Let the memory of OKECHUKWU 'OKEY' be with us forever,

Gone But Not Forgotten......
  • 41 years old
  • Born on March 18, 1975 in Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Passed away on October 11, 2016 in Enugu, Enugu, Nigeria.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, OKECHUKWU CLARENCE ENYINNA, 41, born on March 18, 1975 and passed away on October 11, 2016. We will remember him forever.

A Memorial Mass will be held for him on Saturday, November 5th at 10.30 AM at Whitesands School, Lekki, Lagos. There will be a reception after Mass at the same venue accompanied by commentaries on his life. 

Posted by M A Ahimie on 12th October 2017
Continue to rest with the Lord.
Posted by Babajide Olaniyan on 11th October 2017
May your soul continue to rest in the bossom of the Lord.
Posted by Teresa Enyinna on 11th October 2017
Okey mummy, how can I forget you? The consolation is that you are now free from all pains. You are now resting in the bosom of the Lord. Rest on till we meet again. Mum
Posted by Griffith E on 11th October 2017
Lord have mercy, Rest in Peace Okey
Posted by Chidiebere-Wolfgang Ironu... on 29th September 2017
I knew Okey for only a few months which were, for him, painful, exemplary and sanctifying and for me, full of practical lessons on the Christian value of pain. Especially after his last surgery, Okey suffered A LOT OF PAIN from the many needles stuck in him, the cancer medication and the unbearable pain in his stomach. He ALWAYS smiled and paid attention to me, encouraging me when I needed it most and only let us into the world of his pain ONLY when it was so unbearable but only for a moment as he immediately returned to his normal smiling face so as not to allow us to feel sorry for him. Now that he's in heaven - no iota of uncertainty about this, he's still smiling at all of us and sending graces to me ALL THE TIME.
Posted by Chuma Onyejizu on 10th November 2016
I saw Okey a few times at the Hospital in the last month of his life. I was moved and inspired by his concern for me and others who came to visit. He always said 'Thank you' and looked you in the face when you talked with him. Being a doctor, I know it took a lot of effort from him. Okey, I'm grateful for your prayers during my exams. I am asking and will continue asking you for more now that you are more powerful in God. Thank You.
Posted by Busola Oronti on 5th November 2016
Too many words here might sound superfluous but the fact is that a life well lived should be highly appreciated. Eyinna, in our own eyes, you left too soon, but then, God knows best. To the family of the departed soul, I wish you all the comfort of heaven. May the balm of Gilead bring you peace. Amen.
Posted by Olufemi Adeniran on 5th November 2016
Okechukwu I still remember your words to pray along with you that God's "WILL" be done regarding your situation. You have gone to be with the Lord. ; Your Love to serve God through your endeavor; Your kind heart towards the common "Good of All" and your enthusiasm to impact your environment positively are virtues that you'll always be remembered for. You were a very special person and a friend. May you Rest in Perfect Peace in the LORD.
Posted by Tunde Olafimihan on 5th November 2016
Dear Okey, Sleep on my dear brother. Though we might not have been close back in our UII days but the last couple of months when we came in contact through forumn means a lot. You had a great fighting spirit. Sleep on dear friend. Classmate UI Elect/Elect
Posted by Koya Ayanwale on 5th November 2016
Looking back at our days in UI, Okechukwu has been a selfless, simple, diligent and God loving guy. He is always at your beckon to help with studies and to drive tutorials. I remember his days in Irawo, he brought me closer to God while in school and he is always looking for opportunities to let you know more about God. Will miss you greatly, but I find solace in the fact that I know you are a good man and I am certain you are resting in the Lord.
Posted by Toye Soladoye on 4th November 2016
Adieu CY, we love you but Christ loves you more, good night, good night, good night. Classmate@UI Elect/Elect Dept.
Posted by Ifeanyi Chukwulobe on 4th November 2016
I worked closely with Okey when he was the Head of the ICT Unit at LBS.He was my boss. He was hardworking and disciplined.His methodical approach to problem solving and his dedication to duty are worthy of emulation. He was a fine gentleman, a jovial and friendly fellow who treated everyone he came across with respect. He was simple and forthright in his interactions. I will miss his intelligent and brilliant conversations. Okey lived a good life. Therefore, he is resting joyfully in the bosom of the Lord. Death has no power over him anymore. Good night Okey and good morning tomorrow when we shall see again and part no more.
Posted by Opeyemi Oteri on 28th October 2016
Really a painful exit, may God rest your soul. The consolation is that you are free from all pains.
Posted by Pius Onobhayedo on 28th October 2016
I worked with Okey at Socketworks and at PAU. As his boss at Socketworks, I can categorically say that he was a solid pillar in the Tech development and management team. We were lucky to have him. Rest in peace.
Posted by Uzoma Erondu on 25th October 2016
Okey reached out to me when I moved to Lagos, right after my NYSC, and he was quick in filling up that much-needed space for a spiritual and professional mentor. He made a great impact in my life and I will forever be grateful to him. I am consoled that he is with the Lord and this far outweighs everything
Posted by Chunky Amaraegbeni on 25th October 2016
It amuses me now when I think of it how Okey and I always found a way to have a chat when my life hit milestones or I was learning a few life lesssons. It was good having my big cousin around to encourage me to relax and engage with the other young boys for whom Helmbridge was our sancturay. I ended up making some very good friends there. Or when my mum passed and we spoke and he said "she's in a better place, you'll have to live your life now and grow". Not exactly the words I would have expected but very relevant at the time. To when I went to visit him shortly before I went to England for my MSc in 2013. He was looking a bit tired but never once complained. He was graceful about how he felt and never once sought pity. His resolve was firm that he would not feel as if life dealt him a tough card. He had a smile on his face and we had a long discussion punctuated by disagreements but it was all love from him. His clarity always inspired me and in a way has translated into the way I relate with people.He loved God and just wanted to be right in His pocket on all matters. I'm sure he got a big High 5 from when he got to heaven. Rest well Cousin.
Posted by Kelechi Okeahialam-Olawoy... on 25th October 2016
Dear Cousin.. rest... you are safe now. It is well...
Posted by Akin Obafemi on 24th October 2016
Okey was my coursemate at LBS EMBA12. We actually sat next to each other for the entire 18 months duration of the course. All through the course, i had thought Okey's condition was something he had battled with all his life. He unapologetically went about his business with so much dignity and responsibility that it's hard to believe he was diagnosed a couple of years before we met. An exceptional guy, brilliant, hard working, pious,dedicated and of high conviction, I truly salute his memory and believe that he was a rare gift to us to savour for a moment. Rest well Okey. You were a star and you truly belong to the heavens. Adieu brother.
Posted by M A Ahimie on 24th October 2016
You lived for God. You died in The Lord. God's Peace on your soul. Amen. God console your loved ones.
Posted by Kenny Osideko-Great on 20th October 2016
Enyinna, the last three months (August-October 2016) of your life we became very close. That was a moment I knew you most; I held off expressing myself especially about your transition, but now I need closure. I still recollect my first phone call to you - you were so excited to hear from me after 18 years. While I asked you about your health, you were more interested in my welfare, life, and my job. We had chats on WhatsApp 2-3ce a week. I remember our phone conversations in August and September. I still remember your responses anytime I asked for your treatment (chemo and radiation sessions). Even when our classmates proposed to visit you in Enugu, you politely declined rather you asked for our prayers. As I go through our chats…. your “Thanks” at the end of each conversation amazes me. Enyinna, I remembered all like yesterday. Even until the last Saturday of your passing when I spoke with you, you said you were frail, but I should remember you in prayer. Whenever I sent you a message, you always responded within 24 hrs. On Monday, October 10th, I sent you a message, and I expected a response as usual; my inner mind told me you had passed but kept waiting for your reply. On Tuesday night, I got the message on the Elect/Elect WhatsApp group of you passing. Okey, I know you are in a better place. No more Pain! No more Surgeries!! No more Chemo and Radiation!!! Above all, GOODNIGHT Okechukwu Enyinna.
Posted by Boni Okafor on 19th October 2016
I have known you as a committed, persevering and cheerful person since your days of 1984 in Helmbridge Junior Boys Club, 6 Census Close, Surulere Lagos! Particularly so in those catechism classes while preparing you people for your First Holy Communion! Little did I know the Lord will call you to Himself so soon! May you rest in perfect peace!
Posted by Chantal Epie on 19th October 2016
Okey was first my student in the Executive MBA and a LBS colleague, then he joined the faculty of the undergraduate programme of PAU. He struck me by his insights into human nature, his fortitude (he never complained), his simplicity (he never wanted special treatment) and his spirit of service (he made himself available, ready to do anything that was needed). I am sure he went straight to heaven and I am taking him as an intercessor on matters related to PAU students.
Posted by Oladipo Jolaosho on 15th October 2016
Okey, I drove past Iroto a few days ago and I remembered the time we spent together working as volunteers for the medical team that visited Ijebu Iloti. You loved the work of God with all your heart and never allowed earthly pursuits to get in the way of your relationship with God. You never spoke first or forced your ideas on anyone but the values you stood for were never in doubt. Adieu Okey. See you in glory.
Posted by Solape Akinola on 15th October 2016
Eying was indeed a gentle spirit. May God grant him eternal rest
Posted by Okwie Abah on 14th October 2016
It is very difficult to capture in black and white, the right words at times like now...... I'll always remember you as a man of faith. You diligently followed admirably, everything you believed in. This leaves me with the joy even at your untimely passing because I believe that you've always known to serve faithfully the Almighty God. Journey home and well bro.......
Posted by Lookman Oyedemi on 14th October 2016
Sleep on, beloved, sleep and take thy rest; Lay down thy head upon thy Saviour’s breast; We love thee well; but Jesus loves thee best God-night! Good-night!! Good-night!!! Only “Good night” beloved not “farewell” A little while, and all His saints shall dwell, In hallowed union, indivisible God-night! Good-night!! Good-night!!! Words cannot describe how I feel - A good heart has stopped beating, a good soul ascended to heaven. Enyinna, we mourn because you left us but heaven is rejoicing for another soul has finally reached his true home. A vacuum is created, no doubt, but the good Lord will grant your family the much-needed peace Rest in the loving arms of the Lord till we reunite with you in eternity – Good Night!
Posted by Osibolanle Osigbesan on 14th October 2016
Eyinna, is a man I have known since my 1st day in UI. Going down memory lane, I do recall the 1st picture

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