• 48 years old
  • Date of birth: Aug 28, 1967
  • Place of birth:
  • Date of passing: Dec 25, 2015
  • Place of passing:
    ENUGU, Nigeria
We love you but God LOVES YOU MORE.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, OBIORA IBEZIAKO, 48, born on August 28, 1967 and passed away on December 25, 2015. We will remember him forever.
Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Uche Okonkwo on 25th December 2017

A good man gone too soon......May your warm soul continue to rest in perfect peace. Amen."

This tribute was added by Nicholas Iwuchukwu on 28th August 2017

"Always ib our hearts. Stay blessed and continue to rest in perfect peace Good Good Man"

This tribute was added by Ifeanyi Onochie on 28th August 2017


Happy birthday my dear friend and continue to rest peacefully, Amen."

This tribute was added by Ifeanyi Onochie on 29th January 2016


It wasn't to be like this.

The dreams, vision, projections and expectations... Whither?!
You always counseled patience and calm... To this end?!
Your sudden transition, Obiora is quite heart rending!
May Almighty God receive your gentle soul in His bosom, Amen.

Thank you for your unalloyed friendship and forthrightness.
For your exemplary unflinching faith and trust in God.
For your humaneness and unapologetic candour

Good night, my dear friend and brother.
Fare thee well, Obimbo...the quintessential "Cecil Gee" gentleman.

This tribute was added by Osondu Eze-Uzomaka on 27th January 2016

"Obiora, Nike, Shairman, Chartered Cashier, Oil Magnate... you were a many of many monikers and indeed of many colours. You were peace-loving and full of wisom; yet witty and incredibly humorous; unassuming and also a great athlete.

Nike, you left much too early, but in your brief sojourn here on earth you left a positive impression on many people.

Shairman, I remember you with mixed emotions - laughter and tears. Go in peace, my brother!


This tribute was added by Okey Bull Menakaya on 27th January 2016

"I'm still lost for words at your passing Obiora. I can only say I was privilaged to have known you in my life, and glad I spent some quality time with you up to the few weeks leading to tour shocking demise. A true gentleman and loyal friend, our loss is heavens gain. Till we meet again "Nike", Adieu my brother!!"

This tribute was added by Oby Iryne on 22nd January 2016

"Rip uncle obiora"

This tribute was added by Francisca Okoroafor on 18th January 2016

"To Uchenna ,siblings,Adora and amazing Obiora's Blessings from the most high.I feel your pain,hurts,why this or that........two years ago we lost a brother Barr Ikechukwu Okoroafor same age as Obiora we were all devastaed but we all agreed to celebrate him ............Please lets all celebrate Obiora the name speaks volumes.!!! Adieu Baby brother Obiora we lost you on earth but an Angel was gained in heaven on the 25/12/15.It is well ."

This tribute was added by Uche Elechi on 18th January 2016

"Jesus said" I am the Ressurection and the Life; he who believes in Me will live even if he dies, and every one who lives and believes in Me will never die".
...Obiora,never in a million years would I have guessed that you would go home before any of us your sisters, but God knew. Through the tears, the pain,the hurt, the incredible sense of loss, I am reminded that to be absent from the body is to be present with Christ. I know deep down that you are with Christ right now, and truly"Nsogbu adiro" as you would always say regardless of the situation. And so I will not mourn like one who has no hope. Instead I will thank God for the 48 years He allowed you to walk this earth.
I remember how much our mother longed for and prayed for a son. After multiple miscarriages/ still births,and 3 lovely daughters( that will be me and your 2 sisters) our mother like any other Nigerian woman desired a son. I remember praying with her, I remember when she told us we would have brother and he would be named JAMES IKECHUKWU. I remember when you were eventually born, August 281967, just before the Nigerian/Biafran war broke out. They named you JAMES OBIORA IKECHUKWU .(had to get that 'O' in there so you would have the same initials as our Dad!)
I remember during the war in Umuchu, how you would not eat until we put on a dance show for you, and so each meal time our Father's sister Echenwa would call us"Olukwanu o, bianu telu Obiora egwu." And we would  joyfully dance our little hearts out!!
I remember how once in a while Echenwa would place you on my back and I would rock you to sleep. I say once in a while because the woman never put you down! Echenwa and our mother were more than sisters in law, they were great friends, and we were not just her brothers children, we were hers too, and more so you! I remember you used to say that our mother gave birth to you, but Echenwa was your mother!!!
I remember knowing you were extra special to every one, even to our mother who never played favourites! And you were special to us your sisters too. Growing up with you was a blast, we knew to be protective of you, and you made it easy.
I remember 1999 when I came home because our father was sick. I spent the night in your house in Lagos,and next morning on our way to the Airport, you stopped by your office to call Enugu and let them know we were on our way. Little did I know that our father had passed on. You came out no change in your demeanor,and we carried on till we got home and I got the news. I remember asking why you didn't tell me in Lagos, and your response? Ka gini mezi a".
  And again in 2002, I remember, you and I alone in our mother's room,and you consoling me. You told me you did not cry because our mother did not die, that you and Nkiru watched her peacefully transition.  You told me you wanted two things :  first, that many would give their lives to Christ during our mother's funeral services, and secondly, that when your time came , that you would transition as she did! And by all accounts, you did too!!!
I am comforted every time I read the many many FB chats we had over the years. You finally agreed that you would come visit this summer!
  I remember my last phone call with you on 12/23/2015, my birthday. Yes you were sick, and in the hospital , but you were your normal jovial self. You even pulled a prank on me by pretending you were so sick you couldn't talk, and bursting into laughter when you heard my alarmed voice! You sounded so good, I didn't even think to call on the 24th. Surely, I thought you would be home on Christmas Day, so I will call you at home! You sure did go home on Christmas Day,but I will now have to wait for that resurrection morning to talk to you, I have that hope.
  So my beloved Ujuora, I will forever miss you, but we will take solace in knowing that you are with God, and that we have you living in your four children...Kamsi,Adaora, Fumnanya, and Uchenna. They will by the grace of God carry on your legacy and our Father's name." Ezi John .O.Ibeziako ama echi nata". Your sisters and I , God helping us ,will become to your wife Chinelo as Echenwa was to our mother. Rest in Perfect Peace."

This tribute was added by Nneka Aroh on 15th January 2016

"Am still in shock since i heard this sad news this morning , obi may ur soul rest in peace , son to a woman who was part of what i am today , My sympathy goes to the ibeziako family , and to vivian and the kids may God grant ur comfort at this sad moment ijn amen"

This tribute was added by Chukwudi Adilieje on 14th January 2016

"I am shocked. I can't believe such a great guy is gone. Obiora was a peaceful man whose quiet presence influenced things more than the loudest words could. He will be sorely missed. Now I am weaned from any illusion of immortality. Death in the family might deal us a shattering blow, but it's the death of a peer that jolts us to a palpable sense of our mortality."

This tribute was added by Raffy Obinna Ugwu on 12th January 2016

"OBIORA!!! NIKE!!! , Odiegwu!! I have come to these pages several times to leave you a tribute. Each time, I bulk at the thought of describing you in the past tense! I have waited, not sure what I was waiting for, but I can no longer wait. I have struggled to find the right words to describe you and the relationship we had. That, perhaps, is one of the major reasons for this feeling of melancholy. I have known you for over 33 years and together with several others, we have had this loose, easy, unassuming but very intimate friendship. We have discussed every aspect of our lives, easily. There have been long periods of silence, sometimes of over 2-3 years but we all always pick up where we left off, like we all saw each other the previous week. Those are friendships that are built for life, those are friendships that are not easy to replace. In a lot of ways, you have been the glue to hold this easy unassuming friendship amongst us all together. You have been the one that never let your ego or anyone else's ego for that matter, get in the way of doing or saying the right and truthful thing. You have always been there to say the right words when egos get bruised. You have been peaceful, patient, honest and without guile and in spite of all these, you were firm and steadfast when you needed to be. You have always approached life with this enviable sense of calm, and the firm belief that after all said and done, God's will, will be done, but that has never stopped you from working hard. Hanging out with you has always been one of the high lights of my visits to Enugu. I am going to miss you a lot my friend but I also know that you have left behind a young family who will even miss and need you much more. I will pray that the God, in whom you had an unshakable, uncomplicated belief, will give them the strength to cope and thrive in spite of your not being with them physically. Farewell OBIORA until the day that has been appointed. Adieu NIKE!!!"

This tribute was added by Chinyere Okpala on 12th January 2016

"Man of Peace. I had a joke to crack with you on the morning of Dec 25 and was waiting for you to come on board but ended up receiving the devastating news . We love you but God loves you most. Je nkeoma."

This tribute was added by chukwuemeka obi on 11th January 2016

"For 33 years that we were close friends it was like we have been friends since I was born. You changed my life and thought me the value of patience in life. You were honest, loving ,caring. You held all the virtues of Christian life that you grew up in. Obi we truly and sincerely love you but only God knows why. Continue to rest in the Lord till we meet to part no more."

This tribute was added by Chidi Egwuatu-Nwadiogbu on 9th January 2016

"Obiora, may your kind soul rest in perfect peace, Amen"

This tribute was added by Chiazo Ibeziako-Offiah on 9th January 2016

"Ujuora... My one and only brother, friend and confidant. Gentleman par excellence. To know you is to love you."

This tribute was added by Celeste Ufuoma-Oberabor on 8th January 2016

"I don't know what to say. Too early you left... RIP"

This tribute was added by Larry OGBU on 8th January 2016

"Nike, you were one of a kind;..your gentle nature and sense of humour will be missed by us all. I was looking forward to meeting you in Enugu in February at the FGCE  Independence House '84 set Re union. After creating that Forum and that of FGCE '84 Set, you turned your back on us. We shall for ever miss you. Rest on till we meet to part no more."

This tribute was added by Uche Inoma on 8th January 2016

"Uncle Obiora, Ur usual response could have been Bitimbi, and that was ur last word on earth . l can still hear your voice calling my name as u took ur  last breath. Bros d tears refused to stop, even as I write this, I can't help and stop d tears from flowing. Nwanne m has gone home too soon.  How I miss u, looking at ur lifeless body that day bearly few mins that I was talking to u on phone was d greatest shock I ve ever had in my life. Don't know what to write . u know U have a particular chair where u always sit in my eatery Dinning. Uncle Obiora that sit is empty. U ve not come around since Xmas. I looked forward to ur coming and is still looking forward to ur coming. But d truth is that u will never come again. Bros u encouraged me like no other person ever did. Jesus!!!!!!!!  Those days we will talk and talk and d food u ate will dry up on ur palms. Ur contagious laughter  and ur way of dismissing every trouble. Uche rapu ifeaaa. I missing u greatly. When I walked into my shop on d 4th of January. I looked at ur table . It was empty. Just couldn't stay. But what do I do. Rest in peace my brother rest in peace ezigbo mwannem. I miss u. My workers miss u. D entire DINNING miss u . Rest in peace Uncle Obiora."

This tribute was added by Nkem Nwaegbe on 8th January 2016

"Dear Br. Obi I never got to see you in Ibusa but it's a testament to your brotherliness that you came to witness  that special day for Ik and I in spite of our inability to see you during our very short visit to Enugu. I  had heard so much about you before and after your death. The summary is that you were a peaceful and unassuming man. Blessed are the peacemakers. May God show you that you are truly his son. RIP."

This tribute was added by Ike Okechukwu on 8th January 2016

"NIKE, my brother may your very gentle soul Rest in Perfect Peace; you were a man of peace. . . i have never known anyone quite like you. even as very young men you showed us ho to live.... we will miss you but we will take comfort in knowing that you must be somewhere better; somewhere made for Angels and Saints."

This tribute was added by Samuel Dimkpa on 6th January 2016

"This tribute was added by Samuel Dimkpa
Dear Nike, as fondly called. Classmate, Friend, Companion.
Your humble nature is worthy of emulation. Miss You."

This tribute was added by charles Mgbemena on 6th January 2016

"Nike, (as you were fondly known) our 're-connection mid 2015, after 31 years, was enabled by you @ the Independence house chat forum. It was brief, but impactful. I recall a private chat you sent me, where you made your deep thoughts about the Lordship of Jesus known to me. You offered me a slot in the planned February 2016 reunion to espouse on that subject. I have no doubts that those thoughts shaped your life till your very last breath. You are @ peace. At rest. For now, fare there well; bcos together with you "on that day we will sing Holy, Holy! On that day, we will bow down in the light. And then we will rise and turn our eyes to the One who is the Light of that City"."

This tribute was added by Vincent Odenigbo on 5th January 2016

"When I close my eyes, I still remember you in your Independence House uniform at FGCE. You were a year ahead of me in class,but one thing struck me about you was that you were very unassuming and kind. When we became friends on Facebook,that came to my mind again, how kind and gentle you were. I heard of your passing on Christmas day, and I was saddened but I take solace on the fact that you were a simple and good man.
Rest in Peace,Brother! We shall all see again in Greater Glory!"

This tribute was added by Nneka Okechi on 5th January 2016

"Uncle Obiora,

I cant get myself to accept your transition.

As soon as i got that painful call i screamed and kept  saying  its a lie and  refused to accept it.

I told my husband that we must break the protocol and gather all the Men of God that had assembled  for our annual  RCCG LETS GO A FISHING program me  to pray for your resurrection  including our guest speaker Pst J .T. Kalejaye.

Bros m i was so sure you will get up and stay much longer with us.After all the prayers OBI you did not rise. Pst J. T  told us  that you would have come back to us  if God wanted you to do so.

OBI, I remember growing up with you, i remember the days we played football together and you and i were a team of two with me as your goal keeper  and the garage was our goal post,challenging Uche, IK and Chuchu. Despite the fact that they were THREE against us TWO  we always defeated them lol lol .Bros you will give me a HI five and we would hug when we scored but when they scored us you will laugh at me and say Nini i na fe esepa  ebe afu Ik enye anyi GOOO. it was so much fun.  Fun Loving Bros!!

OBI, I remember our trip to Jos  to visit Aunty U in the 80s,   I particularly remember   our visit to wild life park  and how  cold i was because i had left my cardigan in the car I must have under estimated the weather. Bros  u looked at me and said  Oyi ana tu gi ? I nodded and you quickly pulled out your sweater and gave to  me.That is typical of you. Kind and affectionate Bros!!

OBI, In 1995  while going to look for you  in Ajao Estate i met my husband PJ. You told me that he was your friends friend and encouraged me to marry him.That day you begged me that due to tight work Schedule   you would  not be able to  take me out for lunch. Bros you gave me N4000 and told me to make sure i go somewhere nice and treat myself.

Bros i took your counsel and eventually married John. Thank you for that counsel and encouragement. It was you that God used  to fulfill my destiny of early marriage.

OBI NWANNEM you eventually became my neighbour  i recall how i used to send my maid to call you for lunch  whenever i made a sumptions  meal.

Nwakaibeya, you made my trip to Ibuzo during Iks trad memorable   we were together in Aunty Nkirus house in Illah .We gisted through out the night with Aunty Nkiru, Bros we laughed and played as we remembered our childhood days, at interval you will signal me  to go to Aunty Nkirus fridge to get drinks. I remember how i grapped your chicken from you. We played till about 2am when i forced my self away because of my early trip to lagos next day.

OBI my telephone conversation with you on the 23rd of Dec 2015 was somehow, you promised me that we shall see at the wedding despite the fact that you were yet to get the invite.Bros in a nutshell you said we are family and no need for formalities or protocol with family members. Thats how simple you are.

OBI you are one bros i never had cause to say WAKA SHEGE to in my mind as child and even now that i have grown lol lol

OBI i bu Odogwu !!!

OBI  I bu nwakaibeya !!!

OBI i bu onye eji eje mba !!!

Obi I bu dike!!!

OBI i bu onye oga adili nma!!!

Obi i bu onye eziokwu!!!

OBI i  malunma na ese okwu!!!

OBI  i bu Nwannemmmmmmmmmmm!!!

Thank you for the 41 years you shared with me.Nnaa jee nke oma. Ilusie kene lum  Father Abraham ,Mama, Papa,Mama Chinwe, Papa Emeka na Mama Adanma.

Nwa Oma Sleep On till Resurrection Morning.

Adieu !!!!

From Your goal keeper

This tribute was added by Edith Omenkeukwu on 5th January 2016

"Obiora, the news of your sudden death was devastating . 30 years and no contact. Suddenly , everyone of '84set of FGCE was looking forward to catching up or contributing to the chats. I wasn't able to add so much but I so enjoyed every yab ,gist etc. I was at the filling station on the 5th of Dec on a very long cue when you sent in a chat that you were off to go and sell a trailer load of fuel , I thought to myself - If only I was around you -----. We all were friends even before FGCE . We started from Aria , Kingsway road - Chinwe  , Chiazo, Amaka Akosa and the Udokwus. My question is  , why was it just after we all reconnected that Death snatched you away? I give God praise for this wonderful family you have left behind . The light you have lit will not go out . Rest in Peace  dear, until we all meet in Eternity .I pray God gives your loved ones the Grace to bear this Loss."

This tribute was added by Josy Okonkwo on 4th January 2016

"Obiora,our journey in Federal Government College Enugu (FGCE) started together in 1980 when you transferred from NIKE (National Grammer school Nike) to FGCE in our form 2.You were nicknamed NIKE and that name stood the test of time just like your witty,humorous,genteel,unpretentious,humble,caring,kind,self-less nature.We were both in Independence house (known for it's no-holds-barred njakili (yabis) and practical jokes in our '84 set). I remember many instances when we all got in trouble with senior boys in our junior year for different transgressions and you would always escape punishment by saying to the senior boy . "Ima na anyi adika" .You were reserved in our FGCE days and was always on the receiving end of a lot of 'yabis' (njakili) and jokes but you had a teflon shield to jokes and never got upset or lost your cool.
Fast forward to 2015,you created the whatsapp group, 'Independence house boys 1984 set' ,brought all of us together from different parts of the globe,albeit in the virtual world and held center court with your charismatic,unbridled sense of humor which seemed to materialize magically from nowhere since you were not among the funniest in our Independence house set.Even when attempts were made to use the same 'old fgce jokes' on you,you disarmed everyone with your self-deprecation.When I followed your example and created the 'fgce 1984 set' whatsapp group and made you the first group admin,I knew there would never be a boring moment in the forum but even I under-estimated your hilarious,captivating humor.You enthralled everyone and got most of us hooked on the group.You were planning a reunion of Independence house boys 1984 set for this Feb 2016 and I was looking forward to visiting Nigeria again and trading stories and barbs with you just like school days but God had other plans for you.Adieu Obiora (Nike),my friend till we meet to part no more.
Your spirit and the fond memories will live on with us.
God will comfort and strengthen your wife,Chinelo,siblings and cousins


This tribute was added by Giniika onuzulike on 4th January 2016

The able chairman and chartered cashier you will be missed till we meet at the feet of the master Jesus."

This tribute was added by Nicholas Iwuchukwu on 4th January 2016

"A brother friend classmate and above all an inspiration.  Loyal honest and caring till the very end. Sad loss and a complete gentleman in every sense of the word"

This tribute was added by oparaugo udebiuwa on 4th January 2016

"Obiora,may your gentle soul rest in peace!"

This tribute was added by Nony Onyechi on 4th January 2016

"Only God knows why. Rest peacefully with him. Amen!"

This tribute was added by Chike Okonyia on 3rd January 2016

"Obiora, very unassuming, caring and kind. You took it upon yourself to protect and help my late younger brother's family, your neighbors.
I pray the God Almighty Himself shall look after your own family in Jesus Name. Amen.
Sleep on, dear brother."

This tribute was added by Mary Ezemonye on 3rd January 2016

"My one and only Brother... You were one in a million. Gentleman par excellence. Live on with God till we meet."

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