here to buy and sell. Sooner or later, we"ll all be gone. Go well my brother....go well
Posted by Ada Ilo on 15th January 2015
A TRIBUTE TO A FINE GENTLEMAN. Obioma you were such a fine gentleman. Such a gentle character. Such a good man. Though its been long we saw last, you cannot be easily forgotten. Borrowing from the words of gentleman Jim Reeves "How can i put on paper what i feel deep inside". My prayer is that God will comfort those you left behind. Rest in peace my friend.
Posted by Henry Ogugua Umelo on 15th January 2015
I still have the memories of playing football along with Obioma in High school. Obioma you were the star for your white house team while I played for the blue house. Rashidi was what we called you because of your pace and shooting abilities. I kept reading the chat we had on fb few days before your demise because it still sounds like a fiction to me. But now I know our last chat was your way of saying bye, as God calls you home. I pray Almighty God who has called you home and who is the only One that can console, grants your wife, daughter, mother & your family the fortitude to forge ahead in this Vanity called Life. Adieu! Nnamdi Umelo
Posted by Osaigbovo Edugie Ihediwa on 15th January 2015
RIP, Oboma! Still Remember ur gentle smiles way back in UNSSEC. May God give ur family the fortitude to bear the loss. Gudnite Bro!
Posted by Mani Anthony on 15th January 2015
I don't know you personally but your death touched my heart and may God comfort your family......Rest in Peace!
Posted by Kingsley Enyi on 15th January 2015
Obinwanne jee nko oma !!!
Posted by Jekwu Oku on 15th January 2015
Rest in peace Bro
Posted by Ichu Ogbu on 15th January 2015
i cant believe am writing this,bt who am i to question God...may ur gentle soul rest in perfect peace and may God give ur mother,wife and loved ones the fortitude to bear dis huge loss IJN..
Posted by Ichu Ogbu on 15th January 2015
i cant believe am writing this,bt who am i to question God...may ur gentle soul rest in perfect peace and may God give ur mother,wife and loved ones the fortitude to bear dis huge loss IJN..
Posted by Kris Chinenye Anyaene on 15th January 2015
I can't believe what am seeing,how can it be that you Obi will leave so soon. I can't forget the times in Bassey Duke when we visit with our Mum to your house. Obi it so painful to have left so sudden. I hate seeing this kind of news but God knows the best. Your smile will never leave my memory and your humility Chaii! Chaii! Chaii! Obi Azubike rest well. Chinenye,Nonso,Udo,Amara,Joy and Chima Anyaene.
Posted by Iyke Okafor on 15th January 2015
Rest on bro.. I pray God gives your family the fortitude to bare this huge lose.
Posted by Chukwueloka Nwosu on 15th January 2015
My Brother! My Friend! Where do I start from? Is it the shock I received when I heard the news? The great memories we shared back in the days at UNSSEC ll continue to be with me for the rest of my life. The football matches we played back in the days that gave you the nickname "Rashidi" ll never be forgotten. Just few weeks ago at John's wedding we all met and were cracking up on some crazy things we did some 20 years ago like trekking from New Heaven Junction to Upper Chime just to play Mortal Combat with Sega and Super Nintendo at Afam Mouneme"s house. Mehn!!!!! Am just speechless!!!! All I can say is jee Ije gi nke Oma!!! I have met your Mum and Anene and honestly I couldn't say much because I truly don't know what to say. All I pray for is that God ll grant them the fortitude to bear your irreplaceable loss! You ll never be forgotten! Rest in peace my Brother!
Posted by C... on 15th January 2015
It so sad d way u left dis world Obinwanne,my heart bleeds d day I heard ur sudden departure,u took I and my brother nnaemeka like ur siblings u have from another mother,we will ever miss u go well and rest in perfect Peace wit d Lord.
Posted by Henry Koko Enyenihi on 14th January 2015
Rest in Peace..Brother we miss you.
Posted by Chukwubuike Onwuzurumba on 14th January 2015
I'd lost contact with Obioma for several years although we were all part of a circle of peers growing up in Enugu. He was always a great guy & it was only after he died that I realised he was married to my friends' cousin & sister. I'll keep praying for Anene & the daughter & his family. Rest in peace nwanne
Posted by Barr Uzor Onyekwere on 14th January 2015
Obi, i'v known you from childhood and till date your gentlemanly nature, your humility and simplicity is still fresh on my mind and worthy of emulation. May the good Lord that we serve grant your beloved mum and family the fortitude to bear the lost. Only God knows the best, may your gentle soul rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Chidimma Nneka Ezenduka-E... on 14th January 2015
I grieve, my friend, I grieve. But I grieve as one with hope. Because you loved God, my friend, you did. He beckoned, and in your amiable way, you went away on angel's wings Leaving us all broken, sad, lost and full of questions. But you loved God, so you couldn't say no when He called. Anny's tears would have held you back. Zane's smiles would have given you a pause. Even Mama's cries would have sufficed. Now, we are left with wishes and tears. If only If only I had an inkling of the horrific news I heard yesterday I would have chatted a little longer that last time we saw at John's wedding We would have taken more pictures with Okey, Sammy, Loku, Christina, Afam and Edu. We would had concretised our plans to meet again before Christmas So many Ifs and so little time. Do you know how much we grieve for you, my friend? Obioma! A man as amiable as his name is gone!! Our friend is gone!! We will miss you, Obio! Your easy going nature, your smile and your easy banter. Rest on, my friend!! We pray God sends comfort to us who mourn especially for your immediate family. Laa n'udo, nwoke Obioma!! Sleep on, till we meet to part no more. We love you, yes, but your Maker loves you most!! Thank you for the memories for though your life was snuffed out like a candle To live in the hearts of those you love is not to die!! I still miss you, my friend!!! Time may dull the pain to an ache but it can never replace you!!! Sleep on, Obio!!!
Posted by Cee Olufade on 14th January 2015
Dearest Obioma, it's so sad that you had to leave so soon. There was something so special about you, and I always admired your calmness and gentleness. My heart goes out to your wife and daughter, but I know the God you served will take care of them. Rest in Peace brother. We will meet again! Chinenye Nwangwu
Posted by Charlie Eneoko on 14th January 2015
Obioma, such a great guy u were, may Ur soul rest in the bosom of the lord.
Posted by Chika Ehiemere on 14th January 2015
obioma, where do i were a brother, friend, neigbour in school and colleague. we hail from the same place and your lovely wife was my neighbour and family friend ( the Mbonu's) we were staff kids back then. a fine gentleman in every word and i have been shattered since the news. i pray God comfort us all especially mummy, anene and your daughter and the mbonu family. surely you are in christ and so we do not mourn like them that have no hope, for to us "to live is Christ and to die is Gain" Rest in God's bossom and know you are definitely missed!
Posted by Oluchukwu Ogbuagu on 14th January 2015
Bro, it's so sad dat i'wld have to be writing this, instead of talking with you. But God knows the best and has preferred you be with him. We love you.....we pray for the family you left behind.sleep till we meet to part no more.
Posted by Ngozi Ekwueme on 14th January 2015
Gone but never forgotten! Oh Obie as I called you, the news of your death sent shivers through my bones. I still can't believe that you are gone. Obie was one whom you couldn't help but admire and respect. His courage, zealousness would make you stand in awe. You were like a brother to me, you have done so many things for me as a friend. A friend who stood by me throughout our University days. He gave me counsel when I asked for it, and gave it even when it wasn't sought. He would call me His baby because He saw it as his duty to look out for me. Oh I won't forget the perfect advice, words of encouragement and love, you made sure I never fall into the wrong hands when it comes to my love life. Our last conversation was sweet and typical, I can't seem to delete our last chat on BBM you teased and asked if everything was ready for my D-Day. I am grateful to God for the time we shared no matter how short. I pray for divine consolation for your wife, mother as well as other grieving relations, friends and colleagues. Adieu Obie!
Posted by Ijeoma Ogbodo Nweze on 14th January 2015
Isaiah 57:1 AMP THE RIGHTEOUS man perishes, and no one lays it to heart; and merciful and devout men are taken away, with no one considering that the uncompromisingly upright and godly person is taken away from the calamity and evil to come [even through wickedness]. SAINT OBIOMA, Continue to rest in the Lord, for He alone has taken you away from this raging calamity upon the face of the earth . I speak the comfort of the Lord over your household and loved ones. Rest on angel. .. rest
Posted by Destiny Ezuma on 14th January 2015
Obioma, you left too soon but i can't question God Just can't forget when you called me on Nov 2014 to come downstairs that you were in front of my house with a friend..I and my mum was so shocked that you still remembered were we stay after so many years and you smiled(like always) and told me that you don't forget friends esp sisters..we talked shortly and you left. During University days,even thou we were not that close, you were the only guy that will always confront, listen and advice wisely without judging whenever you hear any issue concerning me. I respect and admire such maturity about you alot..Always proud to have such a soft spoken, kind, wise, respectful,humble and a handsome gentleman from Abia State. May God Almighty console your family and friends.. RIP OBIOMA

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