Let the memory of the Gentleman, Ogbueshi H.E. Okonkwo be with us forever
  • 69 years old
  • Born on August 27, 1937 .
  • Passed away on March 16, 2007 .

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Ogbueshi Henry Okonkwo, 69, born on August 27, 1937 and passed away at Asaba on March 16, 2007. We will remember him forever.

Posted by Fabian Ajogwu on 17th March 2019
12 years have gone by, yet you remain fresh in our minds. Memories of a good and caring father and a gentleman to the core. We pray that you continue to rest in the Lord and that your legacy shines on.
Posted by Phyllis Okonkwo on 16th March 2019
Henry, I am so grateful to God to celebrate your 12th year today, March 16 2019. The number 12 is considered symbolic in the heavenly realms. There are 12 Stars round The Virgin Mary's Crown. The Tribes of Israel, God's Holy Land are 12. The number of Disciples of Jesus are also 12, etc. This makes today a special memorial anniversary. Yet it looks like yesterday. I have a framed photo of you I placed on the piano, just for decoration. After playing some tunes and am about to stand and go, I notice your eyes looking at me and smiling, that same wry smile of yours. Funny enough I often find myself smiling back, involuntarily. Quite consoling and making me feel you have not really gone so faraway! Nevertheless, I know you are not on Planet Earth, but in Heaven with God. May your Soul continue to rest in peace, in Jesus Name. AMEN.
Posted by Valerie Onianwa on 16th March 2019
Dear Dad, it’s been 12 years since you left us but your memory lives on forever in our hearts. We love and miss you so much but find solace in knowing that you are resting in the bosom of the Lord. May your soul continue to Rest In Peace. Amen
Posted by Therese Nweke on 1st September 2018
With each passing year as we move closer to you, Henry, our feelings are mixed. Regret that you are in a realm that does not permit you to see and communicate with your kind, thoughtful and faithful children, grandchildren, in-laws, and above all Phyllis, your soul-mate. You cannot know how they are coping here despite the large vacuum created by your departure. You would have been 81 years old today if you had been still here with us; so premature to us was your demise. But God knows best. He gives and He takes, blessed is His name. Who are we to question His divine will? He is God and the Creator - the beginning and end of all things. But Henry, we are moving closer to meeting you, no longer that farther away as when you left us. This is our consolation and hope. We will all meet one day to a glorious and happy reunion. We thank God for your life, and all that it represents to your family, and people like us who will always be your friends. Sam & Thérèse Nweke
Posted by Fabian Ajogwu on 28th August 2018
It is 11 years since you left us. We know you are with the Lord. We remember you on this day as your birthday and celebrate you and your legacies, one of who is my loveky wife.
Posted by Phyllis Okonkwo on 27th August 2018
TODAY, AUGUST 27, I CELEBRATE YOUR LIFE!!! You would have been 81 years today, but since you still live on in my heart, L am wishing you a PEACEFUL BIRTHDAY. May you continue to sleep peacefully in God's Presence. Amen.
Posted by Therese Nweke on 17th March 2018
Dear Henry - today and always we remember you; your smile, your wit, your sharp intelligence, wry humour, your keen sense of right and wrong - and above all your devotion to Phyllis and your beautiful, talented and loving children. You shall never be forgotten as long as we live. Sam & Thérèse Nweke
Posted by Phyllis Okonkwo on 16th March 2018
My Darling Henry, Today is the 11th year since you departed this World and it still looks like yesterday. I still feel your presence, inevitably and sometimes smile back at your smiling photos around the house. It is clear there will always be a place for you in my heart. That axiom cannot begin to change now. In life Love, Music, Art, Loss and Religion can change one. The first three govern the passion and we embraced it fully, together. God in Religion intervenes in times of a great loss of a dear one like you. For His beloved children, God presents Himself as the great Comforter and sends immediate help, in an amazing way. He takes away fears. He renews a bold and the right spirit in me. Yet it is not easy. I continue to wade through the great challenges posed by the vacuum created by your great Loss. I thank God for our Three beautiful daughters, who are ever happy for the values you imbibed in them, with their cute husbands that God blessed us with and also the Nine adorable Grandchildren, three from each daughter. Possibly you are having a clearer view of them from where you are and joining me to call on the Almighty Father always, to continue to pour abundant blessings, long healthy life and peace on all of them. Possibly too, you must have observed with pride, how pious I have been since you departed. God has been protecting me, fighting for me, healing me and providing for me. His mighty Grace has been on me and I pray He abides with all of us for a long time, in Jesus Name. May the Good Lord continue to abide with you, with the hope of our meeting in eternity someday. Amen.
Posted by Therese Nweke on 20th March 2017
A decade has passed all too swiftly, but because of whom he was and still is to us, we celebrate the life and passing of Henry Okonkwo today. I loved his wit, VAST intelligence, confidence and joie vivre. And, he was so handsome. Nigerians would say: 'fine". His was a good and useful life enriched by a loving, dutiful, kind wife and children. Henry! You continue to live in our hearts and minds.
Posted by Diana Emeh on 18th March 2017
My dear @Phyllis, I am here to stand with you on the remembrance and memory of your beloved husband, Ogbueshi Henry Edozie Okonkwo . Our beloved ones are forever in our hearts, so they are never far away from us. As morning dew gently sprinkles and waters mother earth, so does time sprinkle water on our hearts to keep the memory of our dearly beloved ones. Blessed Memory of your husband, my lovely @Phyllis.
Posted by Ifeanyi Wogu on 18th March 2017
'Uncle', you were a favourite in my household... we still talk about how we thought your black Mercedes was so sleek... and you were a true aristocrat. You were like a father to our mummy because all our holidays were spent with you. A man with a big heart, soft laughter and firm belief. We miss you dearly.
Posted by Valerie Onianwa on 17th March 2017
Dearest Dad, I can't believe it's been a decade since you left us. We miss you everyday....your loving support and guidance cannot be replaced. May your gentle soul continue to rest in peace. Amen
Posted by Nina Wogu on 17th March 2017
It's been 10years, and I remember you so vividly... Your contagious laughter. I remember the last time you visited Portharcourt... You suddenly wanted to take a walk... You asked me to walk with you. I remember that walk... few words, but I was always so thrilled to be around you... You were our super cool Daddy. Your legacy certainly lives on... You are forever in my heart.
Posted by Audrey Ajogwu on 16th March 2017
Miss you loads daddy. It's been 10years since you left. Miss you...
Posted by Fabian Ajogwu on 16th March 2017
To the memory of a wonderful father-in-law. A good man, a fine man, with the finesse of the Victorian age, a good father and disciplinarian. You raised good children (including my good wife) and gave me words of wisdom and golden advice. As we mark the 10th anniversary of your demise from this world, we continue to hold you in our minds and pray God to continue to hold you in His bosom. May you rest in peace.
Posted by Phyllis Okonkwo on 16th March 2017
Today is exactly one decade, that I last saw you, physically, yet it looks like yesterday. Many things around, remind me of you and I often play piano tunes of several songs, we both used to dance and listen to, together. I hardly remember any dull or sad moments, besides the day you set off on this eternal journey. All be it, I thank God for His protection and continued loving kindness and blessings,with which He has satisfied our family. Possibly, you would be observing everything and glorifying the Almighty Father, in spirit. I pray that God sanctifies you and make you worthy to dwell in His Eternal Presence, through Jesus Christ, our Divine Intercessor. Amen.
Posted by Valerie Onianwa on 27th August 2016
Remembering you on your Birthday Dad, may your gentle soul continue to rest in peace. We love and miss you always.
Posted by Therese Nweke on 20th March 2016
The passing years have not removed you from memory and affection. We remember you and the wonderful times we used to share with you and your dear wife, Phyllis. While those days can never return, we cherish them as priceless gifts that only true friendship brings. One day, one day, Henry, we shall all meet again, in an Eternity, where neither separation nor death exist ... only togetherness with our Creator. (Sam and Therese Nweke)
Posted by Phyllis Okonkwo on 8th April 2015
My beloved Henry, as the River ever flows, so Time runs on. Unbelievably, another anniversary has rolled by on the 16th of March, 2015, making it the eighth since you departed. Yet it looks just like yesterday. The memory of the entire events of our lives together is still very vivid. Looks you have not gone too far, because ever so often, there is always something that attracts my attention to your presence. Often too, the reality overwhelms me and I would realize I have forever missed my soulmate, a good man, so rare to come by. May your soul rest in our Lord's Peace.
Posted by Therese Nweke on 18th March 2015
"Life's but a walking shadow; a poor player, That struts and frets his hour upon the stage, And then is heard no more: it is a tale Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing". (Macbeth - Act 5, Scene 5, 24-28) Henry, our thoughts are on you, particularly today, eight long years after you left us. What is life? What is death? Mere transitions! Yes, the higher lies above. Remembered especially today, 16th March, 2015, by your friends: Sam & Therese Nweke
Posted by Audrey Ajogwu on 16th March 2015
Dear Daddy. It's been 8 years since your passing. I just want to say that I cherish every moment of the life you spent with us. We love you. Keep resting in The Lord's bossom.
Posted by Fabian Ajogwu on 16th March 2015
Today marks 8 years since we got that sharp and piercing news of your passing away. As we mark another memorial of your time and life in this world, we are comforted knowing that you are in a better place - with your Creator, God Almighty. Those you left behind have stayed together, prayed together and strived (and continue to strive) to carry on with the legacy - the legacy of a good name and right values. May your soul rest in the Lord's peace.
Posted by Fabian Ajogwu on 16th March 2015
To a true gentleman and good father-in-law, We pray on this day as we remember you. May you continue to enjoy the peace of eternal life
Posted by Valerie Onianwa on 16th March 2015
Dearest Daddy, so hard to believe you've been gone for 8 years. It still hurts badly that you're not here with us but God knows best. Continue to rest peacefully in the bosom of the Lord. We miss you and Medua dearly. Lots of love always.
Posted by Stella Wogu on 23rd January 2015
Brother, as I so fondly called you... You were more than a brother to me, you became a father figure. With love, you accepted me into your family.... Great men are indeed rare. We miss you so much, and we know u are in a better place. Those of us you left behind will ensure your Legacy continues to burn-on strongly.... As you continue to rest in perfect peace... Love, Nene.
Posted by Nina Esimogu on 23rd January 2015
Tears filled my eyes as I saw this.... I remember how you would let me watch tv in your room and chatter away.... Still, you patiently answered all my childish inquiries. Your home was my second home growing up, and you always received us with open arms... I remember ur sense of humOur, your contagious yet soft laugh... Oh, how you are missed, it's been almost 8 years, but ur kindness can never be forgotten. Continue to rest in peace dear uncle.... Love, Nina.
Posted by Therese Nweke on 17th January 2015
REMEMBERING HENRY: AN UNFORGETTABLE FRIEND All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players: They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts, His acts being seven ages . . . These are the words of the most internationally acclaimed writer in the English language, William Shakespeare. They ring true today about us all, as they did more than four centuries ago. Ogbueshi Henry Edozie Okonkwo made his entrance on this world's stage, and in due course made his exit. As Shakespeare reminds us, he played many parts - son, husband, father, grandfather, in-law, relative, friend, businessman, employer - the list is truly endless. However, it is in his capacity as a friend of my family that I wish to re-enact my memories of him. My earliest memory of Henry is that of a devoted, caring and supportive husband to my dearest friend, Phyllis, and a thoughtful, but watchful and responsive father to their children, Edo, Medua, Ifeoma, Chinwe and Kayo. We were all very young then in the 1970s. And Lagos was a good place to be in! Henry, Phyllis, my husband, Sam, and I, used to attend parties and various social events as a foursome. We visited each other's homes, and my children saw the home of the Okonkwos, with rare, lush plants and beautifully appointed rooms, as their second home. Henry, in his long Citroen, the latest edition of the car (tokunbos were unknown then) was elegance personified. I can still "see" him at one of the many diplomatic gigs we attended in Old Ikoyi and Victoria Island, before these suburbs were permanently despoiled by commerce and the ubiquitous high-rise. Drink in hand, feet tapping to calypso or steel band rhythms at one of Ambassador Patrick Edwards's famous parties, before he took to the floor - that's how I like to remember Henry. Slim and debonair from head to toe, Henry Okonkwo was never one to put a wrong foot forward. Witty, and at times cynical, with a caustic tongue when provoked, Henry was a well informed and rounded individual. He could hold his own anywhere, and needed no Ph.D or a string of academic certificates to validate his intellectual acumen. His views on politics, religion, economics and business were objective, robust and clearly emanated from careful observation and thought. In some respects, Henry Okonkwo was unashamedly conservative, but in others he was ahead of his time. He encouraged his wife to exploit her talents to the fullest and ensured she used her many scholarships to study abroad and score high in her discipline. One of the most refreshing aspects of Henry was that he knew whom he was through and through. He was not given to unnecessary airs and graces, even when he had made money and was quietly successful. He was kind, unaffected and genuine; and was impatient with those who were not. My husband and I respected him for all this and always treasured his advice. There was a time we lost touch, as chronic ill-health forced me to be away from Nigeria. Henry's death on 16th March, 2007 met me travelling from Chicago to Central America. Much, much later, it all came to me as an unwelcome shock. I kept on saying in my mind: No! No! No! Not Phyllis's Henry, tall, handsome Henry; at times diffident, yet sure of himself! Now I know for a fact that Henry Edozie Okonkwo of Asaba is indeed gone ahead of us all. Still, the space in our lives that he filled will forever remain his alone, untouched and unscarred by the ravages of either age or time. Requiescat in pace. THERESE NWEKE
Posted by Valerie Onianwa on 17th March 2014
Dearest Dad, you've been gone 7 years today and we miss you dearly. You're forever in our hearts. May your soul continue to rest in perfect peace. Amen
Posted by Phyllis Okonkwo on 17th March 2014
Henry, my darling, another year has rolled by making it exactly seven years since I last saw you. All this while, hardly a day passed without something reminding me of you. You are forever present in my heart. Moreso, each time I play on the piano, some old tunes we enjoyed together, your portrait I had placed on the piano seem to be looking at me and smiling. - so consoling.. I cant stop lovivg you, the most handsome and refined gentleman in the whole wide world. May the Divine Favour of God continue to sanctify you. Amen.
Posted by Vanessa Nzenwa on 17th March 2014
To the memory of Grandpa- It has been 7 years since your passing and I miss you so much. I hope your soul continues to rest in perfect peace Your grandson, Nonso
Posted by Vanessa Nzenwa on 17th March 2014
Dearest Grandpa, I was only five when you passed on. Your in a better place, resting in perfect peace with the Lord. You will forever remain in my heart. Love you always. Didi
Posted by Vanessa Nzenwa on 17th March 2014
My dearest sweet daddy, 7 years has gone by now when I last saw you, but I will never forget you. You will always be in my heart. My angel, my guardian, my confidant. I remember you in my lonely moments and cry for the loss of a wonderful father, who worked hard to ensure his kids had the best. I know you are in a better place now dad, but it still will not stop we who you left behind from missing you terribly. Love you always. Kayo
Posted by Fabian Ajogwu on 16th March 2014
To the memory of Ogbueshi Henry Okonkwo - as we remember you today with prayers and thanksgiving for the life you spent here on earth, we know by faith that you are in a good place with the Lord. We continue to treasure the time you spent with us. may you rest in the the Lord's peace.
Posted by Audrey Ajogwu on 16th March 2014
Daddy. Today was quite amazing as a whole load of wisdom and maturity came over me. I felt you spoke to me. Miss you much. Keep resting in The Lord's bosom. Amen.
Posted by Phyllis Okonkwo on 26th August 2013
......in a loud familer sound and with visual aids that I believed saved lives at different times. Seems your selfless love for humanity îs preserved peacefully. For sure, I can't stop living in memory of the quality time we both had.
Posted by Phyllis Okonkwo on 26th August 2013
I believe the Eternal Favour of God has sanctified you whilst you rest, making you remain very alive in my memory. I am ever conscious of your radiating eyes, often stopping me from making wrong moves. Miraculously, on a few occasions, in visions or in shallow dreams, God had allowed you, obviously, in times of emergency,to hurry down, in spirit, to leave instructions...
Posted by Audrey Ajogwu on 22nd August 2013
Dear Daddy. I miss you so much. I miss all that you stand for. Truly wish you were here with us. You will indeed forever be missed.Keep resting in the Lord's Bosom.
Posted by Fabian Ajogwu on 8th August 2013
You poured out your love on us like a good father would. We miss your stories, your advice, your profound sense of dressing, your finesse. We will always treasure the time you spent with us. May you rest in the Lord's peace.
Posted by Valerie Onianwa on 8th August 2013
Dearest Dad, even though you're gone, you're always in my heart and I cherish the fond memories you left behind. I miss you so much and pray that your soul is resting peacefully in the bosom of the Lord. Amen.

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