This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Olumide BIYI, born on August 29, 1956, and passed away on March 18, 2021. We will remember him forever.
Posted by lanre lawal on March 18, 2022
Gone too soon! Rest on MR. B.
Posted by Adetola Ajao on March 18, 2022
Continue to Rest In Peace , Obiyi
Posted by Yinka Adeloye on March 18, 2022
The dawn came this Day a year ago....OLUMYDE ...., but the light is not will always be remembered from us all ....Gone too soon
Posted by Toba Alli on March 18, 2022
It's been a year since you passed on Daddy continue to rest in peace ️️️️️ we love you but God loves you More ❤️❤️❤️. The memories we shared together will forever remain in our hearts . Saying I missed you Is an understatement attending meetings both online and physical without you is hurting
Posted by Bola Christianah on March 3, 2022
Daddy, still shocked don't know what to say,I won't forget you.A good mentor a good adviser
Posted by Taiwo Olalere on July 9, 2021
I’m shocked! We worked together as Internal Auditors at the African Development Bank in Tunis and have lost contact since 2007. He was a lovely man. Rest in peace Mr Biyi.
Posted by Bunmi Adebayo on June 7, 2021
Chairman Biyi, this came to me as a rude shock. I am just reading about your demise on Facebook almost 3 months after the incident. May your soul rest in peace. I can attest to your gentle mien based on brief time we spent together as members of transition committee on ICT in 2011 for the new Governor elect. You displayed a high level of maturity and intellect on that short interaction. You will be greatly missed. Adiei. Good man
Posted by Oluwadamilola Oyesola on April 10, 2021
Mr. Biyi,
One rare breed and a mentor unto many. You made indelible mark that would stand test of time in my life. I could still recall our final chat before you travelled back to US. They kept recalling back and forth. I would have loved you to see all our plans manifest as discussed. I know God knows best. We would meet at the Master's feet some day. 
Posted by Kunle and Tutu Orekoya on April 5, 2021
We thank God for the life of Brother Olumide Biyi; short in our eyes, but impactful. He was my friend's (Wale Biyi) senior brother and an exemplary family man and community leader. In the words of king David at the passing on of Abner (2 Samuel 3: 38): a prince and a great man has fallen this day both in the Biyi family and in the Isaga community. Bro Olumide loved relationships and built bridges both within the family and the wider Isaga community. He will never be forgotten!

Bro Olumide was easy going and ran an open house for everyone, including we who are friends to his junior brother. When Wale and I did our youth service in Port Harcourt in 1985/86, Bro Olumide introduced us to his friends living in PH, who welcomed us and helped us settle down well on arrival. When Wale and I took one of his cars without permission and travelled from Benin to Agenebode to visit a friend and almost had a crash with it, Bro Olumide just shrugged it off as the usual 'boys thing'. All he said was "just be careful next time". He was gracious and a joyful giver.

Bro Olumide, we thank God for the great testimonies about your life, the great impact you had on different spectra of people and above all, your love for the Lord. You were a worthy example to us all, and thank God that you are in a better place now. “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints” (Psalm 116:15). We pray that God, the Father of mercies and God of all comfort will give our sister IB, the children and the entire family strength and comfort at this time; and help us all to be faithful till the end and finish our journeys well in Lord. Amen. Continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord.
Posted by Idowu Okubote on April 4, 2021

Uncle Olumide Biyi and I met on the 16th of April, 2001 at Lagos State Computer Dept building Alausa Secretariat (2nd floor) on Oracle Global Computerization Project for Lagos State Government.
..Since then,we have been together till he travelled to the US in November 2020..He was in my house twice in November 2020..and I also visited him in Abeokuta same November 2020 and we ate Yam Flour and Goat Meat together with other friends in his house at Kemta Housing Estate, Abeokuta. Not knowing that, that would be our last meal together.

We both worked together at Oracle Nigeria from 2007 till I left in 2018...he was my direct manager then, for about 5years at Oracle Nigeria. We both travelled together within and outside Nigeria to perform our duties as Oracle Nigeria Staff. We went to the office in same vehicle and returned back home together to Otedola Jubilee Estate at Berger everyday before he moved to Arepo.

My Chairman as I fondly call him, there is no Oracle application consultant in Nigeria that does not have a direct or indirect relationship with you as you have built a lot of people and this people now live on the skills, advise, opportunities and network of people you established since we met in 2001. Your slogan was always "The More The Merrier"

To many that might be unaware, I ran my MBA programme at University of Ibadan as a full time student while working and reporting to Olumide BIYI which is very rare with any typical Nigerian Manager at a Multinational Company, I got my first UK Visa with his assistance, you accommodated my family when robbers struck at our house, just to mention a few out of many. A RARE GEM IS GONE.

OKANLOMO Olumide Ayinla BIYI, My Mentor, My Teacher, My Boss and A senior yet to come to terms with your death...Iku doro, iku seka, iku mu eni rere dull moments with him.. always looking for greater opportunities for anyone around him......igi nla lo nigbo......whose legs can fit into the big shoe you left behind? You always go extra-mile for people even when it is not convenient.

I will miss you Okanlomo Olumide Ayinla BIYI.....Baba Tolulope, Baba Oluwole...Omo Baba Olopa sun re oo!
Posted by Adetola Ajao on April 3, 2021
Celebrating a complete gentleman !

Our first contact was at the Oracle implementation project in 2000/1, where you were my module team lead and you fondly called us “Rookies”.
You were different things to different people... to many a mentor , teacher ... etc . Your sense of humor, authenticity, humility were outstanding .
I would miss your banters, teases and hard core jokes. 
Though we have to say goodbye , your memory lingers on. I pray that your selflessness be counted as righteousness.
Sleep on “O Biyi”. Rest in the bosom of our Lord .
Posted by Sunday Ogunnariwo on March 27, 2021
Brother Olumide
You left without notice , your  Impact in our world could not be quantified. You touched every life that crossed your path with an indelible Mark that can never be erased.
You were an embodiment of love and grace.
A child of God you were and your foot prints were on the sand of time .
You made life meaningful to many 
You will be greatly missed
You have fought a good fight, you have finished the race and. Your crown is waiting for you.
Good night Olu mighty
Until the resurrection morning
Posted by Ihemedu Margaret on March 27, 2021
Death where is thy sting, death where is thy power?. I was in disbelief when i came across a post about your demise. It was quite shocking to me. I knew i wished you happy new year on the eve of new year. Oga Biyi as i used to call you, i met you at Alausa when your crew was working on oracle software installation, i was the office assistant then for your crew members. You were a kind, compassionate and a dedicated professional. Your humor lightens up the room. You were a generous man. When i got admission in the university and was leaving for school, your generosity towards me blew me away. Thank you for the big mark you made while on earth. I pray for your family that God will strengthen them to bear your loss. Rest on Oga Biyi until the resurrection morning. Adieu Oga Biyi!
Posted by Qudrat Shittu on March 26, 2021
What a great lost.May his soul rest in perfect peace,my sincere condolence to his entire family.Mr Biyi will be remembered for his kindness and willingness to help others succeed.We love you but the Almighty loves you more.
Posted by Stephanie Imarhia on March 25, 2021
RIP, Elder Olumide Biyi we'll miss you I still can't believe that you're gone it's still like a dream I remember seeing you and your family at church before this COVID-19 started I'm going to keep praying for your family everyday.
Posted by toba alli on March 24, 2021
Hmmmmm where do I start from in remembering you Sir? When I saw lots of messages from the platform I was like what's happening, saw his picture on DP and I had that long purse to check the day and date of today and after confirming today is not 29th August which is his birthday and wedding anniversary, I had a bad thought of his demise but I was still in doubt that it can be true but the other part of me that knows him had to question that it's only in death Vincent Olumide Biyi will allow his picture to be use as the DP of the Mehsosai platform because he will tell you it's not proper and you must pull it down while he is still breathing.........iku doro, omu Eni re lo, ipade di oju ala , odi arinako , oma shey o .....,....... I'm still short of words on what to say about you or how to describe you but one thing I know is that to some of us you are that Daddy we never had biologically but physically you are a true father to us .....irrespective of our age difference, you will come down to our level to discuss with us and make sure we understand you very well I have to talk about how many times I have been in your bedroom? You are so simple, you pick calls and give that audience no matter how trashy the talk might the last 8 years that I joined the Mehsosai platform you are one father that I always look forward to seeing at every monthly meeting..........may your soul rest in peace ️️️ you so much.
Posted by adesina biyi on March 24, 2021

Death...what an inevitable end that claims as if nothing is done. What a rude shock you always bring at your arrival. Howbeit, it is certain that you must come as a visitor as and when due.
The rude shock of the passing of our brother, MR. ‘BIYI OLUMIDE came as a rushing wind in a jiffy. No one could believe that someone like you, who was highly committed both to the family and the community at large could leave unannounced and so quick! In fact, your fellow ICT professionals are in great shock and serious pangs of pain.
“BIYI” as fondly called by all and sundry was a viable product of many disciplines that had aided everyone he came across as a mentor, director, motivator, and even as an Evangelist at Healing Cross Anglican Church, Kemta Housing Estate throughout his sojourn on earth.
Everyone who worked with ‘BIYI acclaimed him as the great Chairman of the Estate’s Alternative Energy Committee which he served until his departure on March 19, 2021.
Our dear brother, a man of Sterling qualities and finesse has gone to rest, but his indelible mark remains with us. He would be sorely missed by all. The Kemta Housing Estate Community Development Association shall forever be grateful to you as we bid you farewell from this sinful world.
Adieu ‘BIYI, may your gentle soul rest in perfect tranquillity. A gallant soldier of Christ, Sleep on.

Dr. Olubiyi Adesina
Posted by Olanrewaju BOLAJI on March 24, 2021

And the light goes out!
Waves of sickening sadness,
struck with stealth force,
Darkness reigns!
In the deepest part of the heart.

And the light goes out!
Clouding the horizon you lighted with life and vive,
on the journey to Avalon,
Conquering warrior in the jungle,
Stripped of light and armour,
Left cold in the dark of the night.

And the light goes out!
On the scars of our clashes,
A wild beautiful bird landed in your nest,
Warmth you gave, care you did not spare,
A bond forged in the beauty of intellect,
Our love story rode the tempest.

And the light goes out!
The fierce fight over,
The inevitability of death,
The rise of immortality,
For foolishly, death takes the best,
Inglorious bastard, unhealthy reaper,
Helping Your soul ascends the unreturnable heights.

And the light goes out!
In the midst of bright sky,
Rays of sunshine
Peep through the cracks in my grieved hearts,
Assurances and hopes,
That your values are with me forever

And the light goes out!
Olumide, but
my warrior has gone,
A warrior bequeath one,
As I stand in your court.
Your story lives forever,
Your memories fade never,
The weight of your good deeds tilt the scales against odds,
As you climb into steep steps of afterlife, be assured.

Live in the court of Kings,
In hall of your ancestors,
Rest from fares and travail,
Bask in the presence of glorious immortals there of,
I look forward to the day, 
I will sit at your feet again,
And the light comes on
Posted by Joshua Adesina on March 24, 2021
Senior Olumide Biyi, is a man of discipline, fearless, playful, very full of knowledge. I will always miss you sir. You have impacted more into me within the 10 years period have known you.

Thanks for being a good father, senior and friend.
Continue to Rest in peace.
Posted by Ibukun Lawal on March 23, 2021
Mr B. as fondly called by us was a good man with a good heart. Your were humble and selfless to the cause of humanity.

God used you to change my nuclear and extended family story. I am a Canadian today because of the information and encouragement you gave me and my husband many years ago.

I remembered how you care for me to have my children during my waiting period and sometimes wondered how God put other people's problems in your heart that you couldn't wait to see it resolved and when I called you to share the birth of my girls, how joyous you were.

My entire family would miss your kindness. Though you are gone, you are forever in our hearts

Rest on Mr B.

Posted by lanre lawal on March 23, 2021
Mr. B I will forever remember you, God used you to change the story of my family. My being in Canada and everything I am in Canada today are the result of your encouragement and support. I give glory to the Almighty God that the journey of my life ever crossed your path.
I still can cannot believe you are no more; may the Lord grant you eternal rest.
Posted by Dele Oladipo on March 23, 2021
Dear Mr. Biyi Olumide,

The last time I chatted with you on WhatsApp in mid February about your health, I didn't sense anything to suggest that was final. I never knew we would never chat again.

I'm not sure it could be more than three years since I met you. So short, but very memorable; you were an encourager, a motivator, a mentor, a friend and an epitome of humility.

You were a source of inspiration to many of us, especially the younger ones, in the Men's Fellowship of Anglican Church of the Healing Cross, Kemta Housing Estate, Idi-Aba, Abeokuta. Your wish was to see every member of the Fellowship financially stable and comfortable and you were ever willing to assist in that direction.

As the Chairman of the Alternative Energy Committee of the Property Owners and Residents Association (PORA), Kemta Housing Estate, Abeokuta, you sacrificed your time and resources to explore any emerging possibilities of having uninterrupted power supply within the estate, but  'Nigerian factors and systems' were not favourable enough to enable you to actualise this. You really put in your best.

May your soul find eternal rest in the bosom of the Lord.

Adieu, Mr Biyi Olumide.
Posted by Omidiji Michael oluwole on March 23, 2021
Gone so soon,
Dear uncle, you live an exemplary life and you live as if you know it going to happen like this. Your leadership roles will be highly missed in the church of God and the community at large.
You celebrated your revived life two years ago, and it thought many people ways to appreciate Almighty God.
You such an intellectual and resourceful man. You thought people to leave there comfort zone.
Life is so short,but thank God you know Christ.
    Adieu, Biyi olumide rest in perfect peace. Good night uncle.
Posted by Amadi Doris on March 23, 2021
Mr Biyi ,mr Biyi , mr Biyi , words failed me,I’m speechless , you were my boss,gist partner,adviser and most importantly my friend ,we had faith you were going to win again ,we were hopeful and expectant, we prayed for healing but I guess God had another plan, you have touch my life and many others in a very good way you were a father, gosh, I will miss you sir (I already do). Mr Biyi ......., I have so many things I still want to talk to you about but I can’t again (Crying) I miss you. Rest on
Posted by Olusola Ogunnariwo on March 23, 2021
I still cant comprehend that you have left without a farewell. Only God understands how He has to take U too soon.Yr face still glows before me.Its like u are still in this wicked world that loves in the morning and hate in the evening .U are a man set aside by God as an extension of His hand towards this generation. Yr relationship with my blood sister who married yr brother is more than a brother inlaw but a REAL brother indeed.
U personlised her name calling her "BOS'MI(My own Bose)U transferred the love u have for her to us her sibling. She cracked jokes with u like 'Kilode' that is why she cant comprehend that U have left this world.U did something remarkable to me in person(God knows). I can also not forget the day u invited me my sister and some few friends in yr house and inspite of the fact that yr wife lives abroad u employed and payed a caterer to cook for us .Also my last encounter with u was 2018 when u came to my brother inlaws wedding and l came to ask where u are seated with friends and family what u wanted me to offer u, U said"Aunty dont bother u can see our table is loaded.I am enjoying myself this is our own party"What a man with a good heart.A free mixer indeed with no animosity. The consolation we all have is that U have gone to meet yr Creator &Maker the Unquestionable God.U have fought a good fight U have kept the faith. Henceforth there is laid for u a crown of righteousness which the Lord shall give u on that day.WHAT A GOD! WHAT A GREAT MAN!! WHAT A LOSS!!!.GOODNIGHT BRO OLU MIGHTY MY SISTERS CONFIDANT.
(On behalf of Ogunnariwos).
Posted by Ayotunde Olaoba on March 22, 2021
Uncle Olu,

It was with a great shock the news of your demise filtered in. You was a great mentor to me and encourage me to aim higher in life. Never a dull moment with you. May your gentle soul rest in the bosom of our Lord. May the Almighty God console your family at this trying moment. Rest on Uncle Olu mighty.
Posted by Oluyinka Olojede on March 22, 2021
Olumide Biyi, are you really gone? What a great loss, your sudden departure from this world. Although, I'm a younger friend yet you never treated me like you're bigger in the very sense that you were. With your goodwill and encouragement, I broke the jinx of stagnation and pursued my postgraduate studies to my own benefits. You honored every occasion that I invited you. You encouraged me on many positive things. I ran many of my business proposals with you before submitting them. You were a source of inspiration.

Whenever you were not around in the office, it was a dull moment because you always cheered people up and made us all laugh.

Adieu, my friend and mentor
Posted by Sunday Dada on March 22, 2021
Booda, your mark in Isaga will forever remain indelible. We will miss you greatly. No doubt you've gone to be with the Lord Jesus. Rest on till we meet to part no more -Sunday Dada

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Posted by lanre lawal on March 18, 2022
Gone too soon! Rest on MR. B.
Posted by Adetola Ajao on March 18, 2022
Continue to Rest In Peace , Obiyi
Posted by Yinka Adeloye on March 18, 2022
The dawn came this Day a year ago....OLUMYDE ...., but the light is not will always be remembered from us all ....Gone too soon
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Olumide was a mentor, teacher, and an adviser to many, he was a man of Service, He impacted everyone in different ways.

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