Daddy the 'gister'

Shared by Lola James on March 28, 2021
My Daddy 'gister' of life! 
Having met you for the first time some years back when I came visiting in Cleveland, I was intrigued by your interesting gists and jokes. We would sit on the floor in your living room and you would gist me on and on about your earlier life in the US, raising your children with a lot of 'Nigerianess' and how proud you are of how they've turned out. 
During my subsequent visits, I got to know you more and saw you show so much generosity and empathy towards my family, especially my younger sister and I am grateful for the role you played in this regard. 
You'll remain my first reference when I am gisting friends about the ability to intentionally raise successful, disciplined and well-rounded children abroad. May your gentle soul rest in eternal peace, my dearest 'gister' Daddy.

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