This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Olabisi Egejuru. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Dele Amosun on June 2, 2021
As classmates at the Federal School of Science in Lagos, Nigeria, you lived a life that radiated the glory of God. I later found out that you were classmates at Queens School, Ibadan with Funmi Rogers who I later married. So having you as a friend to my wife and I individually and together made you special to us. Your short visit to Cape Town was a renewal of that friendship. We were looking forward to a thanksgiving celebration in Lagos, but now we can celebrate your life with thanksgiving to our faithful and loving God who alone is wise!
Posted by Lanre Ajayi on May 31, 2021
Bisi darling,
I am glad our paths crossed when we attended Queen’s School as children. You are a very rare gem. You have been a blessing and example of what it means to be a true child of the almighty. I know we miss you here on earth but God called an angel home. Who are we to question him. We all miss you but God loves you more. Sun re o Bisi. May the almighty protect all your loved ones left behind.
Posted by Jimi Ogbobine on May 31, 2021
I would always remember you for lots of positive moments. Firstly, in our workplace, you would probably have won an award for the most popular mother. You were known for always calling your daughter Ada to regularly check up on her.

I also grew to know you personally during your health challenges. In all of these, your personal courage and hope in God were qualities that always stood out. You faced your health challenges with dignity and trust in the Lord.

Even amidst these challenges, you still looked out for others. You still carried the burden of others. You were still very much the Mother Hen looking out for her chicks.

You will be sorely missed and I pray the good Lord grants your loved ones complete faith in His sovereign decision to call you back from your sojourn in this world.
Posted by on May 31, 2021
Its been more than a month.
It has been difficult, really difficult to come to terms with your passing. I would rather remain in the land of 'abelievemia', continuing to tell myself that when I land in Lagos, you will be there, I will see you as usual, hear your raucous laughter, continuously gist with you, eat the lovely moyinmoyin that you will send someone to go purchase from Adeniyi Jones Avenue. We were always telling ourselves that we are watching our weights but would always eat something or the other!
Bisi you were a friend in a million, a confidante, where are all those adjectives - dependable, reliable, unforgettable, trustworthy, kind, compassionate, etc.
So we met for the first time in medical school, you arrived a little later than the first group in our set, but who could have missed you with all those lovely clothes your mum who was later to be known as 'Mama Doctor' made for you. She made sure you stood out. You went home to 'Ibikunle' every weekend and returned with the clothes and lovely food. These made people like me who lost our mums early on in life miss our mums the more!
Your mum's profession was later to inform yours on retirement - you took dressmaking up several notches more, and practiced the profession with the responsibility expected of a doctor. You were a chip off the old block but instilled perfection and accountability into the job. Everything you did, you did well.
Bisi after our 2nd MB, you became involved with James, and gave us girls a little space and that included not just your new friends but also the Lagos ones you had known prior to medical school. You both became an 'item'. We initially thought it was an academic relationship thinking it was an unlikely entanglement but the years proved us wrong. James saw a good thing and clung to it. It worked, it ended up in marriage and produced 4 beautiful children and now grandchildren. Your lovely children will miss you so terribly and so would James because you were his jewel. He doesn't say too much, but knew a good thing and would not let go.
You were also a mother to all the children in your church and many more. Watching you relate to all of your non-biological children made you gain a lot of respect from me. Your love also extended to your 4 siblings who you never stopped talking about. You also never stopped about you 'Phillips' cousins who also as far as I am aware held you in high regard. They will all miss you so much Bisi, and I can almost hear them say 'Bisi, Area Mama sun re o'.
Leaving us at such a young age goes again to confirm that those whom the Lord love die young.
Bisi rest in the bosom of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who you lived for whilst on this side of the divide.
It is well.
Love you loads. Liza
Posted by Kemi Ladipo on May 25, 2021
It's heartbreaking saying goodbye to an enterprising, charming, humble, amiable, selfless, considerate, loving, godly and graceful lady.

Dr Bisi Egejuru, aka Pressy Emeritus was a senior who related like a friend to her juniors with no qualms. A wonderful lady who greatly inspired and encouraged others. She contributed so much to the projects and activities of the Old Girl's Association apart from being the former Chapter President.

I love and miss you Sis Bis but believe that God took you home to rest in His wisdom. May your sweet soul rest in perfect peace. May God comfort and uphold your dear husband and children always.

Adeola Oladipo
QSOGA Lagos Chapter

Posted by Adejumoke Odutola on May 23, 2021
This is so sad. You were so beautiful inside out.You made me laugh all the time!! You saw good in everyone who you met. My clothes were sewed with dexterity. I loved the styles. May your sweet soul rest in perfect peace. This is sad
Posted by Omowunmi Olowu on May 22, 2021
I write with a deep sense of great loss. My dearest Sis Bis, I miss you mega. You were my dear egbon, confidant, mentor,role model and every good thing all rolled into one. I am still getting to know what an amazing woman of GOD you were. An Amazon in every sense of the word--spiritually,intellectually etc. As the Word of GOD says in Revelations 14 verse 13 Then I heard a voice from Heaven saying to me, "Write:'Blessed are the dead who die in the LORD from now on.'" "Yes," says the SPIRIT," that they may rest from their labours, and their works follow them." Your works and sincere love do indeed follow after you, too numerous to mention. You were a friend to people of all age groups. You were warm, loving, practical, down to earth without an atom of hypocrisy--totally sincere living testimony of a life lived for the LORD JESUS CHRIST. You were a born leader and organizer. Always on point. My English speaking prim and proper sister with class and style. Darling of Dr James (Nna as she fondly referred to him) and wonderful mum and grandmother. The LORD JESUS loves you more than we can ever do and HE has called His darling daughter to His side. We give Him glory and thanks for your wonderful life here and also for your life on that side of eternity. Hallelujah!
Posted by Funmi Amosun on May 21, 2021

Writing about my dearest Olabisi Folamole Egejuru is quite daunting because Bisi was an exceptional lady, with an extraordinary personality. It is impossible to capture the outstanding qualities of Bisi and her contribution to humanity and the specific lives entrusted to her along the way.

Bisi loved the Lord, served, and represented, Him accurately till the end. She was God’s hand to many people and her countenance reflected God's many attributes. She nurtured many, provided for their small and big necessities. To many people, Bisi was kith and kin, and everyone felt close to her and well loved by her. Relating with Bisi was never burdensome, because Bisi was forthright, sincere, and humble. Her yes was yes, and her no was no. Bisi always came alongside people to lift them up in good times and bad. She was a prolific giver, but she never gave in a patronizing way. A few times when we had to contribute to some course, Bisi gave more. She even provided for any other thing needed for the project.

Bisi was a God-fearing submissive wife, who fervently adored James, her husband. She was a doting mother and grandmother and she raised them well, praying ceaselessly for them from the beginning till the end. Her siblings and extended family were dearly loved and held in high esteem. Her husband's family was also very dear to her and highly respected. Bisi loved her in-laws and was always excited to go to Abia State annually. She invited us (classmates), to come for Christmas with her. Unfortunately, we procrastinated and it never materialized! When our WhatsApp group started, we unanimously chose Bisi to be our President because of the mature way she carried herself from our childhood days at Queen’s School till now.

Throughout Bisi’s trial, with the ailments, her faith was strong. Bisi’s last call to me was on Thursday, the 18th of February, about three weeks before she fell asleep! She said God has been good to her and that there are many testimonies, which she will share soon. While Bisi spoke to my husband, I danced joyfully around the lounge, thanking God for answered prayers. She said "you are the first person I’m calling, but I will call some others later". Little did I know that it was the last time I will hear Bisi's voice on this side of eternity. As soon as the call ended, Bisi sent her usual WhatsApp signature, “I love you scatter”, to our WhatsApp forum, accompanied with some love emojis. Everyone was overjoyed because she had been silent on the forum for quite long. They promptly responded and expected more communication to follow. But alas, none came! 

I will always cherish the the times we shared together. In February, 2017, Bisi and two of our mates, Bola Cole Kolade and Abiola Lamikanra, came to visit us in Cape Town. We had an unforgettably wonderful time together; here in Cape town, and when we went far away from the Cape to some tourist attraction venues. When Chijioke came on an official assignment to Cape Town, sometime in 2015 or so, Bisi told him to try and see her friend and He came to visit. I am very grateful for such a trusting friend. In 2016, Bisi told me that God instructed her to cut down on the many social events. She instantly obeyed. Now I think that God wanted her to slow down and enjoy a peaceful life with close family and friends before He took her to Himself.

Bisi was also my husband’s classmate in Federal School of Science, Lagos. After Queens School, while I was in University of Ibadan, I visited her and late Dupe Smith in their LUTH residence. But after marriage we all became busy raising our children and being good wives. At that time, communication between us was scarce but the bond was never broken. After we left the country, I visited her in GRA whenever I came home. In the past six years, we talked a lot on phone, confiding in each other, sharing testimonies of past and current events in our lives, failures, successes and victories, and prayed. We both knew what was confidential and what was not, and we kept it so. I am forever grateful for Bisi and the bond we shared.

My closeness with love for her is not just because we were classmates but more because, on Sunday, 5th of May, 1969. Bisi's kind personality played a pivotal role in cushioning my way back to God, without fear, and she forever became part and parcel of my salvation story. That simple, humble and loving act by Bisi has eternal rewards. I pray that my salvation story, will draw souls into the Kingdom of God Sons, and that the role Bisi played that night will open people’s eyes to the importance of manifesting God’s love to people at all times.

It was a Saturday evening, May 4, 1969, after the usual Saturday socials (sing-along and dance evening), a day after we returned to school from holidays. During the dance session, Lagos girls were asked to take the floor and show the others the trending dance steps in Lagos. Many of us took the floor, and I think Bisi also came out. Back in our dormitory at about 9pm we, form four girls, being the seniors in the dormitory at that time (Forms 5s and HSCs were in different buildings) gathered around Bisi’s bed as a discussion ensued with another classmate who said she was born again because she accepted Christ at a Scripture Union conference during the holidays. We argued with her for a long time. We said no one has the assurance of going to heaven. We will only know when we die and God weighs our good and bad! I and some others said, "there is no God and no heaven because on one of our social evenings, we all watched Neil Armstrong landing on the moon to collect rock samples, and return to earth. So, scientist will soon discover that there is nowhere called heaven".

She was quiet but interjected calmly at intervals, saying, “You must be born again. If a man is not born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God”. Infuriated, we used some derogatory terms to describe her and her conviction. At about 11pm, we decide to go and sleep, but I was afraid to sleep alone on my bed because I thought God might send an angel to kill me before daybreak, and it would be terrifying to face the angel alone. So, I asked Bisi to let me sleep on her bed with her. To my amazement Bisi, a very neat and clean person, said OK! I was relieved and I slept soundly beside Bisi through the night on those small dormitory beds. Till today, I stand amazed because I never saw anybody sleep with Bisi on her bed before and after that day.

If Bisi had refused, I might have been too fearful to sleep and not have the calm state of mind needed to hear God dialoguing so clearly with me in the morning of Sunday, 5 of May 1969, just after 5am.
With a clear mind, God started conversing me with me after I woke up and had my bath. While making my bed, to sleep again until the 2nd breakfast bell would ring, a scene played out before me. I saw builders actively talking, saying things like, “pass me the cement, pass this, that etc.
Then God started questioning me:
“You said there is no God. If there is no God. How is it that this dormitory continues to exist long after the people who built it, brick by brick, are dead and gone”?

Secondly, God said “some of the soldiers who were trained in this compound, built during the second world war, died and never came back from the war, and here you are, a little girl, living in the same dormitory in which they slept. Where are they? Did they just disappear into thin air”?

Thirdly, God said, “Look at the aero plane, people who manufactured it ensure that every little portion was placed in their correct positions. The inanimate plane they made continues to exist long after they are gone. While that lifeless machine continues to function for years, and years, did they just vanish into thin air”? Where are they?

Lastly, God said, “if people who built an aero plane are inside one that malfunctions, they cannot say, “we put you together, stop dropping”. They will be killed inside what they made.
At that point I knew that there is a greater power in control of human lives - GOD. Then I said to myself, “if there is God, what does He think of me”? I knew the answer was unfavorable. I realized that God hates sin. It was about one month to my 16th birthday, and I was sorely ashamed and sorrowful for the sins committed in my short life. I got into my bed, covered my head, and cried as I remembered specific sins committed in my childhood. Events rolled before me like a movie.

One of such event was when my mum said I could not put on the newest dress to church, because she intended it for the next big even (Easter, Christmas, wedding). I intentionally cried out loud so that my dad intervened. A vehement argument ensued and sadly, my mum always conceded! Another vivid one was when I took my junior brother’s biscuit from him, and he cried out loud. When my mum asked what happened, I said, “he hit his head on the wall”. I saw myself the way God saw me and feeling very filthy before, I wept profusely, confessing my wicked behavior at such an early stage in life. I pleaded for forgiveness for each sinful act that came to my mind. My dormitory girls woke up and came around my bed asking why I was crying, but I could not answer them. I just wept silently as I prayed.

After some time, I said, “O God, please forgive me, and send Jesus Christ into my life, to show me how to live for You until I die”. Even though I was lying in bed, I immediately, felt and “saw” in the spirit, a heavy sac loosed and fall off my back. I realized that, unknown to me, I had been carrying a huge burden of sin. Great joy welled up in me and I felt like a new person. I knew that I was about to embark on a new life journey, and I determined never to turn back. Then I felt a compelling urge to know God more. So, I got a bible and arbitrarily opened it. My eyes went straight to:

2 Corinthians 5:17 - “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; old things have passed away; behold, all things have become new”. I quickly wrote it down, closed and opened again. My eyes fell on:
Galatians 2:20 - “I have been crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me”. The third time around, the bible opened to:
1 John 5:9 -12 - “If we receive the witness of men, the witness of God is greater. For this is the witness of God which He has testified of His Son. He who believes in the Son of God has the witness in himself; he who does not believe God has made Him a liar, because he has not believed the testimony that God has given of His Son. And this is the testimony: that God has given us eternal life, and this life is in His Son. He who has the Son has life; he who does not have the Son of God does not have life. These things I have written to you who believe in the name of the Son of God, that you may know that you have eternal life, and that you may continue to believe in the name of the Son of God.
This last passage clearly explained what it means to regain the life of God that human beings were meant to enjoy before Adam and Eve sinned.

I realized that I had just made the most important decision in life by handing over my life to God, and I was determined never to go back. I immediately wrote a letter to my mother asking why she never told me that I needed to be born again. Soon after that, Bisi and many junior and senior girls gave their lives to the Lord and a great revival started in the whole school and the adjacent Government College, Ibadan. With renewed lives, and kindred minds, the Scripture Union fellowship started. Thankfully, almost every one of us when gave our lives to the Lord back then are still walking in Christ until now.

I wish I had met Bisi sooner, when our families attended All Saints’ Church, Yaba, Lagos. We must have attended Sunday School together on Sundays; perhaps played some role in the Easter or Christmas plays. Bisi frequently visited her uncle’s house in Railway Compound when we also lived there until my father retired from the Nigerian Railways Corporation. Our paths never crossed because we moved to Surulere in 1962. Now I think I know why God keeps the best relationship for the appointed time. He wanted Bisi to be mentioned every time I recount my salvation story, just like the Apostle Paul repeatedly mentioned Ananias whenever he recounted his salvation story.

Finally, I am sure that Bisi completed her work on earth gallantly and so, she slept in Christ. She would not have it any other way. Thank you, Lord, for giving Olabisi to us. Thank you, Lord, that You chose to take her to Yourself and in Your own way, you will comfort every one of us who miss Bisi, and particularly give her family the peace that passes all understanding. Amen. Adieu, my darling sister and friend, Olabisi Folamole Egejuru.
Posted by Yinka Badejo on May 18, 2021
Ha Bis o Bis, thank God there's another fellowship in heaven where we shall meet to part no more. You were sweet, loving,caring,affectionate, elegant dresser and sacrificial. How can we forget your labour of love at the inception of Foursquare Gospel Church, G.R.A Ikeja in the early 90's. You and your husband were pillars. We thank God for your life, Bisi. You will surely receive your reward at your maker's feet. Bye for now until we meet on resurrection morning. Wilson-Yinka Badejo.
Posted by Peju Afanu on May 13, 2021
My dearest Aunty Bis Bis,

You were such a beautiful soul, touching lives in so many wonderful ways. You left a legacy of giving behind. It's all thanks to you I met one of the most important persons in my life and I would forever be thankful for that.

Every time we met you would ask me what my plans were for BisBis because you wanted to retire. Its rather ironic that I'm the only person in our generation that took up the generational gift of designing and making clothes. I promise to put more thoughts into it and ensure BisBis never dies. I hope together with my cousins we can set up a Foundation for BisBis whereby proceeds would be channelled into the one thing you were so passionate about; sponsoring the education of those that could not afford it.

I'm sure you know you were truly loved by so many. I wish I had seen you one last time but your memories would live on in my heart. Writing this was tough, especially having to write about you in past tense it took some getting used to.....

With loads of love
Omopeju Afanu

Posted by Lola Durodola on May 13, 2021
Mummy Egejuru as she was fondly called at Elects Chapel was a woman who loved the Lord, and was a living testimony, as she would always say, to God’s grace and favour.

She used all her God-given skills and abilities to serve the people of God.
She lived life to the fullest, was a mentor and example to many of us who served with her, and her liberality touched many lives around her. Her life has indeed brought honor to God whether by life or death, and she remained strong to the end of her journey on this side of eternity.

I pray the Lord will comfort all those she left behind and uphold us until we all meet again at the Master’s feet.

Farewell for now!
Posted by Eniola Odunaiya on May 11, 2021
You were a beautiful soul. Always very loving and most welcoming to all, one of God's masterpiece. I remember in the 70s when you would visit Bimbola, your cousin's house in the railways during the holidays. You were always very lively and fun to be with and left a lasting impact on my memory till date. Over the years, you remained your old bubbling, cheerful and caring self.

I remember when we met at Full Gospel dinner in lkeja at the invite of Dele. You said you heard l wasn't feeling well and made so much fuss over me, showering me with so much attention, stressing the need for regular checks as we age and making me promise to do comprehensive checks during my then intended visit to the UK. You even gave me addresses and volunteered medical assistance if need be. l just couldn't fathom such depth of sisterly love and care.

Bisi, l appreciate your visits to my granddaughter whenever you were aware she was admitted at your husband's hospital. You would call to allay my fears and give me progress reports. Yours was a practical example of Christian living and principles. You impacted many lives positively, such great testimonies all over.

Beloved, rest in the bosom of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ till the resurrection morning when we shall all meet in glory in Jesus name. Amen.
Posted by Omoruan Robert on May 11, 2021
Farewell to our warm and loving sister Olabisi Egejuru.
You were an amiable sister to the core, soft spoken and a silent achiever. Very loving and always willing to assist others whenever the need arises. Anytime you want a special assignment to be done in the church she is always ready to support.
To say you will be sorely missed is an understatement. Good night and sleep well
Rev. Engr. Robert Omoruan
Snr. Pastor
Allen Foursquare Church
Posted by Emeka Iheme-Madukairo on May 10, 2021
This came as a rude shock!
You loved God so dearly,it was practical, it was easy to see. I learnt a lot from you.
You didn't wait to be asked before you gave,you always looked out for opportunities to bless people.
You've left a huge void in the church,you'll be forever missed.
We know that while it's good to live, while we would have loved for to you to still be here,we know it's better to be with the Lord!.
Good night.
Posted by Yetunde Kuyinu on May 10, 2021
I remember the day I sent you a message and referred to you as ma’am, you said you are my sister. Indeed you were, always asking after me and my children.
You are an epitome of love, you left a legacy for us to emulate as Christian.
You will be sorely missed but we all take comfort in the fact you are resting in the lord’s bosom. Sleep on beloved sister. May your sweet spirit rest in perfect peace.
Didun ni iranti olododo
Posted by Adegeye Funmilola on May 10, 2021
I thank our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ who made me to know a great woman like you through the pioneering of Foursquare Gospel Church GRA ( Elects Chapel) in 1993.
When we came then all the way from Agege for evangelism, your house was where the tummy of the brethren were being refreshed. That was how I knew you were a great cook.
On Sunday, 04-04-2004 when robbers came to my house and made away with all I had, you clothed me.
When I was in a dire need, you came to my aid.
You were humble, loving, caring humane and generous to a fault. Your arms were always opened to whoever the Lord made to come your way.
By your personal encounter with the Lord Jesus, the lives of many people you touched and the good work you did in the vineyard of God till your last breath, I know that you are resting in the bossom of Abraham.
Beloved, sleep on, until we meet to part no more.
Adieu my mother, my sister and my friend.

Rev (Mrs) L.O Adegeye
Posted by NJIDE NYAKO on May 10, 2021

If I was told that I would be writing a tribute to you at this time, I would not have believed it. My friend that became my sister of about 40 years.
We met in 1981 when I was posted to the Field Ambulance in Ikeja Cantonment. We were colleagues, then friends and finally sisters.

I have been going down memory lane and I have such fond memories of our time together. We were partners in the crime of eating. 'Ewa and dodo' from the Mamaput at the Ghana High Commission was our favorite. You were such a great cook and whenever I visited I was sure of a good meal. You were my fashion designer. I never bothered about choosing styles. I just brought my materials and you would make whatever you knew would fit me. You were the one that dressed me up for my husband's swearing in. Even after I left for Yola, I would still come to you to make my clothes.

Bisbis, you were a good soul. If I should talk about you, it would appear in superlatives. Suffice it to say that Proverbs 31: 10 - 31 describes you aptly. You were a pillar in your father's house and your husband's family. You were my confidant and prayer partner. Our mutual visits usually ended in a prayer session.

I knew about your medical history. When this last one started, you told me about it and I promised to visit as soon as you came back from London. Due to some mis-communication, I couldn't come and the lockdown happened. However, we kept on communicating via whatsApp. You told me that everything was okay and that God is on the throne. It was when this channel stopped that I called James to find out what was happening. He broke the news that you were on admission for chemo. RED FLAG!!! I knew that I had to see you. You hid the situation from me. Praying for you from afar was not enough. We needed to hold hands to pray as we used to do.

I was at your bedside from April 6th - 9th. The first day you recognized me . We spoke and I gave you the good news that I had for you, anything to cheer you up.

I thank God that the angels waited for me to come so that we could have our last fellowship. I told you on Friday evening that I would be going back to Yola through Abuja in the morning and that I would keep in touch through James. Right after I left, the angels took you. My dear sister you have gone to a better place where there is no pain, tears or sorrow. Rest in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ for eternity. Love you always!

To James, my brother, the children, grandchildren, sisters, nieces, nephews, in-laws, friends, colleagues and church family, may the Lord comfort us all and give us peace. A Saint has gone home indeed!
Posted by Oladunni Okodugha on May 10, 2021
My darling ayoungé mummy,
I miss you sooo much, its hurts!!!! No one to call me 'dunni my baby' as you fondly called me.
I remember the day I got the result of your test, that was the worst day of my life! I remember feeling sooo confused and angry. My world came crashing down. My mother! Why her? She didn't deserve this! I thought to myself, how in the world would I break this news?
I went to daddy's office with the report, we called you in. I would never forget the look on your face! You said to me' Dunni, dont worry about me, I will be fine!' That was the strength of my mum. You went back to your shop to continue attending to your customers. Oh mummy!

You fought hard mummy! Thank you for fighting. You kept your faith, you trusted God. You remained loyal to God. I admired that about you. Your relationship with God was one to admire. I'm sure that is why He wanted you home so quickly. His will be done!

Even on your sick bed, you cared about what daddy would have for dinner, who would keep paying the fees of some students you were taking care of. You were bothered about not being able to hold a pen to sign a cheque for people you wanted to bless financially. Even till the end! You were so generous. That just showed me how sincere your giving was, it was not to show off or to get 'thank you', it was who you were. God bless you mummy.

While I was at Osun in 2013 for my NYSC, you called me every single day! Just to check on me. What a mother you were. We would gist for hours, while you update me about everything going on in church, Akrika and in life in general. I looked forward to your calls. That is how I endured that long year alone in a strange land. Thank you mummy.

I remember you followed me to school in Ghana when I first resumed. I was a big baby indeed. You ensured I was comfortable and had registered all my courses before you left. We even carried a pillow all the way to Ghana because you were not sure they would have to quality you liked. Hahahahah. That was my mother! Sooo selfless. Thank you mummy.

My fashionista mama! You loved looking good! We clashed on ideas of fashion though. You liked matching monotone colours, blue iro and buba and blue gele! I still dont agree with you on that. Lol. You would say' Dunni, you are not like me o, you dont like gold' and I'll say how I like being simple. I loved doing your makeup. Your skin was so smooth. Unlike Ada and I with all our pimples. Lol. I miss you mum.

Soooo many memories!!!! But most of all I appreciate the last few months we spent together. You didn't leave us suddenly and I thank God for that. We expressed how we felt about each other, we said soo many 'I love you's ' thank God for you' ' you are the best' . There were soo many hugs and kisses. So many deep, long conversations. I hold the memories close to my heart. Thank you mummy.

I really hoped we would overcome the nightmare, but here we are. In all things, we give thanks.

To the most loving, Hardworking, prayerful, supportive mother in the whole world, thank you for everything. This void you left can never be filled! I dont want it filled. I will always love you.

Keep resting in the bosom of the lord, till we meet again.

Okodugha Oladunni.

Posted by Osahon Okodugha on May 10, 2021
Dear mummy,
I have never had to deal with loss like I have now... and I think I'm still in denial about this deep void you have left.
I desperately looked forward to going back to the house with you while you were at the hospital, praying that all this would pass away, and we would return to the way things used to be.
I would never not miss you, and would forever feel your absence.

I miss how when we come visiting, and we all sit on your bed talking and laughing about everything and anything.

I miss your motherly advice, on parenting, marriage and life in general.

I miss how you loved to host not just us, but everyone in general. You seemed to want to nourish not just our bellies, but our hearts.

I miss the twinkle in your eyes, when I bring up your younger years with Daddy and school. I miss teasing you about those days.

I miss the beautiful dresses you make for Dunni, and how they fit her perfectly, with your love in every stitch.

I miss your strength! The strength of character which I consider one of your best features. I greatly appreciate that you gave that same strength to Dunni.

Mummy, for as we believe that Jesus died and rose from the dead, we know that though we have sorrow now, we will meet again, and our joy will not be taken from us again. Bye bye Mummy.                          
Posted by Seye Dipo-Adebule on May 9, 2021
Mummy Egejuru as we fondly called you. I have known you for over 20 years although as Mrs Egejuru when you made lovely outfits for myself and Seyi's graduation ceremony from secondary school! Little did we know that you would soon become Mummy Egejuru :). You were so classy, well spoken and truthful. I looked forward to coming to your shop because there was always something interesting to discover/learn. Thank you for looking after myself Dipo & the girls in Nigeria. Mummy always went above and beyond for us and I can say literally that Mummy was instrumental in ensuring that I am still alive today. I am glad that we were able to spend some time, albeit little over Christmas in 2019. Words cannot express my gratitude to you Mummy for being so loving, selfless and speaking the truth always. To say you will be missed is an understatement. Continue to rest in the bosom of our Saviour. Lots of Love, Seye Dipo-Adebule.
Posted by Boye Dick-Iruenabere on May 9, 2021
In 2001 , I was introduced to Aunty Bisi and after she made that first outfit I was hooked. Our relationship evolved from me being her client to an interesting friendship. We even shared the same birthday. Whatever part of the world I lived ,I would send my fabrics to her to make.
She was a mother in Israel indeed. I remember when she came to Abuja on one of her trips, she paid me a visit and I was touched when she knelt and prayed to God to give me the fruit of the womb . Great was her joy when the Lord did it some years later . She was present at my child’s dedication and the outfit I wore was on her. It was a no brainer that her husband Dr James Egejuru would be our child's paediatrician
She was such a warm person and caring person .A hard worker. I was amazed at the efficiency with which she practiced medicine and ran Bis Bis before she eventually retired from her medical career.
I looked up to her , she was the full package ,woman of God , great wife and mother, an undeniable asset to her extended family and in-laws , excellent doctor, super creative and skilled fashion designer.
The time I came into Lagos and visited her in the hospital, I honestly did not imagine it will the last time I would see her. We even discussed the outfits she would make for me.  I was sure this battle too would pass but It pleased God to take her home to him. I give glory to him for her life and I pray he comforts and gives peace to all her family and friends in Jesus name .Amen
Posted by Ayotunde Phillips on May 9, 2021
Dearest Bisi my dear Sister you left without saying farewell to me and that is all my fault as I was too scared to visit you in the hospital. You were such a lovely person who showed the children and I nothing but love since I began a relationship with your brother. How sad that you have now left us with this huge vacuum. I console myself knowing that you have gone home to rest. Rest in perfect peace dearest one until we shall meet to part no more.
My heartfelt condolences to James, Chijioke, Ada, Eyinna and Oladunni. I pray the Lord to be with them at this time of extreme grief and that He will give them the strength to bear this monumental loss. My condolences also to my big sisters Mama Disun, Sister Mi, Iya Yomi and to Folorunso and the entire Phillips family. We have indeed lost a gem but who are we to question God as He alone giveth and taketh away at His own apportioned time. 
It is well with you all in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen
Posted by ELECTS' SANCTUARY on May 9, 2021
“But I do not want you to be ignorant, brethren, concerning those who have fallen [a]asleep, lest you sorrow as others who have no hope. For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so God will bring with Him those who sleep in Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians 4:13-14 (NKJV)

The Senior Pastor, Church Council, Pastorate, members and worshipers of Foursquare Gospel Church (Elects’ Sanctuary) GRA pay glowing tribute to our departed member and a true soldier of Christ, Eld. Dr. (Mrs) Olabisi Egejuru. Indeed, she was a faithful servant of God who ran her Christian race diligently, and has transited to take her deserved rest at the bosom of the Almighty.
Right from the inception of the Foursquare Gospel Church (Elects Sanctuary) at Ikeja GRA in 1993, you had actively contributed in diverse ways to the advancement of the church. Not only were you committed to the church, but you also got all your household actively engaged in the life of the church, especially the choir.

How many can we count of the diverse roles you were assigned over the years. You gladly accepted whatever assignment was given you and strove for excellence in its accomplishment.
You exemplified and modeled the Proverbs 31 woman as a very hardworking person. It was no wonder therefore, that you were richly blessed of the Lord.

Your home was open to all. You were hospitality personified. In the early years, you gladly hosted and took good care of the Church Advisory Council whenever they met in your home.
As Head of the Welfare Unit, you touched many lives amongst us with your unparalleled generosity. You were available to all regardless of class or social status. You lived up to your saying that “Church is about people”.

An ordained elder in our movement, Elder Dr. (Mrs) Olabisi Egejuru was a disciplined and result-oriented person whose resourceful life positively affected many people who came in contact with her.

Many amongst us can never forget the difference you made in their lives through your generosity and disposition to always help, whether convenient or not.

Your memory lives on in the hearts of all the lives you so generously touched. The church will surely miss you!

Rest on in the bosom of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, the One you loved and served till your last breath. See you on the resurrection morning by the grace of God. Adieu!!!
Posted by ELECTS' SANCTUARY on May 9, 2021
Hmmm, this is a mirage! Human beings need to do the right things because, a day comes like this we become history!
Dearly beloved now Late Elder/CONQUEROR/DR. OLABISI FOLAMOLE EGEJURU: where do I start to talk about the unparallel roles you played on individual congregational members!!
It is often said in the Bible, that all the works both good and bad a man/woman does will show and reflect after he/she is gone. This is a true statement.

Late mummy Olabisi, you always ensured you touched people’s life positively and always stand by the truth.

It was sad and shocking for us in the Conquerors group to hear you have gone to be with the Lord your God. Indeed, your exit is a huge loss to us all and the Church in general. But we give all glory to God Almighty who has exercised His righteous sovereignty.

God used you immensely to play notable and prominent roles in many people’s lives. Leaving us now at this crucial moment is great loss. We are missing your presence already.

We pray that God Almighty will grant your husband, dear children and others so numerous to mention, strength and courage to bear this irreplaceable loss.

We wish you could come back to life our respected mother in Israel. We loved you very dearly, but we also know that God your creator loved you much more and will extend that unending love to all members of the family you have left behind.


Posted by Olayinka Irene Taiwo on May 9, 2021
Dear Auntie Bisi. I met you when I turned 50 and Auntie Dupe Sagoe introduced you to me that I should make sure you sewed all the Fabrics I bought for my birthday at Bisbod. You immediately welcomed me so warmly and convinced me on styles I had run away from. You made the clothes so beautiful and indeed beautified me so well on that day. You took me as a junior sister and was always so concerned about my well-being. When I lost my dad and mum, you were there for me. I’m glad God gave me the enablement to reciprocate such love when you first fell ill. I would call and send prayers and we give glory for His healing power upon your life then. But because He remains the Omnipotent He needed you back home where I know you are now free from pain and walking the streets of gold. Thanks ma for being a BIG sister. Continue to rest in the blossom of the Almighty and May God comfort all you left behind at this time.
Posted by Omotayo Fadoyebo on May 9, 2021
Tribute to aunty Bisi
Gone too, too early.....i never thought i would be writing a tribute to you this early in life.
We worked togeter as anaesthetists at the military hospital ikoyi for about 13/14 years until your statutory retirement 8 years ago.
How do i describe you? Feisty no nonsense woman..yet with a very big, soft loving heart.
Trendy pace setting wore the prettiest clothes, shoes, jewellery and carried fantastic handbags!!!
Very hard working woman....the biblical woman described in the book of proverbs. You got up at 2am every day cut fabrics for your tailors to sew the next day. I used to wonder when you had time to sleep. When i asked you you first laughed then told me you slept in the traffic on the way to your shop from the office.
Dressmaker par made all the best styles!!
Loving wife, caring and dutiful mother and grandmother watched over your seed and the next generation like a true mother hen.
I remember the first time i met your son Eyinnaya...he was seated on your lap in your office !! 17yr old!!
Lover of God and his word. You always came to work with your bible and read it at quiet moments. Later on you started daily evangelism through the devotional "daily bread" which u sent consistently till 13th of March when i guess you couldn't type anymore.
Kind hearted and very generous and compassionate. A husband to many women....that was how someone described you on the day of your retirement sendforth. You looked out for the junior staff in the office....settled quarrels, paid school fees, paid house rents, empowered them to start small businesses, and also gave them tips to stabilise their homes and businesses. Whenever you went on vacation you brought something back for everyone....including the junior staff.
I got to know you very well in the few years we worked became a big sister.
I could tell you gave sound counsel every time.
Smart cerebral doctor... you wete very good on the job and still read continuously to keep up with the latest in the world of anaesthesia.
You encouraged me to let go and move on...."Tayo this life is too short and sweet, dont carry anger, hurts and all sorts
of emotional baggage around with you..... Jesu fęrę de. Don't let the rapture catch you unaware and unprepared.
You encouraged everyone to be the best they could....and to enjoy life very well!!
I remember you telling me to save ahead for vacations so i could fly business class!!!
Not quite there yet but when i do I'll know you'll be seeing me with your sweet smile and give me a thumbs up!!!
Even when you were very ill you sounded so optimistic any time i visited. I remember commenting that the chemotherapy didn't blacken your said that was because God knew you intended wearing high heeled open toe shoes when you go for Thanksgiving!!
Your optimism and faith was infectious.
You even said we would arrange a girl's day out at Sheraton (when u must have been discharged home) to enjoy the buffet.
Even with your illness we still managed to gist a lot.
It has pleased God to call you home at this higher service.
Though as mere mortals we would have liked to have you around for a bit longer, but we also know you needed to go Home and take your well deserved rest in the bosom of the Almighty. 
And so we bow to the will of God.
Bisbis.......continue to be a fashionista in heaven!!!!
Your dressmaking skills will be put to good use in the angels!!!!
Already missing you so much...who will sew my asoebi for the service of songs??
Live on Aunty Bisi....because to live in the hearts of those you love is not to die.
We shall meet on the resurrection morning when there will be no more pain and sorrow.
God will comfort and strengthen your family... especially your husband.
Adieu big sister, faithful friend, small mummy.
Contiue your sweet rest till we meet in Heaven
          T'tayo..........(as you fondly called me)

Posted by Will Fred on May 8, 2021
Hundreds of stars in the pretty sky,
Hundreds of shells on the shore together,
Hundreds of birds that go singing by,
Hundreds of birds in the sunny weather.
Hundreds of dewdrops to greet the dawn,
Hundreds of bees in the purple clover,
Hundreds of butterflies on the lawn,
But only one Mother the wide world over

For the love
For the prayers
For the word
And the songs we sang together
ELECT'S VOICES misses you
Posted by Will Fred on May 8, 2021
Music Director, Elect's Voices

Hundreds of stars in the pretty sky,
Hundreds of shells on the shore together,
Hundreds of birds that go singing by,
Hundreds of birds in the sunny weather.
Hundreds of dewdrops to greet the dawn,
Hundreds of bees in the purple clover,
Hundreds of butterflies on the lawn,
But only one Mother the wide world over

For the love
For the prayers
For the word
And the songs we sang together
ELECT'S VOICES misses you
Posted by Chijioke Egejuru on May 8, 2021
A Tribute to My Amazing Mother

I have struggled a lot to bring myself to write this tribute to my amazing one in a billion mother, not because I don’t know what to write, but each time I attempt to put pen on paper, the invaluable memories of the times we spent together come flooding in leaving me emotional. It is a huge loss for me that you have left me (your first fruit) and gone to be with the Lover of your soul, and the thought of that gives me some comfort. So my tribute to you will be one of appreciation and thankfulness from the bottom of my heart. This is because when I sit back and think about my joys, fulfilments, achievements and even struggles, I see your hand and love all over each one, and I never said thank you enough. However, I know you knew how much I appreciated you; we connected like that. All we had to do was look at each other and smile. Mummy, I still see that smile when I close my eyes. We built such a strong bond with each other since I can remember. I knew your fears and pains, what brought you joy and happiness, and sometimes we had to compete amongst ourselves who could make the other happier.

Mummy, I thank you for my youth. I remember times when we would reminisce as a family about where we came from. How we did not have everything in the world, but we never lacked anything, even the best things of life. You were a resourceful and hardworking mother hen, and you taught me how the be the male version of you. You always made sure we had everything that we needed no matter the cost, and I can only try to meet up to the high standards you set for my own family. While I struggled with school those days, you always encouraged me to work hard, and if I wasn’t getting it, I should try harder, so I did. I was motivated by your commitment to perfection and results, and this followed me throughout my youth. I am not sure where I would be if you didn’t offer those words of encouragement and chastisement when I needed them as a youth; because where I am now, I owe to you.

Ayonge, I thank you for my family. I remember your friends calling me your boyfriend just because we went out on so many outings together, just the two of us. Yes, I was the weekend driver, but I enjoyed those moments. Those were the few opportunities we had to pour our hearts out to each other about life generally. We talked about what troubled us and what was to come in the next few days or months or years. The truth is I took a lot of learnings from those moments. Your words shaped my mind about how to be a good boyfriend and husband. You taught me how to treat my woman, and then several years later, you introduced me to my wife. God used you to shape and complete the puzzle of my marriage. I remember that phone call very well. First, you told me about Seyi and some of her body features, and then you said you think we will be good together. You knew me so well because, about six months later, I proposed to the queen of my heart. This marriage that you were instrumental in establishing has led to several other achievements in my life. 

Bis Bis, I thank you for being my number one cheerleader. You were so proud of me and shouted it in the mountains for anyone who cared to listen. I hated physics and chemistry in my childhood, and I struggled so much with them. After some failed attempts at getting to be one with these painful subjects, you asked me what I wanted to be. I told you an accountant, and that was it. We never talked about the sciences any more. You blessed my decision, and there was no looking back from then on. Everything since then became such a breeze, almost like accounting was made for me. You then became my cheerleader, pushing and encouraging me every step of the way. I knew you knew that I was sure of what I wanted. After my first degree, I told you that I wanted to focus on finance, and you blessed my decision again. Then I got my first job, did very well there and then moved on to my current job, where I have done even better. Every step of the way, you called me to tell me how proud you were of me. You sang my praises to your friends, and at some point, I had to ask you to stop, but you went on, showing how proud you were of me. I am thankful that I got to the stage where you could reap the benefit of your sacrifices and prayers, we shared some, but I wanted more. I wanted more time to spoil you, bring you here to the UK to spend some time with me, your “sunny side up”, and your grandchildren, but death has cut this short.

Elder Bisi, I thank you for my Christianity. I remember that letter I wrote to you from Federal Government College Enugu, where I told you had given my life to Christ, and I was super excited about it. It was around that time that we started going to Foursquare Gospel Church GRA Ikeja. I couldn’t wait to finish secondary school so that I could come and join you fully in Foursquare. I became part and parcel of the church, and you held my hand during the early days of my Christian journey. You encouraged me to join the choir, hosted Faithful Ones Club in the house, and we set up and attended every church service together. This was how my devotion to God and church was founded. You challenged me every single day since I can remember how to be a true child of God. Even when you didn’t have, you gave to the brethren in need and church; and you taught me how to give. When you were so sick, you didn’t lose your faith. Instead, you were steadfast and encouraged me to do the same. I remember our family devotions, where we sang and worshipped together, and you watched us grow. You called me twice a year to tell me that it was my week of prayers and fasting, and I should let you know if there was anything I needed you to pray about. Even when we had family zoom meetings, we spent time praying as well.

Mummy, thank you for setting such an excellent example for me. You took pleasure in beautifying the life of others: young, old, wealthy, poor, Nigerian, foreigners, everyone who came in contact with you. I was proud to introduce even my colleagues and bosses to Bis Bis; you always performed. Your network was far-reaching. Your friends and family loved you and would do anything for you. You knew people everywhere, and even if you didn’t know, you knew you could count on someone to connect you. You didn’t keep your friends, colleagues and family for your benefit alone. Several jobless people got jobs because you knew someone. Several homeless people got access to homes because you intervened. Several people got access to health care because you couldn’t let anything go wrong under your watch. Even when you were sick, you told me to make sure certain people finish their degrees. Your heart was that large mummy. I understood why and we talked about the principles of giving several times. Those principles have never failed me. The world will miss you, mummy, because of how crazy and difficult life has just become. I don’t know if I am prepared to take up this baton, but I will rise to the challenge. I feel the need to make sure your legacy lives on so that you can be proud of me. 

Ayonge Mama, there is so much to say, but in all things, I am thankful. I am happy I got a chance to spend some time with you in February this year. I came home to encourage you and thank you for fighting for us. It seems that it was the best decision I ever made. We made fun of cancer, and we both agreed that the sickness had nothing on you. We both agreed that the worst of the treatment was over, and you were only on a path to recovery with the two remaining chemotherapy sessions. We both agreed that we would have a grand thanksgiving ceremony when the treatment was over, and we will all come back home to celebrate with you. Shortly after I came back, you called me. You called me on FaceTime, and I said you were looking good, and I even shed some happy tears just because you were able to call me. You looked so beautiful that day. It was a huge thing for Seyi and I. However, I didn’t know you were calling me to say goodbye over the phone. Mummy, I was counting on you making it. I had plans. When daddy called me to tell me you passed, I screamed and cried for hours, but in the end, I understood. There are so many things to be thankful for, and it is only fair that I let you go and rest. You fought mummy. I know you did. You wanted to spend a bit more time with us. I know that, and so I’m grateful. Thank you for being brave, bold, strong, courageous and for loving, caring, giving, sacrificing and helping me build my life.

Mummy, I still have that beautiful video you did for me on my 40th birthday, and I watch it every day. You were a good mother. I love you, mummy. I will never forget the great memories and everything you taught me. We shall see again. Until then, please rest well in the bosom of our Lord.

Posted by ronke adenekan on May 8, 2021
Ah Mama Chi this is sooooo hard and I think its going to be brief . A true Mother in Israel, Mothering was your specialty and strength and you knew it . I want to thank God Almighty for bringing me your way . Our relationship was special you knew you could depend on me and I on you too. It seemed that that was all I could offer you but we carried on like that through the years. I think you sensed that I liked my space and you honoured that. Tears roll down my face as I recollect that you were my safe Haven and I hope I was able to gift you something no matter how small. You were my go to person on so many issues e.g bringing up children , church duties  discussions on Christian values etc, and health. You were a vessel filled with wisdom and I drank freely. Your loving and care was seriously addictive and it came easy to you . Your counsel was always robust and honest and how I will miss that . Mama Chi I will miss you in so many ways especially when your children begin to get married.Where is my igi lehin ogba ? She's gone to rest and indeed you deserve to rest from the toils of this world forever happy with the Lord you loved so much. Well now I seek a new seamstress whom I know will be nothing like you but I have no choice do I. Well if you do see me from where you are don't forget me you have become an angel for me. Your children will miss you I told only one of them others are having exams She was so sad a number of times I came to visit you in the hospital she would wait for me downstairs.
Well just to let you know that I love you to the moon and back and treasure the sweet memories of those times we shared together at the shop. I am consoled by your love for Christ and that you are with your first love at peace and at rest . Its me your Ronke love you always.

Posted by Mary Abodunrin on May 8, 2021
IT is a worthy statement that it is not really how long one stays on the surface of the earth rather it is the impact that matter, for Mrs Bisi Egejuru, until her death, she played her part very well as caring mother, sister, Aunt and most importantly gave her life to her Lord and saviour, Jesus Christ.

Bisi, your life with us always be remembered, you have been the perfect, gentle and wonderful woman to everyone you came across. They will always remember you for the different things you are to them. To me MARY, you are the woman that loved people called frequently and love God very much. To your children, good mother and you gave them the best in life with godly discipline. To your husband, you loved and cared for him all his life even through difficult times. To yours sisters and other family members, you remained a caring and loving sister,a lways there to contribute positively to peace and togetherness. To the Government, you dedicated years of service up till retirement. To church you were always there for each member of the church in giving, loving, caring, concern and dedicated to the service of God, sister Bisi, it is painful to loose you now,is still a shock over your death but God knows the best, l wish you Farewell as you transition into bossom of the Lord,
Posted by Oluwatoke Adesanya on May 7, 2021
You are a rare gem Mom, disciplinarian but loving,God-fearing and kind hearted. Hospitable ,humble,loyal, trust worthy, a godly philanthropist , cares about all, selfless and reliable.This dear Mom I met just 2yrs ago seems I knew her 20yrs ago because of her impact in my life. She gave me another impression about the rich and high in the body of Christ, took my family as if we are her blood, care more about the less privileged and Support them bouyantly .YOU ARE INDEED A BLESSING FOR THE SHORT LIFE WELL SPENT. I HAVE NO DOUBT YOU ARE RESTING IN THE BOSSOM OF CHRIST.REST ON SWEET MUM. BLESSED IS THE DEATH OF THE RIGHTEOUS. I PRAY TO TAKE UP THE GREAT LEGACY YOU LEFT BEHIND MUM...GOD HELPING ME.From Elect Sanctuary.GRA,Ikeja.
Posted by Dayo Bisola-Ojo on May 7, 2021
Romans 14 verse 8 (NIV) "if we live, we live for the Lord, and if we die, we die, we die for the Lord. So, whether we live or die, we belong to the Lord".
Mummy Egejuru as she is fondly called lived and died for the Lord. Knowing her for over two (2)decades from Foursquare Gospel Church, Elects Chapel, G. R. A I can confidently say she was what the Bible described in Proverbs 31 verses 10-31.
Dr Mrs Egejuru aptly described what good stewardship is all about.
She gave and dedicated her life to the service of God and imparting the lives of all that came in contact with her.
She gave her resources to the growth of the gospel and to help the needy. Her talents were also used to win souls to the kingdom of God.
She empowered so many people through her philanthropic act. I have lost count of people she singlehandedly bankrolled the naming ceremonies of their children because they lack the means to do it. Not to talk of school fees she paid and the young ones that she accommodated in her house.
I cannot forget easily the banquet you set before us during our tenure together without collecting a dime from the church and your words of wisdom during deliberation as council members of Foursquare Gospel Church, GRA.
Was it giving to the church projects or whenever i come calling for support to either the welfare programs or the children programs when I was the head of the the departments. Your response then, was " sister, elo le fe kin fun yin" meaning sister, how much do you want me to give.
Mummy, you have lived well, Heaven has gained a saint.
Sleep on beloved, your legacy lives on.
Posted by Daniel Agbator on May 6, 2021
Though I was not too close to you in person, yet from your warm reception and commitment to God's work, I have always see you as a role model worthy of emulation. You were among the few that kept me in my days with foursquare church(Elects Sanctuary). Words are not enough to describe this deep shock of your departure. But who am I to question GOD? Rest perfectly in the Bossom of the Almighty BIG MUMMY.
Posted by Joshua Wang on May 6, 2021
The exact words to let out fail me. For me it’s starts with the FOC (Faithful Ones Club) meetings in the house in GRA. We were welcomed with open arms by Mummy all the time. I’d miss how you’d call me “Josh” with a smile and a big hug. You dedicated yourself to the work of God in Elects chapel, a soldier for Christ and a mother for we the younger generation.
I feel specifically bad I wasn’t able to at least see you one last time in the recent years, I’d have to rely on the many memories.
May you rest in the bosom of the lord. With all love, Joshua Wang.
Posted by Chundung Wang on May 5, 2021
Sister Bisi was a wonderful woman full of life, there was no dull moment with her, a woman who Loved God so much, she serve him with commitment and dedication, a woman who touched many people with love and generosity. She shall be greatly missed. My heartfelt condolences to the Egejuru's and everyone who knew her.
Posted by ELECTS' SANCTUARY on May 5, 2021
On behalf of Zonal FWI. It is very difficult to put feeling into words. As I write with a heavy heart. I ponder on how to get accustomed to referencing you in past tense. You demonstrated all the attribute of a virtues woman whose price is worth far more than rubies. A woman of noble character. You were the Deborah and Dorcas of your generation. A great woman of valour and of God, whose legacies would live on the positive, patriotic, honest, faith and trust in God till her last breath.

Eld. (Mrs) Olabisi Egejuru was selfless and passionate for the work of God. She was ready to always offer her best to anyone that comes her way regardless of tribe, status and religion. She gave her all to humanity with fear of God. She loved God with the whole of her life. She was a woman of integrity, a mentor to FWI both young and old in GRA Zone.
A gem is gone. We will forever remember you. It is so hard and difficult to accept this sad and shocking news.

Good night. Rest in peace. Till we meet to part no more.

Funke Akanbi
Zonal FWI President
Posted by Titilayomi Alabi on May 5, 2021
Hmmmmm, I don't even know were to start from. You have never fronwed at me when ever I come for tfare to sch on Sundays, you are a cheerful giver, you are a mentor to many youths. I am still trying to think about you waving at me some weeks ago at yaba, Not knowing that you have gone to be with your
Lover (Jesus) who loves you more than we do.we will miss you ma.
Posted by isiaka temitayo on May 5, 2021
Mrs Egejuru, hmmm... very humble and easy going mama, I remember when as a child,after choir practice in her house,we will stay back and play,she was so welcoming and took a lot of us as family. How she cared for my late mum. Her transition was greatly felt. She will be missed dearly. May God comfort her family at this time and grant her eternal peace
Posted by taire emma on May 5, 2021
Now I’m scared about life again. Not like It ceases to amaze but Mummy is too special...Bless me in many ways. Couple times I had privilege with mom at Bis Bis / Shepherds, at Church and I Came countless times for pocket money to school and I can never find a mom and friend ✝️
Posted by Funmilayo Ogunsanwo on May 5, 2021

The journey started in 1994 when my family and I joined the Foursquare Gospel Church (Elects Chapel) as it was then called.The church operated from a rented hall within the Onyx Plaza at Sobo Aribiodu street Ikeja GRA.
Siter Egejuru was already there , together with her husband and children playing active roles in the choir.
Within a short time, i noticed our sister's commitment, her enthusiasm for the work of God.Her love for people,church, and genuine love for seed sowing in the Lord's vineyard.
As the church progressed, she automatically became our first FWI PRESIDENT, the position she held for 5years. She was diligent,kind,energetic, humble,reliable, and industrious.
During her time, several visits were made to the SOS village in Isolo for presentation of gifts, she encouraged evangelism, and visitation among members. She was a teacher, counselor, and a 'mother 'to all.She built strong personal relationship with everyone.
She supported subsequent FWI presidents and nurtured them to maturity.
I remember when i became the president in 2017,we became even closer than before.She supported me so much.when i initiated the once a week tuesday prayer meeting for women tagged 'NEW BEGINNING', for 5pm,sister Egejuru would be among the first sisters to show up.She would text or call in advance if she would not be available at any gathering of the women.She willingly accepted our invitation as guest speaker at various programs and she always delivered inspirational messages .
When covid 19 came,and all the church programs moved virally, the women were not exempted. We keyed into the daily prayer points raised by the National FWI .We continued through WhatsApp and prayed everyday for over one year. We, typed and typed for one hour every day. Sister Egejuru was one of my 'regulars' on the roaster.She delivered diligently and never complained.None of us knew anything very serious was happening to her.Her main health issue, she would announce to anyone who cared to listen,and she was always coming to give testimonies for the goodness of God.
Then one day, sister did not show up to take her prayer point on the whatsapp platform ,and no reason was given. I smelt a rat , i quickly connected to her private chat , "sister ,ki lo de? I asked, she replied 'sister Ogunsanwo, mi o le type' i cannot type.,tears rolled out from my eyes,that was the beginning of what we are celebrating now, the life of a sister that gave her all.
Elects women visited her in the hospital last on February 14th, the valentine's day.we had a nice time with her. She gave us a prayer point ,to pray against the 'flesh' as her faith was failing and strength declining. As she responded to us, she looked away from our faces tears dropped uncontrollably from her eyes..We still prayed and believed God for divine healing.We love her but God's will is for her to return home.
"Death, be not proud ",according to John Donne the sonnet poet, Donne presented death as a powerless figure ,that does not kill people, but instead,it liberates their souls and direct them to eternal life.....this surely is the true case of our dear sister and mother in the Lord.
Ecclesiastes 3, 1-2 said it all.Our sister had done her own and left for home.
May her very gently soul, rest in perfect peace.AMEN 

Posted by Egejuru Chukwuemeka on May 5, 2021
Know that you will never be forgotten and always loved. I was so privileged to have you as my very special aunt that meant so very much to me. If only we could have had you here. The beautiful, loving and caring heart you had. I remembered how many times you rescued me at last minute.
Farewell my big auntie you fought a good fight and won the race. You left a legacy that will be read through the generations, current and to come. You left a mark in our hearts, and nothing will ever erase. It is indelible in our hearts.You were a gem and will remain to be cherished,
Surely auntie, our love for you will forever remain.
Posted by Chinenye Igoni on May 4, 2021
It's hard to believe you're gone, mummy! The house is unusually quiet. These past years, you've been my confidante, a cheerful giver, the best wife, mother, grandmother and aunt in the Egejuru's family.
You didn't know much about me when I first came to Lagos, yet you welcomed me. You took me as the last born of the family. What I won't forget in a hurry is that despite being on your sick bed, you still paid my school fees without me asking. And as if that wasn't enough, you told me everything I needed would be provided.
What an amazing person you are!
You made me have all the wonderful experiences I never dreamed of.
God knows I can't mention everything you've done for me.
You taught me discipline and self respect and for that, I would always be grateful.
Lay down your head on our saviour's bosom. I love you, mummy but God loves you more. Goodbye mummy, till we meet to part no more.
Posted by Dapo Salawu on May 3, 2021
“So go and run free with the angels
Dance around the golden clouds
For the Lord has chosen you to be with Him.
And we should feel nothing but proud
Although he has taken you from us
And our pain a lifetime will last
Your memory will never escape us
But make us glad for the time we did have
Your face will always be hidden
Deep inside our hearts
Each precious moment you gave us
Shall never, ever depart
So go and run free with the angels
As they sing so tenderly
And please be sure to tell them
To take good care of you for us”
Bisi, you were a queen by birth and character. A virtuous woman. You served your God and humanity without any apology.

To me , Bisi was a fiery spark full of love and determination.  She was beautiful, smart, challenging, empathetic and encouraging. She always looked to grow; to better herself as a person, a professional and a Christian.She was devoted to Christ and Kingdom life.
She was the powerful type of woman that we see challenging our society today and I deeply loved that about her.
God used you to beautify me with all the beautiful and stylish attires you made for me. I turn out glamorous anytime I wear them. I will miss your friendship and encouragement anytime we communicated. Thank you for being there for me. I love you but Jesus loves you more.
“Death has been swallowed in Victory”Sunre o. We shall meet again in Heaven.
Your friend and sister,
Toyin Salawu
Posted by Abiola Olubiyi on May 3, 2021
I put off writing this tribute because I haven't been able to fully accept the fact that you have passed on. It's so hard.

Where do I start?

My husband and I first met you and your husband some 33+ years ago at the Ogba Fellowship (anchored by Dr Tunde Ogunnaike). You were then pregnant with Ladunni, your last born child.

Our friendship slowly evolved over the years, from your being a medical adviser, to the person who designed and made my clothes, to a close confidante and big sister.

I became a regular feature at your family celebrations - your sisters' birthdays, nieces' weddings, your parents' funerals etc. It was a role I gladly accepted.

You were always one of my first port of call over any medical issues I had. You were there for me a few years ago when my husband had a brain aneurysm and had to undergo emergency brain surgery (craniotomy) at LASUTH.

You dashed to meet us at LASUTH, where we had rushed my unconscious husband to. It was you who took the decision to get him admitted that night to the Critical Care Unit (CCU), the private and more expensive arm of LASUTH when my husband was turned away from the general unit due to lack of bed space. All hope appeared lost.

Again, it was you who took the decision the following night to have the brain surgery done in the CCU when we were offered two options - have it done in the general unit or CCU.

It was you who reviewed his case notes with the LASUTH medical personnel in the CCU, proffering your own suggestions/opinion, and reassuring yourself and us that the right steps were being taken.

It was you who went to inform the LASUTH CCU theatre staff to get ready for the emergency operation (craniotomy) to be done for my husband that night, while I tagged along, still bemused with shock. You stood by us like a rock during those harrowing times.

Thankfully the surgery went well, with my husband's survival and recovery.

I could go on and on.

What about your love and care for my siblings and mother? You were just there for all of us - in seasons of joy, and in challenging times.

You were so generous, always picking up needy people and giving them the much required financial assistance. Many times you made clothes for my daughters (with my giving you the usual short notice!), and when I asked you for the bill, you would either waive it or tell me to pay what I could afford. You were a hard working person, who wasn't afraid of hard work. 

What about your cooking skills? They were second to none, with your specialist efo riro and all types of finger licking Igbo soups.

You were hospitable in the real sense of the word. You gave of yourself - time, resources, money. You were also a prayer warrior, always concerned about others, and making an impact on their lives. On your sick bed, you were still praying for others. You truly loved the Lord.

You helped my husband make a surprise outfit for me two years ago, when on a sick bed, he was agitated about what to give me for my birthday. He reached out to you, and you made me a very nice outfit, having sourced the fabric yourself. What a pleasant surprise. My husband misses you and says he's concerned about whom he will reach out to, to help him spring such pleasant surprises on his wife.

When I visited you in hospital just about a week before you passed on, you could only wave feebly at me. I became disturbed, but still held on to God for His miracle. Only to hear the devastating news a little while later that you had passed on.

Sis Bisi, my big sister is gone. But then, I know that God loves you more, and drew you home where there is no more pain.

Rest in perfect peace, dear Sis Bisi. I miss our many chats. I miss your calls.

I console myself with the fact that you have only gone ahead to join the cloud of witnesses that are cheering those of us on earth to the finishing line!
Posted by Ayinke Makanjuola on May 3, 2021
There appeared to be nothing good about the day I learnt about Bisi's demise. We had prayed that one day, we would be greeted by the news of her sudden recovery. Yet, the contrary was the case and we were left to deal with the heaviness brought on by her departure.

However, as I was left to come to terms with the fact that on this side of eternity there will be no more smiles and hellos from Bisi, I was comforted by the fact that because she lived well, she is not gone forever but has gone to rest in the arms of Jesus. Indeed, for her the strive is over and eternal rest is in play!

Bisi was not just a Christian on paper, she lived out her faith. Without a doubt, she loved the Lord.

She was a giver and spent her years sowing into the lives of the people who crossed her path. She not only gave her resources, she also gave herself. Her time.

She was warm and cheerful, lighting up every room, group or even life she walked into.

She was indeed a beautiful soul both inside and outside.

I remember when I initially moved into her estate, she visited me with loads of goodies and we really did think that we had many years of a neighbourhood based close relationship to look forward to but alas, the pandemic happened, forcing everyone to stay indoors and just when things began to normalize again, Bisi went to be with the Lord. Despite how painful all of this is, my comfort lies in the fact that even though Bisi is no longer with us, she is very much alive in the Lord, enjoying the rewards of her years of labour in His vineyard.
Posted by Ada Ufomadu on May 3, 2021
My darling mother!!! Olabisi Folamole Egejuru! I miss you so much. My best friend and confidant. We had talked about celebrating my 40th and your 70th together, revamping BisBis business model for the next level and purposefully working towards the release of my debut music album! You were such a strong pillar and support! You stood by me like a rock!, encouraged me through difficult times and called me almost every day of the week to ask about my welfare and remind me of how much you loved me. Who do I talk to now? Who would pray and fast with me? I surrender to the perfect will of God. I do not fault His decision to call you home because I know His ways are perfect and His intentions are good always. After all, we are created for His pleasure and I am reminded that it has never been about us, but about Him. I pray every day for grace to keep up the energy to live life and to never lose focus on the things that really matter- things that are of eternal value.

You lived a great life mum, I doff my hat for you! I saw you grow, from having little or nothing to being comfortable and then possessing more than enough to be a blessing. Watching you, I learnt patience, perseverance, faith, hard work and generosity. You worked hard and smart, very intelligent, focused and industrious. Yet, you made time for family, friends and for the church. You gave your time, resources and talents to people who could never afford to repay you and you did this over and over again. You deliberately looked out for people who needed help and you reached out. You made everyone feel special. Thank you mum.

Oluwajinkimi (Uchenna) and Omorinsola (Uzoma) miss you so much. Of all the five grandchildren God blessed you with before you left, Uchenna and Uzoma spent the most time with you- doing homework, sleeping over when I travelled, holidays, going on outings with you and so on. They treasured every day they spent at Omole and reminisced when we got home. Every time you travelled, every single time, you would return with two large suitcases full of clothes for the girls. I never had to shop for them! You knew their clothes and shoes sizes, all five grandchildren!! My superwoman mummy! Thank you.

Your life was indeed an open book. You said it as it was and you were never afraid to tell the truth to anyone. You were real and down to earth. Disciplined and principled. Yet soft and approachable, kind- almost to a fault. You were a happy woman, nothing ever subdued your spirit. For you, there was no time to be moody and gloomy, there was so much to do (like you always said). I am happy you made out time to enjoy yourself and do the things you loved to do, despite your busy lifestyle. You were very vocal and clear about what you wanted, how you loved to be pampered, what you liked and disliked.

Jerusalem! Oh! I wish I did more “Jerusalems” for you- rub your feet until you slept. I wish I had a chance to say a proper good bye on the Friday you passed. I had a dream two days before you passed that someone close to me died; but to show how much we believed that you would overcome the illness, I never ascribed that death to you. I wish you stayed a little longer mum, you seemed like you would never go. I have sleepless nights now trying to accept your exit, my life is changing, you have left a big void, and I really don’t know where to start. Things began to fall apart when you had to travel for your medicals. It became glaring how much you held things together at the home front and in our lives as children. You were everywhere! And not just for me, but for everyone around you! I open my wardrobe, I see your hand everywhere, I look around my house, I see you and the things you did. You bought this, you handled that, you introduced me to this person, you advised me on that, you were a very active character in my life up until you passed. Oh Lord!

Maami, I celebrate you. You were a wise woman; you worked, lived life and invested in people and the future. I say a big thank you! Thank you mum. You did very well. Rest, I will see you again. You will always be remembered, loved and greatly missed. I feel you watching me every day like my guardian angel. I pray for strength for myself, my siblings and daddy, because the impact of your absence is unquantifiable. Things will never be the same without you. I miss you mum, I can’t believe how much I miss you. Keep resting in the arms of your Father. You really tried, you fought, and indeed you conquered. I love you forever mum.

It’s me, Ada

Posted by Bose Ogunsanwo on April 30, 2021
Olabisi ,BisBis, Abis, Our Pressy , my PressyEm , my dear dear friend — you left us just like that , & we have now faced that reality forever ‼️

We still praise God for your memorable & fulfilling life. You were blessed & was a blessing .
A naturally brilliant medical Doctor & gifted designer of repute.My family dressmaker of 20years plus; I will surely miss our once in a while tête-à-tête on my way to Airport office, either for advice on spiritual/medical/business/ QS matters

You served Queens School to the best of your ability as President 2013-2015 of our EXCO (in the gallery ) ; on which day you passed on the torch of Presidency to me by subtle persuasion for health reasons. Even those shoes as President was too big for me to step in ; bearing in mind that I only spent 5/6 months in the year in the country then, thereby holding online meetings with several telephone ☎️ calls to our wonderful Exco Team ( reasons I was reluctant to take up any post).

When Queens  who loved you as Pressy Bisi wanted to know how to address you after your exit— I suggested Pressy Emeritus/Emerita — which suited you & went well with Queens on QS general platform.
Bisi -PressyEm was still ready to assist Nike Sode our Vice President in my absence. You were ready to spend or be spent for Queens School .

Sleep well dear

QS old girls are mourning your passage , but like believing Christians will celebrate your life

May the good Lord comfort your husband , children, family & loved ones.

We love you but Your creator loves ❤️ you more .

May light perpetual shine upon you Bisi & May your soul & souls of faithful departed through the mercy of God Rest In Peace ☮️ till we meet at the feet of Jesus in the New Jerusalem singing divine praises for eternity

Jerusalem ( 2x) lift up your gates & sing - Hossana in the highest , Hosanna to our king

Rest In Peace ☮️ darling BisBis & as you used to say —I love you scatter scatter, me too loved you scatter scatter scatter

Bose (Runsewe)OGUNSANWO
QSOGA Lagos Chapter
President 2015-17

Posted by Ikechukwu Egejuru on April 30, 2021
A woman who did everything within her capacity to give me the best. You were strong from the beginning to the end. Principled, pragmatic and practical. You were very principled and pragmatic in your approach to things, which I realised that it is love. You did not mind whose ox is goad as long as you played out the truth. Your heart was healthy towards both  entire families and friends. I believe you could have been a great leader and data scientists due to your predictions and decisions.  A dutiful disciplinarian, you did not spare the rod. You lavishly and lovingly gave us a treat of the rod everyday. For this, we are grateful. The very many rods have made us fit in the society. Mummy, you did not leave us to be punished by society. For this, I say THANK YOU.
The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time and no one really knows why they are alive until they know what they'd die for. Mummy rest in peace and I miss you.
Posted by Mariam Onuzo on April 30, 2021
I celebrate the life of Dr Bisi Egejuru, aptly described by Rachael Ariyo, as the “Dorcas of our day”.
Bisi lived life to the fullest, but her joy came from ensuring that everyone she encountered, did the same. She was always very elegantly dressed and as a creative designer, all her clients mirrored her style. One of my daughters said recently, that when Mrs Egejuru makes your outfit, you suddenly discover that you have a “shape “!
Bisi was an accomplished anaesthetist and reached the pinnacle of her profession, but she was even more renowned as Bis Bis, the couturier. Her clients became family and were always assured of a warm smile, loads of laughter, divine counsel and a meal of jollof rice or amala t’ogbono feli feli, if desired.
Mrs Egejuru was the matriarch at Foursquare Gospel Church, GRA Ikeja. Apart from her four biological children, she mothered, housed, fed and generally nurtured everyone God sent her way.
Bisi and I were on the board of a charity which provided free, qualitative education for the less privileged. She not only provided financial sponsorships but went through termly school reports with a fine tooth comb and applauded, encouraged or admonished the children, as warranted.
May God, the Spirit of Comfort, console Dr James, your children, grandchildren, family members and all of us.
Bisi, thank you for leaving us with a Christlike example to follow.
She came, she saw, she conquered!!
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Posted by Dele Amosun on June 2, 2021
As classmates at the Federal School of Science in Lagos, Nigeria, you lived a life that radiated the glory of God. I later found out that you were classmates at Queens School, Ibadan with Funmi Rogers who I later married. So having you as a friend to my wife and I individually and together made you special to us. Your short visit to Cape Town was a renewal of that friendship. We were looking forward to a thanksgiving celebration in Lagos, but now we can celebrate your life with thanksgiving to our faithful and loving God who alone is wise!
Posted by Lanre Ajayi on May 31, 2021
Bisi darling,
I am glad our paths crossed when we attended Queen’s School as children. You are a very rare gem. You have been a blessing and example of what it means to be a true child of the almighty. I know we miss you here on earth but God called an angel home. Who are we to question him. We all miss you but God loves you more. Sun re o Bisi. May the almighty protect all your loved ones left behind.
Posted by Jimi Ogbobine on May 31, 2021
I would always remember you for lots of positive moments. Firstly, in our workplace, you would probably have won an award for the most popular mother. You were known for always calling your daughter Ada to regularly check up on her.

I also grew to know you personally during your health challenges. In all of these, your personal courage and hope in God were qualities that always stood out. You faced your health challenges with dignity and trust in the Lord.

Even amidst these challenges, you still looked out for others. You still carried the burden of others. You were still very much the Mother Hen looking out for her chicks.

You will be sorely missed and I pray the good Lord grants your loved ones complete faith in His sovereign decision to call you back from your sojourn in this world.
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Shared by Foluso Oyegbesan on May 10, 2021
My very dear Bisi words are not enough to express the bond we both had together since 1966 when we met at Queen's School Ede.We were in the same S class,went to different universities,yet we kept in touch one way or the other,till you left this world. Each stage of our lives,we  always bonded despite the fact I had to relocate to London to take care of my family.I really miss you and expected you back in England to continue your treatment, lo and behold you couldn't make it which i attributed it to the Covid-19 lockdown. You came from a beautiful family and you had a beautiful heart. I really miss you as I never thought for a moment that you will pass on so soon. You were a fighter and I believed you would win the battle but God had a better plan for you. I have come to terms with your passing on to greater glory. In your own little way,you impacted a lot in the lives of so many people.. It is nice to be good Sun re o, Bisi omo papa ati mama Philip.Goodnight dear.

A women of virtue

Shared by mark Duke on May 5, 2021 mother, my inspiration God's gift in my life, a true daughter of christ, who lived a true life of a true Christian, mum you reached out to so many souls, the joy within me with assurance ur with the lord, thanks for the moments mum, i still see the smiles on ur face, the dancing steps at every given times in God's presence, i feel so pained within me i couldn't express the love you and care you showed to me....till we meet again mum.
Shared by Hector Augustus on April 23, 2021
It is not length of life, but depth of life. We all die. The goal isn’t to live forever, the goal is to create something that will. Certainly you did create so much, though you left when I least expected , with so much plans and lives to touch . 
By 7:30 pm today will mark the 14th days you gave up for a better place, where there is no cervical cancer, no sickness at all , no worries , no pain .
  • If you can hear me, please let your good spirit guide your husband. I miss you ma'am.