This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Olori Oluyinka Nee Jibowu 82 years old , born in 1936 and passed away on March  2019. We will remember her forever.

Posted by Tokunbo Oderinde on May 3, 2022
Happy Post humous birthday Mama Awosco.. it would have been your 86th birthday today, we love you but God loves you more.

Continue to rest in perfect peace X
Posted by Oluwasayemidero Enitan on May 3, 2022
Happy birthday!!
Posted by Temitope Oderinde on March 18, 2022
Hmmm..... 3 years of no gist partner in Awogboro........ I remember you everyday when I need your advice. U have been a source of inspiration to me. Granny I missed you greatly. Continue to rest in peace
Posted by Oluwatoyin Akintunde on March 15, 2022
3 years already mum!!, I can't believe it. Miss you dearly!! I saw the picture you took with me on my birthday in 2017 and realised how blessed I was to have such wonderful memories of you.

Hearing your voice here is soothing. Did not know that will be the last time we would sing together...You knew then that you were going HOME and predicted that you would be with the angels...

Hmm, rest on Mum, rest in perfect peace
Posted by Kunle Adejare on March 14, 2022
Continue to rest in perfect peace. Always in our hearts.
Posted by Tokunbo Oderinde on March 14, 2022
Forever in our hearts Mother Dearest..

Miss you lots..
Posted by Oluwasayemidero Enitan on March 12, 2022
I miss you so much grandma, I wish I could talk to you right now! :(
Posted by Temitope Oderinde on May 3, 2021
Hmmm. Grandma I miss u like kikode..... In times like this that I need your advise and consolation. Just thinking back and thanking God for creating someone like you. I know if you are alive, things would be better than this. No one understand me better like you. I really really miss you. Continue to rest in peace.
Posted by Toyin akintunde on May 3, 2021
Happy Post humous birthday mummy Awosco... today would have been your 85th birthday. We love you but God loves you more. Miss you soo much mum. You live on, in each and every one of us as we remember you always.

Continue to rest in peace....
Posted by Oluwasayemidero Enitan on May 3, 2021
Happy Birthday in Heaven Grandma,
It's been 2 years already and I miss you every day
God has been good to us here ,hope we see you again soon
Posted by Oyinlola Akere on May 6, 2020
Mom, we all miss you at 1671 Andrew St. We celebrated on May 3rd on your behalf. I thank God for you. And I thank God for his love and protection over us since you left us. You are unforgettable mom. It's been a year mom, but it feels longer. I know you are in the right place. You must have been able to tell daddy about each of his grandchildren and greatgrand daughter.
You occupy a special spot in our ❤️.
Continue to sleep well mom.
Posted by Tokunbo Oderinde on May 5, 2020
Happy Post humous birthday Mother Dearest..

It would have been your 83rd birthday on the 3rd of may..

Your memory will forever remain in our hearts..

Continue to rest peacefully with the Lord...

Love Always
Tokunbo Oderinde

Posted by Oluwatoyin Akintunde on May 3, 2020
Happy Post humous birthday mummy Awosco...Miss you dearly but thank God for the life He gave you to live. You live on, in each and every one of us as we remember you always.

Continue to rest in peace....
Posted by Oladejo Awwogboro on May 3, 2020
Olori Aya omo Oba of Ibokun, may your soul Rest in perfect peace in Jesus name. You have a portion in every Awogboro Son and Daughters and we all miss you dear mommy.Again I pray for your comfort peace in the garden of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Posted by Kunle Adejare on May 3, 2020
A posthumous birthday to our darling Mother of Blessed Memory.
Continue to rest in perfect peace Mum.
Posted by Oluwasayemidero Enitan on May 3, 2020
Grandma, I miss you so much.I wish I could call Heaven to tell you HAPPY BIRTHDAY! but I'm sure you're celebrating with the angels
Love you always!
Posted by Oluwatoyin Akintunde on May 4, 2019
3rd of May 2019 would have been your 83rd birthday. I could never have imagined that we would celebrate it post humous. It is still like a bad dream that we would wake up from. Like I am temporarily in another life and I could wake up from to have more opportunity to spoil you, love you, spend time with you, listen to your stories about the family, Lagos, Nigeria, Canada, Beirut, Italy, Amsterdam, US etc; without any sickness or fear or limitations.....isn't that where you are now? Where there are no fears, sickness or limitations!
Therefore, no matter how painful it is, continue to rest in peace mum...miss you terribly!! 
Happy Birthday in heaven mum.
Posted by Oluwatoyin Akintunde on April 16, 2019
Tribute to a special person in my life , A confidant and mother to my
children from Olabisi Aduroja
All Glory be to God Olori Oluyinka Abegbe Awogboro has gone to rest in the bosom of Amighty God.
My Mummy ‘s Sister Mrs Jolayemi Onibokun nee Awogboro Of blessed memory brought me from Kano to Lagos to live with her brother (my Uncle Late Prince Alfred Olasupo Awogboro)
When I was introduced to mummy Awosco , Her first question to me was “Omo mama Kano , “what do you want to do” I told her I wanted to work and further my studies later.
My Uncle got my a Job in Lagos state but she was Instrumental to me getting the Job .since then we have been inseparable .The rest is history.
Mummy Awosco is an Epitome of beauty, brilliant , unpretentious , Frank , Principled and Pragmatic In approach to issues .
As humans , she went through her own challenges in life but “she stood to conquer”.
She was compassionate and sympathetic to other people’s problems .
She had a great influence on my children’s education from Primary school to university level. Mummy Awosco I am grateful.
Mummy Awosco , You stood by me during the most difficult time of my life , in every way with everything . You were never a sister in law to me but a Sister . Thank you Mummy Awosco .
I have unforgettable memories with mummy Awosco . She encouraged me always during my challenges and ask me to look up to God. She was God fearing and put her trust in God Always .
I was not Privileged to see her last moments , because I was away ,but she came to me in my dream the third day after she died , dressed beautifully in a white stoned Diamond attire “ I asked her where she was going and she said , she came to see me because she didn’t see me at onayade, she wanted to check on me, Because she is going to Jerusalem “ I asked her who brought her and she replied “ her husband “I woke up ! Glad she showed up. Hmmmm
Mummy Awosco , You fought a good fight, May the lord grant you eternal rest .Sun re o.
From Olabisi Aduroja
Posted by Abimbola Makinde on April 1, 2019
Mummy, your demise was so unexpected !
You were a mother to all especially at the church C.C.C Miracle parish New York .
You related with me the way a mother would related with her son, your care, advises and loving kindness would be greatly missed ma.
But we are consoled that your soul is resting at the bossom of Jesus Christ our Lord.
Sleep on Mummy. Good night mummy Awosco
Posted by Oluwatoyin Akintunde on April 1, 2019
“Sweet Mother,I no go Forget you for the suffer wey you suffer for me” the starting lyrics of the popular song by Prince Mbarga' and “You were there for me to love and care for me. When skies were gray, Whenever I was down, You were always there to comfort me” 'A song for mama’ by Boys ll Men were our songs. I will sing these songs over and over for my mum and she would look at me, with tears in her eyes, smile, and then tell me “Otito, waa gbe öwö mi soke, fà mi lèsè or gbe mi didè, je ki èsè mi kanlè" ( “it is enough, come and lift my hands up, pull my legs up, lift me up and let my feet touch the ground”). One of the things my mum loved about me was my voice. She would always tell me “Ohun e tii ofi yin olorun, waa fi ma jeri ayo”; (‘The voice you use to praise the Lord will be used for testimonies of joy”).
My mum was someone who stood by her children through thick and thin, supporting them, carrying them when necessary, hard-disciplined them but loved them like crazy too. She was a no-nonsense person who will wear the same trouser with you (if you get my gist) if necessary! Having said that though, Oluyinka Abegbe Awogboro cried and laughed with her children, would sleep rough with her children if that was their condition, will celebrate and rejoice with them when the occasion arises. She loved all her children equally and was very close to each and every one of them in a unique way. She knew each of her children very well and was actively involved in all her biological and adopted children's lives, including the students of the schools (Primary and later on Secondary schools) on Onayade Street. If Mummy Awosco was in the shop, you had to be on good behaviour even when passing by her house.
She was brave, indeed very brave. She gave up schooling abroad, to marry a very handsome man from Ibokun Ijesha, she being a proper Lagos girl and followed him to Ibokun on her wedding day alone with her cousin, Mrs Bebe Ajala (to be) who was equally as brave. As a wife, Oluyinka Abegbe Awogboro was a loving and faithful wife to her husband of over 30 years before he slept in the Lord, 22 years ago. Yes, with her leaving, I am now an orphan (sad indeed). She fought many marital battles but was determined not to leave her children nor separate them from their dad. I learnt a lot from her resolve to enjoy her marriage and be happy no matter what. She also fought for her home physically, mentally and emotionally. No surprise that my dad left her as the decision maker for 27 Onayade Street. The bank tried to auction the house once, they met a legal Tiger in her! She won the battle and we kept our home. She loved, forgave, persevered and lived in her marriage. I learnt from my mum to be proud of what you have and not be materialistic. She passed on bravery to all. If you were bullied in the area and came back home running or crying, she would make you go back and deal with the first one of the bullies you came across, and run back home like crazy. Mummy would be waiting by the gate, to ensure you were followed by the bullies; she would then pat you on the back and say “Ehen, o ki n se omo loole lo gbesi.”(“You are not a child to be driven back home by bullies.”). Trust me, the bully would not bully you again.
Abegbe, elerin ege was a rare gem, a very beautiful one at that, even in death. Her skin clear and glowing, not even one varicose vein in sight. Beauticians would have loved to use her skin for advertisement but she was very private. She did not allow her beauty to get into her head and was faithful and humble. Oluyinka was a very elegant dresser.
I learnt from my mum to be generous. Oluyinka had a large heart. I don't know how many wives would have that many family members live with them in their home. In fact, our house was referred to in the area as a dormitory and Abegbe did not mind. But supported both her family and her husband's family. My mother also taught me prudency. She was a housewife who ran a shop called Awosco Stores, from which she got the nickname 'Mummy Awosco'. Oftentimes, unknown to many, she supported both family members and her lovely children financially from proceeds from that shop. Mum, in the early 80s would go as far as Badagry for her distributorship business. There is no one who lived with my mum that can be lazy. She passed on the legacy of hard work. Till October last year, she was still cooking for herself. She was the best cook in the world.
Hmm, Mama, even in sickness she had a great sense of humour and she always made me laugh. As I approach her bed, she would tickle me on my belly, hold my hand, sometimes squeeze it. I will never forget how you lay your head on my on my shoulder when you try to get up. Hmm...Mama…
If death would take money, I would have given it (hoping it would have been affordable). If it would take things that money could buy, I would have bought them, but no, it took my mother, my royal gem, iyà mí, ôrę mi, my Mummy Awosco, my mama. I wouldn’t let her go…yes!, I prayed, I used the mantle, anointed oil, quoted scriptures but she would not look back. Oluyinka had seen Jesus and HE was more handsome than my father, more beautiful than this earth, more loving than her loving children whom she was very fond of and so she followed Him to paradise. She is already being missed and will be greatly missed and will never be forgotten.
This indeed is an irreparable loss. The solace I have is that she was a child of God who saw Jesus before she saw death. She had been seeing Jesus for about 8 days before she went to sleep and began to fight us for not letting her go. She would tell me the prayers I've prayed and was praying was enough. Oh Mum, you really wanted to go. You could not bear giving us any stress, even though you knew (because you thanked us) that we did not mind it. What a mother. Even in sickness, she was mindful of her children.
I am the last born. My mum and I went through a lot together. I don't know what I'll do when I have the urge to talk to her or caress her or give her a Jibowu kiss on her lips. Who will reprimand and talk to me frankly like she did? Who will say the motherly prayers she used to pray for me daily? Who will dance to “Sweet Mother” when I sing it? Oh Mama, I miss you terribly. I love you but Jesus loves you more. I thank God because you LIVED, through and through, a principled child of God, for the battle/wars you won and for the ones you lost.
I thank God for the privilege of being Oluyinka’s daughter, being raised and nurtured by her, inheriting the Abegbe smile and though very hard for me, I bid you farewell my mother, continue on your journey to total and absolute peace. Rest Mama, rest on…
Oluwatoyin Abegbe Akintunde
Grandma, I am so sad that you are gone. I hope you make it to heaven. You made me your son. If I do anything wrong, you correct me immediately and I was so sorry that we left you in America even though you wanted to come back with us last year. I was hoping that you would live to a hundred years but God took you for a reason. God will bless you.
- Tominsin Akintunde.
Posted by Oladejo Awwogboro on March 31, 2019
Mommy, Mrs Yinka Awogboro ,unbehave of all the families of the Awogboro we are sad to see you leaving us but at the same time we will for ever celebrating your love and care in the family. The Olori of Awogboro sleep well in God's hands.
Posted by Victoria Aikhuele on March 29, 2019
Mama! Your demise was a shock but we are consoled with the fact that you are resting with the lord. You were a mother in a million to all. We will surely miss you. May perpetual light continue to shine upon you Rest In perfect peace
Posted by Adebori Adebowale on March 28, 2019
Mummy. We are sad to see you leave us so early and that like every other person was shocked and taken aback. I was personally frightened and felt alone.
Mummy did not know who I was with Toyin,whether boyfriend;girlfriend or any other. She just knew debo is there with her daughter and like any other person.When with her you cannot differentiate which one of us is her biological child.
Those memories will linger on forever. A kind,serene,gentle and an EPITOME of well behaved. I am privileged to have crossed your path in life. Dear Mummy.
Posted by Kunle Adejare on March 27, 2019
You were a special Mother amongst Mothers. I met her through Toyin who was a classmate in the 80's.
I recall a number of interactions with you, but none more so than when I turned 21 and Toyin suggested that I have a party in your home!!
You approved of the idea but then, Daddy came into town and the mood changed; we thought we were going to have to cancel, 48hrs to the day.
Your persuasive ways carried the day and we ended up having the party with both you and daddy ‘chilling’ upstairs whilst we tore the place up downstairs.
This epitomised what an influence you had on all around you, irrespective of the situation.
You were a gem in life and now heaven’s got another Angel.
You're gone but never forgotten.
Rest in Peace Ma. Your legacy lives on.
Posted by Doyin Ola on March 26, 2019
My dear aunty Yinka, as we all fondly call u (smile) I remember back in the days you were strict, but in a good way.
My Introduction: When I asked if I could have my wedding introduction at your place, gladly u accepted, u even planned a big suprise on d day, when we got to Fadeyi, we met agoyins (party cooks) cooking, that took me by surprise! So I asked and you said to me I wanted to suprise u by slaughtering a ram and cooking, this brought tears to my eyes, you were such a sweet and thoughtful mummy. Last time I saw u during Damilola's wedding in New Jersey, I got u a perfume and u were like, how did I know it was your favourite, and u teased me by saying Doyin you r trying to bribe me cos u av not been calling me. My sweet mummy Awogboro, we love you but God loves you more...sleep well in the bosom. of the Lord.
Posted by Lulu Esua on March 24, 2019
Aunty was firm and loving. I remember my first encounter nearly 30 years ago upstairs in the house at Fadeyi. 
Deola (Ajala) took me upstairs and introduced me to aunty saying ‘this is Bobby’s girlfriend, I proceeded to curtsy and aunty made a comment in Yoruba (I had never heard the words before or in fact since, not that my language was great then anyway).
I looked blank, Deola started laughing, aunty still looking at me expectantly, and I, still looking puzzled. Then Deola said, ‘aunty asked is there anything the matter with your knees?’ I guess that was my cue to get down on both knees. I thought it was all over, and then I was asked, ‘WHO IS YOUR FATHER?’ I thought this was a trick question, so I responded, 'my father is my Dad!' Everyone laughed in the room, this was so funny, (of course not me, I was not in on the joke at that time). I still remember this just like yesterday. 
When aunty called on the phone, she would always ask about the boys and say a prayer for them if they were not around to say hello to her. They would always have to remember that she want aunty Yinka to us (adults), and 'grandma' to her!
That is the caring and funny aunty I will miss and remember. May aunty rest in peace in the arms of our Lord Jesus!
Posted by Bobby Esua on March 24, 2019
Aunty I will really miss you, but I know Jesus loves you more and that you are now with your siblings ( my mum and uncle Funmi ). I remember your words to me when I had not been in touch with you for a while – the challenge you presented me with and your loving words after , which were words of wisdom. When I was younger I recall that you were strict and always gave immediate correction which I later came to appreciate.
You were kind and touched the lives of so many people too numerous to remember.
May the Almighty God grant you eternal rest and may light perpetual shine upon you, Amen .
Posted by Abiodun Adeyemi on March 24, 2019
Dear Mummy, I believe you had a blessed life as can be referenced by those you left behind, may you find eternal rest in the bosom of our lord! Your legacy will wax stronger as your memory remains forever fresh. Rest in peace mum.
Posted by Ayodele Akintunde SAN on March 24, 2019
Mummy Awosco as you are fondly called, you will be greatly missed. You were a strong woman, loving and caring. You were always there to give valuable advise and support in challenging situations. You had clarity of thought and you always stood for the truth and justice. You had a fantastic sense of humour to the very last moment. Mummy, may God Almighty grant you eternal rest. Mummy Abegbe sun re ò
Posted by Niall Awogboro on March 23, 2019
Dear grandma, I hope you know we all truly miss you and wish you were here with us. You died with a face like when i last you, a smile. God will welcome you yo his house and let's pray we will join you in old age. Amen
Posted by Tope Aduroja on March 23, 2019
My Mummy, “Mummy Awosco” For who I am today and becoming am so thankful and grateful to you mummy. You taught me to put God first and trust in God . You were strict but you were just been a mother in the true word, who uses one hand to correct in love❤️
You were Principled and instilled in me great values that made me a lady , a good wife , sister , friend and a better person and homely too, I can hear your voice when you say “ Tope e bo lo ti bo, ese e ati idi e Ko fe joko si lle “and the legs are taught a lesson .
Most especially, Mummy Awosco , I thank you for the immense support to my mummy and my brothers, You were there when nobody was ,you were my mummy’s Pillar of strength every step of the way . ❤️❤️. We are forever grateful, words alone can not describe or express how u loved us ,supported us , provided for us and guided us all through .
You will forever have a special place in our heart . You have a very big Heart .
You lived a fulfilled . I will miss you Mummy Awosco. Till we meet again to part no more ,Sleep well .❤️! We love you but God loves u more .
Love u Always❤️
My Mummy Awosco
Posted by Eyo Esua on March 22, 2019
Aunty Yinka (my late mother’s younger sister) was a devout Christian and a disciplinarian with a soft touch. She was highly principled and believed in living by example. I recall the occasions I had offended her primarily for not keeping in regular touch with her and rather than face the music and subject myself to her reprimand, would keep postponing the inevitable. I would even go as far as to solicit the assistance of her son Ladi to soften the ground for me but Ladi would always say to me “Eyo you know your Aunty, she will only scold you for 5 minutes and once you apologize all will be forgotten”. That in a nutshell was Aunty Yinka. She never took any slight to heart or bore a grievance towards anyone. If she was not happy with you she would seek you out and tell you to your face and once the issue was resolved that was the end of it. She was in essence a very forthright and unpretentious person which meant “what you saw was what you got”.
I remember while growing up that Aunty’s house was a Mecca of some sort. There were numerous members of her husband’s family (the Awogboros) and her own family (the Jibowus) living with her. She treated everyone the same because as far as she was concerned, they were all her children and to this day, some members of the Awogboro Family grew up thinking they were Jibowus. I myself could not tell the difference because everyone was brought up by her as members of one household.
Aunty’s faith in God was exceptional. She worshipped the Lord with complete submission to his will and had deep faith in his ability to help overcome all odds. She would advice that you do your best and leave the rest to God. Aunty lived a very fulfilling and exciting life full of challenges which she overcame due to her resilient and robust nature. She was physically and emotionally strong serving as a bedrock for others and always willing to assist the needy even to the detriment of her own well being.
Aunty thank you for all that you taught us. You were a role model for resilience, hard work, discipline, forthrightness, honesty, empathy and above all humility. You will be sorely missed by all who had the privilege of knowing you. While we mourn your departure, we draw comfort from the knowledge that you have left this mortal world for a higher realm where only saints and the spiritually blessed reside surrounded by the divine grace and presence of the Lord God Almighty.
Eternal Rest Grant unto Aunty Yinka O Lord and let perpetual light shine upon her. May she rest in peace. Amen.
Posted by Temitope Oderinde on March 22, 2019
Grandma, your departure from this world on the 14th day of March 2019 came to me as a shock. I thank God for the opportunity to have shared very beautiful pleasant moments together. You taught me to stand for myself,be strong, God fearing and to love God . You took me as your daughter (last born) and showed me love and care, even when things are not going well, you stood by me. Thank you so much. You fought a good fight. Though you are dead but your legacy lives on. Rest in the bossom of the Lord.
Love you .
Oderinde Temitope
Posted by Joke Jibowu on March 21, 2019
On March 14,2019 God welcomes a very special Angel into heaven.You where really a great Grandma,Mother nd i’m Greatful for her life,her example and also her legacy.Thank u Lord that she spent her time on earth knowing u,am going to miss ur beautiful Smile nd the long chats when I visit.Enjoy Jesus ma....from Me Olujoke Jibowu,my Mum,nd Daughter.Rest in Peace.     
Posted by Olakunbi Iyabode Ajayi-be... on March 21, 2019
Tribute to late Cousin Yinka Awogboro
I received the news of my cousin's transition with shock.
I give God the Glory for a life well spent and pray that the soul of my dear cousin Yinka (as i called her) will rest in perfect peace.
Adieu till we meet at the bossom of our lord.
Omo Jibowu
Omo ologbo ijeun.
Elder Chief Iyabode Ajayi-Bembe (nee Falase)
Posted by Kemi Awogboro on March 21, 2019
The kids, Ladipupo and I would miss you immensely. I thank God for the opportunity to have shared very beautiful pleasant moments together . We will miss your prayers, advice, birthday calls, new year prayers, etc. Thank you soooooo much for your wisdom and life experiences you have shared with me that have shaped me as a wife and mother. Most especially thanks for all your support and love you've shown to us. You will forever be missed.
Posted by Temi Jibowu on March 21, 2019
Grandma I just want to say Thank You. In our brief time of knowing each other, You have shown me so much love and acceptance. I remember the very first time meeting you I was a bit apprehensive, but when we first laid eyes on each other and you called me “Temitope mi” I felt at ease. I thank GOD for his divine orchestration for allowing us to meet and also for you to meet my son. I thank you for always trying to make me feel comfortable whenever I came to visit telling me stories about Nigeria, my husband growing up,and how you never ate a hamburger! Those memories I will always hold so dear. Although you will be missed immensely; I think the whole family can be peace with the fact that you are at rest and on that day we will see you in glory. Grandma, GOD bless you and once again, THANK YOU.

Posted by Offiong Esua on March 21, 2019
Aunty Yinka Awogboro was always warm, caring; benevolent. We were close. She ebulliently filled the void, playing a mother's role. In all events that followed my mother's passing. She was my mother, late Mrs Olufemi Olufunmilayo Esua's younger sister.
Aunty 'Yinkus' as I fondly called her, was vivacious with an effervescencing cadence, and that 'smile'. A full brim high wattage radiance. She had spent a week with me in Houston, Texas. Several years ago. And she regaled me with old stories, family folklore. Plugging holes in the threadbare of a rich, trenchant family history; tapestry.
My beloved aunt, was frank, unpretentious. If you had wronged her in any way. Immediately, come to an unembroidered admittance. A stiff, firm rebuke was bound to follow. And all was forgotten. A clean slate.
She would be sorely missed. A deep; resonating loss. May the gracious Lord God; Savior grant her eternal succor; solace at His right bosom. Amen.
Posted by Foluso Ishola on March 21, 2019
Iya ni wura iyebiye ti a ko le ra.
The first thing I learnt about Mummy Awosco - she was a woman who ensured to do everything within her capacity to give her children the best. She was a very strong mother from the beginning to the end. Principled, pragmatic and practical in her approach to things. 
May all the sweet memories of Mum bring you solace when you need it.
'When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure'.
Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal.
You have my deepest, sincerest, sympathy. 
May Mum's gentle soul rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Oluwa Hope on March 20, 2019
Grandma, you were a feisty woman and full of life. You taught me being a family means you are a part of something very wonderful, God's gift to us. Your mind is now at ease and your soul is at rest. Remembering all, we were truly blessed. You taught us to be strong, God fearing individuals and for that, I thank you! May you continue to watch us and may we continue to make you proud.
Love always
Adeola Akere
Posted by Damilola JIbowu on March 20, 2019
Mommy Awosco, that name stays with me forever, I will forever be grateful to God for your life mommy. You have always loved me and I know this because, I lived with you, did my kindergarten and elementary levels under you, grew up under you. I have good and great memories of living with you. You were somewhat strict /disciplinarian but it was all for love and borne out of love, today I am proud of you, I thank God for the opportunity he gave me to be part of your last days, I love you mommy, we (My wife, Son and I) love and appreciate you mommy. Thank you mommy for standing by me when others could not and didn't want to, during one the most trying times of my life, when I thought i would be standing alone, you stood by me, you stood beside me, you stood for me, as my mommy, as my daddy, as my brother, as my sister,as my support and i was not ashamed, you prayed for me, carried my son, you dedicated my son, you fed my son, you did the best a mother could do for a son, i will forever be thankful mommy. Tears wouldn't bring you back; I cry because i miss you and I will miss you, I will continue to comfort myself with God's word; John 14:1-3 we know you are happier in the bosom of our Lord Jesus.
You fought a good fight mommy and we thank God that now, you are resting in peace.
Posted by VlogsByB on March 20, 2019
Grandma! You were respected wherever you went and I will always value that , tremendously. Your no nonsense tolerance helped build the thick skin I have now. The news is still difficult to process considering you have been there since birth. From my shows , graduations , or birthday celebrations you were one of my staple guest and will continue to be , but just in spirit now. The memories we shared are countless and they will not be forgotten. You will be loved and missed!
Posted by Oyinlola Akere on March 20, 2019
Tickle me mummy.
Mummy, I asked God to take away your pain, but he took you.
Now am left with the pain and vacuum.
When daddy died, I asked that when you go to daddy, God should make it possible that you will have a lot of great things to tell dad about us. Great things that happened after he left. God made that possible. Halleluyah to praise His name.
Where do I start mum. From when I couldn't even pronounce my name right.
When you and I would sneak off to our favorite church.
When We went to the movie theater together to watch your favorite Indian movies.
When I was able to work with you in your shop that earned you your name" Mummy Awosco" and taught me how to manage a business.
Everytime you sat by my bed when I was not strong enough to come to you.
The last twenty two years that you spent with me and my family in the United States, and how you never stop to straighten everyone that crossed your path here, no matter who they are. You were mummy to all my friends and their family.
Thank you mummy, for always being there whenever I needed you and especially when your motherly instinct alerts you. For teaching me how to be independent and care for my family no matter what. For your extraordinary love.
The last days that I spent with you in the hospital, were the best except you were in pain.
When I come close to you, you always tickle me in my belly.
When I try to get you out of bed, you will drop your weight and place your head on my chest like a baby.
These are the precious memories that am hanging on to.
I thank God for ending your pain, I wish you could tickle me again mum.
I love you mum, for after God there is none like you. I miss you mummy, I miss you a lot.
Sleep well mummy, sleep well.
Posted by Boluwatife Bintinlaye on March 20, 2019
What else is there to say Mummy, you fought a good fight and you finished strong.
I consider it a blessing to have been in your life. The past 12 memorable years, you were my mother, my no-nonsense teacher, and my friend. I cherish all the great times we spent together. Your memories will always live on in me.
I know you wondered about me, and the kind of person I might be. You probably feared that I was some interesting piece of work; a newly divorced, mystery man that you’d have to grin and bear for the sake of your daughter . I’ll admit I was afraid myself. I was afraid that I wouldn’t measure up, and that you’d think I wasn’t good enough for your daughter. Through the time of dating I heard about you, but hearing and knowing is never the same thing. You cannot imagine the relief that washed over me after that first meeting, you gave to me a no-hold barred conversation, one that dictates that I have to prove myself. I got to realizing you were kind, not intimidating at all. From that day forward I felt lucky in regards to our relationship, and that feeling has never stopped.
I thank God for being there from the beginning through it all. Our endless hospital visits, shopping and countless travels across states for harvest revivals. I am indeed blessed to have been a son to you.
I thank you for loving me and I thank God for blessing me with the opportunity to know you,the real you.
Posted by Tokunbo Oderinde on March 20, 2019
My beloved second MUM...
I was privileged to have spent the last few special moments with you both in the US and Nigeria and as I recall massaging your hands and trying to give you your meds before I left to go back to return to the UK, was our special moments that I will cherish till eternity.
Mama Awosco as I normally call you when I'm up to something or being mischievous, but somehow you'll see through me and smile, you instilled great values with a well grounded principles of how to handle the toughest life challenges and being strong to handle any situations. A true Disciplinarian with a big heart ♥.
My Beloved Mama Awosco is the most gentle yet straight talking Mum with an attitude I'll ever know, she's direct and doesn't mix her words, you either take it or leave it "which is one of the best things I admire about my Mama Awosco, sometimes could be misunderstood, but I admire her directness with an attitude.
Thank you so much for instilling the fundamental principled values that has helped in shaping me to being the person I am today.
A dedicated Christian with core Christian values instilled in us as we were growing up, my old Reagan Memorial Baptist Girls Secondary school (Mum). I still have your Reagan T Shirt and you were ever so proud of me when I told you, I was the Reagan Ambassador, you smiled and said well done.
You'll forever remain in our hearts and your legacy will continue to live on through each and every one of us.
Adieu Mama Awosco..
Love Always
Tokunbo Oderinde XXX
Posted by Anthony Mekwuye on March 20, 2019
Grandma this hurts so bad . Day by day I wish I spent more time with you . I am glad I got to hug you , kiss your cheek and say goodbye before you left to Nigeria . Thanks for all the advice you gave me , taking care of me and loving me no matter how much of a handful I was . I am going to try my best do all we spoke about . I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU ALOT .
Posted by Oluwasayemidero Enitan on March 20, 2019
GRANDMA! I miss you so much, I can't believe someone I've known and loved all my life is gone. Thank you for raising me, loving me and always making me feel special.I'm so fortunate to have been able to take care of you in your last days, I'm so grateful to God for that. I'll always love you Grandma!!

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Posted by Tokunbo Oderinde on May 3, 2022
Happy Post humous birthday Mama Awosco.. it would have been your 86th birthday today, we love you but God loves you more.

Continue to rest in perfect peace X
Posted by Oluwasayemidero Enitan on May 3, 2022
Happy birthday!!
Posted by Temitope Oderinde on March 18, 2022
Hmmm..... 3 years of no gist partner in Awogboro........ I remember you everyday when I need your advice. U have been a source of inspiration to me. Granny I missed you greatly. Continue to rest in peace
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