Let the memory of Olori Regina Obafunmilayo Olayisade (Nee Ajepe) be with us forever. Grandma, we love you. Rest peacefully. You deserve it.
  • 95 years old
  • Born on January 19, 1919 in Ido, Ekiti State, Nigeria.
  • Passed away on September 13, 2014 in Akure, Ondo State, Nigeria.

Posted by Oluremi Adeyinka on 13th September 2018
My dearest Grandma, I rejoice because you are with the host of heaven. Abiyamo nitoto, miss you greatly. You have a special place in my heart.
Posted by Kehinde Olayisade on 13th January 2015
Good night mama, I want you to take your rest on your savior's breast. We Love you but Jesus loves you best, I wish you good night.
Posted by Rose Fakuade on 27th November 2014
Amazon queen lives on. By what you achieved in this planet, triumphant entry to eternity is a sure banker. No over statement here mama bun, Regina Obafunmilayo Olayisade, nee Ajepe, you nurtured and tutored me when I was a damsel in the world of my own. I remember some hauty words you showered on me and my peer Ropo Faleye, but thank God that hastily I bowed for discipline, I am enjoying the positive consequences of a mother's counselling and admonishment. Today, you are in a deep sleep but to be awake in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ. I take solace in the bible passage that exemplifies the life of our Royal Queen who was an epitome of diligence, assiduity, honour, integrity, compassion, benevolence and indeed finesse. More importantly was mama's capacity for giving out, it was unassailable, her penchant for philanthropic activities is awe inspiring and her proclivity for humanitarianism is unmistakable. The motherhood which you proudly endowed here shall never perish in Jesus name. Good night mama, egbon eye mi, Modupe Balofin omo Ajepe. Till that resurrection morning.
Posted by Adesola Oyedotun on 13th November 2014
The tribute below is from my Mom: Victoria Adenike Akinyele (Nee Olayisade) : My darling Mama Ola (as she is popularly called); Mama Agba; Eye Omo. ..You were a mother out of a million. Cared for your children- an ant dared not touch any of them! You fiercely protected all the children in the palace, not discountenancing any of us and extended this love to our spouses and children, with special nicknames for them. My daughter, Olubunmi, "May I?", Adesola, "ADESOLA MI"! , Olajumoke, "Adetunbi t'Oba" and so on. You and I spoke regularly, especially in the last few years. ..I called you on the day that you passed on, only for Bose to answer that you were asleep: at 4pm! Ma J'okun, ma je ekolo. Nkan ti won ba nje lajule orun ni ko ba won je. Rest In Perfect Peace. Adenike Akinyele
Posted by Joke Adedara on 13th November 2014
My grandmother Olori R.O.Olayisade you passed on and you will forever be remembered by all. Most especially my children(Demi, Dap and Dot) who were still thinking their greatgrandma will live to see their children also but i told them GOD loves her most. She came, she saw ,she conquered living a legacy that all of us should be Godfearing which is profitable in this world and the one which is to come. Sun re o o eye omo.
Posted by FAWEKUN ADEPEJU on 11th November 2014
To A Shining Star , You are a shining star, An example of what a grandmother can be , Loving, compassionate, beautiful, determined, honest and intelligent. I remembered when we were coming from church and it was about to rain and i asked mama it was going to rain and she responded ..so n'iwo lori ni? Meaning is there a hole in your head that water can penetrate. And you have more courage and strength than anyone I know. You are a shining example of what every grandaughter wishes her grandmother were. I love you so very much and I'm very proud to say you are my grandmother. I miss you mama. Adepeju Omotoso-Fawekun
Posted by Adeola Fayomi on 24th October 2014
Iye lori, it is very hard for me to say goodbye to another rare gem but I know deep in my heart that you were special and for that, you touched so many lives positively. You have left an amazing legacy behind and will be fondly remembered now and always by many....Rest on Maama and please give my love to T.A......  
Posted by Adeola Fayomi on 24th October 2014
Iye lori, it is very hard for me to say goodbye to another rare gem but I know deep in my heart that you were special and for that, you touched so many lives positively. You have left an amazing legacy behind and will be fondly remembered now and always by many....Rest on Maama and please give my love to T.A......  
Posted by Tayo Famiyesin on 15th October 2014
Granny never carry last! She never forget to send the name of her grandchildren as soon as they arrive, and would stick to the name she gave any child. May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Tolulope Olayisade on 13th October 2014
Thank you Mama for wisdom Thank you Mama for prayers Thank you Mama for love Thank you Mama because you never judged me. When I didn't call after so long, you eased the guilt once we spoke. When I spoke in Yoruba, it was always a good laugh... Thank you Mama for being a great teacher. Any man that does not know God can not understand love but I am certain that if such a man ever came in contact with you, he/she will have an idea/understanding and eventually know God. Saturday September 13th is a day I will never forget. I was out when I heard and could not believe it. It is hard to move on but I'd continually pray to God for strength. Love you always Your Favorite Grandson, Toluwalope aka Patrick aka ''PATIRIKI MI OOO''
Posted by Femi Obasan on 13th October 2014
I can testify that "Eyelori",as she was fondly called , truly lived. She lived a life worthy of emulation. Though I knew her only about 16 years ago , I can testify she was a mother who truly cared for people and loved them irrespective of who they are. Such people would surely go extra miles in caring for their own flesh and blood . Olori Reginah 'Funmilayo (who my own mum coincidentally shares full names with) , was absolutely endowed with Godly wisdom plus a very very sharp and retentive memory that I found very rare . She was about 80 years when I knew her and I use to marvel at how she would remember events with full details and using exact words people used years back . ( I now know where Ennie picked that from) I also love her bluntness those days. She scolded me several times during our dating years ( in perfect "queen's English ) to start going to my house when I visited Enny and I wouldn't want to leave even at close to midnight . I saw her pray - walking severally and I use to wonder why she was talking quietly to "nobody" until I found out she was praying . I just can't but pray that God will grant all of us such exceptional grace (which she carried) that our children , grand children and great grand children will call us "blessed". Rest in the bosom of the father , Olori Reginah Obafunmilayo Olayisade . We all love you!
Posted by Bayo Teju on 12th October 2014
My dearest grandma. Thank you for the lesson I learnt from you. All the care, support during thick and thin. The kind of life; to always be God fearing and never cease from praying. Your memory in the heart of my children (your great grand children) are still fresh. They were thinking you will wait to see their children also. But you came, you saw, you conquered. And we believe your memories will always be fresh in our heart. Till we meet to part no more. Sun re o mama oni nu re.
Posted by Gbenga Omotoso on 12th October 2014
Dear Mama,remembering the beautiful times we shared together...holding my hand while I hold the lantern or torch,5.30am on our way to church for morning devotions,over 7km.....hot beverage when we return.....excavating stones at your site and then breaking them as gravels for sale....sale of your empty beverage cans....cooking obe ila- alasepo soup, etc,the experiences were very profound and deep and most recently,the name....Oluwadamilola that your great-grand son bears today....you actually sent the name to me on the day of his naming not knowing that my wife and self had agreed to give the name to him...when I see him,I see you. You can never be forgotten MAMA because I carry you in my heart. Priceless gift to mankind,sweet rest dear mama.
Posted by Bayo O on 12th October 2014
Grandma Regina, daughter of God, I'm grateful and honoured to be your grandchild, I appreciate your words of wisdom and encouragement, they will forever abide in my heart. As I look back at the time we shared with you, I remember you for the love, care, focus, responsibility as seeds you planted and nurtured in our hearts, we will miss your prayers, we will miss your teaching and examples of how to cherish family and of hard work. I miss you dearly yet knowing you are in a better place comforts me.
Posted by Enitan Femi-Obasan on 12th October 2014
Mama had a beautiful voice. She would wake up every morning and sing her song, "Mo ji layo, mo sun layo, mo fogo f'Oluwa..." before saying her prayers. She had such a wonderful sense of humour and oh the way she used to tease me. She would mimic me and say "Mama e fi le" and then would laugh. And whenever she saw my husband, she wouldn't fail to recount all the things he used to do before we got married. She had an amazing memory! Her command of the English Language nko?! It was matchless and it was one thing about Mama that tripped my husband. Mama was such a delight. Though she aged in her body, she was forever young at heart. It's such a big privilege to get call her my grandma. Love you Mama to the moon and back!
Posted by Olubunmi Omoniwa on 12th October 2014
A praying grandmother and an insightful woman; old age didn't stop her. It always made us laugh as mama called us, as kids 'my sister or my brother' - it was her way of fondly connecting with us. We're blessed to have had your best years with us. Heaven has you now but your memory as a great woman, lovely grandma and greatgrandma will forever live on. Always in our hearts Mama
Posted by Agbenike Foluke Adebiyi on 12th October 2014
Oh wat a glorious exit eye mi as i used to called her .she took care of me from infant and it pleases God to take her home few days to my birthday. Ah to me ur demise has left a gap.eye mi words cnt be used to qualify u,if tears could bring back life it will be another story.On the first day of resumption their was nobody to call and ask of me and nobody to say bye bye .you will forever be missed Aderonke wont forget ur last handshake.ojunromi o eye mi maa sinmi titi olufe owon,Mofoluwake say again with tears mixed with joy that you left us on the right path bye bye bye-bye. Adieu mama ma sinmi lodo oluwa
Posted by Tobi Olayisade on 12th October 2014
She was a special person. She always made me feel loved and special when we spoke on phone. Her prayer points where outstanding and even though I could not translate quite a number of them, I still said AMIN! She was very wise and no matter how old she got, she still had all the bulbs on the chandelier. She was the best Grandma that anyone could ever have. Grandma was forgiving and loving. Even though this has been a difficult few weeks for the entire family, we are all comforted by the fact that our grandmother is in a better place, safe and happy. “I’ll see you in heaven.”
Posted by Grace Omotoso on 12th October 2014
As I read through d tributes i smile, but not with some tear welling up my eyes. I smile because even before your death,i had heard wonderful things ur grandchildren always had to say about Iya Olori, and d tear?a reminder that we should all live our lifes' worthy of good tributes. Tho i never met u,ill always remember d first time i heard ur voice over the phone, Mama u sounded 16, Yes Sixteen! Such energetic voice from a woman over 90? Whao!. And just that left a mark. You were a mother indeed...like one of ur children will always say. Rest in God's bossom Mama...
Posted by Yemi Falade-Dada on 11th October 2014
I wish the story never ends I wish the dance never ceased I wish you live forever -I mean forever I remember my growing days my days at Unity Usi Mama was well known, even by the walls of the school because from the doms I will hear "Yemi Falade your grandma is around" the many visits that made me feel loved and cared for. I remember my formative years Her carefulness and firmness kept me on track the gisting, the correction, the training all added up to what is now me. I wish we could hold you back I am deeply pained in my heart, not because you died, for that is the way of all mortal but because I missed the last moment. I wish I saw you go but now that you are gone I can only wish, pray, hope and wait because I believe we will see someday. Mama l miss you sleep on in the Lord
Posted by Ekundayo Omotoso on 11th October 2014
We thought of you with love today,But that is nothing new. We thought about you yesterday.And days before that too.We think of you in silence.We often speak your name.Now all we have is memories. And your picture in a frame.Your memory is our keepsake.With which we'll never part.God has you in his keeping. We have you in our heart.we all love you Mama ola
Posted by Samuel Dada on 11th October 2014
The Short Scene I have seen few old people live and died But of the many seen thus far Fewer still aged so gracefully Our stay together was rather short Yet your graceful and caring heart is greatly missed At first knock on the door The consistent episodes start thus: "Who is that, who is that", at first Mr. Dada..." then "aba Bunmi" "you are welcome" And then the prayers begin to flow Your age-worn body and dwindling strength Was a contrast to your prayer power Though confined by age, your prayers travel far and wide Your whispers are never of complaint They are sighs of prayer and meditation. Though the scene here was short-lived We hope for a sweet forever together at the bossom of the Lord You prayers will be told to your lovely 'Oluwabunmi mi' Mama you live on in our hearts -Adieu!
Posted by Lola Ademiluyi on 10th October 2014
Mama mi oooo, those were my first three words whenever I heard your warm and loving voice on the other end of the phone line. Our conversation usually would follow thus; "A-D-E-S-O-L- A-A mi o, ka ti Jo, mo pe o Lori phonu re, oni ko wole ko wole...." and the prayers begin....thinking back, I smile...I smile for I hold on to such memories and not even death can take it away from me. Mama mi timo timo, I loved you from the day I gained enough wisdom to know you were my granny and that's only because you loved me so dearly from my very first years when all I did was eat, sleep and cry. I love you now even more knowing we are apart for now but thanking God for bringing an embodiment of beauty into my life, I will always love you even as I remember you with very fond memories and knowing your prayers will continue to manifest wonders in my life. Mama mi oooo....I lose you for heaven to gain you. That's fair enough but we shall meet again and will never be apart in Jesus Name. Amen. Sleep well mama.
Posted by Ekundayo Omotoso on 9th October 2014
Thank you for the gift of love.Now you're sharing it up above.You had many things to say,All in a caring way.You always saw good in everyone,No matter what they've done.You were always the one we could all lean on,Even though it must have felt like a ton. You were always the strength of the family.Now we must let you rest calmly.We say goodbye,As tears roll down our eyes. I know your place in heaven has a good view.You're telling God, I need to keep an eye on us.I know you will always be in our hearts and minds. So Grandma, I must go, but I'll never forget you're one of a kind.
Posted by Mojisola Famiyesin on 3rd October 2014
''Our Great Queen, Mother, Grandmother & Great Grandmother has transit to glory. Mama as we fondly call her was loving, gentle and kind to all and sundry. 'Eeye Olori' was indeed a great pillar behind the camp always praying and wishing the best for everyone. Mama, though you left the camp and we are cold, yet, we are glad you finished beautifully. May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace. Fondly remembered''
Posted by Falade Michael on 3rd October 2014
She was the last granny standing; Her love, grace and care were unreserving. I never knew she would go this soon; For I wished she saw my kids too. Beauty remained in her eyes till death; Prayers never left her lips till she waved bye. Her memory gripped my heart till date; She remains fresh as each day passes by. ...Love u granny ( still "M F").
Posted by Oluremi Adeyinka on 2nd October 2014
The world lost a great woman on Saturday, September 13th 2014. I am grateful to have had the example of my beautiful and caring grandmother in my life for over 40 years. All my grandma ever wanted for those that she loved was for them to be happy...and she also wanted that for those she didn't even know as well. My grandmother is the perfect example of charity and selflessness. She would do anything for anyone at anytime never thinking of herself. Her example has given me something to aspire to. Continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord Yeye Olori. We love you dearly grandma and will forever be in our heart.

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