Death is more universal than life;
everyone dies, but not everyone lives.
  • 60 years old
  • Born on October 7, 1957 in Enugu, Nigeria.
  • Passed away on July 17, 2018 in Lagos, Nigeria.

Ogugua Chioke was known to many people and by many names but to his immediate family he was a loving husband, a doting father and a caring brother. Ogugua was an oratorically gifted man who, in his impeccably attired style, left a lasting impact on everyone he met. His jovial, effervescent exuberance filled every room he entered and he never failed to impart some wisdom or advise at any encounter.

Ogugua is survived by his wife Modesta, his five children, three sisters, two brothers, two sisters-in-law, two brothers-in-law, one father-in-law, numerous cousins, nephews, nieces, uncles, aunties and many deep friendships, colleagues, acquaintances and relationships.

He was a devout Catholic who put God first in everything that he did. His sudden and untimely death is a shock to everyone. But he continues to live in our hearts and the memory of his generous spirit gives us the strength to deal with the colossal loss of such a unique individual. 

Posted by Gerry Otiji on 8th October 2018
My main, Don Sheno; Happy post humors birthday. You are forever in our hearts. Continue to rest in Peace with the Lord. Your memory lives forever. Onwa Umumba
Posted by Chidi Mike-Eneh on 7th October 2018
Happy post-humous birthday Uncle ....we miss you dearly!
Posted by Tobechukwu Okigbo on 7th October 2018
Today my Oga Chi would have been 61. God keep you Boss. I miss your counsel.
Posted by Anthonia Iyiagu-Okpoko on 24th August 2018
Austin Chioke I can't believe that you are gone. Life is not guaranteed ooo. May your gentle sweet soul rest in peace. I have known you as a kid from St Patrick's Ogbete, Enugu. Last I saw in person was when we ran into each other in 1992 at Victoria Island, when I was about travelling to the USA. You spoke kind words to me as a big brother I always see as. Connected again in FB few years ago. I never know I will never ever see you again in life. This is hard, sad truth we have to deal with. I pray that the Good God will console your entire family especially your loving wife and beautiful children. The world has lost a good man in all ramifications. Rest in Peace. May the perpetual light shine on you and may your soul rest in perfect peace, Amen.
Posted by Sonny Nwokoro on 10th August 2018
Only read about your passing today in the Punch of 10th August . I had encountered you in those early days of GSM , when you were with Econet and your imposing stature will bestride those conferences we attend from time to time . You were gentle, sharp, and always had a mastery of whatever topic that was being considered from time to time . May your soul RIP , you will surely be missed .
Posted by OGUGUA CHIOKE on 7th August 2018
Very sad news. A really great guy. Havent seen him in a couple of years now but have memories of him full of laughter and great words. R.I.P. Nwanem Valentine Anozie, former colleague​ at Vmobile.
Posted by OGUGUA CHIOKE on 7th August 2018
Great loss of a dear friend and big brother. The great Oga Chi RIP. Godfrey Efeurhobo, former colleague at Econet.
Posted by OGUGUA CHIOKE on 7th August 2018
Very Sad News. May light perpetual continue to shine on the departed soul. Gbenga Adebayo, president, Association of Licensed Telecommunications Operators of Nigeria (ALTON).
Posted by OGUGUA CHIOKE on 7th August 2018
So shocking .So hard to believe. May his soul rest in peace and may God console his family and all of us. Dr Steven Andzenge, former Director Legal Services at the NCC.
Posted by OGUGUA CHIOKE on 7th August 2018
Such sad news! May Chioke's gentle soul rest in perfect peace. I also pray God Almighty should console his dear family. Shola Adeyemi, interacted with him from the NCC and Glo.
Posted by OGUGUA CHIOKE on 7th August 2018
May His soul rest in peace... Oga Chi was a great guy... kind, generous, charismatic and always willing to give guidance.... never a dull moment. The Heavens have gained and Angel... A good man..... Yvonne Onobode, former colleague at Econet.
Posted by OGUGUA CHIOKE on 7th August 2018
O my God ! We were at Tony Idigbes daughter's wedding last Saturday.He attended with one of his daughters. May his Soul rest in perfect peace Abhulime Ehiagwina, former colleague at Vmobile.
Posted by OGUGUA CHIOKE on 7th August 2018
All who live wish they have someone like you who is loyal to friendship unto death. Will miss Chioke and pray his gentle soul Rest In Peace. He was a fellow parishioner at Divine Mercy in Lekki. God bless. From Uche Ojo, former colleague at Econet.
Posted by OGUGUA CHIOKE on 7th August 2018
So sad!. May Chioke's soul rest in peace and may God grant the family the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss. Lucas Dada, former colleague​ at Vmobile.
Posted by OGUGUA CHIOKE on 7th August 2018
I felt compelled to share my deep personal agony & sense of loss on Ogugua’s sudden passage. Indeed he called me on Monday evening at 6.29pm after more than a year that we spoke last (we spoke for 5mins) & after the usual banters we agreed to have a meeting in my office the next day, Tuesday at 6pm. As a matter of fact I was actually waiting for him on Tuesday till I left my office at past 8pm but only to be informed via SMS on my way home not quite 5mins after that he slumped & passed on at the bank earlier on in the afternoon. What a painful loss? May his soul find repose in The Lord’s bosom & the Almighty grant his family the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss. Ayo Gbeleyi, former colleague at Econet.
Posted by OGUGUA CHIOKE on 7th August 2018
Am so sad & sorry to hear of Chioke’s passage. Rather shocking & sudden. May he rest well. Paul Usoro, SAN, member, board of directors of Econet
Posted by OGUGUA CHIOKE on 7th August 2018
Ogbuefi as I always call him was a great guy. President of my AMP class and a very active member...May we and his family be consoled on this painful loss... Dapo Olasope, former college at Vmobile.
Posted by OGUGUA CHIOKE on 7th August 2018
I have been literally speechless since the death of Oga Chioke. I still can't believe we are referring to him in the past tense, considering that I had several conversations with him on that fateful day. I assure you all, it was a normal, ordinary and typical business day for him. Too sudden, too sad. May his gentle soul rest in peace with Jesus. Amen. From Otu Etuk, his former colleague at Econet.
Posted by OGUGUA CHIOKE on 7th August 2018
I recall when I joined Econet, as soon as Oga Chi and I met we hit it off, I guess because we both had the gift of "saying it as it is"
Posted by OGUGUA CHIOKE on 7th August 2018
One of the many incidents that I recall and hailed Chioke for was the time we had a case of hit and run and police seized our company car. Liz and you, Otu, and I were asked to go the police station to free our detained car and discussions on possible disciple of the staff in involved as she threw an object at the hit and run driver. We got to the station helpless as our staff was behind the counter and police obviously enraged at us, telling us off that we think as a big company we can get away with bad behaviour. Chioke arrived later as backup to join our helpless team in his jeep, stepped out, beckoned on the police officers, and asked them to walk around both vehicles a couple of times. First they walked around in silence then he started pointing out the point of contact and asked which driver was at fault. After they established it was clearly not our driver. Then he proceeded to praise the effort of our vulnerable staff who in desperation to stop the offender from fleeing and outright show of her commitment to protect company property in her care was left with no option but to throw an object in an attempt to stop the offender. At the end of his judgement, we were all held spell bound while he narrated him findings. The police men twaled for him and immediately brought our staff out with apologies...we didn't stay to find out the treatment the offender got ....trusting our Nigerian police because they changed tone immediately. The HR disciplinary plan was not spoken about and the staff instead celebrated as a hero. I have so many tributes or escapades but this stands out. He changed the tides. He will be missed. Okunri meta. Larger than life man. A friend everyone needs in your corner. Rest in peace my brother and friend. Millicent Anozie
Posted by OGUGUA CHIOKE on 7th August 2018
I have been in shock to respond all this while. Reason being when first noticed the invite I thought it was to join in celebrating some award or achievement of my brother "big man" Chioke......I said to myself I must call him....then the reality hit me. A couple of years ago I declined a very senior appointment in government offered to me. I was asked to recommend two possible replacements...I recommended Steven Adzinge and of course Big Man Chioke. That is the level of confidence I had in him. May God grant his family the strength to bear the loss. Mallam Abdulrahman Ado
Posted by OGUGUA CHIOKE on 7th August 2018
The Great Oga Chi! Astute, effervescent and generous to a fault. It has taken me a few days to write these words. On arriving at your residence that faithful day, we were confronted with an eerie silence and then after a few minutes, the enormity of all our loss became apparent. You will be sorely missed Sir. Sleep well my brother. RIP. Fela Akoni
Posted by OGUGUA CHIOKE on 7th August 2018
The news of Chioke’s passing is a shock to me personally. I saw him at Evening Mass in Divine Mercy on Thursday and we chatted a bit about work, life etc before parting and I remember promising to visit him soon. Alas it was goodbye to a worthy soul and great son of NIGERIA. I remember him fondly and may his soul Rest In Peace. Wole Abu
Posted by OGUGUA CHIOKE on 7th August 2018
A stentorian voice has been silenced. A voice for justice and moral rectitude. Proud of his origins, who embraced the future with unequaled vision. Indeed, an Iroko has fallen. JP Snijders
Posted by Nwabu' Okoye on 5th August 2018
From Nwabu’ Austine, Okoye Your death leaves me in profound dilemma, to address you in the past tense, the continuous or in the present? Directly or indirectly? I chose the present and the direct; for your presence, carriage, insights, kindness and family endures and it is difficult to contemplate that you are no more – candle – like in the wind. You were my senior in secondary school, university and at the Bar, but you related to me, practically as one in those and with so much warmth and interest, the few times in long whiles, that we will meet or talk. And those your anecdotes? Those are for the present too! My heartfelt condolence goes to your lovely wife, wonderful children, larger family, friends and associate! You are missed. Have eternal rest.
Posted by Yvonne Onobode on 3rd August 2018
Oga Chi as most of us called him was truly a great man..He had a welcoming heart and time for everyone..he was there to give guidance and direction. Often he would call you to order but do so with love and kindness. He will truly be missed but his legacy lives on. REST IN PEACE OGA CHI!
Posted by Damian Udeh on 31st July 2018
He was my big brother. I called him Ochiagha of Enugu, the Governor in waiting. He embodied hard work and industry, empathy, leadership, mentorship, a spirit that never gives up nor accepts No for an answer. With his bow tie and corporate outfits he always looked quintessential and monarchical. Solution finder. Held his family so dear to his heart. Always had a smile on his lips. Father of the Nigerian Telecom Regulatory environment, Go in peace
Posted by Tobe Nkem Okigbo on 31st July 2018
My Oga! My friend!!! My brother is gone to be with the Lord. When I heard, my breath left me. In the open office, I wept like a child. My colleagues were shocked. They commiserated but did not understand my loss. In my pain, yes in my selfish pain, I thought of his family. My heart broke for them. The most vital person I know. The ultimate Iroko had fallen. How do you reconcile that? For immediate family; how are they feeling when my pain is so much? I look to a future without Oga Chi’s counsel and it is bleak. Who will guide me? Who will present the alternative view point to my madness? I have lost my keel, my guide in times of doubt. I have lost my Oga Chi. Modesta, Junior et al: if my pain is so sharp I shudder at yours. God in whom we trust; Christ whom he worshipped, will grant you the strength to bear this. Forgive me for my selfishness. Your grief is more. Your loss, profound. My heart is with you. Your pain, mine. God keep you. His Love sustain you; now and forever.
Posted by Ziezix Chidi on 31st July 2018
Ezigbo Nwanne m Ogugua, Speech cannot contain my love and pain. There was, there is, no gentler, stronger, manlier man. How does one begin to contemplate your name in a dirge? How come this swansong at the very cusp of your life’s trajectory? How indeed is the colour of eclipse at noonday? Your untimely departure is a brutal blow we are all yet to come to terms with. You have thrown a whole lot of us into untold agony, tears, pain and gloom. You have created a vacuum that may take our family a very long time to fill. Your exit is a challenge very difficult for us to handle. You were diligent, visionary, pragmatic, wise, mature and brotherly. Your demise is difficult to accept, yet very true; very difficult to understand, yet very real. Your memories are now the only things we hold on to, firmly. They come to mind time and again, reminding us of your good deeds, your care and concern towards us and to all. They remind us of the transience of life, of our own inevitable mortality, and of the need to continue to touch the world positively, just like you did. In my sojourn in life, so far, I must confess that writing this tribute about you my person, brother, cousin and friend, on behalf of my family, is the toughest job I have had to do. No one could have contemplated this. Life has happened too soon, yet we must continue to live. Faith allows us to grieve, but we must not grieve like those who have no hope. Leader, Nwokeoma, thank you for being more than a brother. Thank you for being a confidant and a friend. Thank you for always been there for me. The pain that we all feel is indeed crushing. For me, personally, it is simply devastating. But we take solace in the fact that you have gone to be with the Father, your Creator, who loves you the most. Bro, you meant different things to many different people. The accolades you have received these past few days show that you were indeed a great man. Some people have described you as a hallmark of integrity and honor, while yet others have described you as an embodiment of goodness. I describe you as a quintessential gentleman. As the years roll by, and days turn to nights and depart, your memory shall grow even greener in our hearts. We shall be consoled, knowing that you have translated to higher realms, beyond the mundane glories of our present dimension and state. We shall continue to re-echo, with joy in our hearts, the fact that you have now joined the chorus of the saints, above. Good Night, my mentor, benefactor, friend and leader. OKOLI Chidi
Posted by Ifeanyi Jideonwu on 30th July 2018
It came to me as a shock to hear of your passing.How would I have believed that the last time we would see was when you came to pay me a condolence visit over my husbands passing.LIFE!! I am rest assured that God called you and you had to answer the call. I know that the God we serve will not give Modesta and your lovely children a burden they cannot carry.May God give your wife and children the fortitude to bear your loss.May your gentle Soul rest in perfect peace.Amen
Posted by Stephen Dike on 29th July 2018
Ogugua, What we can do is to live out our lives as best we can with purpose, love, and joy. We can use each day to show others how much we care about them, and treat them with the kindness and respect that we wish for ourselves. We can learn from our mistakes and grow from our failures. We can strive at all costs to leave the world better and richer than we inherited it, so that someday, if we are blessed with the chance to look back on our time, we know that we spent it well; that we made a difference; that our fleeting presence had a lasting impact on the lives of others. This, Ogugua my friend, is your legacy. Thank you for the father's day gift. I would not have opened it if I knew it was your parting gift. I am honored and privileged to be your friend.
Posted by Chukwuani Ndubisi Gabriel... on 29th July 2018
Uncle Chioke, as I fondly call u, am Short of words, may your gentle soul rest in perfect peace. Amen
Posted by Patricia Duru on 27th July 2018
Mr. Chioke,that is how we at ICN called you. My first encounter with you was in a meeting on my very first day at ICN and it left me with no doubt that were a notable personality in the Nigerian Telecom industry. You were like a father to many in the industry and it will indeed take a while for many of us to come to terms with the reality of your demise. May your legacy live on. I pray that the good Lord will give your family and loved ones the fortitude to bear this great loss. Eternal rest grant unto him, O Lord; and let perpetual light shine upon him. May the soul of Mr. Ogugua Chioke and the souls of all the faithful departed through the mercy of God ,Rest In Peace.
Posted by Ebuka Chioke on 26th July 2018
My dearest we both attended that wedding on Saturday, little did I know that event would become a memory I would cherish forever. I love you and I miss you. I can’t understand why you’ve left us but God Almighty knows best and would never do this to punish us for all our family has ever done is love and serve Him. Sometimes that Tuesday seems like a bad dream, then I wake up and the first picture I remember is your body lying in that hospital bed. I also remember how before I let them put you in the body bag, I insisted I must kiss you. That kiss wasn’t a sad goodbye but a reminder that we’ll meet again when God decides. And one more thing... Nwachinemelu, after all my uncertainty about studying law, just know I finally decided and you’ll be so proud, as you watch from Heaven, your little Bubu become a lawyer and continue the legacy you left behind. Daddy, you were blessed with a beautiful life and I’m so happy cuz I know you’re resting in eternal peace. Te amo ❤️❤️
Posted by Chike Onyia on 26th July 2018
Chief Chioke!!! My Mentor... My friend ..My Big Brother. .. My goodness.. I can't believe you've gone to sleep never to wake up.. How on earth do I process this? Our days at the 12.30 mass at the Divine Mercy Catholic Church in Lekki Lagos is still very fresh in my memory. What a devoted Christian you were. who are we to question the Almighty God.. Death will remain a mystery to mankind and so shall it be till we all depart this world. The Chiokes I've known all my life because our parents were best of friends. I saw you last at my brother in laws burial. I concluded that you won't be able to make it to his burial when you called me and said you missed your flight to Enugu but you immediately got another ticket to Owerri to make sure you stood by my side. What a brother I had in you, if tears will bring you back to life. I'll cry you a river Chief Chioke!! You will be dearly missed by your friends and close family. Only God knows how your wife MD and the kids feel. May God give them the strength to bear the loss of such a great person. Am sure you're in heaven dining with Angels and Saints. Until we meet again, in my heart you'll always be. ADIEU CHIEF CHIOKE !!!
Posted by Shadrach Okonkwo on 25th July 2018
With pains in my heart, I write to commiserate with Modesta, children, brothers and sisters of our late brother Ogugua. You are a rare gem and very generous, industrious and Godfearing. Your landmark achievements shall ever remain indelible in the sand of time. Amaokpala and Obioma will miss you. I pray God to grant your family the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss. May your soul find eternal rest in the bosom of the Lord. Adieu Prince. Rev Canon Shadrach Okonkwo & family
Posted by Ibirobo Adekola on 25th July 2018
Oga Chi, words fail me now in the reality of your death. A great man, kind and compassionate friend. It was a stormy introduction in the Airtel days but I later learned I had a lifelong ally and friend. We spoke a few weeks ago and I told you I was feeling under the weather. You were so upset that I didn’t let you know earlier so you would come and see me. Classic Chioke, always caring for others. Sadly I didn’t know that these words would be the last exchanged on this side of time. Too much to say. Rest in perfect peace my good friend and brother. Heaven has gained another Angel. Sleep on beloved till we meet to part no more.
Posted by Chii Akporji on 24th July 2018
Just came across this terrible news! Whaaaat! Ogugua Chioke dead???!!! The consummate lawyer, professional par excellence and loving husband to Modesta - dead? Days with our families in Surulere, Lagos in the 90s flash through my mind! Your friendship with my late husband Alex, always jocular, teasing each other to no end but underpinned by deep brotherly love and respect! The first time you brought Modesta to our home! Our couples' date nights to Ikoyi Club! You and Modesta are my son Nnamdi's godparents!! I recall the last time I saw you physically at Loyola Jesuit College Abuja, on the occasion of the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the horrible Sosoliso plane disaster - you had said about three of your kids were students at the school. Just a few days ago I saw the entire Ogugua Chioke family in a beautiful photo - and it struck me what a beautiful family you had. was that meant to be a premonition of a horrible event?? It's not true!! Death cannot snatch a great, strong man full of life from us like that! Mba nu! Not possible!
Posted by Kenneth Ugwu on 24th July 2018
I still can't get over the shock. It's like a bad dream. We were together in Ikeja on Thursday evening, talking about things to do and meetings to hold but by Tuesday,the story changed. Oh death! We shared so much in those years of our relationship, and I learnt so much, professionally, spiritually, socially, name it. I have indeed lost a great boss, a friend, a father, a mentor, and a great motivator. Rest in peace sir.
Posted by Ify Ozoh Emelife on 24th July 2018
Agu! As you were fondly called by my husband, where have you gone to? Maduka spoke to you the Monday before you died, just to check up on you....little did we know. Fun memories we had when you came to see the kids in Loyola; memories we will cherish forever. Modesta and the kids will miss you greatly but we will be there for them as you look after them with the Angels and Saints from above. Rest on....sleep on...adieu.
Posted by Michael Ene on 24th July 2018
Rest in Peace my Prince. I could never forget the first day i ever sat down with you during my Mum visit to your family in the Village. My brief introduction and discussion nearly turned into a very Great opportunity for us. Although, it did not work out but you have always been sending mails, sms and calls; showing brotherly love; concern & good plan for someone's else future. You are indeed a very Good man and brother. You are greatly missed by many and our town Obioma as a whole. I pray God Almighty to grant your soul eternal Rest in HIS Bosom. Amen
Posted by Chidi Mike-Eneh on 24th July 2018
Uncle...when I think about you, I remember one of your favourite sayings: "Olili aburo nkafie" (meaning that there is noting wrong with a good life). Man, did you live that saying to the fullest!! I say you lived a 100 years in 60. I used to wonder how one man could have a vast knowledge of everything. It was like you were everywhere at every time. There were war stories, peace stories, feast stories and sad stories...My gosh!! But you were a generous man . I have no doubt that you will find rest in his bosom. Please drop a word on our behalf to Jesus and his mama to sustain us through this time. We will meet again. Rest in Peace
Posted by Samuel Igbokwe on 24th July 2018
Sir, You affected people of all ages, you contributed in changing lives, you shared experiences and to me, you were an experience. The exit was so abrupt: what was the urgency? Nevertheless I know by His grace, the beam in the legacy you left will continue burning. Sleep on Sir, good night Sir - adieu Ogugua and find peace with God even as you sleep.
Posted by Johnny Chukwu on 24th July 2018
Bar Ogugua Austin Chioke, Snr:, 1957 - 2018. Still so sad, so difficult to assimilate this, you can’t imagine my shock! Austin Ogugua Chioke Snr, Gbogboshe, gone so soon? Now, I can say something, it has sunk in; our dear friend, brother, husband and father is gone to become an “Angel”!!!! Ogugua worked so hard for his family, I had mentioned his name to friends at Enugu a few hours before the devastating shocker. He was there for them, I praised him for his devotion to his family, he flew Lagos - Abuja - Lagos always for his 5 brilliant children that all passed through Loyola Jesuit College, Abuja. I can’t estimate the total number years but not 5*6 years as they were in parallel and series, he was so happy and proud of them. Ike, that photograph reminds me, I think in 1990, if you can ever recall, he brought you to my apartment at Ikoyi to advise and mentor you on your way to Oxford University, UK as I had just returned from Leeds University. He was so proud of his younger brother, 1st Class, Civil Engineering from Unife then. That was him, always seeking the best for all his children, siblings and friends; that he did by giving his all with strict devotion. He played the big brother role early. I can write a book on him, though distance, commitments and struggle for survival seemed to come in. Ogugua Snr was very kind, passionate, good guy with a very good large heart but sensitive too, who carried himself with panache, sagacity, confidence and always well draped right from his University, Law School, NYSC days at the late Chief Debo Akande, SAN, Chambers where I always visited him at Western House, Broad Street. I can’t recall if we were able to afford lunches at Quo Vadis Restaurant upstairs then, Hahahaha. I was a just civil servant on GL 08, then and he an NYSC boy. As a law School Student at his Igboshere hostel I visited while he would come to visit me at my Wasimi Village, Maryland, Lagos where I squatted in 1983, later inherited. We became friends right from UNN days through a common friend, they were School mates at CIC, he would visit most times from Enugu Campus to see and “protect” his kid sisters, Ada and Peps and of course party with us too if there were “eboos” around which we might gate crash in though we risked being bounced by some friends! Sometimes, if we manage to contribute to organise our own, he would be at the gate to check intruders, he was a black belt plus did building religiously, again we figured the Nsukka boys didn’t know him but we will end up with straying poachers from UNEC who were his friends as he dared stop them as some were his CIC Old Students or his seniors at UNEC, they knew. Some of them may be shaking their heads at this amidst our collective losses, pains and grief now. did we care then, we were young boys nothing to loose! So much to remember, oh death where is thy sting, just like a candle in the wind, oh like a meteor, Austin Ogugua Chioke Snr, gone just like that?? Life and death so near, so next to each other. What can I, We say to Modester, his dear wife, and his young children. Our deepest sympathy and condolences. Ndoo nuu oooh, May the good and all knowing God, comfort, console and support you all at this trying time and always. His memories, life and legacies will comfort and guide you all, the Lord will provide the strongest strength and pillar, just keep the faith, the flag and flame he had lit up. To his siblings, please recall, he was there for you all! Austin was a good practicing Catholic, he was a family man to the core, he identified with his people early. To his friends and associates, let’s help bury him but most importantly remember that he has a young family and siblings which he lived for, the best we can do in his memory is to support and not to forget them so early as most often. Ogugua Snr, I knew for over 41 years would be there for his friends if he was to be around except if he changed lately, that I doubt. Adieu my dear friend, good night, Austin, good bye Ogugua. May your good, warm, kind friendly soul RIPP, Amen. To his siblings, larger family, relatives and his community our sincere deepest condolences; let us savour and reminisce our good memories and legacies of his life and sojourn on earth. Engr. (Dr) Johnny O Chukwu.
Posted by Nnamdi Nwokike on 24th July 2018
Nnekwu Madu! Ofu onye ana asi nno nu! This sad and sudden news is the real 'obodo di egwu'. You were in abuja about a month ago and in an unusual way tranversed the corridors of the NCC saying hello to everyone you know at the commission (not knowing it was final goodbyes). You even went out of the way to inquire and socialize with some of your friends you haven't seen in a awhile. Your demise is shocking! Modesta and the children will draw strength from the fact that they knew greatly that you LOVE(D) them but that God's LOVE is more. Ogugua my friend...I cried when writing this tribute or whatever. My prayer is that GOD to have mercy on us the living and to receive His assurance for blessed eternity. You have transited and remain blessed in the bossom of God's grace. Amen.
Posted by Dejo Momoh-Bello on 24th July 2018
Coming in contact with you over a decade ago was divine but now the news of your sudden exit was shocking. In between, you impressed and impacted people around you positively. Your presence and aura was always felt by all, hence the reason why your exit is painful. However your good time with us remain hardcoded in our memory. We beseech Almighty Allah to bless your soul and grant those left behind to mourn your exit the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss. Adieu - Late President - AMP 18
Posted by Dapo Olasope on 24th July 2018
Ogbuefi as I normally call you....Hmmnnnn death has played a cruel one this time around. I still cant believe you are gone forever. Your ebulence, love for life and good things will be sorely missed. You were our President in the LBS AMP 18 class and we were colleagues in Airtel. There was never a dull moment with you...Rest in Perfect peace dear friend...
Posted by Gerry Otiji on 24th July 2018
My dear Ogugua, where are you? I can't believe It's been 7days and we haven't spoken. We haven't seen at masses? Your favorite seat was occupied by others. Lekki1 is no longer the same since you left us. Where Is my main? What a brother Inlaw you were; what a big brother you were; what a true friend you were; what a confidant you were- my warrior. I will miss you dearly!!! What a lovely soul you are!!! You will forever remain in my heart. I love you, bro. May God almighty grant you eternal rest in heaven. Amen. Adieu, till we meet again. Forever in our hearts.
Posted by EON COMMUNICATIONS on 24th July 2018
"Yes, the ifs and if only do persist forever like hovering used up wishes and their after burners spent. If only this or that, or something neglected had been done, or something done had been neglected. Then perhaps the other may have been and others, others to infinity. For perhaps and if only are first cousins addicted to survival in our minds. Accept them and all else". Adieus, dear brother. Regards, Osondu Chioke
Posted by Ikenna Ikeme on 23rd July 2018
‘Oga Chi’ as all of us who you impacted so positively at work in the telecoms sector called you. You were an extraordinary boss and gentleman. I have struggled to come to terms with your demise. As the days go by, I get deep lost in thought over the advise you gave, jokes you shared and generosity you displayed. No one met you and didn’t have an instant impression about your extreme intelligence. Very few bosses retain a positive effect on their colleagues even years after the bosses have moved on to other ventures like you did. Your guidance helped me so much as I transited from Banking to telecoms. Your insight into virtually every topic was so astounding I wondered if I would even acquire 5% of your experience and contacts. You were just you. The man with a passion and drive to achieve the most impossible tasks that remains unparalleled. If there was a problem, you made the solution so easy. I miss you so much but we know God has called you to be with him and in a much better place too. May the good Lord grant your perfect peace in his bosom and give your lovely family the strength to go through this difficult period. Amen

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