Posted by Gbenga Caulcrick on April 24, 2021
Tribute to a committed woman of God

The passing on to glory of Auntie Funmi or Mummy Funmi as she was fondly called by the children and teachers in the children church came to us as a very rude shock.
Aunty Funmi joined us at a time we needed a mature Christian to assist with our children ages 11 to 13. She rose to the challenge and threw herself in 100% into teaching and nurturing the children. I can say that her wise words and full commitment to the children’s church of RCCG, Victory House London has really helped us to where we are today with this age group.
Her age and health challenge did not stand in her way of arriving to church early, the welfare of the children was of utmost priority. Auntie
The children’s church of victory house will miss you dear Auntie Funmi and I will personally miss your words of encouragement. You will be remembered and appreciated always.
Continue to rest in the lord till we meet to part no more, you will be greatly missed.
Precious in the sight of the lord is the death of his saints Psalm 116:15

Yinka Otukpe
(On behalf of RCCG Victory House Children’s Church)
Posted by Gbenga Caulcrick on April 24, 2021
It’s sad to see that Grandma Caulcrick has passed away, as kind and helpful as she was. Always there when you were in need of help. Always teaching our class more and more. Always giving us positive comments, checking how your day was.
I know that she will be in all of our thoughts and prayers. I was very sad to hear her passing, a day doesn’t go by that I don’t think about how kind and loving she was. But what I do know is that she will always be with us, in heaven and in our hearts. She was very patient, especially with children. Always teaching us through life experiences.
Always seeking the best for children’s church, if you were in need of someone to talk to she would be there. I remember after children’s church having conversations with her, talking about all sorts of topics. Thank you for all the good times.
Thank you for being there for everyone in victory house.

Enoch Hastrup
(Sunday school- RCCG Victory House London)
Posted by Adedoyin Atewologun on April 9, 2021
Dearest Aunty Funmi
Thank you for your steadfast love, your wisdom, your consistency. You taught me so much and you held true to love for family and love of God. You will be greatly missed. Lots of love Doyin
Posted by Eniola Soyemi on April 9, 2021
My darling aunty Funmi, another one of my many mothers is gone. All of my memories of you are fond. Gbenga and I were so close as children and aunty was so unlike the typical Nigerian mother- she was not afraid be soft and kind, always. I will miss you dearly but I hope wherever you are, there is only peace and joy. Your daughter, Ẹniọlá.
Posted by Tunde Euba on April 9, 2021
Anti Funlayo adieu... Mother, sister, grandmother, aunt, cousin, colleague friend. Anti Layo was all these and more to so many. I pray Seun, Seye and Gbenga continue her legacy with the strength and courage they have shown already. God bless you. 
Posted by Olu Odubanjo on April 9, 2021
it is with heavy heart that I write this message of condolence of your passing to glory mummy Caulcrick. However, my joy is that you have lived a life of a good Christian. We all know you are with your maker resting now. I pray that God comforts Seun, Seye, Gbenga and the entire family and they can carry on your great legacy. You have impacted in my life positively and my family's lives. Thank you for all the love you showed me and my family. Till we meet again on the glorious day, the day of resurrection. Continue to rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Charlton Amu on April 9, 2021
Dear Aunty Funmi,

Everything about this seems so surreal! It has been so hard to believe and accept that you are no longer with us and that I am even writing a tribute and attending your funeral. 

Where do I even begin in saying thank you so much for being in my life! You have blessed me with your love, time and advice and have taught me so much about life, forgiveness and God’s love. For that I am truly and endlessly grateful. 

I will forever love and miss you dearly Aunty! Rest in in heaven.
Posted by Tosin O on April 9, 2021
I was so sad to hear of Aunty’s passing. Aunty Funmi was truly one of a kind - her warm bubbly spirit always made one feel welcomed. Her smile, sincerity and infectious energy is one I will remember for time to come. I pray that God will continue to comfort you all, and even though she will be missed terribly, we take solace in the brightness she brought by being in the world.
All my love Tosin (nee Kehinde).
Posted by LaFunky Akins on April 9, 2021
Aunty Funlayo, you have been a wonderful friend to all members of our family. Your smile, your kindness and love, will be greatly missed. My aunty has lost a good friend and confidant. May your soul continue to rest in perfect peace. Amen
Posted by Florentina Buzle on April 9, 2021
Dear Layo ,

Since we were called and found out that you have gone, we were deeply saddened. The shocking news of your departure is carried by everyone, God may keep us and our children stronger to cope ahead in life.

We will always remember your smile, sitting with us in our home when we met for the first time and at various family reunions.
My mother in law was very fond of you , as all of us were , and I wish we had more time with you.
I always appreciated your guidance and advice when I went through difficult times due to the nature of my profession, your words of encouragement have helped a lot.
I wish we had more time to spend together, to get to know each other better and to enjoy our blended family.

We will carry your love in our memory for the rest of our lives until the time we will meet again.

God rest you in peace Layo, you will be dearly missed by all of us.
Posted by Olusegun Ogundipe on April 8, 2021
Aunty Funlayo as we fondly call her,
I have not been able to get my head around it, but all I say just as you did, it is that it is well.
I know now understand why my Dad, Julius Modupeola loved you so much, though you always had your bouts, you had a connection to each other, you had the same name… I also know that he loved you for the honest conversations, when we all were too scared to say to Dad, he was wrong. My Mum knew, my Dad had soft spot and a lot of respect for you, and she would also call on you to come speak to your cousin. (Sisi Funlayo as she fondly called you, using this prefix for all her female in-laws).
I understood about your love for children. You were my ‘first nanny’. You would come to my Mum and Dad and take me away for the weekend almost every weekend, after I was born, I was told. Grandma, (Aunty the Nurse) would scold you for taking me away from my Mum and Dad, saying you were not allowing me bond to my parents, who were away working during the week. My Dad always said it, ‘your cousin Funlayo, hmmm she likes you so much’ he would say, and the wonderful stories would begin.
I can say for myself though and do not need to rely on stories told me, as an adult your love for the Lord is unapologetic. You demonstrated this through your sticking up for what is right in the sight of God, being honestly brutal with the truth, it was scary, it would push one to want to do the right thing.
As a young adult, growing into a young woman, I always saw you as strong, courageous, bold… maybe because you had 3 boys… your strength left an imprint in my mind worthy of emulation. On reaching adulthood, you advised me, what I need to do, as the oldest girl amongst my siblings, it is a role I saw you play well… be the support to everyone the best you can. The glue that keeps things together.
Your consistency in character, and steadfastness in the things of God speaks volumes. You always had a word of encouragement, it did not matter time or place we spoke, you always left me with a positive word, for that I thank God.
You have left a gap for those of us behind to fill, but notwithstanding we make the choice to do the best and keep being righteous relevant.

To the boys... Seun, Seye and Gbenga, my remaining Egbons on this side, I pray the Lord will fill every gap that has been left, with his love and the peace of the Holy Spirit In Jesus name. Amen.

Till we meet again at the feet of the Lord
Abimbola & Olusegun Ogundipe.
Posted by Deborah McFarlane on April 8, 2021
You are truly missed my dearest friend, still cannot quite believe you are not here. May you rest in eternal peace until we meet again. Love you Lay,

Posted by Osho Majek on April 8, 2021
Dear Auntie Funmilayo,
May the Lord bless you for living a life that will be an inspiration for generations to come. May your soul rest in peace my dearest Auntie.

'Yombo Majekodunmi
Posted by Tofunmi Caulcrick on April 8, 2021
Dear Aunty Funmi,

Your love for people and the Lord is admirable. I can never forget your hospitality towards us during our visit to London. You took out time off work to take us on many trips while offering us gifts. I know that the Lord is pleased with the life you lived on earth and HE has welcomed you to heaven. Please do not be angry that I still wear socks with our native attire. Rest well Aunty till we meet again!
Posted by Oba karunwi on April 8, 2021
Auntie Funmi Calcrick, The many things stopped, when you breathe your last, to wake on the otherside with the Lord.....
The telephone stopped for your caring calls...
The telephone stopped for my son's birthday calls,
telephone stopped for your generous and loving heart. Goodnight Auntie Funmi Calcrick.
Posted by Saratu Samande on April 8, 2021
Dear Aunty Funmi, it’s really hard to believe you’re no more. I’ve known you since I was a child, you being the mother of my cousins. I remember your loving, kind & warm nature. As a child, I remember coming to play in your home. As an adult, I remember your loving advice and prayers. Especially when I was living in the U.K., you were a great encouragement to me. I was always welcome in your home.

I know you are resting in the bosom of the Lord and we shall see again when the Lord returns. May God comfort Seun, Seye, Gbenga, your family and friends as only He can. You have lived a good and impactful life. I love you Aunty Funmi and I will miss you. It is well in Jesus name.
Posted by Dapo Awofolaju on April 8, 2021
Dearest Auntie Funmi

We thank God for your life of service, your humanity and warmth.  You were a true role model, teaching and leading by example.  Even though I've been told numerous times, I can't say how you are related to my wife Adedoyin.  Nonetheless, you regularly reached out to me through the years and I felt your regular love.  

You are dearly missed and may your gentle soul rest in peace.

Dapo Awofolaju
Posted by Sade Eliyakim-samaila on April 8, 2021
I want to bless The Lord for my Cousin in love and Sister Funmi. She loved The Lord and her family with Passion. She was faithful to the end.
You have fought a good fight and run your race. Henceforth is laid before you a Crown of Righteousness that fadeth not away.
May we also run our own races till the end.
Good bye Aunty Funmi till we meet to part no more in Jesus name amen.
May THE LORD Comfort The Boys and their families, and your siblings. Indeed all of us Family and Friends. Till we meet again in Jesus name, amen. Love you. Sade El Samaila
Posted by Aderoju Odunsi on April 8, 2021
A tribute to my friend, my sister, a true child of God and a rare gem - Mrs Funmi Caulcrick

Your death came to me as a rude shock because I did not expect that we will not see each other again on this side. Words are not enough to express how I feel as I am yet to come to terms with your passing. You flew away Iike an eagle leaving us devastated. I was looking forward to your 70th birthday with excitement but God knows best.

You were an amazing woman and a true friend that became a sister. You were so full of life, straight forward, loving, kind and generous yet highly principled and abhorred all forms of deceit. Your commitment to family was unparalleled. You were an awesome mother, persevering in faith and prayer for your family and friends and also the church of God.

You were a lover of God spent your resources and energy to serve Him ever since I knew you ordering teaching aid from abroad for the church you were attending in Nigeria then and later to the churches you attended and ministered in the U.K

You took in our daughter when she came to study in the U.K and she became your daughter ever since as evidenced by how you and the boys related with her. Even long after she has returned to Nigeria, you kept in constant touch with her and anytime we spoke you will tell me “ e mi a ti omo mi ma nsoro (translated I and my daughter are in touch constantly).

I recollect all our times together and give thanks to God for your beautiful and impactful life. I am missing you already but heaven has certainly gained and angel.
May God take care of Seun, Seye and Gbenga and comfort all family and friends. Good night.
Posted by Samson Odubanjo on April 8, 2021
Goodbye sister 'Funmi, for life is quite ephemeral.
During her lifetime,deaconess 'Funmi proved her worth in many capacities she was designated to handle. Her contributions as a member of Rccg Beautiful Gate Battersea Battersea Parish, London by then cannot be over emphasised.
This will definitely make her memory lingers for long in the history of the parish.
May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Giovanni Caulcrick on April 8, 2021
My dear Aunt Funmi, My Godmother,

Honestly still don't believe it, keep thinking I'm going to wake up from a dream.
You were loved, you would be missed. We all wish you were still here, all our hearts collectively broke the day you gained your wings and left us.
I'd forever cherish all the lessons, they would forever remain close to my heart.
You were a special person, your heart had a limitless amount of kindness. Thank you for the memories,
Rest well Aunty.
Posted by Lanray Omitowoju on April 8, 2021
Dear Sister Funmi!
You will be missed! You are a firm gem!
I wish we had corresponded more since I left Nigeria but however thankful that Dapo and I got to see you at Seye’s traditional wedding. That so meaningful to me because the most heart warming memory I have of you was when you accompanied me all the way from Lagos to Ibadan to my husband’s family home after our wedding ...unshakenly without excuses! You made sure I was comfortable and attended are a firm gem!
May your children make God and you proud. Amen! I do love you!

Lanre Caulcrick-Omitowoju
Posted by Charlotte Oni on April 8, 2021
Good night sweet egbon. It is still very hard to believe that you have gone higher.
It was always good to hear you with your cheerful laugh and love you showed.
Sleep in the bosom of the Lord. Adieu cousin.
We love you but God love you most.
Posted by Samuel Caulcrick on April 8, 2021
Forever missed , Forever loved. Thank you so much for all the hospitality and care you showed us over the years aunty. I’m so glad I got to see you on my last visit. Your words of wisdom are forever etched in my heart. Rest well Aunty, you are missed dearly.

Posted by Sege Shotunde on April 7, 2021
My favorite cousin Auntie Funmilayo. You came to Canada in the early 70's when I was just born. You have been a solid rock for our whole family. If anyone had the power to put people together ❤, it was my cousin Auntie Funmilayo... You called everyone, you checked up on everyone and it was clear you loved everyone.
We love you dearly and are gonna miss you immensely... One thing is for sure, you'll always be in our hearts ..

Lots of Love from
Segun Shotunde
Posted by Milton Chambers on April 7, 2021
I've known Layo and her family, in particular her brother, John, but also her sister and their late mother for many decades since Secondary School days.

Indeed our respective families seem to have been linked in different ways going back to those days of yore. My late sister, Yvonne, went to the same Garratt Green School as Layo and Iyabo.

Layo, much like her mother, was always cheerful and truly positive displaying the same consistent attitude and manner whenever I happened to run into her. Normally by Wimbledon where she used to work.

She would always enquire about my now late mother, again just like her mother invariably did.

I was truly saddened and shocked to learn of Layo's sudden tragic passing and so I can scarcely imagine what a massive bombshell it must have been to her family and loved ones. Although I can't claim that we were particularly close but in view of the long connection it's been a little akin to losing a family member of my own. 

May her memory remain cherished in all our hearts and her soul attain eternal peace.

On behalf of my family I wish to confer our deep condolences to Layo's family.

Posted by Elizabeth Osunde on April 7, 2021
My dearest sister from another mother !!!..
As I write this tribute, I am in tears because I am still consoling myself that I am dreaming and I will wake up to see your smiling face again and have our special chats.
My only consolation is that you have ran a good race, finished strong and at peace with your Maker in a better place.
Sister Caulcrick as I usually call you and you call me sister Liz, I met you at RCCG, Battersea parish; a woman who is committed, consistent, loyal and very outspoken. I discovered you lived opposite my building and I approached you to give you a ride and you said I am okay (I discovered that you don’t like inconveniencing anyone) but I insisted and you accepted and that was the beginning of a beautiful relationship.
I remember you inviting my children and I to Mummy’s house after service for the “Special Brunch” with the rest of the family.
How we always looked forward to it. I experienced the generosity of the family and I formed a special bond with mummy, visiting her for her wealth of experience and our meals together until I left to plant a Parish in Leeds and have remained a friend of the family.
Who will generously book our hotel, transport to and fro the venue for our Ordained Ministers Conference and make us so comfortable and be our mouth piece when our needs are not meant by the hotel management?
When we go out for meals, we are always trying to outsmart each other by bringing our cards to pay first.
Oh we did have fun !
You were generous to a fault and you gave selflessly both in kind and indeed.
You were a good listener and will always give good advice and follow up.
You will come to the level of anyone to interact with them (adults, youths, teenagers and children) you always have a way to make them feel relevant and you loved dearly.
I can go on and on for the great, beautiful, strong and lovely sister you are.
I thank God for the wonderful legacy you have left behind.
I also thank God that you have been able to impact your children and the next generation.
Seun, Seyi and Gbenga I pray that the Lord will fill the gap that your mum has left behind. 
Job 1 :21 - The Lord gave and the Lord has taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord.
My family, children and I will miss you dearly.
Sleep well till we meet to part no more !!!
Posted by Flo Lano on April 7, 2021
I am without words Sister Layo.

On 29/01/2021 before noon, I received the shocking and sad news of your unexpected death from your dear Sister Iyabo. I cried out loud "unbelievable", we used to phone each other often on our landlines and only occasionally on mobile. We became even more familiar after the passing of her beloved mum.

I had been leaving messages, but I did not receive any returned calls. Nothing occurred to me that this was because she was unwell. One time I left messages and when she got back to me, she told me that she had been on holiday in Nigeria.

She used to advise me on how to take care of myself better, especially during covid 19 pandemic. I could write pages and pages, but even though we all love you dearly, God loves you more.

You were a hard working lady and you did not retire until you were 79, amazing. I wish to thank you for your sisterly and friendly ways. I will forever miss you and never forget you.

May your Precious Soul, Rest In Perfect Peace in the Bosom of the Lord until we meet again... lots of love, hugs and kisses.

Posted by Samuel Caulcrick on April 7, 2021
Auntie Fum-eye (doc), it’s been a struggle to come to terms with your earthly departure for the glorious destination, where our Lord majestically overlooks all of us. May your memory remain a blessing to all of us. Good bye and until we meet again, may you continue to smile eternally. Uncle C - your alias for me.
Posted by Hakeem Oladapo Makanju on April 7, 2021
May God have mercy on your soul and help to comfort your family, friends and associates. Amen
Posted by Ellen George on April 7, 2021
My Beautiful Sweet Aunty Funmi,

   I was saddened when I heard the news. Aunty, I will miss your tight warm hugs whenever I got to see you in London or Nigeria. You also had a smile that could brighten any room. I am thankful my mother ensured that we got to spend time together when I was in London. You and Gbenga really took care of me that afternoon! I truly got to know you and saw how much of an endearing woman you were. We talked about the London sites , family, sweets, and of course, our love for Grandma Caulcrick. I remember when we went to lunch, the waiter did not give exceptional service and you straightened him out. You were my loving aunty, but never took any nonsense from anyone, and if I didn’t know it before, I definitely knew it that day. Aunty Funmi, you were truly a gift. I thank God for blessing you with my cousins- Seun, Seye, and Gbenga. I'm sure your energy and spirit will trickle down to them. You will surely be missed. I love you Aunty Funmi.

Your Ife Ife

Ifeoluwa George (Atlanta, Ga) 
Posted by Adekoyejo Atewologun on April 7, 2021
Aunty Funmi, I'm struggling know, because of the special place you had in my late mum's heart, I always really cherished you. I think back now on your quarterly check-up calls to admonish me for not staying in touch and to ask after my siblings and I. I was literally thinking " I need to call Aunty Funmi" a few days before I got the news and I really wish I'd just called.

Aunty, due to your faith I know you're in Heaven content and keeping my mum company. I pray that the boys and all your grandkids carry on your loving legacy.

Love you always

Posted by Bunmi Popoola on April 7, 2021
My dear sister, mother, Aunty, friend, May you Rest In Peace. My condolences to the family. My thought is with the offsprings. May you gather strength to prosper and survive all adversities.
Posted by Tunde Euba on April 7, 2021
Anti Funlayo,

Words elude me... I wish we could have one more day. Your passing has left a huge void... Rest in peace Big Sister.

Tunde Euba
Posted by Peter Young on April 7, 2021
Dear Olufunmilayọ Modupẹọla Caulcrick (Mum),

From the first time, I met you, you were always kind and had a keen interest on how I was getting on. You have/ had excellent probing skills that could tease out a conversation / answers out of me ( as a teenager, I wasn’t always forthcoming).

I always called you Mum because you made me feel like I was one of your sons. You shared your wisdom and opened your home to us.

I have so many wonderful memories but what remains with me is the big smile and big hug. You would sit me down and say: “Hi stranger, you haven’t seen me for too long, what have you been up to, eh”.

You did such a great job as a Mum and truly fulfilled your purpose. Thanks for giving me 3 brothers (albeit, very tall ones) , sharing your wisdom and reminding me to never give up on anything I wanted to do.

Rest In Peace and look out for us from up above.

My deepest love,

Peter Young and family

Posted by Ope Caulcrick on April 7, 2021
Dear Aunty,

You embodied Love.

I remember growing up in Ilupeju, watching all the Christian sing along videos like Kids’ Praise 1-5, Donut Repair Club, and others which you gave to us before returning to the UK.

Even after you returned to the UK, whenever there was an opportunity, you always sent hand written birthday cards to Nigeria - I kept every one of those cards. Whenever we spoke on the phone, you always reminded me about maintaining a relationship with God and keeping in touch with family.

After completing my undergraduate studies, the advice you gave me later became the most impactful for my career till date, and I’m glad to to have spoken with you first. A few years later, I sought your advice when I was about to make the switch from another accounting firm to PwC (where you had worked a long time before), you provided as much guidance as you could as well as possible contacts to connect with at the firm.

Sometime after, I informed you that I had been accepted to study for a masters degree in London and you graciously let me stay with you for the whole period (almost 2 years). In our interactions, you always had words of advice but never held back when you needed to have some hard talk, which somehow always concluded with kind words of encouragement - showing that behind the façade of strictness was just pure love.

Words can’t fully express the pain felt from learning about your transition. However, we are comforted in knowing that you loved God, loved people, completed your race gracefully, and are now among the saints in heaven.

Till we someday meet again, sleep well Aunty Funmi.


Ope Caulcrick.
Posted by walter reynolds on April 7, 2021
John and family, we offer our deepest condolences to you and your loved ones. Layo, you will be deeply missed. When we look into the sky and see that star shining down on us, we will always think of you, so keep shining until we meet again.

Love from Carmen Reynolds & Family (Sugden Road, Battersea)

Posted by Michael Euba on April 7, 2021
Dear Aunty Layo

I read your messages and still can not believe I won’t be hearing from you again you were one of the few people I wanted to make proud and it hurts to know you won’t be seeing how far your prayers and love are about to take me may God grant you eternal rest.

God bless love always

Michael Olusegun Euba
Posted by Ruky Euba on April 7, 2021
My beautiful Auntie Layo, you will forever be missed. You were there for me from the beginning of my relationship with your cousin and you never left me. I never got the chance to thank you for building my self esteem and for being my Knight in shining armour. You will tell me no text I want to hear your voice Ruky. My only regret is you did not give me a chance to care for you too. I love you so much but I know you are in a better place because you died in the Lord. Even on your death bed you still remembered to get me my Christmas present " Open Heavens" Thank you so much. Rest in peace till we meet to part no more
Posted by Henrietta George on April 7, 2021
Dear Aunty Funmi,

I was deeply saddened to hear about your passage to glory. May we be consoled by your legacy, and may your precious soul rest in peace.


Seyi George
Posted by J Garber on April 7, 2021

Aunty, words are not enough to express how we feel. From the first time Seun introduced me to you, you have always looked out for me like a mother.
You always made me feel welcome in your home , treating me like a son and as time went by I felt and lived like a son.

You got me out of the pickle a few times while growing up and never asked for anything in return. You always gave me good advice, always had the time to listen and never gave up on me, always helping me think of the next logical steps in life.

Always asked about me whenever I wasn’t around.

Aunty ,the absence of your presence will truly be missed. Your unexpected passing will not make any sense to us and knowing that you have passed onto higher realms with our Heavenly Father does not make us feel any better but we will accept our Heavenly Father’s calling.

Our Loving Aunty and Mother may your caring,warm,understanding,loyal,loving and giving soul rest in peace.

You may have left us but you will never be forgotten as you are the bar and I feel truly blessed to know you.
You will be truly missed.
Posted by Tobi Edun on April 6, 2021
Dear Aunty Funmilayo,

I will really miss you. You have been there for my siblings and I since we were young. Always bought us treats and took us on holidays to your house during our vacations. You took us on trips I still remember till date. The visits when I was in boarding school and the cakes you always send to me. You took my husband as one of us and showered so much love to our children. You always found a reason for us to have a celebration for family to be together. Christmas will never be the same without you our 'Olori ebi of London'. My family and I will miss you, but we are rest assured you are in a better place. Rest in peace aunty Layo!
Posted by Folake Olusola on April 6, 2021
Mummy Funmi Caulcrick, you were such a lovely and caring person, dedicated and committed in all you did. We didn't know you will leave so quick. It was a shock and still looks like a dream.
Your kind, encouraging and lovely words will continue to be remembered in our hearts.
May your soul rest in perfect peace.
The Olusola Family
Posted by Gbemi Petersen on April 6, 2021
Dear Aunty Funmi,

I was so surprised to hear of your passing...I really appreciated the calls and texts to check on my children and I...especially when you heard about the first lockdown in Denmark. I was really hoping we would be able to meet at the reunion we were planning for this summer, but God had other plans. Rest in peace Aunty Funmi.
Posted by Oluwatosin Lawal on April 6, 2021
Aunty Funmi, was such a loving, caring, energetic and fun-loving Aunt. My early childhood memories cannot be relived without seeing her. I remember looking forward to trips to my cousin's house at Anthony Village in Nigeria. We always had so much fun and the food was so super, omelettes, jollof rice and chicken, fried plantain in their various varieties...she had such magic fingers. Aunty Funmi knew how to create lasting memories. She would plan out trips and various outings and we all totally enjoyed every bit of it. Her love for God was very encouraging and worth emulating. Her warmth and thoughtfulness with be sorely missed. Dear Aunt, continue to Rest in Peace. You've fought a good fight, you've finished your race...Till we meet again, by His grace, to part no more. Adieus Aunty, heaven has gained yet another...
Posted by anne caulcrick-Amu on April 5, 2021
Dear Sister Funmi
You will be sorely missed.Your loving and energetic personality brightens our lives.Rest in perfect peace
Love always
Bunmi Caulcrick-Amu
Posted by Eugenia George on April 5, 2021
Our dear Funmi :
Your sudden departure came to me as a shock! You were vibrant, energetic loving and full of life! Your relationship with our mother, Ellen Olusola Caulcrick (deceased) was unique. The loving relationship between the two of you was palpable by those who knew both of you. This automatically endeared you to me. Only God sees human heart and to him we owe our lives. Your memory remains evergreen in our hearts. Love you dear sister. May you rest in eternal bliss until we meet on that Happy Easter Morning! Adieu.
E. Busola George
Posted by Anthony Brown on April 5, 2021
To, Mrs Olufunmilayo Caulcrick,

There are not enough words to express how shock I was to hear you had passed away, You are such a wonderful, kind, motherly figure to me who would share knowledge to me time to time when we saw each other, always cared and told me wise words wisdom. I am so grateful and will never forget all the prayers you said me over the phone and those bible verses you told me to read when I was ill, You never knew my mother but would always ask me for her and asked how is she doing because you generally cared for other people.

Mrs Olufunmilayo Caulcrick introduced my mother and I to our daily bread and always made sure we would receive it which we still receive up to now, i will continue receiving them and reading them as one of the memories I will have of you. We would sit down at times and watch EastEnders together when I came to visited Gbenga, Gbenga would laugh it was so funny, I also have have memories of her tasty omelettes in the mornings she gave Gbenga and I when I used to sleep over as a young child, and please.. oh my, don't mention her signature jellof rice and chicken.

You are such an amazing person who touched so many people lives even people you don't know and I feel blessed to have known a wonderful person like you. Heartfelt sympathy and deepest condolences to the entire family my prayers and thoughts are with you all throughout this difficult time. Heaven has gained another angel, Until we meet again rest in perfect peace.

Anthony Brown.
Posted by Oluwatoyin Osinubi 9492 on April 5, 2021
Tribute to our wife.
Funmi was a very energetic, active person. She loved children generally. She would go any length to care for and entertain them. Her birthday happens to be children's day!!!
She will be sorely missed in the family. She used to come to Nigeria on important occasions.Very difficult to embrace the fact that she is gone forever.
Posted by Femi Oke on April 4, 2021
"What a great shock to hear the news that our heavenly Father called Layo to glory so soon. We give thanks for her blessings the Lord showered over her and her family. She was generous, kind, caring of the elderly, church members and her surrounding community.

Layo will be dearly missed by the Oke family. Surely God had a plan for her life. Therefore let us be comforted and thankful. We love you, but God loves you more.

Rest In Peace dear Layo. "IT IS WELL!!!" — Mrs Oke (Ma Femi)
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