This memorial website was created in memory of our beloved daughter, sister and loved one, Olabisi Kolawole. You will forever be missed. We will love and miss you. We pray you will continue to rest on with the Lord.
Posted by Kelvin Kalu on June 4, 2021
"Bysy" that's the way I called you and you loved it. My Queen of songs, God's dependable foot soldier. Although you've taken a bow to Gloryville, you remain forever missed on this side. Adieu great woman of God till we meet to part no more.
Posted by Nnenna Ekundayo on May 28, 2021
Been finding this hard to process... Labisco like I would always call you. You were indeed the light of the party, a cheerful giver, an encourager, a worshipper of our God.. Your memory lingers. Rest in peace beautiful soul.
Posted by Abimbola Toni-Daramola on May 28, 2021
Labis of God, hmmm! Too many things to say about you babes. It was shocking to hear you eventually passed, as we agreed in prayer once we got the news, trusting God for a restoration, I even left you a message on WhatsApp, cos I was sure you would come round, Alas! So much has been said of your kindness,which I have experienced in numerous ways. I remember your first trip to the US, you came home bearing gifts for my baby boy, I was surprised because I wasnt expecting a thing. Such is the kindness of your heart babes. We will miss you on this side, but I sure know the mass choir above just added a dynamic soprano singer. Rest on sis, I pray the comforter will do His work in the lives of everyone you left behind: Mum, Sis Bukky and everyone! Blaze on Amazon!!
Posted by Afolayan Oluwasekemi on May 28, 2021
I was deeply saddened to hear the disheartening news. My deepest sympathies to your family for this great loss.
I pray that your gentle soul rest in peace, we sure love you but God loves you more...

Adieu Sis
Posted by Ikechukwu Iroanyanwu on May 27, 2021
This is really still shocking. It's so sad but God needed Anty Bisi home. I pray you continue to rest in the bosom of our Lord. Amen
Posted by Joshua Olorunkiya on May 27, 2021
The news of your departure came on us like a movie. It was difficult to believe and I had quickly inform your friend "Ore mi Olowo". Your crossing over from this side to eternity may be painful but God understands above all our human limitations. We will forever miss you on this side. Rest in Peace. Joshua & Esther Olorunkiya
Posted by Oluwabusolami Bright on May 27, 2021
My Mummy.

My fire brigadier. My Knight in shining Armor
My No Nonsense Woman.

I have been in denial about your demise for the longest.
And to be honest I don’t know which is the hardest, coming to terms that you are really gone or my inability to process that God can still wake you but can’t and won’t for reasons best known.
It has been a very tough choice to process the thoughts of not seeing or hearing from you again.

You are many things, but the best is you playing the role of a mother. You have done it so well. And your baby is grateful.

I am going to miss you. Your existence. The very space you occupy. The love you share, the care you give, the discipline you instill, the faith you have in God, the lessons you taught.

You are that giver who deserves all the giving, the lover who deserves all the love, the bearer whose burdens needed bearing, the consoler who needed to be consoled, the happy pill who deserves all the joy sent her way.

You took responsibility for me like it is what you have been waiting for, you fought for me and stood behind me. You taught me most things I know about being a modest woman in the world of today. You taught me the act of giving without second thoughts, you taught me how to be stronger in my faith with God.
You taught me to take life one step at a time. Even when everything seem to be falling apart, you never freight, you stand and say, as long as God is on the throne, we move and God comes through.
Your heart is so large but you have no space for keeping bad records. Your Forgiving spirit is second to none.

I will miss you my Big friend, Sister, Carer, parent, mom in all.
I will miss Banting internet slangs with you.
I will miss fighting you to go to sleep
I will miss all our endless gists and chronicles of break up stories.
I will miss all your cookings.
I will miss you praying with me and telling me “are you going to church iwo omo yi”

You will tell me that, there’s nothing I have or will face that no one hasn’t faced before, and then go on to find a story from somewhere that ends up making me feel better.
Talking with you always ended up with serious jokes! To be honest you are In the Highlights of my life’s journey.

I have so much I want to share with you. On Mother’s Day, I still promised to make you so proud and you said you can’t wait. It hurts to actually realize that you didn’t wait.

I literally can’t have a full conversation without mentioning something about you, it got to a point that my friends teased that, I am not the only one who has a Mum o. Lol. It is always my proudest moment, yes, I brag about you.

I wish you don’t tell me to keep my chin-chin change when I offered to give you money.
You will say “what is wrong with this one, you better keep your chin-chin change, you will need it, don’t worry about me”
And instead you still send me money.

Your demise makes me really sad. I am finding it hard to get by, because who will I cry to for care of attention?
Who will I rant to about my friends that gets me pissed?
Who will give me abroad gist?
Who will I set my alarm for, to catch up with at night!
The only reason we don’t sing together is how off my voice comes, and you say my dear don’t bother.

I am yet to meet anyone like you.
You are an angel in human form.
Perhaps, it is why heaven can’t wait to have you back.

To me it is too soon and I wish we had more time. Just a little bit maybe.
But I am gradually coming to terms.

If for anything. I am grateful and proud that we are put in the same family, that I know you and got to be a part of your journey. You lived a very impactful life.
I read what most people have to say, and realized I only caught a glimpse of you, you were more, way bigger than one’s imagination.
You are the life of the party and discussion, whether Faith, Education, Accountability, JOKES or anything.
I celebrate you! You lived a purposeful life!

Thank you for being You. I love you so much and I miss you.
Posted by Ethel Obiamaka on May 26, 2021
I just got the news of your demise. My heart is so heavy. You were a beautiful soul, full of love and faith. You touched so many hearts. You touched mine too while we were both in the church's choir. You had a good heart. You were generous and full of warmth. I still have the pair of shoes you gave to me, sis. You loved God and you gave your time, energy, resources, and your life for God's agenda.
It's only Jesus Christ that can fill the void your passing has left in our lives.
May the Holy Spirit comfort your family and us all.
Rest in Christ's love, beautiful, classy sis.
Posted by ademola adeniyi on May 26, 2021
Olabisi Omo Maami! Where will I start from? Too many memories shared together. How do I describe a sister from another mother? Still in shock and honestly still waiting to hear that you're alive and well. Olabisi, omo maami as we fondly call ourselves, you were a life worth emulating. I remember my days living within the 4square church premises, you and your sister Bukola were always there to cheer me. Most times, food, monies, gifts, supports, etc were your accompanying visitors. You were there at my lowest time.

In the Choir, We fight, argue and disagree but we agree again. your passion for the work of ministry in contagious and genuine. You were all out. I love your kind of love for God ooooo, because it is genuinely compassionate and it can be touched. Your yes was yes and ni was no. You dont mince words. Anything andor anyone you believe in, you go all out. It's unfortunate this is coming when you are no longer here to read this.

You remember our time in veritas studio, "Wéré ló ba mi sé"? I still have the audio with me and I will forever cherish that moment. I also remember you went with me to the then Greenland Studio at Papa Ajao to record without requesting a dime. That song is also still alive and I will forever cherish it.

thank you for being yourself and thank you for giving to the Lord. I am indeed a life that was changed because Olabis Olalohunpe Kolawole Omo maami gave.

Rest in Peace my lovely sister from another mother.
Posted by Bukola Salako on May 25, 2021
My very own Olabisi Ayodeji Oluwakemi Abosede Olalohunpe Anike Kolawole. My heart has been very heavy. I still hope you will get up and say "God wants to proof he is still in the business of raising the dead". I have never needed a miracle as bad as when I needed God to spare your life but alas! God sits in the heavens and does whatever he pleases.
We are from the same womb but different in so many ways. Even when I am unhappy with you I still loved you. You are to me what the Yorubas call "Dada o le ja sugbon o ni aburo to gboju."
Your sense of humor is unrivalled, you are the life of a party. I talk about you at the slightest opportunity. You are a giver per excellence. You loved to look good and go all out to do it.

Who will I send funny videos and photographs of your nephew and nieces to?
Who will call my husband Uncle K?
Who will my husband plan all those mischievous surprises with?
Who will I share those hymnal sessions with?
Who will my children do WhatsApp chat with?
Who do I call to share what I can't share with no one?
Who will mummy call to report me?
Who will I call to report mummy?
Who will call me sistoli, sisto, my five sisters in one?
Who will write me long birthday notes?
Can't you see? I still have the 2020 and 2021 notes:

Oluwabukolami Folakemi Agbeke

Happy Birthday to my only sister and only sibling, the one that was tailor made for me.
Sisto, on a day like this, I am just here pondering about all our fights and arguments, how our thought lines are so different when it comes to the issues of life, how we argue and disagree over every little thing, how we will fight as youngsters and I bite you but I will still be the one crying (that’s hilarious), how you will still call me for every decision you want to make and still trusting my judgement on fashion with me still being hundreds of thousand miles away. How can I forget the time God used you to save me from death in 2016 (I am sure you are an angel)

How can I forget how you were my strength and cover when I lost it all in 2016. How you and Uncle K joyfully paid all my bills, and you don’t even want a thank you in return. How you can call me everyday in a month and not complain for once that I have not called you.

You know I have said it to outsiders a few times that I feel you love me more than I love myself. I have not for once wished to have many siblings because you are an embodiment of every other sibling I could ever wish for (2 is a company and 3 is a crowd like we say)

Thank you for worrying sick about me everytime, thank you for not letting me have my way all the time, thank you for trusting my judgement in a few issues, thank you for bringing home the best brother-in-law ever (I doubt if God still make men like that). Thank you for my super duper cute nephew and nieces, thank you for all the fights and disagreements, I always hear you even when you don’t think I am listening, thank you for always acting like I am still 12 years old or less ( though it can be pretty annoying), thank you for depriving yourself sleep at times due to time difference to gist with me, thank you for the times you have disturbed my sleep (forgetting time difference) just to gist. Thank you for all the love you have shown me. I love you much more SISTOLI.

My own one and only sister, my own blood, one of my greatest blessing from God, my own personal cheerleader. I can't begin to tell you how much I love you, all the dictionaries in the world don't have a word that best describes how lucky I am to have you as my sister. Blessed to have shared the same womb with you. There is no gift enough to appreciate your love and sacrifices for me over the years. Love you so so much, Sisto.

I can go on and on Olabisi and still not exhaust our gist.
Sleep on my darling Lil Sis till we meet again in glory.
Posted by Elizabeth Aladetan on May 25, 2021
Aunty B my aunty from another mother. I am still shock of your suddenly death but who am I to question Our maker.Thank you for being a good aunty to me.Thank you for everything till we meet again. You are one in a million. I remember when I couldn't pay for my choir uniform without telling you you always pay and always change my wardrobe for me telling me you believe so much in me.i will never let you down my sweet aunty.i love you but God love you more.
Posted by Oluwapelumi Benson on May 25, 2021
Hmmm... Olalohunpe mi. Sis Labis mi...
You left my corner without notice.

Life with you was great..I mean great.
You shared alot with me...and Oreoluwa Bini. We were soul sisters. Your love for God and his people was genuine. You gave without looking back. You served God till your last wonder you died at your post.

Thank you for carrying my wedding on your head. Even far away USA, you were closer. Your happiness for me that day was so palpable. You stayed up all night chatting with me on phone..ensuring I was well prepared for the Church wedding service.

You called a week after my wedding to gist as usual..I didn't know that was the last.
I miss our long gists oo Sis B.

Myself and Sister Oreoluwa really miss you...the conference calls, the prayers, the encouraging words and the gbeboruns et al.

My God lover, God chaser, Singer, Cook and Fashionista...and my no nonsense Mama...
I miss you. You lived and finished strong.

Till we meet at the master's feet.

Rest in power, Sister Bisi mi.

Oluwapelumi Jackson-Aluede.
Posted by Agunlejika Adetomi on May 24, 2021
Haa!!! Death is inevitable.. I couldnt believe when I heard because my siblings and I wanted to talk to you on monday night but because of the time difference I said I will call you THAT Tuesday morning before I recieved this greastest shock.. Sismi Bisi has I always call you suunree oo.. Its really hard to say goodbye but our consolation is that you are with the Lord.. Because you love doing His work.. Aopade lese Jesu nibiti akoniyara wa, Aorirawa, Aoyomorawa.. Jesu ni yo jee alagba wa..
Posted by oreoluwa Bini on May 24, 2021
Yes I was shocked! Yes I cried! Yes I still hear your sweet voices, they echo every now and then. Hey Soul sister! You exited the trio without prior notice you have gone ahead of us I am no way expecting you will leave this soon. Those hours of deep conversations on our call dates, the prayers and encouragements we lend to one another are all not gonna happen anymore? You had dreams and aspirations! Pelumi Aluede (Nee Benson) and I are gonna keep running the faith race, we will do the master's work till our last breathe, keep singing till we see you in the morning at the master's feet! Oh I will see you on Resurrection morning dear sister! Thank you for being part of our lives! Thank you for invading our spaces without apology we loved it! We cherish those time you shared deep personal talks with us, thank you for your selfless giving was contagious! Thank you for spending your last days with me and Pelumi. I remembered how we were both excited on Pelumi's wedding day because it was a day we all waited for and you were fully part of it even while you were far away in America, you were at the same time so close, it's a great honour to be associated with a beautiful God lover like you, Beautiful Olalohunpe Anike Olabisi! Thank you for being you! Thank you for the selfless Service to God in the music ministry where we met as a co-laborer in the vine yard. Singist, fashionista and cook! Sweet is the memory I have of you! Never to be forgotten any time soon.
Good night Soul sister, See you in the morning.
Posted by Okeke Grace-Mary on May 24, 2021
My sweet Bisi, You were a giver and a lover of God , I cannt believe u went home so soon but God knows the best . I remember when we 1st met in Foursquare Sabo church , we were like cat and rat but later I came to see how beautiful ur heart was and we became close, I remember how u celebrated with me when I got married and had my kid, how u use to call from the U.S to check up on me and my family. I will miss u so much , but I know u are resting in the blossom of God . IT IS WELL
Posted by Sasonel Adebiyi on May 24, 2021
hmmmmmm!!! sis bisi, when you left for the US 3years ago, I didn't think I won't see you again!!! I can't even imagine writing these words about you!!! we had just met only about 6-8months then, but in those few months you had been so close as though we had been friends for years! you were both a sister and a mother.

your heart to give to all and sundry was so admirable. only by talking with you (as you liked to talk, lols) i learned a lot; from approaching an Uber driver, to staying woke while being driven, to preaching Christ to them at the slightest opportunity. I used to wonder how you achieved this almost always. how you wouldn't but take Uber especially if the dress required it.

your sense of dressing nko? class sef!!! how many times i wished i was your height!!!

and your heart of worship, love for God and His work!!!! so consuming!!! how would one pay for a makeup job only to get it messed up on the altar of worship!!!! wear fine shoes only to walk off the stage bare footed in the praise of her God!

you encouraged people to sing well and worship God, to do it well if they had to. you wouldn't accept shabby services to your God. you "had everyone's size"-placing them where they belonged, yet you knew how to please almost all. oh! how i remember the song you loved "Grace, Your grace, I'm nothing without You... shines on me..." as you said it told your story. you did every language song so well as though you spoke those languages!

how and why stuff like this happens, i can't just comprehend. i write this with serious heaviness in my heart. how do i manage the thought of your promise to return to Nigeria to see my lil' baby which was practically yours. you said you wanted to see how much she's grown now, you were the first human that gave her any other gift that wasn't related to her christening! ha!!!! i told my children you were coming to them! you mean i should now tell them they won't see you again here on earth???? hmmm!!! breaks my heart!!!

i was looking forward to your next birthday to write something else that would make you teary like i did last year, but now is my turn to be teary!!!! wow! what a life!!! lemme join other believers to console myself with the thought of seeing you again in the great beyond where you're resting at the feet of the Master. love you sis, sun re o!!!

Posted by Omotolani Fabiyi on May 24, 2021
Rest on sis Bisi... its so hard to believe but who are we to question God. You were such a loving sister, always happy, you sing joyfully. I always look forward to seeing you in church at FGC Sabo. I couldn't believe it. Sleep on Sis Bisi... I believe you have started using your voice to praise the Master up there.
Posted by Sola Omonayajo on May 24, 2021
BisBis as I fondly called you. It's still so hard to put words together as this wasn't the kind of tribute I thought I'd be sharing about you this time.

I remember how we connected during our time at PCC (Praise Connection Choir) in Sabo Foursquare. You had walked up to me after a rehearsal and said you liked how I spoke and if we could exchange BBM Pins... That was the beginning of our sisterhood and friendship.

We had so many ANKOs (same outfits for events); we planned our weekends and sometimes weekdays events together.

We prayed and sang together into the nights a lot of times, as I practically spent most of my time at yours despite we both lived alone in our different apartments.

You were the one that could make the surprise bridal shower planned for me work, as it was very easy for you to convince me to go on an outing at the shortest notice! My turnup partner!

I choose to remember you in the light of the good times we had. My one and only friend on my bridal train! You had to take my favourite hymn during the wedding service, as you didn't want Isashi Foursquare to "spoil" it .

You were a giver! You gave and gave, of yourself, time, resources and everything that could be given.

Above all, you loved God. You showed this consistently with how you poured out yourself in worship. You never could stand haphazard rehearsals, you always wanted everyone to sing right I can't count the number of times you had to be calmed down.

Olabisi Olalohunpe, it is hard to believe you're gone forever!

Rest well babes! You may be gone off the earth, but you're not going to be forgotten.

Prayers up for mummy, sister Buki and her family which you never joked with.
Posted by Samuel Ighalo on May 24, 2021
Olabisi up till now,I cannot believe that you are no more.but one beautiful thing about it is that you are in a better place and we will meet on olabisi labisco as we fondly called you,you are forever in our heart.
Posted by Ugo Okafor on May 24, 2021
Till today it’s still sounds like a rumor.cos sister mi was more than a sister to me.she was an amazing, down to earth , and selfless person.but one good thing she has gone to a better place.I miss you sister mi and just to let you know that the Samsung you gave me before traveling to the USA is still working
And short of words,rest in peace sister mi I love you ❤️
Posted by David Fanisi on May 24, 2021
Bisi.... "Labisco" ... I trust God have a reason best known to Him. You're amongst true rare worshipper of God that I know. A plus to heavenly Mass Choristers you would be by now.
Condolences to mummy Kolawole and sister Bukky.
We love you Olabisi but Jesus loves you best. Odaaro Hymns Mistress.
Posted by Itunu Olumide Kolawole on May 23, 2021
Hmmm I never move close to you much but the little we are together makes know how important you are around us. YOU ARE TRULY A BLESSING BISI" R est in Peace
Posted by Gbenga Bright on May 22, 2021
May your beautiful soul rest in glorious peace. We love you but God love you more
Posted by Funmilayo Bright on May 22, 2021
Aunty B my small mummy, I am still in denial,I'm still in shock. I'll miss you so much. My sincere prayer for mummy and aunty Bukky is for God to comfort them and be with the entire family at this time.
Posted by Wuraola Kolawole on May 22, 2021
Eternal rest in Jesus Name. God will console the family and loved ones in Jesus Name. You lived an impactful life even though short. Mummy it is well with you and God will grant you peace all around in Jesus Name
Posted by Kolawole Akintayo on May 22, 2021
We give God the glory for the life you lived OLABISI. It is not how long but how well. This is a very rude shock but we take solace in God who knows best. This is an irreparable loss but our consolation is that you are resting with your maker.God of all comfort will console your Mum, Sister, the Entire Family of Kolawole and the loved ones in Jesus Name .OLABISI omo LATE OLUSEGUN KOLAWOLE of Kolawole Oteniara of Ibokun Land Sun Re Ooo.
Posted by Adeola Dangana on May 22, 2021
It feels so sad to lose you so soon, its still not real, it feels like a dream. You will remain forever in out hearts, we love you but God loves you more. We believe God knows why He allowed it. Continue to rest in the bosom of our God, big sis. R.I.P!
Posted by Iniobong Etuk on May 22, 2021
May the lights lead you home. Sleep on till we meet again at the glorious call.
Posted by Temilola Banjoko on May 22, 2021
It feels like years but it has only been weeks,
And yet that is still too long.
I still love you the same as if you were still here with me, laughing during the good times and crying during the bad ones.
I miss being able to call you any time and spend hours talking about everything under the sun.
As children we were practically joined at the hip,
But we grew up and grew apart, as most siblings do.
We had our own set of friends and our own set of goals for our lives, but that still didn’t change the fact that we were sisters Bisi
There was nothing that I wouldn’t do for you and nothing that you wouldn’t do for me.
I always wish you were still here with me enjoying life,
But I can understand why God would want such a beautiful angel on his side from now until eternity.
Just know that I love and miss you, and you will forever be in my heart.

Good night Sismi.
Posted by Olubusayo Buluro on May 22, 2021
Honoring a friend's death is truly about honoring their life. Despair over what may have been, but revel and reflect in what was." Rest on OLABISI omo KOLAWOLE, FLY with the butterflies Sis. We will miss you.
Posted by Adetunji Farinto on May 22, 2021
Bisi hmmmmmm, a friend turned sister. it's still shocking to admit that you have gone so soon, but l feel better when l remember that this going is not forever. A general has gone home. Till we meet on the last day, rest on and you will forever be missed while we keep fighting this good fight on earth.

Posted by ayomiposi kolawole on May 22, 2021
Still in shock that u no more ...
Little did we know that morning
God was to call your name.
In life we loved you dearly,
in death we do the same.
It broke our hearts to lose you,
The day God called you home.
You left us beautiful memories,
Which we would never forget...
Am happy u live n served God all ur life
N that's the message u always say to me anytime u call me..I would miss all those calls thou but who are we to question God...keep worshipping him with the angels....which u love doing the most...luv n miss u big sis....

Posted by Adetutu Agunlejika on May 22, 2021
A star has dropped , Olabisi olalohunpe Kolawole (sister mi) as I used to call you, and you will say Adetutu mi, bawo ni?

So sad and bitter to admit that you have gone, but we take solace in the Lord.

Remembering your wonderful and gentle soul will forever remain in our hearts.

Rest on sis.
Posted by Ogedengbe Ayobami Abimbol... on May 22, 2021
I am deeply saddened by the news...

I pray that God will grant the family the strength.

My most sincere condolences.
Posted by Akinropo Farinto on May 21, 2021
Olabisi !!! I am still in shock of the news that you're no more, but God knows best Keep resting in the blossom of the Lord.
It's okay to miss you, It's okay to cry. Just know I'll never forget you. This isn't a permanent goodbye
Posted by Adetayo Ladegbaiye-Oyenug... on May 21, 2021
Olabisi !!! Just in shock as I learnt of your demise, I pray The Almighty God comfort the family you left behind, hmmmmm it is well,May your soul rest in peace
Posted by Adekusibe Opeyemi on May 21, 2021
A limb has fallen from the family, a golden heart stopped beating.. It broke my heart to see you go but who am I to question God, he giveth and taketh... Your love for us was true.. I will definitely miss you sis bisi mi (like i do call you) Rest on olalohunpe anike Kolawole.
Posted by Oluwatobiloba Oyelakin on May 21, 2021
My dearest aunty bisi, I never thought for one day that I will be writing this so soon . But in all things we give thanks. Am glad you lived a life of passion. Everything was about christ. And u also died serving him. Am still norm and I really dont know what to say.. ha! I Still spoke to you few weeks back I remember u calling me tobito. I will never forget you egbon mi love u always
Posted by Falowo Deji on May 21, 2021
Bisi! The news of your demise was a big shock! I really don't know what say right now. As a christian we surrender all to God Almighty, The Unquestionable! As we pray The Lord, grant your gentle soul eternal rest and give all of us families, friend and love one the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss!
Posted by Keji Solanke on May 21, 2021
Why does God send the angel on earth if he does not allow them to stay here forever? I can’t believe you are no more on this earth.No farewell words were spoken, there was no time to say goodbye. You were gone before we knew it, and only God knows why. May Almighty God rest your soul.

Rest in peace Olabisi.
Posted by kolawole oluwole on May 21, 2021
We are deeply saddened by your loss, may our prayers guide ur soul to our Heavenly Father, Our souls are hardened of pain on hearing of the unfair disappearance, May you be filled with the peace of God that surpasses all understanding. Rest on Sis
Posted by Oderinde Olukayode on May 21, 2021
Olabisi dear,

I'm here to celebrate your life
And the measure of its worth
And every single life you touched
While you were on this earth.
To thank you for your friendship
Since early 1997 at OSU
And all the memories we hold dear.
It’s been a privilege to have known you.
We were family, not just friends,
And I will carry you in spirit
Until we meet to part no more.

Sun re Oremi
Posted by Temmy Kolawole on May 21, 2021
Some truth in life are hard to accept. Your memories will never be forgotten! They will always remain with us forever!
Rest with God sweet sister.
Posted by Adeniyi Abisoye on May 21, 2021
"I am better for knowing you, better for loving you, better for having met you. May you be as blessed in the next life, my friend, as I was in this one by knowing you.
Posted by Olakusibe Animashaun on May 21, 2021
Hey Sis, When I got the message of you passing on, I was in total shock and I couldn't help the tears that flowed uncontrollably down my cheeks.
But the comfort we have as children of God is knowing that you are in a better, restful and peaceful place. I will miss your laughter and beautiful voice so much. Rest on dear cousin. I love you so much.

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Posted by Kelvin Kalu on June 4, 2021
"Bysy" that's the way I called you and you loved it. My Queen of songs, God's dependable foot soldier. Although you've taken a bow to Gloryville, you remain forever missed on this side. Adieu great woman of God till we meet to part no more.
Posted by Nnenna Ekundayo on May 28, 2021
Been finding this hard to process... Labisco like I would always call you. You were indeed the light of the party, a cheerful giver, an encourager, a worshipper of our God.. Your memory lingers. Rest in peace beautiful soul.
Posted by Abimbola Toni-Daramola on May 28, 2021
Labis of God, hmmm! Too many things to say about you babes. It was shocking to hear you eventually passed, as we agreed in prayer once we got the news, trusting God for a restoration, I even left you a message on WhatsApp, cos I was sure you would come round, Alas! So much has been said of your kindness,which I have experienced in numerous ways. I remember your first trip to the US, you came home bearing gifts for my baby boy, I was surprised because I wasnt expecting a thing. Such is the kindness of your heart babes. We will miss you on this side, but I sure know the mass choir above just added a dynamic soprano singer. Rest on sis, I pray the comforter will do His work in the lives of everyone you left behind: Mum, Sis Bukky and everyone! Blaze on Amazon!!
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Shared by osho abidemi on June 27, 2021
Olabisi, Olabisi, Olabisi.......crying....