This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Obiyo Nwaiwu, 54 years old, born on May 21, 1966, and passed away on April 9, 2021. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Olukayode Obagbemi on April 10, 2022
Blessed is the memory of the righteous.
Posted by iyke ukabiala on June 10, 2021
Posted by Ebere Achigbu on May 22, 2021
Hmmmm. So this is it. Chief Nwaiwu is gone. Its hard to believe because all I see is Dr. Nwaiwu in front of pharmacology building in UNTH laughing heartily. A good man with a kind heart. A friend .
May his soul rest in peace.
Posted by Barth Chukwu on May 16, 2021
Oh my God! What a lose!
Dr. Nwaiwu was jovial and humane Paediatrician, always considered other's situations when taking decisions as a paediatric chief resident at UNTH, Enugu.
May God accept your soul and grant you eternal rest while comforting your family and friends.
Posted by Arua Cecil on May 16, 2021
Death again! Dr Nwaiwu is gone, words fail me, true I have heard of so many deaths recently but here am I shedding tears for the passing away of a dear friend, you called me last to discuss a jaundiced baby, but before we ended the discussion, I laughed and laughed!
I cannot begin to describe you here full of encouragement and humour, from UNTH till we spoke last, I can confidently say you were without guile!
You have left ahead of us, we are coming, may your family be comforted
Posted by Okafor Omenka on May 16, 2021
What happened to Dr Nwaiwu? Oh no. This is so sad.
You were a resident when I was a house officer rotating through paediatrics at UNTH. I can't forget your support during on call nights at the children emergency room, UNTH. I remember your encouraging words.
You were very jovial, full of life and kind to a fault. Your personality was very warm and magnetic. You have a way of calming frayed nerves during tension, maintaining calm demeanour in the midst of difficult situations.
You taught us pharmacology too as medical students at UNTH.
I pray God to comfort your family with strength and peace at this difficult times
Rest peacefully in the bossom our Lord until the resurrection morning. Adieu Onye oma. You will be missed.
Posted by Bunde Priestly on May 15, 2021
3 meetings that were remarkable!

1. Making paediatric and it's presentations look easy.

2. Guiding me through pharmacology masters at LUTH.

3. Aiding me to start up my private practice in Lagos after all I went through.

I knew about your death all these while but didn't want to believe and hence publish it.

You impacted me with your 'jollygoodness' and simplicity

From Uche Okeafor UPC
Posted by Uche Ojinmah on May 15, 2021
Nwiwu nne m!
Ya diwa nnoo.
No wonder I've been remembering you a lot since last month.
Uwa ke wu nno pawpaw.
May your bubbly soul through the mercy of God rest in peace.
Posted by Joseph Okebe on May 15, 2021
Chai, My Chief,

This is such a painful news.
You were one of the few that made paediatrics at UNTH a joy. You were always there when we needed you and always keen to let us into the secrets of the sages.

Even when you moved to Novartis, you were so dedicated and helped us see there was more to aspire for.

Adieu Chief.
Posted by Chibuzo Uguru on May 15, 2021
My dear brother this is really a shock. I don’t have words to express the sadness I feel. I can’t forget all those hours I and my child kept you awake so many years ago in Enugu, how you always were there to treat him and comfort me and my wife. He’s a teenager now and I owe so much to you.
Our fathers whom you’ve gone to join were great friends and the legacy continued with us. May you find rest in the bosom of the Lord my brother until we meet to part no more.
Rest In Peace Obiyo
Posted by Wilfred Ukemenam on May 15, 2021
Chai !!! A very jovial and hardworking fellow who had a humourous perspective to everything...An excellent team player, I enjoyed working with him. One of the best Medical doctors you can work with.

May his soul rest in peace.
Posted by George Emechebe on May 15, 2021
What a great loss. My very good friend and amiable colleague at UNTH Enugu. With you there's no dull moment, Dr Nwaiwu was a very pleasant personality with huge sense of humor.
May the Lord grant his family the fortitude to bear the loss and grant him eternal glory.
Posted by Emeka Nwolisa on May 15, 2021
Writing this is taking me back in time. From the days at St Joseph's hospital Adazi-Nnukwu to residency programme in Paediatrics in UNTH.
You were an awesome friend , colleague and a great human being.
May you find rest with your creator.

Posted by Jennifer Eze Boulhassane on May 15, 2021
So sad to hear your passage at the prime of life I remember so much your encouragement and dedication in teaching us pharmacology in UNTH .
You gave me and so many others the confidence to pull through, by acting like one of us in camaderisip that was so warm ,loving ,without boundaries.
May your gentle sweet soul rest in peace and may God grant your family peace and fortitude to bear your irreparable loss.

Dr Jennifer Eze Boulhassane
Posted by Henrietta Okafor on May 15, 2021
Obiyo shall forever be missed by those of us that worked with him at UNTH.Such a kind ,gentle and carefree soul but dedicated to his duties.Very respectful with a good sense of humor . Worked with him in various capacities. May God grant him eternal rest and comfort his family.
Fare thee well Obiyo!
Posted by Herbert Obu on May 15, 2021
So sad to hear of the passing of Dr Nwaiwu. A very hardworking and amiable young man he was. This is a great loss not only to his immediate family but also to Paediatric Association of Nigeria and the Nigeria Medical Association. My heart goes out to his family. May God grant his soul eternal rest in heaven.
Posted by Joy Eze on May 15, 2021
What a shocking news to that Dr Nwaiwu is gone. As my senior registrar back in the days at UNTH, we never had a dull moment with you. Your sense of humour is unequalled, putting smiles on our faces. You were kind, hardworking and always found a way around challenging situations.
Rest in peace ezigbo mmadu. .
May the Lord comfort your family, friends and colleagues
Adieu! Till we meet to part no more.
Posted by Uchendu UOU on May 14, 2021
This is indeed shocking to learn that Obiyo Nwaiwu has passed. I stumbled on this page for no intentional reason. His name just flashed into my head and with a Google search, I saw results, one of which is announcing his passing. Unbelievable!!!. He was such a fun guy to be with. I learnt so much from him as a senior colleague, who taught me Pharmacology and later was a senior resident in the Department of Pediatrics at UNTH. You will be missed. May the good Lord comfort the loved ones you have left behind.
Posted by Adedunni Olusanya on May 3, 2021
Dear Dr Nwaiwu, It was shocking to hear of your transition. It is still like a dream! I saw you a day before you passed on, you were full of life. Thanks for the support you gave me during the short period of knowing you. Thanks for being a big brother and a friend. You were a kind hearted man. We miss you. You will forever be in our hearts, dear brother. We know you are in a better place. Continue to rest on in peace dear Dr Obiyo Nwaiwu.
May God comfort and keep the family you left behind.
Posted by Omowunmi Amao on May 3, 2021
Dear Dr. Obiyo,

It was a great privilege knowing you. We were family not just friends. You meant so much to us. You had the purest of heart. You loved and gave genuinely. There was never a dull moment with you. You were so supportive in pursuit of my academic career.

Here is to celebrate your life and say thank you for all you were to me and my family. Thank you for your words of encouragement and for always putting a smile on my face.

Farewell Dr. Obiyo. You will forever live in our hearts.
Posted by Amaka Onyemelukwe on April 30, 2021
My heart is heavy and saddened by the news of your demise, my good friend. Death is indeed wicked. We had big dreams and aspirations. I wondered why i hadn't picked up the phone to call to hear your jokes and mischievous stories. You know how to create smiles even in the darkest moments.

Now the thought that i will never see you in this life leaves me shattered. Where do i begin to share the wonderful memories and impact you created. I take solace that you lived selflessly and saved lives.

I wish i connected more often. I am sorry i never visited the clinic as much as i should have. You fought the good fight, you left your legacy and now its time to transit to eternal glory. Go in peace my dearest Dr.Obiyo.

It is well. May God console and be with the family you left behind. Jee Nke Oma Ezigbo Mmadu.
Posted by Chikodi Anigbogu on April 30, 2021
Dr Nwaiwu, friendly and lively personality. Warm and active. It is with shock that we received the sad news. The Lord knows better. We take solace in the positive impact of your life. May your soul rest in the Lord's peace. Amen.
Posted by Ayo Amao on April 29, 2021
Dear Dr. Obiyo,

The news of your demise was a shock to me. The good Lord will comfort the family, colleagues and friends you have left behind. You will be sorely missed. Rest in Power Boss
Posted by Gabriel Oludare on April 28, 2021
A very kind, friendly and easy going fellow. You made a very good impression of yourself to all. You took things easy and you proved yourself over and again in your career. Adieu Dr. Obiyo Nwaiwu. Rest in Peace.
Posted by Ogechi Abazie on April 27, 2021
You always call me my sister. This is very sad. May your gentle soul rest in peace.
from Nursing Science Department CMUL
Posted by rachel hinder on April 26, 2021
Dear Obiyo
We had the chance to work together a long time ago, and I can only remember about your smile, your kindness! A true ray of sunshine brought to Earth... so sad you left us too early!
Rest In Peace, you will be missed!
Posted by Hansruedi Keller on April 25, 2021
Dear Obiyo: thank you for being a wonderful person and great professional. I will always remember you. Silent regards, Hans
Posted by Nadia Elmasry on April 25, 2021
Dearest Obiyo, it is so hard to imagine your passing so young, so full of hope for the future. To me you will always be a gentle giant, a true gentleman whose warmth, humour and kindness left such a wonderful impression on me and all those who had the privilege of meeting you. I am honoured to have been your colleague for many years, always learning from your vast experience and knowledge since the time I first joined the Novartis Malaria Initiatives and during our years as part of the Sub-Saharan Africa team. I offer my sincerest condolences to your family at this very difficult time. Rest in Peace my friend, your memory will be held dear by me and many others around the globe.
Posted by Benita Shodunke on April 23, 2021
Hmmm..words fail me. Still shocked. The news of your passing hurts Doc. I remember all our conversations, our jokes and I shake my head. What a world! Doc, you have ran your race and you did well. You were a very good man! May God grant you eternal rest in his blossom and may he watch over the family you left behind.
Posted by Fidelia Ibeh on April 23, 2021
It is indeed sad to lose such a rare Gem. Dr. Obiyo was a good man. The glass was always half-full; he had a way of seeing the bright side of challenging situations.

He will be missed!

May God strengthen his family as they go through this challenging time.
Posted by Olukayode Obagbemi on April 23, 2021

I am writing this mail with so much pain in my heart. I will never forget how your words encouragement helped me in the early days of my career, when I wanted to quit working in a multinational environment.
Your intelligence, dedication and sense of humor is second to none. One of my key learnings from you was how to make light of situations, especially challenging situations. You are a good man with a good heart. In the midst of my mourning and pain, I take solace in the fact that you have gone to rest in the bosom of your Lord. In this fallen world, we know God always bring about His good purposes even from the most challenging and painful situations of Life.
Till we meet to part no more, Rest on Dr Obiyo
Posted by Anne Marrast on April 22, 2021
Dear Obiyo, it has been a great honor having the chance to get to know you , learn from you and work with you to help fighting malaria - I will always remember our cruise on lake Luzern on a beautiful spring end of day - a very special moment ! keep smiling for us and with us - rest in peace
Posted by Monica Agu on April 21, 2021
What a loss at such an age! It’s hard to believe that Dr. Obiyo is gone. Such a jolly good fellow! May God grant him eternal rest and to the family fortitude to bear the loss. Rest in perfect peace Dr. Obiyo!
Posted by Innocent Ikpah on April 21, 2021
The news of your demise came as a shock to me today. you have being a teacher and your great sense of humour and friendliness is something I can not forget in a hurry. You have impacted many lives and I believe you still live on. Rest in peace Dr Obiyo till with meet again.
Posted by Stefaan Vandewalle on April 21, 2021
Yes dear vera.
We live a sad moment now that this man has suddenly passed away.
I say thank you Obiyo for all what you did for your colleugues.
A warm great human being has left us far too early.
Posted by Kenneth Okoye on April 21, 2021
Obiyo was indeed a wonderful friend and very passionate about his Job
He will surely be missed. We talked frequently but little did i know he was moving on. What a Life. My brother Adieu.
Ken Okoye
Posted by Ken Agbim on April 21, 2021
I received the news of Dr Obiyo's passage to glory with shock and deep regret . I didnt get to speak to him after inquiring about him few weeks back.
I wish I hard called him.
Obiyo was a jolly good fellow who made my few tortures month in Norvatis Pharm. bearable with his reassurances and calming words .
His is very slow to anger and always smiling
He will be dearly missed
Posted by Vera Nwanze on April 21, 2021

It has been difficult for me to comprehend the fact that you are gone from this earth with the news of your death.
I have been battling to swallow this very bitter pill for days now. I feel confused at times and just uncontrollably weeping.

OBIYO, we met by chance at work but later developed a strong relationship as colleagues on same level and even when I was elevated to be your boss, you gave me an unquestionable support and loyalty. After you left Novartis, you still maintained the friendship. It was thus a great shock for me to hear of your demise barely 5 days after we spoke and you promised to come pay me a visit .

Dear Obiyo, you had such a loving heart, ever jovial and supportive. A great friend , brother , father and husband . May the angels of God receive your soul and grant you eternal rest in Jesus name. 

Adieu, my brother and friend. Rest In Peace.

Vera Nwanze

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Posted by Olukayode Obagbemi on April 10, 2022
Blessed is the memory of the righteous.
Posted by iyke ukabiala on June 10, 2021
Posted by Ebere Achigbu on May 22, 2021
Hmmmm. So this is it. Chief Nwaiwu is gone. Its hard to believe because all I see is Dr. Nwaiwu in front of pharmacology building in UNTH laughing heartily. A good man with a kind heart. A friend .
May his soul rest in peace.
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Goodbye My Friend

Shared by Kenneth Okoye on April 21, 2021
So difficult to write this about you. I had a great fun filled time working with you. Difficult to stop thinking about your sense of humour and brilliance
You are a dependable friend and always ready to profer solutions 
I remember those times we shared together at Malaria initiative with Dr Nathan of Kenya
Your tireless efforts on Coartem clinical trials all around Africa is worthy of Mention
May your soul rest in perfect peace
Ken Okoye