This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Margaret Afolayan, 70 years old, born on June 15, 1950, and passed away on April 13, 2021. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Oluwabunmi Afolayan on September 24, 2022
Still feels like yesterday, every single day gives memories of your love, kindness, lessons, leadership and support. It took your passing to realize you were an Angel on earth, reflecting on how beautiful your heart is, and how you served God till the last breath dropped. We can’t stop missing you but we are here living in reflection of your impacts on our lives. I never would’ve thought of a better way to live on earth than the way you’ve brought us to live life, love and serve God. Keep resting Mother, we are holding strong through life and will continue to keep you light shining.
Posted by Funmilola Folarin on June 15, 2022
It's another June 15th without you mama. I know you are celebrating with the Angels today. Missing you my sweet mother
Posted by ADEOLA OLUWOLE OLUROLE on April 13, 2022
You may be gone from our midst
But you aren’t gone from our hearts.
‘Cos we will always remember you.
You told us you knew no other way, but Christ
You told us to follow Jesus Christ
Till our days on earth are gone.
Now that you are no more here
God is helping us to follow through
We are glad we had the chance to know you
As a shining example of faithfulness and loyalty
You stayed faithful to God until your last breath
Rest on Ajike abiyamo ododo
Posted by Cecilia Ajayi on April 13, 2022
Dear friend 365 days like one  day. May your gentle soul continue to rest in peace.
Posted by Oluwafemi Afolayan on April 13, 2022
I remember what was happening at this time 365 days ago just like yesterday the memory remains fresh and will forever be.

I left you sleeping on that hospital bed but came back to meet your lifeless body mummy.

The angel you left us with too left us unannouced.

Alot has happened since you left but trust me ,we remain strong as we got your spirit in us.

Dearest mother, although you are gone from this world, you are forever in my heart from now till my last breath.

I’ll continue to remember you Ajike.
Posted by Oluwabunmi Afolayan on April 13, 2022
It’s been 356 days and the candle still burns, the tears that you are not hear anymore, the thoughts that I can’t speak to you as we use to, can’t seek for those wisdom of yours, though it illuminates your teachings, your affection, the path you walked us through life as your children, it still reflects, the selflessness you impacted in us and the love you groomed us to understand life in different ways. We still glow in your reflection.

The candle still burns, knowing you are not anywhere close, not even a clue to “Till we meet again”, not knowing when or how but we’ll still keep strong sharing your impacts and representing all you stood for.

The candle still burns, though we are all holding up strongly for you & Bro. Abiola, the tears still drops, the thoughts and feelings hits so hard, it feels fresh every-time, but our strength hasn’t failed us.
365 days, still feels like the clock hasn’t ticked by. Sometimes, I’m not sure if it’s breaks me or it strengthens me, the thought sets me teary, I still hold strong anyways knowing you lived and shared your existence impacting lives, this shows even while you’re gone, your importance still reflects.
The candle burns, but the light glows forever in our hearts!

Eternal rest grant unto them O Lord, let perpetual grace & light shine upon them.
May the souls of Margaret Oluremi Ajike Afolayan & Abiola Anthony Afolayan keep resting In peace… Amen
Posted by Funmilola Folarin on April 13, 2022
365 days later, it still feels like I am in a deep sleep, i imagine always that someone will tap me and welcome me from dreamland.This has been the hardest year for me, there had been ups and downs( for the most part downs).

They say time will heal the pain but I can say the pain and the hurt is fresh every seconds, grief is a deep personal feeling that no one can describe.

Thank God for the Grace to pull through thus far, I remain appreciative of emotional support from family, friends and loved ones.

Sweet mother thank God for being a rare gift to us and to everyone that encountered you while you were here with us, your light glows forever in our hearts, we talk about you daily.

Grateful still, it could have been worse.
Posted by StLawrence Edenbridge on February 14, 2022
I saw your picture today and I couldn’t hold back the tears. But the reality is dawning gradually that you are with the Saints in heaven. Please never stop to watch over your children and grandchildren. Intercede for them.

I do really miss you aunty Ajike. God knows I do. Rest in peace dear Aunt till we meet again and part no more.
Fr Ayo
Posted by Oluwabunmi Afolayan on February 14, 2022
Happy Valentine’s Day Mom. You’re not here to get my call or text but I know you are up there sharing love as you always do. Rest on Mom
Posted by Funmilola Folarin on December 26, 2021
Mama celebrating first Christmas without you, it is just a weird feeling. I miss waking up to read your text messages. Continue to rest my sweet mama
Posted by Oluwafemi Afolayan on December 25, 2021
It is a vacuum no soul can occupy.

A christmas day without you mummy,we miss you.

Continue to rest in the vineyard of The Most High.
Posted by Funmilola Folarin on December 21, 2021
Sweet mother, I miss you so much. This is the first of many Christmas season without you. It has been though but thank God for daily strength through it all. Missing you is not the right word to describe your absence mummy.
Posted by Funmilola Folarin on September 27, 2021
My mother, my angel. It is so sad that Bro Biola left us just like you did. I hope you get to meet and continue your mother-son relationship. We miss you both
Posted by Oluwabunmi Afolayan on July 28, 2021
Mom, I’m here again. It’s one of those days I miss calling you to speak and play with you. I am doing my best to stay strong, though it feels like a dream and hard be admit you’re gone sometimes. I wonder why it had to be, but I can’t question God. Thank you for being my Mother and for all you represent. I miss you!
Posted by olo kopi on June 15, 2021
Happy birthday mom. May your gentle soul continue to rest in peace. 
Olasunmbo Kolawole
Posted by Lawal Mojisola V on June 15, 2021
Happy birthday in Heaven Mummy, I know you are celebrating your birthday with Angels. I will forever be grateful for your impact in my life. Continue to rest in peace Abiyamo Tooto
Posted by Oluwafemi Afolayan on June 15, 2021
While you were on the sick bed,i was hopeful that you would be fine and was looking forward to this day June 15th,with you dancing to the alter in thanksgiving for your health and 71 birthday but God knows best.
I am sure you are rejoicing with your fellow angels in heaven.
Happy birthday to you sweet mother.
Posted by Funmilola Folarin on June 15, 2021
Happy Birthday Mum, I am sure you are having a feast in Heaven, I know you are in a happy place but I miss you so much
Posted by Oluwabunmi Afolayan on June 1, 2021
Mummy, each day I realize how special you are and what you mean to every life you met, you left a print in our lives. Your funeral was a celebration anyone would wish for (some would ask their children/family do same when they’re gone), we made you proud and will always do. It’s first day of June this year, I still look forward to your birthday (15th June) like we always do. I will celebrate here the little way I can, just how you like it celebrated. It’s going to be your first celebration with the Angels. I’m comforted by the words everyone speaks and write to describe you. I can’t ask for a better woman to be my mother but you! I miss you, and I’m courageously holding strong. Keep resting my Pearl
Posted by Funmilola Folarin on May 29, 2021
Mummy I look forward to June 15th every year because it is always another opportunity to express my love for you, nobody ever steals the show that day, it is always your day of showering us with love and accolades despite the fact that it is your birthday,enough food to eat and take away. I can't just imagine that as another June 15th approaches you are no longer with us. I want you to know that day will always be a special day for me,celebrating your life here on earth while you celebrate with the Angels in heaven. Love you mama
Posted by Segun Odufuwa on May 14, 2021
Mummy, still difficult to blv you are no more but keeping solace in God that you've been selected as one of heaven's gains.
Still remembering the old memories we shared together: our chats, gist, outings and your dancing steps during Baba Oshodi Onibon's final burial at Igbara-odo in Ekiti and your usual call : "Segun, Omo-Eko"
Posted by Funmilola Folarin on May 7, 2021
Mummy your home going celebration says million about you. Thank you for the lives you touched while you are here, God bless you for being a good mother and a lover of God. Love you mum in life and after, you will surely be missed my Rare Gem
Posted by Babatunde Sodipo on May 6, 2021
I had the privilege of being your neighbor for over eight years. Within that time, I came to know you as a pleasant, quiet, cheerful, humorous and caring lady. News of your passing was shocking and painful. You will be sorely missed. May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace and may the good Lord preserve you in life eternal by His salvation, IJN.
Posted by EGBEOLU(nee Ajayi) Anthon... on May 1, 2021
You were like a mother to me , you always admonish with your wonderful words, I will never forget your kindness and warmest towards me and my children and my entire family.Our Joy is that you have gone to test in the bossom of our Lord, may the good Lord whom you served Grant your soul eternal rest Amen
Posted by Adewumi Mary on May 1, 2021
Words fail me even up till now. Mummy you were very accommodating to me. You home was always open to me, your smile and arms always welcoming and embracing.
You have surely gone to met the Angels,because that is what you are.
Rest in Peace Mummy.
Posted by makanjuola seun on April 29, 2021
You were such a wonderful mother to all. The teachings and lessons you passed on to me as a child still lives with me.
I am sure you are in a better place mummy.
Your memories will always remain indelible in our hearts ❤️.
Posted by Afolayan Oladapo on April 28, 2021
It was a terrible experience and a rude shock on the day my dear wife Ajike breathe her last. I have hoped and believe she would make it, but God had other plans, she was going to a heavenly home to rest forever with her creator. I can not control my years as I pen down this tribute about her. She was not only a wonderful wife and mother but she was meticulous house keeper, homemaker, submissive, cheerful and friendly. She love her church and faithful to her alloted task , she inspired me in ways I cannot explain. I have lost a worthy helpmate but I have nothing but happy memories of our over forty years of Life together. You were supposed to celebrate your birthday in few weeks before your death, the legacy you left behind would keep the the entire family going. I will continue to miss you dear wife but what can I do but to take solace in God, continue to rest in the bossom of God, sunre o Omo olure, lojisa, Adiue!
Husband :Dapo Afolàyan
Posted by Lucy 'Tola on April 25, 2021

My dear sister, it was so shocking and heart-breaking when I heard the news that you were gone.
It is like a dream;I still believe that you could wake up, anyway at the resurrection of the saints.
The vacuum you left is too big to be filled.
You were a pillar that stood for defence and protection in the family.
You have affected many lives with your magnanimous gestures and immeasurable affections.
You played the dual roles of Father and Mother to your siblings since the departure of our Father.
Though I miss you but your memories will remain fresh in my heart forever.
May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace.
Goodnight sister mi Ajike Remilekun Margaret Afolayan.
Omo Olure lojisa, Omo apara baba Ibon.
Odarinako odojuala.
Odi ojo ajinde.
Mrs. Ikhimi Lucy.
Posted by sani tagang on April 25, 2021
I just want to with a few words express a heartfelt tribute. I'm writing heavy hearted but must express my deepest condolences to the family. while I can't say I knew Mummy fondly, I can say I knew of her by proxy being a childhood friend of Bunmi's and I'm grateful he shared endless stories of her generosity , kindness , strength and all round standup amazing person mummy was while she was here with us.

Rest in God's love Mama
Posted by opeoluwa onakade on April 25, 2021
Mummy was a good person. She was lived a life worthy of emulation. I remember she was also a disciplinarian who didn't tolerate sluggishness or cheating. I miss her smile and the way she talks quietly....Mummy Aunty Funmi is what I call her. May she rest well on the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.
Posted by Abimbola Olowofela-Opadey... on April 25, 2021
Aunty Ajike, It was always a joy to see you. You had an infectious laugh, a dry wit and a large heart. There was never a dull moment when you were around. We will surely miss you but Heaven has gained an angel. Sleep on in the bosom of the Lord.

Bukky Olowofela
Posted by ADEOLA OLUWOLE OLUROLE on April 24, 2021
The love of a grandma is unique. God must have given grandmothers to us to liven up our lives, to make our lives more complete, to make us well rounded and better human beings. When you carried me close to your heart, and prayed for me, I never knew that was the last time I'll hear your voice. Rest on grandma ma I love and miss you!
Oluwole Ojumiriayo Ayomide Bestharvest
Posted by ADEOLA OLUWOLE OLUROLE on April 24, 2021
Taní nbá fí mama wé...
Looking at how the journey began with you from womb days to final breath, all I can say is God has been kind to me(us) to have you as a mother "Àbiyámó otíto". It's been God's grace that has kept you radiant and strong at heart thus far, over Seven decades and still waxing strong both in faith and good health till God called you home. God has truly been mindful of me (us). It wasn't easy but it's truly worth it with you as our mother, couldn't ask for anything more than a Woman-man (Obírin bí Okunrín) like Margaret Oluremi Ajike.
My mouth is full of praises to God and heart full of gratitude that you stood up for us without wavering during the turbulent times. Mothers like you are rarely hard to find and those that have them are divinely blessed from above. Thank you for the years of devotion, prayers & fasting, labour, sacrifices, your care and concern, your love, words of comfort and encouragement and everything that you have done for me (us). I know you are in a much better place. I will be forever grateful and thankful that you are a good mother
Oluwole Adeola Oluwatoyin
Posted by Bola Sodipo on April 24, 2021
The shock is palpable.
You are lived and sorely missed, reminiscent of great memories of you. The Lord comfort the entire family, give the fortitude to bear this loss and fill the vacuum. Amen.

Odin aaji na si ra won. Amin

Rest in perfect peace, till we meet to part no more, the morning of resurrection.
Posted by georgia ayelaboye on April 23, 2021
You were a Aunt, a friend and mother to me and everybody. You were always there to defend n fight people's course, you hate others been oppressed or looked down on. You were such an hardworking, disciplined and fun to be with.
Oh, to say you wont be missed is an understatement.
May your soul rest in peace.
Posted by Adibite Augustine on April 23, 2021
What can I say, I wish words could express how much I miss you mommy, I really wish words can. This for me is the most painful part of this episode. I can only take comfort in the sweet memories you left in my heart. You use to call me "Omo Isobo" and I will look at my wife (your daughter) and say "Iyawo Isobo" and you will laugh.
I would call you "My Mommy, My Mommy" and you will call me "My son, My son"
I was the last addition to the family and you took me as if I have always been part of the family. You had/have a heart of gold, you cared for all and no one crossed path with you and won't forever remember you. I would end each call with you with "I love you" and you will always respond "I love you too"
Countless are the sweet memories mom, countless they are and I will forever cherish them. Though you are gone, I believe you are now in a better place to care for us as you have always done.
For want of a better word, I will just say "I love you mom" and I know you are saying same to me as you have always done and, thank you for everything.
Posted by Yemi Kola on April 23, 2021
Sent by Mrs Badewa 23rd April 2021
Madam Ajike Afolayan, you were such a wonderful person easy to walk with. It's with great pain we received your passing to glory. What can we say, we cannot question God. My sincere prayer is that God will protect and give your Children and all you left behind the fortitude to bear the loss. We shall all miss you our dearly beloved.
Rest in the bossom of the Lord for ever.
Mrs Badewa.
Posted by Maryam Adubi on April 23, 2021
I remembered when I was first introduced to you as part of the family, I remembered the warm welcome, the smile and pounded yam and the egusi soup I ate that day, all these still remains the part of the memories you left behind. You may not have gotten the opportunity to spend much time with us but the little time you spent was a beautiful one. We will always remember you, we will keep missing you mama.

We love you. Rest in peace mama.
Posted by Cecilia Ajayi on April 22, 2021
Good bye a faithful and loyal friend and partner. May God bless your children and all of us you left behind. Continue to rest in the Lord Almighty.
Posted by Felicia Omiyale on April 22, 2021
Margaret Oluremi Ajike Afolayan (maggi) was my great friend.We Went to the same school and later worked in the same organization for many years.Maggi and I started our friendship in 1979.We quickly became very close and shared everything possible with each other. She gave me great advice whenever I faced difficult situations. Maggi was very open minded and kind.I am still shock by her passing but I rest assured that Heaven has a place for such a beautiful soul.My dearest condolence to all the family and may her sweet soul rest in eternal peace.
Posted by toyin ajayi on April 22, 2021
You were a pillar of strong support physically and spiritually. A woman of simplicity and appreciative of good values. A great friend and Sister to as many as you could. You will be missed greatly and I pray the Almighty to grant your beautiful soul eternal rest. Goodnight Ma. Sleep on well till we meet to part no more.
Posted by olo kopi on April 22, 2021
We love you mom but God loves you more. I will all always have the memories of your ever smiling face in my heart. No matter what we are going through, you always have a reassuring smile on your face. May your beautiful soul continue to rest in peace ❤❤❤❤

Sunmbo Bello Kolawole
Posted by Shina A on April 22, 2021
Mummy meant many things to different people and this is because of her loving, caring, hardworking, humorous and accommodating way of life. She's a passionate figure of strength which she exhibited in whatever she believed in and never waned in her support for people's uplift. Even in trying and tough moments, mummy soldiered on.

Personally, I'll miss her humor.

Surely, not what we wanted but she's definitely a heaven's gain.

Mummy, adieu ma!!!
Posted by Abimbola Omiyale on April 22, 2021
Death is the necessary end of every mortal, but you left your footprint on the sand of time. Your light was extinguished when you are still giving light to a lot of people. You came ,You saw, and You conquered . Sleep on mum.
Posted by Adesola Akinola on April 22, 2021
I loved the way her friendship was with my mom(Margie and Moni)The friendship was like when they were young, pure and sweet... the “yabs “and all. It was always fun when they were both around themselves.
I know you will tell Moni so many sweet stuffs about us when you meet her.

We love ❤️ and will always miss you.
Rest in Perfect Peace ma!

Adesola Akinola
Posted by Adebola Odewole on April 22, 2021
Mum will be greatly missed by so many she lived and loved to her capacity.
Rest in peace mum!
Posted by Funmi Akinola Dada on April 22, 2021
Mummy was not nice, she was kind! I say "not nice" because nice is what you are when you want people to applaud you for being good, but kind is inate. It's doing good whether it's convenient for you or not. She did things without expecting anything in return.
 She was there for me when I needed her. She was kind and generous, but never suffered fools gladly!
 I'm sure people around her will miss her dry/wicked sense of humor, as I do.
  As the saying goes "To live in the hearts of those you love is not to die", she is not dead because she lives on in our hearts❤
Posted by Niyi Akinola on April 22, 2021
.My Mom's best friend from childhood. Always energetic and fun to be with. Your care and love that you are always eager to show will surely be missed. I hope you two would have met again and continue from where you both stopped.
Till we meet to part no more, good night Ma. 
Posted by Tune Day on April 22, 2021
Rest in peace mummy. She was my mum's best friend, who stood by her till death. She later became a mother to me and my siblings. We will miss you ma.

Tunde Akinola
Posted by Adeleke Odufuwa on April 22, 2021
I didn't even know how to start but I will surely miss her sights and my kids will also miss her greetings anytime she passed by. May her soul rest in peace, amen.
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Posted by Oluwabunmi Afolayan on September 24, 2022
Still feels like yesterday, every single day gives memories of your love, kindness, lessons, leadership and support. It took your passing to realize you were an Angel on earth, reflecting on how beautiful your heart is, and how you served God till the last breath dropped. We can’t stop missing you but we are here living in reflection of your impacts on our lives. I never would’ve thought of a better way to live on earth than the way you’ve brought us to live life, love and serve God. Keep resting Mother, we are holding strong through life and will continue to keep you light shining.
Posted by Funmilola Folarin on June 15, 2022
It's another June 15th without you mama. I know you are celebrating with the Angels today. Missing you my sweet mother
Posted by ADEOLA OLUWOLE OLUROLE on April 13, 2022
You may be gone from our midst
But you aren’t gone from our hearts.
‘Cos we will always remember you.
You told us you knew no other way, but Christ
You told us to follow Jesus Christ
Till our days on earth are gone.
Now that you are no more here
God is helping us to follow through
We are glad we had the chance to know you
As a shining example of faithfulness and loyalty
You stayed faithful to God until your last breath
Rest on Ajike abiyamo ododo
her Life


15TH JUNE 1950- 13TH APRIL2021

Margaret Oluremi Ajike Afolayan(Nee Onibon) was born into the Oshodi Family of Igbara-Odo, Ekiti State on Thursday the 15th of June 1950 to late Chief Cosmas Adedoja Onibon (the Oshodi of Igbara Odo Ekiti) and late Mrs. Eunice Aina Onibon (nee Olaoni) both natives of Igbara Odo Ekiti in Ekiti State.

Ajikeola so named by her father is the firstborn of her parents and her birth was receive with great joy and she can be called a special gift from God being the first surviving child of the couple after experiencing the loss of 7 children prior to her birth. With are special privileges as the first child of the family, Ajikeola led a positive and exemplary life guided by the disciplinary actions of her father.

Mummy attended St. Pauls Catholic Primary School Igbara Odo Ekiti where she earned her first school leaving certificate in 1962. Her secondary school education was at the prestigious CAC Grammar School in Akure Ondo State where she graduated in 1971. To improve her chances of gaining admission to a higher institution, mummy relocated to Ikare Akoko in Ondo state. She aced her exams at the Monte Camel School Ikare Akoko Ondo State and proceeded to the then Technical College Osogbo where she earned her Full London City and Guild certification as a Radiologist and Technologist in 1976.

In 1977, she gained employment as an installation manager with the defunct International Telephone and Telegraph Corporation (ITT Nigeria) while working from the CMS office. She is always happy to tell us how she was part of the team responsible for installing telecommunication exchanges across Lagos and introducing telecoms to the Lagos metropolis. At every televised Super Eagles match, mummy will say “thank your mummy for managing the satellite stations that help transmit this match you are all watching”.

Two years later, mummy started work with Nigeria External Telecommunications (NET) as a technologist. The 1984 merger of the telecoms arm of the Post and Telecommunications (P&T) department of the Ministry of Communications and the Nigerian External Communications (NET) led to the birth of NITEL where mummy worked as a transmission manager in the cable and satellite division for 22 fruitful years.

She was primarily responsible for various roles ranging from installation officer, transmission manager to systems manager till her retirement as a Senior Manager in 2006.

Mummy being a diligent and ever-focused lady embraced her retirement joyfully and immediately wore her entrepreneurial hat, launching Magrem Enterprises, a corporate event organization that offers rental services. During her very active days, she ran various profitable ventures as a side hustle which helped mold her business skills.

Margaret Afolayan led a Christian life as a devout and practicing Catholic. She was an active practitioner of the St Theresa Catholic Church Ifako- Agege Lagos.  Her plethora of activities in church includes – President of the Association of Eucharistic Adorers, Past Treasurer – St. Anthony of Padua, Treasurer Ondo/Ekiti Forum; Financial Secretary Oyo/Osun Forum; member of St. Monica Society (an arm of Catholic Women Organisation), Sacred Heart of Jesus and Immaculate Heart of Mary, Board of Church Wardens, Divine Mercy Group, Mericulus Medal Group, Our Lady Refuge of Sinners (Iya wa abo awon eleshe presidium) and many more prayer groups.

Mrs. Margaret Ajike Oluremi Afolayan got married to Mr. Oladapo John Afolayan in January 1977. The marriage is blessed with five biological children, mummy was also blessed with the gifts of many lovely children aside from her biological children whom she nurtured and trained just like her biological children.

 She is survived by her husband, children, grandchildren, sisters, brothers, uncles, aunties, cousins, nieces, nephews and shall be fondly missed by all.

Mummy will be remembered not only as a fun-loving, jovial but also as an influential, respected, and admired woman among her peers. In 70 years on this earth, Margaret Ajike Oluremi stood for the right values and always willing to fight for the right cause. Her words of wisdom resonate regardless of who is present, her impact will be felt by generations to come.

Auntie Maggie or Aunti mi Ajike as fondly called by friends, siblings, and relatives was always giving and supportive. An exemplary leader who stands as a binding force within the Onibon family. A disciplinarian and a principled individual whose words of advice always come in handy. The best party organizer, very social, action, and no-nonsense woman. She is the best Ludo player ever, we never witnessed her lose a game.

Ajikeola Oluremi was loved by many. A true example of a virtuous woman and sweet mother.

Sun re o Ajikeola. We will always love you Ma.

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Shared by Funmilola Folarin on April 26, 2021
I leave with the memories of almost 42 years shared with you my sweet mother. I wish the news of your death is just a dream. You will forever be a Rare Gem that made sure all my aspirations became a reality while you are alive. I hold on to all the sweet memories and all your sacrifices for us all.