This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Oludele Adesulu, 76 years old, born on August 18, 1944, and passed away on March 23, 2021. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Remi Duyile on March 24, 2022
You will never be forgotten , your legacy lives in your children. Rest on sir with love
Posted by Oluwole Adesulu on March 24, 2022
Although it has been a year since you have been gone, I feel as though I can still call you and hear your voice on the other line. I think about you every day. I Love you Dad.
Posted by Adedayo Adesulu on March 23, 2022
How time flies indeed. I can't believe it's been a year since you left us, seems like yesterday. You are always on my mind and in our hearts. We miss you big daddy. Your legacy lives on...
Posted by Ronke Thorpe on April 1, 2021
Unforgettable, indomitable Egin Olu! Brother Olu as we fondly called you. Thank GOD for your life sir and how you touched mine. My big sister, Mrs. Biola Adesulu is married to your brother, our beloved Brother Ade who is not an in-law but a big brother. I have fond memories of our phone conversations when we lived with the Adesulu family of Dallas in the 80’s. I remember how excited you were when you learned that this humble Lagos girl understood the Ondo dialect. Henceforth, you insisted on speaking with me only in your dialect to assess my understanding. Your encouragement motivated me to learn more in order to be prepared for your regular phone assessments. Thank you for your love for my big sister, Biola so genuine it radiated to me and the rest of our family. Rest In Peace sir! Rest until we meet to part no more.
Posted by ADE ADESULU on March 31, 2021
A BROTHER INDEED by Mercy Adesulu

Egin Olu as we fondly call you, being the eldest.
You were there for me, you were caring and accommodating, you lived life and you enjoyed every moment in modesty.
You were very out spoken and ready to bare your mind. You were very principled, and you were not one to compare yourself with another, you spent within your means.
I will miss your calls and your blessings on my birthdays. I will miss that voice that calls me – “opemu”
I love you dear big brother and glad that you are resting in the bosom of the Lord.

Sun re o, Ajifoluke, ira oreretu amojugbada otunba woka omo lewu woyi woyi. Wo lani o.

Mercy Adesulu
Posted by Olabode Akinkugbe on March 30, 2021
Quite a sad time . But we take solace in his Christian virtue and his work for God and love for humanity .

We console with his families in Nigeria.
We pray for the family, the children and most especially the Wife,
May she find succor in God’s abiding grace .

Once again my condolences to all Adesulu's Family especially Egin Yombo and My Good friend Ade.
Posted by Yombo Adesulu on March 30, 2021
Farewell to my Brother: Olu Adesulu.Brother Olu, I still find it absolutely difficult to believe that you have finally left us.I promised you that Cleveland would be my first port of call in the year 2020 when visiting U.S and would be with you for as long as you wanted to discuss and finalize issues that are of paramount family importance which were pending from our last discussion in 2019, especially your counseling, advice and your historical words of wisdom to your siblings.I left Ondo after my secondary school years and proceeded to Lagos on your advice. I lived with you at #49 Igbosere Road, Lagos and you persuaded me not to work in the Ministry of Works with you but to seek employment opportunity with one of the Banks, which I gladly obliged. Your eventual departure to the United States in 1968 redefined the course of our life: myself, Ade, Feyi, Yinka, Brother Atuyi, Boy Love and friends in our later years.Brother Olu, you were an epitome of a strict disciplinarian. There is no doubt your children will continue with the perfect legacy you have left behind: your uprightness, discipline, openness, generosity, selfless heart and the will to assist your loved ones even at your own peril.You have left us with broken hearts but we shall surely take solace in the Lord.Egin Olu, you have fulfilled the promise of God over your life. May your ascendancy to eternity and paradise be blessed. Rest in Peace at the bosom of the Lord.Yombo Adesulu
Posted by Moradeke.Adia Kuteyi on March 29, 2021
To my dear Uncle Olu Adesulu, you were and will always be an inspiration to the entire family and anyone who knows you. You have left a void in the family that will never be filled. You were a remarkable person and I am grateful to call you my uncle. We all love you and will miss you dearly. Rest in perfect peace Sir. On behalf of my Mother,Mrs Funke Kuteyi and family Adieu.
Posted by eunice Akinmolayan on March 29, 2021
It was with a heavy heart I learned about the sad passing of my big cousin Oludele Oluwole Adesulu , whom I have known from my youth . I have a lot of respect for him as a big cousin at our Oreretu Street in Ondo Kingdom. We were many and very United. Oreretu is my mother’s home. I was born into the Adegunloye family in Agbabu and will come with my mother to Ondo for every festival occurring. The family was so close and united. Egin Olu was good looking,respectful and very humble. We lost touch for a while but reconnected in America, to be precise in Maryland during the wedding of his son. Our togetherness was renewed and my heart rejoiced greatly but for his challenges. I know God loves you him. Egin God loves you. Rest In Peace
Posted by ADE ADESULU on March 29, 2021
Egin Olu, My brother

Oludele, Ajifoluke, Shosho, Asuko, Oshulu as many referred to you, but to me you were my brother and I simply call you “Egin Olu”. Truly, you were a man of courage, strength and immense generosity. I am heartbroken that you are no more and cannot imagine that l will not be able to speak to you again. While you were challenged by several health issues over the years, I was very encouraged by your strength and your strong-will to fight each challenge like a good soldier. To the glory of God, you overcame many with renewed strength and courage to keep on keeping on.
Growing up, our mother often reminded us that she had three children before you were born who died as infants and that you were her special child that would never die (Kokumo). Of course, we knew everyone will die one day and death has finally snatched you away from us.
I cannot but appreciate God for your life, for your wife, for your children and all those God used to take care of you especially in the last few years. Anyone that knows you long enough also knew that you were a tough personality, not the easiest nut to crack however you were also very compassionate, very caring and loving. You loved my wife and children as if they were yours. Somehow, my wife knew exactly what to say to you to get you to do many things that I could not dare ask you.
You took great pleasure and pride in both your maternal Ondo lineage “THE KUTEYI family” and of course, your paternal lineage “THE ADESULU family” and the Ondo Ekimogun heritage. I will miss you greatly especially the Saturday morning hour long talk when we will chat back and forth on anything and everything. I will forever cherish all the memories of you and the opportunity to speak and listen to Sunny Ade’s music together few days before you departed this world. I am comforted knowing that you are in a better place just as your creator intended.
Rest in peace Egin Olu till we meet again and never to part no more.

Posted by Biola Adesulu on March 29, 2021
Egin Olu,
I am heartbroken to know that you are gone but so encouraged by the life that you lived in strength and in courage. You truly defined for me what it means to see how sickness can attack your body but not your spirit. You were tough to the end even at a time your body was weak, your spirit was untouched.
There was no doubt in my mind that I had a special place in your heart, not sure how I was given such a place but I will forever cherish it. You cared not only for me but also my sisters (Mosun and Ronke) and my friends. God always give me exactly what to say to you at difficult times and even the tough man that you were often succumbed.
Ade, Ade Jr, Leke and I will forever miss you but trust you to the everlastings arms of your creator until we meet to part no more.

Biola Adesulu
Posted by Dipo Jubylad on March 29, 2021
Egin Olu. My mother's favorite. My mother's love for him was immeasurable, and I grew up listening to him called my mom Maa Dipo. He was a kind hearted man. Always ready to help. I will never forget the way he responded on the day my father died in 1966. He exhibited bravery. May God grant you a place in Paradise. Good night sir.
Posted by James Oluwakemisola on March 29, 2021

You were a good man,I barely know you but your love for me and kind words to me show how kind and loving you were.

Those Ondo dialects you spoke to me,I'll always have in my memories

You fought greatly; you were indeed a warrior who made the best out of everything life threw at you.

I pray you find eternal rest and continue to rest in the bossom of the Almighty.

Loss to the world and gain to the Heaven.We love you but God loves you more Daddy.

          Kemisola James
Posted by Morenike Adesulu on March 29, 2021
Dear daddy, while your passing has left a void in my heart, I find closure and peace in knowing that you are resting. No more pain, no more tiredness, no more suffering of any sort. I can still hear your voice replaying in my head. I will miss your endearing "Hello girl". I enjoyed all the stories you shared of my husband (your son Iyin)'s childhood. Daddy, you were a fighter till the very end. Even though we saw this coming, it still does not protect us from the heartbreak of losing you. You are resting now daddy. Thank you for the legacy you left behind. It is sad to feel that you are no more with us on earth, but your love and peaceful memories anchor us as we grieve your loss.
Posted by Remi Duyile on March 27, 2021
Dear Sir ,
Your love for me was unconditional , you played a fatherly role when I relocated to the US. Any help I ever asked and needed , you rendered in love and timely. I can still hear your voice of admiration and pride as I share my success journey. Your counsel I adhered to as I knew you always had my back sir. Continue to rest in eternal peace. May the Lord comfort your wife , my dearest sister and all the family members. Sun re sir, till we meet and part no more . You live in our hearts with legendary memories .Adieu
Posted by Adedayo Adesulu on March 27, 2021
Big Daddy, that is what I fondly called you. I am so grateful to God to have had the opportunity to know you and call you daddy. From the day we met, you accepted me and showered me with love and care. You and mommy asked me what I would hope for in my in-laws, and I told you both I wanted parents, not in-laws. You did not disappoint me, for that I am grateful. It was always a joy to be around you and to talk to you. You always made me laugh, you tried tirelessly to help me improve my Ondo vocabulary (I must do better), you were always a good support to us. Even when you and I had a disagreement, you called me aside, apologized and we made up, I think that further strengthened our bond. You are a true definition of a Nigerian father - never one to shy away from confronting issues and calling out wrong deeds. Your braveness and fighting spirit I truly admired, though your body was broken, your spirit was never broken. It hurts that I did not get to see you before you left, but I am glad that we spoke with you the day before and that we will be reunited in eternity. Sleep on Big Daddy, your memory, and legacy lives on.

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Posted by Remi Duyile on March 24, 2022
You will never be forgotten , your legacy lives in your children. Rest on sir with love
Posted by Oluwole Adesulu on March 24, 2022
Although it has been a year since you have been gone, I feel as though I can still call you and hear your voice on the other line. I think about you every day. I Love you Dad.
Posted by Adedayo Adesulu on March 23, 2022
How time flies indeed. I can't believe it's been a year since you left us, seems like yesterday. You are always on my mind and in our hearts. We miss you big daddy. Your legacy lives on...
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Oludels's life

Oludele O. Adesulu aged 76, passed away peacefully on Tuesday, March 23, 2021 at Cleveland Clinic in Cleveland Ohio. He was born on August 18, 1944 in Ondo town, Ondo, Nigeria as the third child of his father and the eldest of his mother’s children. He attended St. Andrew Primary School, Ondo and Ibadan Grammar School, Ibadan.  He migrated to the United States in 1968 to continue his University education at Howard University, Washington D.C. He married the love of his life, Olufolake Adesulu (nee Ayodeji) on December 28, 1973 in Washington D.C. 
They were blessed with three sons, one daughter, two daughters-in-law and grandchildren.
Oludele truly lived life to the fullest through simple pleasures; chatting with friends and family and spending time with his grandchildren. He was always willing to help and made his home available to anyone who needed a place to lay their heads. He was the first “Adesulu” to come to America and ensured he was not the only one. Through him, many of his brothers and friends migrated to the U.S. He was undeniably the historian of the family, his memories of family history and events was unmatched. We will forever miss him but we are comforted knowing he is resting in the bosom of his creator.

Sleep well until we meet to part no more.
He is survived by:
Wife :Olufolake Adesulu
Oluwole and Adedayo Adesulu
Iyinola and Morenike Adesulu
Oluseyi Adesulu 
Aramide Adesulu
Brothers, Sisters and Cousins
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Daddy the 'gister'

Shared by Lola James on March 28, 2021
My Daddy 'gister' of life! 
Having met you for the first time some years back when I came visiting in Cleveland, I was intrigued by your interesting gists and jokes. We would sit on the floor in your living room and you would gist me on and on about your earlier life in the US, raising your children with a lot of 'Nigerianess' and how proud you are of how they've turned out. 
During my subsequent visits, I got to know you more and saw you show so much generosity and empathy towards my family, especially my younger sister and I am grateful for the role you played in this regard. 
You'll remain my first reference when I am gisting friends about the ability to intentionally raise successful, disciplined and well-rounded children abroad. May your gentle soul rest in eternal peace, my dearest 'gister' Daddy.