Her Life


Mrs Abigail Oluwawemimo Odina (Née Akinseye) was born on May 15, 1944 into the family of Pa Akindugbagbe Cornelius Akinseye and Elizabeth Adeyala Akinseye at Ile-oluji in Ondo. She was the Last among 5 children of the Akinseyes’.
She attended St. Primary Schools and Secondary school.
Her passion for Fashion made her enroll for the fashion training with SINGER FASHION DESIGNERS LIMITED which she graduated and became a professional Fashion Designer for over many years
She’s married to Mr Samuel Oloruntoye Odina in 1978. The marriage was blessed with Six children. She is an excellent wife, mother, and daughter. She has always been a simple person, very nice and compassionate. she loves people and they love her.
In the midst of all her hard work she never forgot her number top priorities which is God and family. She was a devout member of the Celestial Church of Christ  family and raised her family with her religious morals. She was always involved in prayer groups, Good women forum, as well as Councilors’ department.
Mrs Abigail Oluwawemimo Odina lost her beloved husband on the 30th of March, 2002. In the middle of the storms she has been so prayerful, and took care of the family and to God be the glory she never lost any of the children she had for her husband till she passed on to glory.
On top of raising her own children, she has been considered to be a second mother to many people.  She never refused her home to anyone, and she loved family gatherings, reunions, cooking, dancing, and enjoying every second of her life and never compromise her roots.  She never forgot that she came from a well reckoned family, which made her the most modest, humble, and gracious woman.  She always made a point to give back to her family and everyone around her. She not only gave back monetarily, she gave back love with seldom visits, words of wisdom and advice, and her warm loving smile.
Everybody loves her because she knows how to love. Everyone cares for her, because she knows how to take care in return. She had faced all of the struggles in life, and fought for her principles. She was always a dreamer and never gave up on her hopes, dreams and goals.  She lived her life to the fullest with no regrets, and full of love.  She will be missed but never forgotten.