Posted by Adetola Akinwande Enitan on June 16, 2021
The news of the passage of our dear colleague, Mrs. Oyero Stella Olusola(Nee Odedina) to eternal glory came to us as a rude shock indeed. It is with great sadness that I express, on behalf of the entire members of staff and students of the above named school our deepest condolences on the death of your wife, mother, daughter and sister. We sincerely empathize with you on your irreparable loss. Mrs. Oyero was such a kind and gentle soul,who would always help anyone in need. We were inspired by her humility, peaceful nature and ability to cope with any situation at work.
Please know that our thoughts are with you, the Oyero and Odedina families, and friends during this somber period.
We sincerely pray that The Most Merciful Lord, Will Console and Comfort the families,as well as Grant you the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss. From Lantoro High School Junior.
Posted by Jokotade Olajumoke Falore... on June 13, 2021
Adieu Sola, your death came to me like a slap on my face, this is too sudden, ooooh Sooolaaa, you are too good to die, though it's been long that we saw but it's like I see you everyday. You & your family were so accommodating despite the fact that I'm not from Ogun state, you made me to know more of Abeokuta & Egba land & people, I bless the day I met you at Egbado Teacher's College Ilaro (Igbo Nla). Thanks for knowing you, your siblings, cousins & others. I believed you are with the Lord resting, I love you & I'm missing you day-in day-out. God bless the family left behind, odun a jina si ara won loruko Jesu. Rest in peace Sola Odedina-Oyero (Mrs)
Posted by ADESANYA TEMITOPE on June 13, 2021
Aburo mi Owon

To God be the glory for a beautiful, humble and peaceful life you lived. I submit to the will of Him that was, that is and that is still to come - Almighty God.
 Inspite of your own challenges you were a great encourager to me in my own days of trouble while we stayed together - a sister indeed.
 I love you and will continue to love all you have left behind. I pray that God will keep us all to the end in Jesus name.

Good night
Olufumilayo Ajibulu (Alabi)
Posted by Folawole Oyebola on June 13, 2021
Mummy Oyero lived a selfless , committed and devoted life to our Our Lord Jesus Christ. She was accommodative regardless of one's background I saw the love of Christ displayed in her life. Mummy you will be greatly missed. You have joined the cloud of witnesses up there in heaven. Till we meet at Jesus's great mansion prepared for redeemed in heaven.
Posted by Kolawole Ogunlola on June 12, 2021
Fading away like the stars of the morning, losing their lights to the glorious sun, thus we would pass from the earth and its toiling, only remembered by what we have done.
Sister Olusola Stella Oyero (nee Odedina), thus has it come upon you as upon all the mortals. You 've passed from the earth and its toiling and indeed you are remembered by what you have done. By your fight of faith against all odds. By your reliance on your Redeemer in the midst of the tempests.
Our hearts are assured that you have joined the cloud of witness; from whose experiences the pilgrims on this side of Jordan may be encouraged to keep looking unto Him, the author and finisher of our faith.
    Adieu our Beloved Sister Sola.
Posted by Oyeneye Bolanle on June 11, 2021
Then shall the dust return to the Earth as it was, and the spirit shall return until God who gave it.
Vanity of vanities, saith the preacher all is vanity. Eccls 12:7-8.
Hear the conclusion of the whole matter
Fear God, and keep His commandments. For this is the whole duty of man. Eccls 12:13-14.
U fought the fight of faith and conquered.
A Friend like bossom Sister. We love u but God loves you most. Adieu!

Posted by SHITU VICTORIA on June 11, 2021
Considering the loss, vacuum, pain, ache, and grief of the moment... memories of your last days... days of consciousness flashed back. How I was wrong not to have maximised the opportunity, failing to understand what was being communicated when the feelings to hold you tightly in close embrace... when feelings to feel you was suppressed. If I knew, assuming I understood maybe I wouldn't have let go of you.

You expressed the feeling of your loneliness at work, it's now I understand. Then, I felt it's one of those things. Little was I aware that a deeper feeling of separation was just beginning... when I saw life ebbing out of you, I wondered where you were? I wondered what you were doing? Could it be just dreaming, I bet NO. It was the time your Maker was claiming you, a time He won the battle to keep you with Him forever in glory. That was the time you settled the final battle, your time of VICTORY. Your final conquest over the enemies of your soul: the flesh, sin, and your unrelenting enemy the devil, who had eternally lost the battle over you.

I recalled the past, I indeed remembered days gone by... days of trusting, waiting, and hoping.

Days of rejoicing, dancing, and celebrations, I called back your brightened eyes of laughter and joy. I can attest that God had been v--e--r--y good to you. Your last birthday was a celebration though not planned: we sang about your packing gel, your beautiful wine dress, and black shoe. You laughed, you were happy. Not one of us would ever have thought that was the last. That God actually wanted to celebrate you. Oh may we always walk in full understanding of the will of God per time.

Vigils of prayers, expressing needs and, casting of cares on the Invisible, the only wise God cannot be forgotten quickly.

Thanks God for your deliberate moves, and resolutions. I'm really grateful you lived always with eternity in focus in your dealings.

Praise God you looked beyond the mortal and ephemiral, looking to the Author and Finisher of your faith, the Alpha and Omega, Him who initiated the first breath you took and presided over the very last one.

You lived a fulfilled life, never mind the hills and mountains, the crooked and the rough places of life. You came, you saw, and conquered victoriously.

Now, I'm happy, full of joy you're resting peacefully in the embrace of the One who had loved you so perfectly beyond that which any mortal can fathom and do.

You're loved, you're so dear, you'll always be missed. S---i---n---g o---n, sing on: songs of glory to your Redeemer; songs of victory as you join the twenty-four elders patiently awaiting the Saint militants, and the final close of the age. Sleep on my dearest sister.
Posted by oyeneye olabisi on June 11, 2021
Mummy sola oyero (mummy carwash) we do call u ma,so kind and gentle, I will never forget that you were the one who made me know i sing Alto where we met at a crusade ,hmmmmm its so sad that you are gone,its just seems like a nightmare to me when I heard dis....i remembered you came around to our place....not knowing hmmm.....but i know for sure you are with lord mummy....
Posted by Olayinka Amao on June 10, 2021
She is a devoted leader with good samples. she cares, encourages, and concerned, she is always there praying for me.
She doesn't wear a sad countenace, though going through challenges.
Sis. Sola you are a mother indeed, and will forever be remembered.
Sleep on the blossom of the Lord.
Posted by Oyewole Oyero on June 10, 2021
My dear Sister, Stella Olusola Oyero, your demise came as a rude shock. Your life was one of devoted service to God, the body of Christ, your immediate family, your extended family, friends, workmates and your in laws.

Stella Olusola, your marks in our Oyero family of Ile-Lemo, Oke Ijemo, Abeokuta was indelible. You were kind, humble, gentle and kind-hearted. The void created by your departure may not be easy to fill. Sun re, Omo Ola, Aya Oye.

We are comforted by the joy you invoked in many that had the opportunities of interacting with you. You have by your death challenged us to live life pleasant before men and by extension, Our father in Heaven. Ohun eniyan sha ni Ohun Olorun.

You were a model for us to emulate. No human is perfect, but your loss made us to mourn the departure to thither, the great beyond of a darling wife, mother, and grandmother. Let God count us worthy to meet in Heaven with you. Adieu, my dearest Sister.

Tribute by Chief Oyero Anthony Oyewole (Lemo of Ijemoland)  
Posted by Olawale Oyero on June 10, 2021
My Dearest Big Sister and uncommon Sister-in-Law, Mrs. Olusola Stella Oyero. You came, you saw and you conquered despite every thing you went through in the cause of your very Impactful life. You were a Loving Mother, Wonderful Aunty, Understanding Big Sister, Dutiful Wife to all of us in the immediate Oyero Family. You were also a wonderful Daughter to our parents.

We did not see this coming because its unimaginable. You were so kind hearted, gentle as a Dove and always easy-going. Words will be insufficient to express how much we will miss you.

Your Husband my Brother calls you his ''Back Bone" and he can't and alas we all within the family cannot begin to imagine life without you in our midst.

The only consolation is that we know you have lived a life of great impact and that you are without doubt resting at the bosom of our Master, Jesus Christ. We love you so much but God loves you more.

We give God the glory for your life - a life well spent for the Lord and for humanity. I consider it a great privilege and honour to have known you and to have had you as my Big Sister and In-Law. We will greatly miss you until we meet to part no more in the Beautiful Golden City of Heaven. 

Good night Ma.
Posted by Grace Akintujoye on June 10, 2021's so painful to hear your demise. Your smile lightens the world. Thanks for leading me to Christ Jesus ma, thanks for your labour of love while in the Minstrel group, thanks for the beret and all the financial supports. You've only taught me one thing, 'to whom much is given, much is expected'. I receive grace to lead many more souls to the kingdom.
Rest well Mummy
Posted by Olumide Olusanya on June 10, 2021
I was shocked to my bones when I saw the post, could not believe it , my wife said No...... But one thing I am sure of is that Sis Sola is perfectly resting in the bossom of Jesus whom she served relentlessly. Sis Sola you are are BELIEVER, A COMMITTED SOLDIER OF CHRIST This is so painful but at the same time grateful to God that you ended well, sleep on great soldier till the day of lifting. You will be forever remembered.
Posted by Folakemi Adeyanju on June 10, 2021
Sistermi Sola, hmmmmm! You're gone so soon but fulfilled. You lived selfless life, ready to help and lover of God. We love you but God loves you more. Rest on dear sister.
Posted by Folarin Ajibawo on June 9, 2021
Great Mummy, you did not only accepted me as your brother-in-law but you also treated me like your blood brother even when am wrong you corrected me with love just like your blood. My biography can never be completed without your names mentioned in almost every pages of my biography for your moral, financial and spiritual supports You played a very vital role in my Iife. Great Mummy you are greatly loved and greatly missed, I will keep your memory alive till eternity.
Ajibawo Folarin O.
Posted by Olufunke SOYEMI on June 9, 2021
What man is he that liveth, and shall not see death? Shall he deliver his soul from the hand of the grave? Ps 89:48.
Egbon mi owon, i'm going to miss both your prayers and the words of encouragement you gave me at all times. Well,'God knows best'. Rest in the Lord..Aunty mi Shola Stella Adetayo Odedina Oyero.

'Awon mimo, laala pari, won ti ja,won si ti segun. Won ko gbo ohun ija mo won da ya won le se Jesu...
Adieu egbon mi. Ara oye, omo oba.Till resurrection day..

Olufunke Soyemi UK
Posted by Olajide Bello on June 9, 2021
My dearest Aunty Sola Oyero (Née Odedina),

The news of your transition to glory hit me with a huge shock as I had recently thought of how long ago it’s been since I saw you.

How will I forget your ever-caring and motherly nature that you constantly showed me growing up as a little boy till maturity and to everyone around you (especially those of the household of faith in Christ)? The passion and humility with which you always served in God’s vineyard was just too inspiring. I remember how you always led us by example in those days in the Minstrel team of the then Glory Time Bible Church, Obantoko. I can’t recall you ever coming late for any rehearsal we had then!

No doubt, we will all miss your presence with us on this side but our joy and consolation is in the fact that you are now fellowshipping in the loving bosom of your Lord and saviour.

Adieu, my dearly beloved Aunt. Till we meet again never to part.
Posted by Ogunlola Bolanle on June 9, 2021
It hurts a lot knowing mummy has gone, but the encouragement is just that she died in faith and has gone to be with the Lord. I remember the last words you said to me, Bola mo ti miss e ni ministrel. You were so humble, mummy treats everyone in choir with a motherly love. Your encouragement is top notch. Miss you so much.
Posted by Babatunde Amao on June 9, 2021
Sis. Shola you will greatly be missed.
Your large heart of accommodation, and encouragement to the tender is so amazing. You have received and demonstrated Grace that does not break a bruised Reed, nor quench a smoking flask amongst minstrel. The little time I spent in this group is a Testimony of your deeds.
We know you are sleeping, after fighting the good fight of faith.
For since we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so, through Jesus, God will bring with Him those who have falling asleep. 1 Thess 4v 14
Till we meet at Jesus feet, even in his Bossom, where we will partake in the marriage of the Lamb.
Keep resting Sister
Posted by Arinade Soyode on June 9, 2021
What a great loss.A kind hearted,humble and submissive woman. 100 percent portrait of a virtuous woman. A disciple of Christ indeed. You shall be forever remembered. ADIEU MY DEAR SISTER.
Posted by Shokunbi Temitope on June 9, 2021
You are always in our hearts and may ur soul continue to rest in peace,
Posted by FEYISOLA MATTHEW on June 9, 2021
Rest on General and sing with the Angels. Your great legacy will forever remains in our humble heart. May the lord comfort the entire family you left behind and the body of Christ at large.
Posted by Gbenga Ogunleye on June 9, 2021
The face I always see when I'm in church, when its time for minstrel's ministration. Just got your name; Sister Stella, rest on ma till we meet at the feet of our Lord Jesus Christ to part no more.
Posted by Paul SJ on June 9, 2021
My beautiful Aunty and mummy. I'm sure you got a glimpse of heaven and decided to stay, I am comforted by the truth that you have gone to rest eternally, away from the troubles of this life.

I will miss coming back home to your smiles at choir rehearsals and church services. You taught me a great deal of patience. I will forever cherish the memories we had. Some of the songs you taught and composed had been playing in my mind for the past few days before you went to rest, I even had dreams...

Thank you for believing in me, thank you for your prayers, thank you for the memories, thank you for the songs, thank you for the words of life and encouragement.

You have gone to join Mummy Kofo, Daddy Ojo and the other Saints to wait for us.

I remember the joy you had when you rediscovered scoring of songs...the smile is still fresh in my memory. 

Thank you for giving your life to God's purpose; blessing lives around you.

Rest in eternal peace Ma.
Posted by Precious Saintjohn on June 9, 2021
I know for sure that God has a reason for everything that happens. You constantly encouraged me and pushed me to better. I would miss you ma..this saddens me greatly but I'm comforted, knowing that you have left this cruel world and you are now resting with the father. Till we meet again at the Master's feet, goodnight ma!
Posted by ade adeleke on June 9, 2021
You have lived,you have fought,you have conquered,i have that belief that you will reign with Jesus.May your beauttiful soul continue to rest in Peace dear sister.

Posted by Yinyinloluwa Olonade on June 9, 2021
Praise to the Lord you made it home Mummy.You'll forever be missed
We will take courage mum,till we meet to part no more.Amen
Posted by Okala Prayer on June 9, 2021
Oh tragedious...

To a beautiful mother, wife and spiritual leader. You have left a legacy that is more than a memory in my life.The impact you have had lives on as we grow in the Lord inspired by your encouragement, love compassion and care. We will remember you always.
Posted by AKINDELE DAVID on June 9, 2021
Its saddens my heart when I heard your demise.... All I said was, we can't question God, for he is the all knowing God. You have lived an impactful life. I am one of your son in Christ Jesus. I will miss you sister Sola...the whole choir will miss you...!!! You have always been a motivation to me every time I came over for the choir praise program....We love you but christ loves you more. Till we meet again in eternity to reign with Jesus....REST ON SISTER SOLA AT THE BOSSOM OF THE LORD.
Posted by Ayodele Oluwole on June 9, 2021
We will miss her deeply in our hearts because she was the gentlest soul to us. Our prayers and love are with your family. Rest on sister Sola, at the Bossom of your creator.
Posted by Ajibola Iyiola on June 9, 2021
She encouraged me. She was a mother and was an inspiration to many and it was an honour to have shared this life with you. Nothing breaks my heart more than having a world that no longer has you in it. May your soul rest in peace mummy
Posted by Adeyinka Adesina on June 9, 2021
The promise of the master is FULL Life, yours came when we least expect. You where wonderful in the Masters work and it’s time to receive a bountiful Reward. Your Salvation is complete, you are free from the Presence of SIN. May the Loving Father grant your family and the body of Christ Grace to bear such great vacuum you left behind. Rest on Sister in Christ.
Posted by Ronke Aderinboye on June 9, 2021
Oh! The passing on to glory of an angel, a beautiful sister, though hard to bear yet, it only makes it clearer that we all must answer to the roll call when it is called up yonder. Sister Olusola Stella Oyero, you will forever be greatly missed. You served the Lord unconditionally, you are God's general, you are MY HERO. My consolation is that you have fought a good fight and you have joined the saints triumphant. You have gained the victory, no more sorrow, no more pain, no more tears. Adieu, beloved sister till we meet on the resurrection day.
Posted by OYEWALE OLOYEDE on June 8, 2021

When I joined HDP in 2010, Sister SOLA was among the first set of people I met. Though, she didn't know my name or where I came from, she just walked up to me before praise and worship session began and said, "My brother! gangan (talking drum) is available oo! You can carry it and play it ooo... "

Since I was born I never learnt or knew how to play talking drum, but someone inspired me to learn and know how to play it. That person is my beloved sister OLUSOLA OYERO.

My playing of talking drum in HDP today can be attributed to the inspiration I received from Holy Spirit through the effort of Sister Sola Oyero.

She will be greatly missed in the Minstrel for her leadership style, patience, zealousness for God's work, skills and motherly love.

Rest on sister as you join other saint triumphants till we all meet to part no more at the feet of Christ.


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