Let the memory of OLORI RUPHINA be with us forever
  • 77 years old
  • Born on May 9, 1939 in OGUN STATE, IJEBU-IFE, Nigeria.
  • Passed away on October 31, 2016 in LONDON, THE HARLEY STREET CLINIC, United Kingdom.

This memorial website was created in memory of our grandma, OLORI RUPHINA OGUNTAYO (NEE OKUNOWO), 77, born on May 9, 1939 and passed away on October 31, 2016. it is sad to see you go but we are assured that she is resting in a beter place. Grandma we thank you for the years that you shared with us. You are the WORLDS BEST GRANDMA. We would never forget you. Give great- grandma a kiss on our behalf. We love you

Posted by Anthony Okunowo on 9th May 2018
To my late sister, Yeye. May God grant you eternal rest, we all miss you so much. I wish you were alive now and that you could have witnessed Nikes wedding I'm sure you would have planned everything. Love you always Ademinowo
Posted by Seyi Laja on 9th May 2018
Happy Birthday Grandma!!! I know you're up there having a blast with the angels. I asked God to blast KSA and Obey for you. I'm sure you've been dancing all day. Had my Finance finals today. It was such a breeze. I'm sure you had something to do with it ;) you've always looked out for me and continue to do so even when you're not here. I miss you so much. Love always Seyi sege.
Posted by Bunmi Laja on 1st November 2017
To God be the glory for His faithfulness this past one year!! May Light perpetual continue to shine upon her gentle and loving soul “ Though her hands we cannot touch and her smile we cannot see; yet we feel her love everyday and memories of her we cherish forever”
Posted by Fola Ogunwolu on 31st October 2017
A year already but it seems just like yesterday. May your memories never dim Lika. Continue to rest in the bossom of Christ. May the Holy Spirit continue to comfort those left behind, amen.
Posted by Bodunrin Adeyemi on 31st October 2017
What a difference a year makes. Thank you dear Father that "eyin won da, ko de ni baje". Amen.
Posted by Okunowo Afolabi on 21st November 2016
"TRIBUTE TO OLORI YEYELUWA OLAYINKA OGUNTAYO My sincere condolences to the royal family (HRM Oguntayo) and its various extensions on the glorious call of a rare gem and mother to all who knew or had encounter with her. A woman of many parts. To some, she was a pillar, strong tie, symbol of humility, truly fair leader, peacemaker etc. I remember how my late grand mum mentioned your name in some of her stories, how you had to travel down for Aunty Kemi Odupitan's (Nee Okunowo) wedding. You were also very supportive during my grandparent's burial in Ijebu Ife. Although I didn't really get to know you closely before you passed on but I've learnt some virtues through you "family is everything". We love you but God loves you more, continue to rest on our beloved.
Posted by Adetola - Ogunkoya Julius... on 16th November 2016
My last visit Home I went to the Palace in other to see my Aunty but she was taking a rest, we spoke on the house system, not knowing that will be her last words with me. A gentle Loyal woman and wife to the Loving Husband KABIYESI.. Good Bye Aunti Mi. I read BABA´s Interview about her wife Then I recollect my been part of them till Date. SUN RE O, OMO OBA, AYA OBA. KABIYESI, DADDY, whom i nick named EKUN, THE LION before becoming The King. doesn´t minse words, fearless, Baba love to say the truth of his mind he dislike Laziness. What baba said is not just praising the wife Olori Olayinka, but the secred truth. I must have been part of them for five decades, i am not just praising them,,,but younger ones sees the inner thought of older ones. Olori Olayinka will refused any advice to do anything NEGATIVE. And baba will never do anything without the conscent of the wife, God first is their watchward. At 7 Adeyinka street, Lagos Morning devotion you dont joke with it. Aunty mi, Mama, Lika or Yeye, as she was foundly called, She was so, so Loyal to the Husband, Kabiye. She will serve His food by herself and do the room and Bed. Any other thing is secondary. One thing i know of Baba Kabiyesi is He showed respect to the wifes Mother and family, even as a King He will still visit the Mother In-law alone. What a SPLENDID TAIWO and KEHINDE. COUPLE. Babas comments wasn´t just praising but THE SECRED TRUTH. J. A. Adetola-Ogunkoya: Omo Alago Ajilu Gbongbon.
Posted by Jide Familoni on 16th November 2016
There is a reason why the Yorubas say “B’ina ba ku, a fi eru b’oju; b’ọgẹdẹ ku, a fi ọmọ rọpo’”. It is because the essential character of a person, their phenotype, if you like, can be gleaned in their offspring. I met Bunmi in Canada and Muyiwa in England, ever before I met their mother, Olori Ruphina Olayinka Oguntayo (Nee Okunowo). It was not hard to extrapolate that the woman who raised such extraordinary young ladies would be a very extraordinary woman. When I finally met her in Lagos, indeed, she was. She was generous, she was kind, and she was magnanimous. She did not value people by what they had. The Psalmist of the 90th chapter asked God to teach us to number our days that we may gain a heart of wisdom. Too often, too many number their days in terms of what they have been able to amass. While some of that is necessary for mankind to be whole, no one takes their wealth to the grave. Numbering our days and gaining understanding is to recognize that only what we leave behind matters at the end. "Ìgbà o lọ bi òréré" ... the vistas of time does not continue forever. I am not certain what our ancestors had in mind, but it is fact - for every living thing and being, time is not ad infinitum. And so, Olori Ruphina Olayinka Oguntayo has spent her days and has now departed. She will be remembered by the life she led, and the children and grandchildren she left. I add my heartfelt condolences in the hope of comforting Olubunmi, her brothers and sisters, and their children. While it is understandable that they are sad, I know the sun will shine again, and they will smile again. I pray they learn from her example. Jide Familoni, PhD
Posted by Olulowo Akintayo on 14th November 2016
Olori Yeyeluwa Olayinka Oguntayo (nee Okunowo) We remember grandma (mommy Lika) Yeyeluwa with joy for a beautiful life well spent. She was a God fearing woman of many virtues and an embodiment of love, loyalty and devotion in marriage and family- Christian virtues she passed on to all her children. As a dutiful and devoted wife, mother and grandmother and royal mother to the people of Ijebu-Ife kingdom she was always there welcoming all with unfeigned love, warm smile and humility, complementing Kabiyesi’s numerous roles & busy schedule - all with grace. Despite her enviable status in society she was a display of humility whether at home or abroad, a great hostess who readily welcomed family and friends into her home and made you immediately believe you’re in your second home. In all those years she hardly raised her voice, however she was a resolute fighter who through faith in Jesus Christ overcame in all the vicissitudes of life, she believed in the ideals of integrity, loyalty, hard work and good character. Mommy, grandma, Olori, Yeyeluwa Lika was a uniting front and she ensured her family remained united and God fearing, hers is a legacy of the fear of God, love, loyalty and unity. We pray God will grant Kabiyesi, the children, grand children, family the special grace & fortitude to bear the loss. We all miss her and take solace knowing that she's only gone ahead of us all to our heavenly home. “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints.” Psalm 116:15 Iya rere sun re o. Mr. Olulowo Akintayo for the family of Late Bishop & Mrs T.I.Akintayo
Posted by Lucian Adekoya on 12th November 2016
Dearest auntie, your calmness was an example to us all. There was always power in your quiet nature. I remember you coming into the room when we were kids, simply saying 'Lucian Lucian, Leo Leo or Louis Louis' and we knew what you meant because we felt your love. More importantly, your special bond with our mum resulted in our special bond with your wonderful children. We never knew boredom because of you. I hope we can pass this blessing on to our kids. We will forever treasure your heartfelt warmth and love. Rest well, until we meet again. Yours always Lucian.
Posted by Oluyemisi Olukoya on 11th November 2016
Dearest Auntie, Lika, Yeyeluwa, Olori, You came, saw fought and conquered: Hallelujah ! Yes, you doggedly fought everything that afflicts man including death and you prevailed. You have not died because in Him that gives life you could not die rather you got translated into glory. We have lost a gem, a tower of strength and support but in these matters we have no choice. The wheel of life must keep turning. We pray that God will strengthen us all. I have the privilege to know and interact closely with my late Auntie - Olori Ruphina Olayinka OGUNTAYO (Nee Okunowo) for over four decades. Your very CHEERFUL smile and face was embedded in my memory from childhood, from Ilupeju to Ijebu –Ife when we came visiting. Your spirit of Humanity, openness, Hospitality, sacrificial giving and service to God have singled you tremendously within the family and friends. We became closer after the demise of my late mom – Otunba (Mrs) Josephine Adebimpe ODUNSI (Nee Ogunade). You tried to comfort us throughout the Funeral ceremonies, you offered us your unflinching support and we cannot forget the honour you bestowed on our late mom, by waiting with us at the Grave side in the hot scorching sun until she was lowered and her Grave was sealed with cement, for this show of love, my siblings & I say, Thank you Ma. I am confident that my Mom and the other departed members of the family have welcomed you into Heaven and you are having a great time. After the demise of my late mom, you called me several times and continuously offered me words of comfort and admonished me to forge ahead and be of good courage. When the inevitable end came, you conducted yourself with remarkable courage and dignity. We thank God for your wonderful life; and for giving Kabiyesi the fortitude, dignity and unflinching love to stay with and beside you till the very end. To Kabiyesi and my cousins, we share your grief. I respectfully invite the Almighty to grant Kabiyesi, my cousins and the entire extended family the strength and faith to bear your irreparable loss. Tearfully, we bid you good night, Ma. Rest in the bosom of the Lord. Mrs Oluyemisi OLUKOYA (Nee Agbo-Ola ODUNSI)
Posted by Oduwole Olayinka on 11th November 2016
May the gentle soul our dear Olori and my namesake ,rest in perfect peace ,hmm was actually looking forward to a day I would meet you ,having heard a lot about you Ma ,your loving and caring heart ,and I never knew that day wldnt come ,until I heard about ur demise ,keep resting in the bossom of the Lord till we meet and part no more ,and to my big aunty Princess { Pharm) Laja may lord comfort you and the entire family ,Adieu to one of the great OLASSIAN Olori Olayinka Oguntayo ,from one of the OLASS Girls! We love but our Lord loves you more !
Posted by Bambo Odutayo on 10th November 2016
Hmm...Grandma used to call me "Bambuuzeey".She was one of the kindest person I have ever known...Friendly,kind,jovial,caring.Her demise came as a big shock to me because she was like a mother figure.May her gentle soul rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Bambo Odutayo on 10th November 2016
Hmm...Grandma used to call me "Bambuuzeey".She was one of the kindest person I have ever known...Friendly,kind,jovial,caring.Her demise came as a big shock to me because she was like a mother figure.May her gentle soul rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Olushola Alakija on 10th November 2016
I heard about your demise with great shock. I never realized that you could go so soon, it is not how long that matters but how well. My joy is that you lived a fulfilled life that impacted on others. You came, you fought and conquered. I want to appreciate you and Kabiyesi for the love expressed to me during my trying period. I became close to her and saw a woman who was humble, easy going, diligent, prudent, dedicated to God and a prayer warrior . Yeye was always seen praying with her rosary, indeed a virtuous woman. You filled the vacuum my mother left behind after her death, always willing to give with a cheerful heart. I will indeed miss you dearly. Omo iwade awodiora kawodirara, aworo a won omo bu owo ola susu. Sunree oooo.
Posted by Oyemade Wife on 9th November 2016
Yeye, you were an embordiment of loyalty and love. I met you 40+ years and really admired ur disposition to your heavenly made partner(Kabiyesi)and the kids. May God Almighty grant u eternal rest.
Posted by Aghotse Victoria on 9th November 2016
The Memorable foot steps of Olori Yeyeluwa Olayinka Oguntayo (nee Okunowo ) Our time together was very brief but a moment I would cherish till d end of time, Olori you were a very sincere person, one who does not spare the rod, a woman of virtue with lots of respect for cultural norms and values, inculcating such good morals into your off-spring, subject, and all you came across. Olori was always there to render selfless service putting others first. A gem is gone, Ijebu East had lost an epitome, a mother had departed from the kingdom of Ijebu-lfe, An entrepreneurial had bid Ogun state goodbye. Olori Yeyeluwa Olayinka Oguntayo ( nee Okunowo) you would be greatly missed, your footstep can never be replaced, the void created can never be filled, we would only try to walk in your shoes, not that it would fit perfectly ,having in mind the good morals you inculcated into us.
Posted by Dolapo Ogunmuyiwa on 9th November 2016
Technically, Yeyeluwa was my Aunt but she was my grandmother because she adopted my mother as her own daughter and brought her up under her wings. This love was palpable anytime we visited at her Ijebu home, we were spoiled with kisses, food, chocolate and gifts. She had affectionate nicknames for all of us and was genuinely happy to see that we were doing well education wise. Yeye was loving yet very firm, She would lovingly rebuke us, especially the older ones for one misdemeanor or the other. I remember vividly how you rallied your children to support my mother when She lost her husband. You also took it upon yourself to leave Ijebu and stayed with my mother during those early days of bereavement. You protected her fiercely during the funeral at Sagamu. We were overwhelmed with your love and support. You always remembered our birthdays, sent us cards and called us. We have lost a Mother and a Grandmother but I am comforted that you are in a better place now. You live on through your wonderful and Affectionate Children from Aunty Bunmi to Uncle Tosin. Rest in Peace Ma.
Posted by Oguntayo Olasubomi on 8th November 2016
TRIBUTE TO OLORI YEYELUWA OLAYINKA OGUNTAYO I grew up calling her Mummy Lika until her traditional status was elevated when Kabiyesi (Daddy Leso) became king and she was titled Yeyeluwa. It took me a while to adjust because Mummy Yeyeluwa was quite a mouthful and at some point I just dropped both the "Lika" and "Yeyeluwa" titles and stuck to "Mummy" However, whether as Mummy Lika or Yeyeluwa, mummy was still the same person. Kind, generous and firm. But most importantly a dutiful, loving and dedicated wife and mother to Kabiyesi and her children My earliest memories of her was in 1982 when my grandmother died. As a young boy I knew how close my mom was to her mother and Iya Elaja's death was very painful to her. A lot of people stood by mother during this time and Mummy Lika stood out. Same thing in 1986, when my father died. I was a little bit older then and I remember clearly the support both Kabiyesi and Yeyeluwa gave my family Over the years there have been other moments in my family whether good or bad that I can not begin to mention but at each and every of these moments, Mummy Lika was there to support us. I'm happy to say that this unwavering sisterly love between her and my mother was their till she breathed her last In 2010, I was on vacation in the US when I got a call that my mother was very ill and in the hospital. I thought they just didn't want to break the news to me that she was dead so I changed my ticket and headed back home. But when I got to the hospital, my mother was eating a bowl of fresh fish that "Yeye" cooked by herself just the way my mother like her fish. I will never forget that moment in my entire life. And I wasn't too surprised when my mother told me that Yeye had been coming to visit her everyday in the hospital and she would always bring food even when she couldn't eat at the early stage of her admission My mom survived that ailment and I'll forever be grateful to Yeye, Kabiyesi and other relatives that stood by her during that period So when my sister called me that Monday that Yeye died I was saddened by the news and my heart just went to my mother. How would she take the news? My mother to many people was a difficult, no nonsense person, but Mummy Lika knew her quite well and was one of those few people who understood that behind that hard surface is a very soft and loving person and a trustworthy relationship between the two was developed over years Like her children, I'm eternally grateful to God for the gift of Yeye. The life she lived and the lives she touched are indeed worthy of emulation. I pray that the good Lord will console Kabiyesi, the children and all the loved ones she left behind
Posted by Sola Oluwanuga on 6th November 2016
It is sad to say goodbye to a loving and supportive mother, Yeye Oguntayo. She was so loving and gracious. I wish to condole with Kabiyesi and the entire family but quickly give thanks to God for her beautiful life. To my dearest friend, Bunmi and all her children I say you will always be comforted by the fact that she imparted her virtues in you which will continue to be a blessing and invoke only the sweetest memories of her time on this side of eternity. Sun re Yeye we shall meet at the feet of Jesus.
Posted by Olumuyiwa Odusami on 6th November 2016
Posted by Emmanuel Soremekun on 4th November 2016
To a wonderful dutiful and loving wife, mother and grandmother Olori Ruphina Olayinka Oguntayo. We testify to her doting and loving care of Kabiyesi to the admiration of all of us younger ones. A great example of a loving wife, virtuous woman, mother and grandmother We pray God will grant the Kabiyesi, the children and all members of the family the grace to accept this great loss. May God accept her in His everlasting kingdom and give her eternal rest. Good night mummy. My sister Bunmi, I share your loss that mummy has gone to rest in Christ Jesus. God be with you all. It is well. Amen? Mrs Doyin Soremekun
Posted by Olufunmilayo Folarin on 4th November 2016
Very sincere condolences from the Agboola Olarewaju Odunsi Family: Yeye was my late Mum's cousin. I grew up knowing her from Ilupeju to Ijebu-Ife. She was the virtuous woman of Proverbs 31:10 who loved her husband and dotted on him unwaveringly. Her children rose up and called her blessed because her quiver was full of them both biological and otherwise. My late Mum and brothers saw her as their big sister and she played that role very well in the Okunowo family. Yeye would not leave the burial ground until my Mum's remains were lowered into her grave despite the fact that she was older. That act we would cherish forever. Last June @ Apebi's 50th year remembrance,she also gave her support with her darlyn husband. We may not say it as often as we should Kabiyesi,we appreciate your love and support at all tmes. Yeye, enjoy your well deserved rest Ma. You are sorely missed by us all. Wen se pupo Ma. E ba wa ki Iye eni. Wen gbiyanju Ma.
Posted by Yemi Aderibigbe on 4th November 2016
Bis vivit qui bene vivit- He lives twice who lives well Lika, as popularly called by some of us. You have fought the fight of faith, you have finished the race, you have kept faith. Lika was a fighter, this she does on her knees for her family and friends. She was fearless as you said the truth even when it hurts. Mom was faithful and loyal to her family and her creator. Lika you deserve the rest because you finished the race strong. Adieu
Posted by Bodunrin Adeyemi on 4th November 2016
My heartfelt condolences go to Oguntayo and Okunowo families.at the exit of their great wife and daughter. Mummy (yes, mummy to me since Bunmi and I date back to primary school days), was a strong and accommodating woman who loved her husband and children so selflessly.She showed tremendous positivity and character, especially over the last decade that makes me even more proud of her.As the loving Father has drawn you home to His rest mummy, I hold on to the memories and also the joy of our phone discussion on your last birthday. May we all meet at God's feet on that beautiful day. Amen.
Posted by Ayo Aina on 1st November 2016
Dear Kayode & Gbenga. My sincere sympathy and condolences to you and your family on the loss of your mother. May God give you all courage and strength. May her gentle soul rest in peace always.
Posted by Remi Adetayo on 1st November 2016
Mama you fought a great battle, you have triumphed. You remain in our hearts. God rest your soul.

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