This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Oladipo Alabi, 51 years old, born on February 21, 1969, and passed away on February 20, 2021. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Olufunke Jinadu on February 23, 2021
Hmm! Egbon Dipo, o ye Oluwa. Rest well bro
Posted by Oluwatoyin Fagbemi on February 23, 2021
Dearest uncle Dipo... I am so shattered because I am not only an in-law but a friend. I met you the day you met my sister many years ago in London. You were always warm and kind to me and it always amazes me how you never got angry or raise your voice all the time I knew you. You always kept your cool no matter how alarming things were. When you called me to wish me a happy new year little did I know it would be the last time. So many fond memories. You are so kind and a cool Dad and uncle. you were the first father figure in my sons Life and I remember how you kept pacing up and down at the airport with josh so I could complete immigration on my return to Nigeria 5 years ago. Too many fond memories which I will hold dear in my heart forever. You were too good for this world keep watching over your family we all miss you so much but God knows best. Rest on in Jesus till when we all meet to part to more.
Your loving sis-in-law
Oluwatoyin Fagbemi
Posted by Modupe Bamkole on February 23, 2021
Dear brother Dipo, your passing is a rude shock to me and my family. Even though I had not seen you in a long time, I chatted with you over the phone last year and you were as warm as ever. I remember your smile and good composure. You were a great friend and brother to my brothers. Bro Biodun and Bayo will miss you so much. My mum shed tears when bro Biodun broke the sad news to her. We all prayed so hard for your recovery but who are we to question God. He is an all knowing God. You sure left a big hole in the hearts of many. There are only good talks about you. I can only pray that God will uphold your siblings and the family that you left behind. I pray that God will wrap His soothing arms around them and wipe their tears away. May God take care of your wife and lovely children. Rest in perfect peace dear brother
Posted by Sunday Imuzei Idonije on February 23, 2021
My relationship with the Alabi's dates way back 1970, when my dad left University of Ibadan for University of Ife, their house, the popular "Olayiwola Motors" was our first place of abode. Baba Bode as my dad popularly called their dad, was a great friend to my dad, Mr. Samson Idonije and they where friends till they both departed. Dipo's dad and mum where a pillar of assistance to my father. He will always tell me every encounter he has with them and this always left a strong bond in my heart for their offspring. They are exceptional parents with exceptional kids with good heart. This preamble says it all. Dipo and Bode where like twins and my brothers. Some people don't even know who is older amongst them. They where popular and loved by all. Let me narrate a little story here to express my loss. " I had not seen Dipo for over ten year and got in touch with a sister friend at the Corporate Affairs Commission, Abuja, who asked if am aware Dipo is getting married the next day? I said where is the venue? all she could offer is, lokoja, tomorrow and the bride is the daughter of AIG Ige, I called my wife and told her am on my way to Dipo's wedding, she said no problem, I understand as you have always said so much about him and his brother, God will see you to a fro". I got the venue and attended the wedding. Dipo and the entire family were so shocked at seeing. And mummy said 'you this children will track yourselves no matter what'. Dipo made sure he visited me and my family in Abuja before travelling back to the United States. I lost a great brother and friend in Dipo. Our shortest converse is an hour on phone. He promised he will be back soon and we have been planning his visit home for a while now, but it is so sad our next meeting will be outside this earth.
Dipo's demise is a great blow.  May his kind soul rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Olaitan Jayeola on February 23, 2021
I sat here in my room one evening, wondering why I had not heard from you. The next call I had was from Bola in Winnipeg, Canada, informing me you had been in hospital and we prayed fervently that you'll come out alive. Now you are gone so soon and forever 'Dipo. What can we do? Any man who lives "must" surely die and on this note, we shall meet on the other side. Rest in perfect peace my brother and no doubt you are sorely missed.
Posted by Adetoun Olanipekun on February 23, 2021
Dipo....hmmmm when you sent me a happy new year message in January, little did I know you were saying goodbye. The next thing I heard was that you were in the hospital. We prayed, we hoped, we trusted. But it seems God needed you up there to become one of HIS angels. The pain of your passing will not go away suddenly. It will linger for a very long time. But I know that you’re in a better place,free from all pains. Rest on dearest Dipo
Posted by Mo Olanipekun on February 23, 2021
Egbon mi, the last thing I expected to hear was about u passing. It’s a rude shock to me. Ur death hit me hard. Can’t get ur voice off my head. Spoke with u few weeks ago and all u advised me to do was to pls take the Covid vaccine. Never knew that was the last time I would hear ur voice brother Dipo. But the lord God understands all. Sun re egbon mi Oladipupo Alabi. We love u but God loves u more. I will forever miss u brother Dipo
Posted by Tade Ojo on February 23, 2021
Wale's father and mother brought me up. I was raised by the Alabi's throughout my formative years. Uncle Layi' and Mummy's sound advice and encouragement was a guiding light. Bros Bode and Dipo were always there for me and I learnt so much from their experience. To hear that my family suffered such a blow within this short period of time is numbing. Hard to comprehend but it is what it is. May God provide the family with wisdom and strength to get through these trying times. Amen!
Posted by Wale Alabi on February 23, 2021
This one completely shattered me!
My big brother - Oladipo Olumuyiwa ALABI, my "adipson" I still can't come to terms with this mehn.....You were a source of inspiration to me, my true best friend, my rock, the words we share keep me going, the only one who speaks true to me when i need true, I will miss that happy infectious smile of yours, we shared such a special bond that most brothers only dream about, we did it ALL together, we shared it ALL together. Suddenly, you are gone and left this big empty hole in my heart that nobody can fill. You assured me in your last text at the hospital that you will be fine and we prayed and prayed and prayed, but clearly God said - not this time!

Your life was a blessing, the memories of which I will treasure forever (and we had quite a few), I am sure you know you were loved beyond measure. You were a true definition of a brother - you were always there for me, you picked me up when i fall, physically you fought for me when i couldn't, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh o ga o.

No worries brother mi, I got this. I will hold it down here. Say hi to Dad/Mum/Buddy, and keep watch until we meet again. 

Your little brother 
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Posted by Kolawole Elufisan on March 23, 2021
I was very sad when I came across the news of your passing. After you left us in South Africa and you moved to the US, I thought we will reunite again. Dipo, you were a great guy, jovial and friendly. May your soul be accepted by your maker and may God comforts your immediate and extended family you have left behind.
Posted by Adetoun Olanipekun on March 22, 2021
Good night Dipo.............
Posted by Sunday Ogunronbi on March 22, 2021

Its times like this that we all must accept that life ia temporal. You are full of life, with vigour, vibrant and fun, loving and healthy. You certainly are blessed with the wits, humour, warmth and all that some of us lack. Yet we all never had it all.

I commend you to a life beyond, to a safer place, to eternal life. May the Lord grant you soul repose, forgive your transgressions, console your loved ones, and till we meet again, rest in perfect peace.

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May your soul rest in peace Dipo!!!

Shared by Pemi Adereti-Folarin on March 12, 2021
I am still in shock Dipo!!!
I spoke with you shortly after you lost your brother and you said to stay in touch, I sent a birthday greeting on your birthday and said I will call you soon but did not get a response from you. I had no idea.
May the almighty God comfort your family and may your kind and gentle soul rest in peace.

This surely hurts....
Shared by Bomi Adeboya (Nee Oyenuga... on February 26, 2021
 Dipo. I'm still coming to terms that this news of your passing is not a bad dream or a joke in very bad taste.
You see, The Alabi's were my neighbours for a very long time. Stories of my childhood can never be complete without Bode and Dipo, and of course the rest of the Alabi family...Wale, Yemi and Biola. Baba Bode was our Landlord. We lived in the flat downstairs at 66 Ibadan Road and they lived upstairs. Bode and Dipo were my brothers. We car-pooled to school together, did homework together,  played football and other Tom-boyish games with them. We also baked, played Ten-ten and some other sissy games together. When I remember the Alabi's, I travel back in time to a place called "Happy". 
Dipo, my little brother from Arigidi-Akoko was gentle and kind, I never saw him angry. We lost touch for several years, but got back in touch with him a few years back. Bode's passing less than a year ago, was a painful exit, this however is numbing. I still spoke to Dipo last year to commiserate with him when Bode passed, he was his usual charming self, asking after my mother and my elder sister Kemi. Oladipo, my brother, my friend, you have been called home too soon. Rest well in the bosom of your maker till resurrection morning. 
Shared by spanish rotimi on February 23, 2021
*Tribute to Adipson: My brother and friend*. 
I never knew this could ever happen.  Me writing a tribute to you on your death? I never imagine it. It is still unbelievable.  I still don't know how to come to terms that it is a reality that you have left us to rest in eternity. Even though I was aware of your illness, never in the world could I have thought that it could lead to death. You were just to soft, too gentle,  easy going and too humble to have just gone this way. Where do I start from? Is it our ile ife days or  London days until you left for America. This shock is too much for me to bear. I will miss a confidant and a reliable friend and brother.  We are all still in trance finding it difficult to accept this tragic reality. This is one death too many. An extremely painful and untimely death.  The next stage of your life should have been for you to sit down and enjoy the fruits of your labour. And unfortunately,  the wicked cold hands of death snatched you from us.  The Lord will grant you eternal rest in His bossom in Jesus name. May God grant your loving wife,  the children,  my brother Wale and the entire family,  we your friends and brothers the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss in Jesus name. Amen.  Sun re o Adipson. 
Fola Aiyegbusi