Let the memory of Olga be with us forever
  • 86 years old
  • Born on January 13, 1927 .
  • Passed away on September 14, 2013 .
This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Olga Dembrowski, 86, born on January 13, 1927 and passed away on September 14, 2013. We will remember her forever. EWING TOWNSHIP - Olga M. Farber Dembrowski, 86, of Ewing Township died peacefully on Saturday, Sept. 14, 2013, at the Capital Health System, Hopewell Campus. Born in Trenton, Mrs. Dembrowski was a lifelong Trenton and Ewing Township resident. She was a wonderful seamstress who also enjoyed sharing her talents in her knitting, crocheting, and embroidering. She enjoyed singing and she sang in the St. Hedwig's St. Cecilia church choir and with the Incarnation church choir. She enjoyed traveling to Maine with her family, especially to Bridgeton, Maine, and loved to walk the neighborhood and the area parks, watching the birds. Her other talents were the preparation of many Hungarian recipes and dishes, and tending her home garden, especially growing her roses and flowers. In her younger years, Olga dreamed of becoming an airplane pilot, and was lovingly given the nickname "Sky." She was the daughter of the late Joseph G. and Margaret Czipo Farber; wife of the late Alfred S. Dembrowski; mother of the late Martin P. Dembrowski; grandmother of the late Patrick Daniel Dembrowski; and sister of the late Joseph Farber and Michael Baksany. She is survived by her loving daughter, Sylvia R. Kriebel of Trenton; her four beloved sons, Fred J. Dembrowski of Ewing Township, Barry J. and wife, Jennifer Dembrowski of Mount Holly, NJ, Bruce M. Dembrowsk of Ewing Township, and Paul and wife, Marion Dembrowski, of Philadelphia, PA; 13 grandchildren, who lovingly called her "Mimi," Tracey, Kaitlyn, Alyssa, Kirsten, Michael, Bruce M. II, Shea, Victoria, Justin, Ken, Shonna, and Jennifer; many great-grandchildren; two sisters, Margaret Kuprian and Ann Kuprian, both of Hamilton Township; as well as several nieces and nephews.
Posted by Bruce Dembrowski on 14th September 2018
Hi Mom, Think of you all the time. Miss watching LA Lakers and The Living Dead together at your house, and taking care of you now I'm here on my boat, but most of the time alone. Rock had Abby a few years ago, but my new grandson, your great grandson will be one this month. Love you and rest with Dad and all the rest at peace.
Posted by Paul Dembrowski on 14th September 2018
Well Mom it's been 5 years since the Lord called you home to be with Dad, Marty and Pat. I miss you so much mom. I know you are happy now. I love you Mimi.
Posted by Sylvia Kriebel on 15th May 2017
Hi mom..Happy Mother's Day.
Posted by Paul Dembrowski on 14th May 2017
Happy Mother's day Mom. I'll always Love you and always miss you. Watch my baby boy for me on He loved his Mimi.
Posted by Bruce Dembrowski on 13th January 2017
Hi Mom, Was going to go to your grave with Sylv today but got extra tired last night and came home, but miss you just the same. Met someone I think you would like. Shocker for you, shes blonde! How you always got on me for preferring lack haired girls. I think you would have really liked Ksusha. I miss you.
Posted by Sylvia Kriebel on 3rd January 2017
It's almost your birthday Mom‼️I'm sad that you're gone and not here with me. When I'm not with Tracey, she gets sad so I try to be with her as much as I can. I just miss you so much. Sometimes things come up in a conversation between us guys and we want to ask you about the answer and you're not there for the answer. I L❤️VE you mom.
Posted by Sylvia Kriebel on 16th September 2016
3years since you've been gone and I'm still sad. I guess that's how it'll always be. You are in my thoughts always. Someday we will see eachother again
Posted by Sylvia Kriebel on 21st January 2016
Hi Mom...I just wanted to let you know that I came to visit you on your birthday and left my Christmas wreath for you. I sure do miss you! I think of you so much. I was very emotional that day. My nerves have been on edge lately but I never forget about you. I'm trying to do some work in my house. There's so much that has to be done that it gets overwhelming. I'm looking at the beginning of this website and I can read my first note to you and to this day I still feel the same way...that I still need your help and my thoughts are erratic. Please stay by my side Mom. Love you always, Sylvia
Posted by Barry Dembrowski on 13th January 2016
Hi Mom, Happy Birthday! I love & miss you! Barry
Posted by Barry Dembrowski on 14th September 2015
Hi Mom, just wanted to say I was thinking of you today especially. Time is flying by so fast. I'll never forget what a wonderful mother & more importantly, what a wonderful mom you were to me. I love you Mom! Barry
Posted by Paul Dembrowski on 10th May 2015
Happy Mother's Day Mimi. You are in my thoughts and prayers today and everyday. I love you Mom.
Posted by Sylvia Kriebel on 13th January 2015
Hi mom. Happy 88th birthday mom. I miss you so much. I was thinking about you in the middle of the night right after midnight. I love you, Sylvia
Posted by Bruce Dembrowski on 13th January 2015
Happy BDay Mom. miss you a lot. Bruce.
Posted by Paul Dembrowski on 13th January 2015
Hi Mom, happy birthday! Thinking about you all day yesterday & today. Love you Mom.
Posted by Sylvia Kriebel on 1st January 2015
Hi mom. Mary Christmas and happy new year. I really miss you so much. I went to see you the day after Christmas. Along with dad and Pat and Marty and uncle Joe. I love you very much and I miss sitting down with you and spending time with you New Year's eve, Christmas and New Year's day. I wish you didn't have to leave so soon. Enjoy your holiday up with dad and Marty and Pat and Heather and all the rest your family and most of all with God. Love you always, Sylvia
Posted by Sylvia Kriebel on 16th December 2014
Hi mom. I've been reading everyone's notes to you. I really miss you! I haven't been doing so well since you've been gone. I'm really trying to do everything I'm supposed to do but it seems like every time I think I get ahead one step I get behind about five. I just have to keep the faith in God. Please ask him to watch over me. I love you mom
Posted by Paul Dembrowski on 15th September 2014
Hey Mom! A year has passed already since you left. I felt so bad that you passed the day before Megan's 1st birthday but somehow I think that's how you knew that you could make it to see her. This stretch of days is a complete roller coaster. Marty's birthday (13th), losing you (14th), Megan's birthday & Barry/Jen's anniversary (15th). Crazy. Love & Miss you MIMI!
Posted by Bruce Dembrowski on 14th September 2014
Cant believe its been a year. I took care of you for so many years. I guess I'll wake to you calling for me for the rest of my life. I'm having another operation this Wednesday. I think it will be fine and hope this is the one that puts me back to normal or as close as possible. So you kicking me in my ass last November to leave you then, maybe it will now pay off, but I'll be there with you some day, but not today, not today. Love you :hug:
Posted by Paul Dembrowski on 15th May 2014
Hi Mom! I hope you enjoyed your Mothers Day in Heaven with Pop, Marty, Patrick, Uncle Joe, Heather and all the rest of our family that is up there with you. You deserve to be happy and enjoy your special day with God now. I hope I made you and Dad proud, I really tried to be a great father, husband and man. Please tell Pat I miss him so much! I miss you all. Love you Mom!
Posted by Paul Dembrowski on 7th March 2014
Hi Mom, just writing to say I love you and miss you.
Posted by Bruce Dembrowski on 13th January 2014
Mom, I miss you a lot. Took care of you for so many years that its odd not having you here anymore. Thanks for kicking e in my azz in the hospital and not letting me become settled when I didn't even realize that I had died and was with you Dad and Marty. I do have a lot more to do before I come back. Hope your resting well :hug: Bruce.
Posted by Paul Dembrowski on 13th January 2014
Hi Mom! I hope you are enjoying your Birthday with Pop, Marty and Patrick. I been thinking of you for days leading up to today. I really miss you here. Your the greatest mother a kid could hope to have. Please take good care of my Baby Boy until I get there. I hurt everyday here without him! I know you'll take care of him. Love you Mom! Happy Birthday.
Posted by Sylvia Kriebel on 13th January 2014
Hi Mom..I want to wish you a Happy 87th Birthday. I love & miss you so much. You're probably partying with Dad, Marty, Pat, Heather & your brothers. It was a nice sunny day for you today. Love you Mom.
Posted by Sylvia Kriebel on 1st January 2014
Hi mom! Merry Christmas & Happy New Years. I miss you. Please watch over me this year.
Posted by Sylvia Kriebel on 24th October 2013
Mom..I think of you often everyday.But today was different.Kayla & Kathryn were very sad that you're not here & they want a picture of you.I'm going to print copies of your anniversary pic for the little family.I also had to draw a pic of you as an angel for each girl.Now I think I have to do 1 for AJ also.I love you mom.the only comfort is that you won't suffer on earth anymore.Love Sylvia
Posted by Paul Dembrowski on 25th September 2013
Hi Mom. It's so hard to say goodbye to you too. I'm growing tired of losing my family. I will miss they way we knew each others pain. You understood everything I am going thru and now you're not here. I hope I made you proud. I love you Mom! Watch my Baby Boy for me! I'll see you all again some day.
Posted by Sylvia Kriebel on 24th September 2013
Hi Mom..I missed you as soon as you were gone. I've got a big road ahead of me and I want to do right by you. You were an angel here on earth and now you're one in heaven. Please guide me, Mom. I still need your help. I know my thoughts are erratic right now. Please watch over me. Love you, Sylv
Posted by Bruce Dembrowski on 24th September 2013
Mom, I'll miss you forever. I've tried taking care of you since Dad passed. I know you didn't want me here at first, but I insisted, and Bruce and I cheered you up that year. I miss you. Its going to be lonely watching the Lakers without Kobe's greatest fan. I hope you and Dad are at peace now, with Marty and Patrick. Forever, your son, Bruce.

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