Posted by Olamidotun Votu-Obada on April 15, 2021
Our dearest Grandma Victory Park, a.k.a. Grandma Surulere, we miss you so much already. You took such special care of each of us when we were born, and you continued to nurture us as we grew older. You were always making sure we were full, and you fed us Amala, Gbegiri, ati Ewedu to our hearts content. As we grew up, we also watched you grow in God’s love, and we continue to be inspired by your joy and the miracles He worked through you. We pray that the joy God filled you with will continue to fill us and each member of this family as the days go by. We love you.

From Oluwademiladeola, Oluwamayomikun, and Oluwalaanu Adeboye
Posted by Bimpe Talabi on April 14, 2021
It is with an heavy heart that I write this tribute. Mummy as she is fondly called by me was a great woman, a loving and sincere companion. Even though she was a very senior wife in the family we were both married to, she took me as a daughter and was always supportive to me and my family.She gave godly counsel to me whenever she had the opportunity to do so. Of particular reference was when I had my twins, she was always guiding me on how to take care of them and I really appreciated it. She also offered great words of comfort and encouragement when my husband passed away. Her support during that time was monumental.

She was a true Christian, a lover of God. A true worshipper, prayer warrior and dancer. Her lifestyle as a Christian was very challenging to me as a person. I silently admired her love for God as it was evident in her worship and prayer life. It's so sad to be writing about this now but I trust that you are now in the bosom of your Lord. May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace. Adieu mummy till we meet again
Posted by Janet Kehinde on April 9, 2021
I knew mrs Awosedo when we were attending Freedom Hall,and we're changed to Hopehall.At first we were not close as she was active in the church and she was given a place alongside some ministers to sit so we see from a distance,however we became close when my mother went to be with the Lord and mrs Awosedo was posted to our house for house fellowship.She was the leader and that was when we became very close and I became so close to her children.she was a great person to be with and has a very good spirit so we got along so very well.I lost contact with her when her husband passed on.So learning; f her transition now; s a big blow,but we take solace in the word of God.It is well with her soul.
Posted by Grace Ayeni on April 9, 2021
Mummy as I called her was a beautiful soul in and out. She loved generously and genuinely. Our paths crossed when our children got married to each other. From then o, she became more of a friend than an in law. She would greet you with her infectious smile and welcome you with open arms. Her generosity of spirit also manifested itself in her liberal giving. No birthday or special festival passed without a gift or package from mummy.
She worshipped her God, Jesus Christ wholeheartedly and no one could miss her in any gathering because of her vivacious dancing steps. Ooh mummy was a beautiful dancer and she dedicated her dancing steps to the Lord. I’m sure she danced her way into heaven when her time was up.
Mummy’s life was not without its challenges but her faith in God helped her weather the storms of life. She’s finally at peace, resting in the bosom of her Lord and Savior.
We will surely miss her but our loss is heaven’s gain. We release you to the loving arms of your Lord and maker. No more pain! Dance on, my beautiful dancing queen.
Posted by Adeola Obagun on April 8, 2021
My sweet Aunty, ever caring, always loving. You have the heart of a lion, the strength of an ox and the kindness of an affectionate mother. Growing up, you brought sweetness into our house with cakes, chinchin and everything nice. Your words of wisdom will forever be cherished in my heart. You challenged us all with your amazing strength, doing a mini-marathon after beating cancer a few years ago. For those that didn't know, you were also a hot-stepper (good dancer) and I was pleasantly surprised that you could do dances that I could only marvel at.
You have always been there for me. Sometimes we would speak on the phone for hours. Totally devoted to God, you always put God first and worshipped Him in Spirit and in truth. I always feel closer to God when we talk. God loved you more, hence why He took you to be with him. Rest in perfect peace.

Adeola Obagun
Posted by Demola Adesanya on April 8, 2021
Everyone who knew mummy Awosedo could not but love her. A friend, sister and a doting mother, she was ever so involved in our lives and well-being, whether she was home or abroad. One demonstration of her love to us is that garri Ijebu was never lacking in our home. “My daddy”, as she would fondly call me with a big smile on her face, mó ba yín gbé garri wa.”Such a warm and loving heart, dependable and supportive, has gone to be with the Lord.
Spiritually, having been her pastor for several years, I can testify to her faith in and service to God. She was a passionate lover of God, steadfast, committed and dedicated to her calling. Indeed a warrior sleeps!
Verses 1 & 2 of Isaiah 57 tells us “good people pass away, the godly often die before their time. But no one seems to care or wonder why. No one seems to understand that God is protecting them from the evil to come. For those who follow godly paths will rest in peace when they die.” Mummy Awosedo, goodnight, rest in peace and may your memories be forever blessed.
Posted by Helen Ayanbadejo on April 7, 2021
My sister, my friend and my confidant. A woman of great faith ,Always full of life ,even though you are gone you will forever be remembered for what you stood for during your lifetime time. you're always very trustworthy loving and caring . Your children were your First priority and I am glad they were all fulfilled during your lifetime, I thank God that you were surrounded by your grandchildren Although I would have loved you to
still be very much around with us but who Are we to question the will of Almighty Father I love you but God loves you best Rest in perfect peace my darling friend .Anti Agba Mama Oluwanisola and Bolaji missed you too .
Posted by Helen Ayanbadejo on April 7, 2021
OUR DEAR OLUWANISOLA, WE RECEIVED THE NEWS OF YOUR SUDDEN DEMISE, WITH GREAT SHOCK. You are one of the foremost member of our dear egbe OBAFUWAJI ADEDOYIN OF IJEBU LAND. We always look forward to your opening and closing prayers  every time you come to our meeting Always on time and your Your examplary life among us makes your death to be painful. But who are we to query God as he giveth and taketh Glory be to God .You left your foot print on the sand of time by your emulability.To say we miss you is an understatement God loves you more and has called you home ALL EGBE OBAFUWAJI ADEDOYIN LADIES MISS YOU MY DARLING SISTER. MAY YOUR SOUL REST IN PERFECT PEACE, SUN RE ASOLLY BABY UNTIL WE MEET TO PART NO MORE.O DIGBAOSE OLUWANISOLA REST IN THE BOSOM OF THE LORD AND MAY PERPETUAL LIGHT CONTINUE TO SHINE ON YOU  IYALODE EGBE OBAFUWAJI ADEDOYIN Mrs. OLUWATOYIN AYANBADEJO
Posted by Olabisi Balogun on April 7, 2021
my darling sister it was a great shock when I heard about your death (who is now going to be calling (mama oluwanishola) you are such a good hearted loving and religious sister I am so
sure you are at the blossom of your creator may your gentle soul rest in perfect peace till we meet to part no more Amen
Posted by Bimpe Mfon on April 6, 2021

Tribute to Mrs Oluwannisola Olajide-Awosedo

Mrs Oluwannisola Olajide- Awosedo was a woman of faith: a strong Christian who never wavered in her quest for God. She was indeed a God chaser.
She was also very respectful, always according me great honour in spite of the fact that she was older than me.
She had the greatest love and respect for her big sister Mummy Odutola, and whenever I had the privilege of being around them, I never ceased to be fascinated by her love,admiration and loyalty to her sister .
Mrs Awosedo was a woman of prayer who had complete faith in the power of prayer. This became deeper after her miraculous recovery from cancer a few years ago. I remember the joy with which she shared her testimony and our joy at having her back in Church.
My phone is full of Christian songs, messages and prayers that she used to send to me on a daily basis. She loved the Lord and was quick to share with you any message, song or prayer that she felt would bless you.
I was greatly encouraged by the testimony of her healing and was saddened to hear that she had had a relapse. We prayed that she would make a full recovery but unfortunately, it was not to be. She is now at peace, doing what she enjoyed most,worshipping her Father.
I pray that the Lord would comfort her children, all the members of her family and her Church family. We take comfort in the knowledge of a future reunion of all believers in Heaven.
Until then , my precious sister, I say goodnight . We love you but Jesus loves you more.
Bimpe Eskor- Mfon.
Posted by T Oyesile on April 6, 2021
Mummy you were prayerful you were a true worshipper. This world was never our home , but you in passing through left a lingering imprint in our lives. Now step into glory and rest in the bosom of Christ few are more deserving. We love you and miss you Tolu, Baba Oyesile and daughters
Posted by Kay Osh on April 6, 2021
Meeting mummy for the first time,She was always full of life,will always pray for you and with her infectious smile she would always receive everyone with open arms. . She has been, and always will be, a constant joy and the Lord’s great blessing.
Keep resting in the bosom of the Lord mummy
Posted by Biola Abdul on April 5, 2021
Mummy was a woman who smile brightened up your day, who always made you feel good with her words of advice. I've known Mummy for over 30 years, she was a big part of my family when
growing up, she was a wonderful woman with a golden heart. May God hold you in his palm of his hand Amen. Goodnight Mummy
Posted by Laide Alakhume on April 5, 2021
Whenever I called to ask concerning her health, Mummy will say "LAIDE I AM WELL IN JESUS NAME, You were a Fighter and a Woman Of Faith continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord. LOVE YOU, MUMMY
Posted by Yetunde Cole on April 5, 2021
Sola, you were fervent in your Christian life, and worthy of emulation. Its so sad to loose you, but had to swallow death up in victory.
May your soul rest in peace.
Posted by Udeme Inyang on April 5, 2021
"She had the heart that cared completely. She had the smile that brought so much pleasure. She had the love that brought joy beyond measure".
Posted by Shola Judah on April 4, 2021
My ever smiling, radiant, beautiful, prayerful, joyful aunty. You could dance better than those half your age. Always ready to try something new. I remember you taking up fashion designing a few years ago and you were so passionate about it. Anytime you saw me in an outfit you liked, you will look closely, tell me what the style is called in “designer speak”and say you will make something similar. You made me realise there is no time limit to what you want to do. You lived life with so much grace, dignity and style. You were a praying woman who lived a life of faith till the end.I know that you are in the best place and I take joy in that. I will miss you greatly. E sun Re aunty.
Posted by Adetoun Oyinlola on April 4, 2021
Dear Mummy, I still remember your comforting words after the passing of my parents. Journey well as you transition to be with the saints. Your memories will always be cherished.
Posted by Tunde Oduwole on April 4, 2021

Sleep well darling Aunty sleep well , you will never be forgotten. Your joy is what I want to remember. Till next we see again you are in my heart always

Tunde Oduwole (Nephew)
Posted by Rose Eneji on April 4, 2021
My sweet sweet mummy!
The news of your demise hits home, I find myself asking why good people leave so soon? You were beautiful inside out, your love for God inspires me, even in your lowest of low, you were still praising God...
I choose to remember you as a woman warrior so full of life, so full of joy, praying your way through anything and everything life throws at you... I’m sure you are singing with the angels right now, dancing before our King, beholding HIM face to face...
Sun re oo mummy
We miss you
Posted by ENEJI MICHAEL on April 4, 2021
To My Dear Mummy,

Your words to me where, Michael, don't bother what people will say or what they think, as long as you are in right standing with God and you like it, just go ahead and do it.

You lived an exemplary life Mummy, you where not just my mummy, you where my teacher, my helper, my adviser, my prayer warrior, you supported my every move, guiding me to the right path always, you where always at the forefront of my matter. Because of you I know that God truly loves me. I was divinely connected to you and you did your very best to make me a better person. The words I LOVE YOU, I have heard from you more than I have heard from any person I have known all my life. You where God's special gift to me Mummy. Thank you for showing me what true Love is (Loving me even when you did not have to).

I have no doubt that you are in heaven. REST IN PEACE Maami


God Be With You Ma, Till We Meet Again
Posted by Yetunde Oduwole on April 4, 2021
Dear Aunty Shola

It is sad to realise that you are actually gone, you will surely be missed. As I write this I am still in shock to realise our time together as a family is no more. I will forever remember your smile and warm personality, your encouraging words and your prayers for me and my brother. You truly were a remarkable woman. You were resilient and strong you never allowed anything to stop you. You pushed through every challenge, every obstacle nothing was no match for you and for your God

You are strength personified, you were a warrior a great believer of the mighty power of God. I salute you, to know you is to love you, to know you is to see what a true warrior is.

I take solice in knowing you were loved by so many. Especially by my Father, I have never known siblings to love each other the way he loved you and the way you loved him. He is heart broken and I know we all are . You are no longer in pain you are with your maker, your redeemer , your comforter you are in the presence of your God smiling laughing and dancing.

Sun re Oluwanisola Sun re Omo Eniodunmo

Till we meet again

Posted by Femi Adeyanju on April 4, 2021
My dear aunt, not sure where to start. Your love for God was infectious. And it showed in your daily life. Your love for your family was unconditional. You never asked why you hadn’t heard from me whenever we see. Mostly at family events. You just wanted to know I was doing well. I’ll miss your warm smile and genuineness. May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace. 
Posted by Adetutu Adeyanju on April 4, 2021
To my dear sister from another mum.Oluwanisola Babajide Awosede I pray that your gentle soul continue to rest in peace Ameen We love you but God loves you more. Me,Oluwatoyin,olabisi and Biòďun will miss you.

Posted by Dee Saidu on April 4, 2021
Aunty. When I saw you last year January, I would never have thought in a millions years, that would be the last time. You were one in a million, you had an air around you that made me feel comfortable and loved. You love for God was one of the things that inspired me about you. I take solace in knowing that you are with The almighty. I pray for comfort for Lawunmi , Damola, Dayo and Dotun. I pray for strength for them. I am going to miss you so much Aunty.
Posted by Dolapo Abimbola on April 4, 2021
To the Aunt who spread joy in the life of every person she met- You will be greatly missed.      
May your gentle soul rest in eternal peace.
Posted by Babatunde Awosedo on April 4, 2021
Goodnight to the woman who taught me to be strong in the midst of adversity, to have hope and faith no matter how cloudy and stormy it might be, who taught me to keep pushing no matter how long and dark the tunnel might be, because there is always light at the end of the tunnel.
She led me from childhood to boyhood. Sister, thank you for who you are and what you taught me.
Goodnight sister and continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord.
Posted by Lael Ali on April 4, 2021
Rest in perfect peace, no doubt you’re resting in His bosom and feeding from His glorious table. You served, you loved and you lived for him. Mum had a shop not far from my mums in Lagos, everyday without fail, she would close her shop to all customers during the day at her prayer time, she would sing, dance and praise the Lord with a tambourine while custmers would have to wait for her to finish didn’t matter to her what you wanted to buy her God was more important and then at “This present house”, mum was on her feet all through the service ushering, we use to joke that from the back she looked like a young babe . You loved God with a passion and while you’re missed here on earth, we know you are in a glorious place. E Sun re ma. Bunmi A
Posted by Funlola Asenuga Famodu on April 4, 2021
May Oluwanisola Awosedo’s amiable and beautiful soul rest in perfect peace with God Almighty. She lived a fulfilled and exemplary Christian life and was very kind. May The Lord console the entire family and give them the grace to bear the great loss.
Posted by Rahmat Durosinlorun on April 3, 2021

*"Our Dear Grandma, we'll surely miss you. When we were young, on Sundays, she always came to our house and carry me and AbdulFatah, my Twin brother, dance and sang for us. She was very nice and kind hearted. Before she thinks about herself, she thinks about other people. No One wants her to die because of her kindness. I was so sad to hear of her death. She always called me "Tantoba". I really wish that she is not dead. We love you but God loves you more."* By Aasiyah Durosinlorun Tantoba Oduwole (11).
Posted by Jumoke Jagun-Dokunmu on April 3, 2021
Tribute to Grandma Victory Park

Grandma Victory Park,

Mummy said you have gone to heaven to be with Allah.

I love you and I miss you.


Boluwatife (Bolu) Dokunmu
(Grand nephew)
Posted by olumide olukoga on April 3, 2021
Mummy was a jolly good fellow never a dull moment with her. She was a very cheerful woman and ready to care for you.

She will be missed very dearly. She was a very energetic woman ready to make sure everyone is taken care you.

Rest on in the bosom of the Lord.
Posted by Jumoke Jagun-Dokunmu on April 3, 2021
On Tue Mar 23, I woke up startled at 4:57am Nairobi time and saw I had several missed calls from Lagos where it was just 2:57am – I knew it could not be good news … we had all been praying for a miracle… but God knows best.

Snippets of memories flow… when I was much younger, “Aunty Iyabo” visiting and bringing gifts for “her favorite niece” – only to later discover she said the same thing to all her nieces… hearing Aunty Iyabo now uses “Aunty Sola” … Calling me “Jumis Ade” or “Ajumis Ade”, Mama Lawunmi the prayer warrior, always smiling, always dancing, always singing songs of praise and worship.

YOU were the one we were always sure would recite the Oriki of the Eniodunmo Family at family events

Eniodunmo Oriki
Omo dagi efunfun Awujale
Omo dagi ni e efunfun Awujale (x2)
Omo olowo tin kole oju omi.
Omo abatabutu alejo tin se onile daru-daru.
Omo bolode oku, ode o fun gbegi.
Omo olowo ake o gbodo mu omi oko.
Omo eleyinkule ade sure, o ni, edumare jen dabi onileyi.
Omo saage baba anoja.
Aje ni baba teni teni.
Ago loloye, Omo arogunteshi, omo otosi nyan ara e lodi,
Iba de ile olowo ko je ko mu.
Omo o gbo giri ojo, oda olukete duro, beji ba maa pani aaba aso ire lara eni.
Omo eniodunmo o gbodo wi, Omo eni inu nbi o gbodo so.
Arileshire baba egbe, eniodunmo o gbodo wi, eni inumbi o gbodo dun, eni inumbi o gbodo so (x2).
Omo iyalode ani pepe shile, a fi egba sa omo bi ada.
Anihun ti Oyinbo oni nile.
Oyinbo oni ewu etu beeni ko ni sanmonyan.
Oyinbo to ba wo ewu etu Ijebu Ode ni Porogun Naijiria lo ti mu lo.
Ijebu lo ni aso etu, Ijebu lo ni sanmonyan, Ijebu lo ni owo, Ijebu lo ni owo, Ijebu lo ni afe, Ijebu loni Ibunkun, Ijebu loni Alubarika.

My lovely aunty … We love you but God loves you more.

Sun re o! Omo Enidunmo ko gbodo wi Omo Eni inu nbi ko gbodo so.

Your loving Niece

Jumoke Jagun-Dokunmu
Posted by Rahmat Durosinlorun on April 3, 2021
*"Those we love, don't go away, They walk beside us every day. Unseen, unheard but always near. My mind knows that you are in a better place where there is no pain.There is an empty space in my heart that nothing will ever fill.We will always remember all the laughter we shared. Good night, Grandma Mrs Oluwaninsola Awosedo Nee Oduwole."*

*By AbdulFatah Durotoluwa "Tantolohun" as you called me, Oduwole. (11)*
Posted by Moriam Olaide Jagun on April 3, 2021
Mama Lawunmi as you are fondly called, I know you are looking down now and you could see how much you are loved.

I am glad Oladele and I took our time to see her last month.  As usual, she was full of life, loving, gentle, and sweet. She always showed all how she cared about them. She was excited to tell us about the community work she was engaged in raising the awareness of cancer in the community including the endurance walk she participated in to focus attention on its clinical management.  Like her, she was grateful for everything. She called the same day and few days after to thank us for the visit and talked about different things. 

Today we are mourning her departure, but we are much more comforted by the good news that she is now resting peacefully with God. 

Rest in peace

Posted by Oladele Jagun on April 2, 2021
In my early years, I remember her as ‘Auntie Iyabo’, my mom's younger sister who visited with ‘gifts’ that we always looked forward to you. Later as Auntie Shola and then Mama Lawunmi, 'always full of life and smiles'. Growing up, we spent a lot of time with the family, and we saw my nieces and nephew grow up. She often mimicked the way I introduced myself at 5 years old and we would both laugh over it. The last time I saw her, she remained very cheerful; little did I know she was saying goodbye.

Thank God for your life, we pray for God’s forgiveness and a resting place in Heaven. We pray for God’s grace and love for your children and family members and the fortitude to bear the loss

Rest in peace …..Oladele Jagun
Posted by Ayo Ogunkeye on April 2, 2021
Grandma was a very cheerful individual with no dull moment. Her smiles are captivating and always love to play with everybody around her

Will miss her and the beautiful moments I had the opportunity of sharing with her

Continue to rest in the Lord
Posted by Ahmed Ologolo on April 2, 2021
Mama Lawunmi was full of energy with a radiant smiles........
I can still feel your smiles though gone to meet your Lord.
Your departs on this earth never truly leaves, for you are still alive in our hearts and minds - through us you live on but your presence will be forever missed.
Adieu! Adieu!! Adieu!!!
Posted by Yilji Raymond on April 1, 2021
You're indeed a great woman of faith, We learnt a lot from you during Sunday school. And I believe you have found eternal rest with God. Goodbye mummy!!!
Posted by Michael Inyang on March 31, 2021
It came as a big shock to me on 23rd March, when I got the call on my phone concerning this sad news.
Mummy was a strong woman of faith. She trusted God's word so much that she was the one encouraging anyone who called to encourage her concerning her health. She will be greatly missed, and all glory to God because she has gone to a far better place than this world. She has gone to be with our Lord Jesus Christ forever, where she'll never have to cry or feel any pain again. 

Good night Mummy Damola, I believe you have met my Mum at our Lord's feet and you're both rejoicing in His presence. All who's name is written in the book of life will never die the second death. Halleluyah.
Posted by Yimika Adeboye on March 30, 2021
Tribute to my Auntie
At 2:26am on Tuesday 23rd March, I got the call I had dreaded the most. Once I saw Olamidayo’s name as the caller , I braced myself, said “Father, please NO” and answered the call.
We have prayed and fasted for some time, the last one being on Monday 22nd.
You called on Sunday evening and asked after the children one by one. You made a voice call, no not a video call as usual. I did not realise you were calling to say farewell.
My Auntie. My Mummy’s “Sta mi, Sta mi”
You looked after me from cradle and when I had Demilade, you were supervising the midwives in the hospital. You did an encore for Mayomikun and ditto Laanu!
Full of love and plenty of energy.
You loved with passion and walked the Christian walk with passion.
Heaven has gained a worshipper.
I will miss your video calls, your songs and your prayers.

Sun re O, Auntie Oluwaninsola.
Ija de opin, ogun ti tan.
Posted by Enitan Areola on March 29, 2021
I met Mummy in Houston TX as Mary Kay Consultant many years ago. I remembered how she welcomed me with warm and care. With motherly instincts, she could tell I wasn't okay on that day. She spoke to me like her own daughter giving practical advice on life, marriage, motherhood and allowing God to intervene on one's behalf. I remembered the phrase "mama one nation" from our conversation. I left that day feeling strong and hopeful. Afterwards Mummy became a Mother, Friend and Gist Partner. Her kinds words helped me and my marriage till today. She constantly supported my Mary Kay Business. I am comforted Mummy is in a better place and will always pass on the kind words she left with me.

She was truly a Role Model ❤❤❤
Posted by Tope Serifat on March 28, 2021
Big sister, a moment in our life and a lifetime in our hearts. It is so sad that I am writing this tribute so early I was hoping that in some years to come we would still be talking, but God knows best.l cherish those moments you do come to my moms' place ( Alhaja Owodunni), dishing out advices, which has helped in shaping me to be the woman I am today. We miss you big sister.
Posted by Aderinsola Onalaja on March 27, 2021
My Mummy's little sister. "Sister mi, Sister mi"
I grew up in your arms. Yours was the first sweet smile I remember. You were lovingly loyal, stubborn and obstinate. Yet you loved Jesus beyond words. He was a Saviour you found when all else failed you. And He was the one who refused to leave you.

When this journey started, I was convinced your would testify this side of eternity. But Angels are taken away so they don't get dirty in the murky waters of this Earth. And such was your case too!

I love you, Aunty
Posted by Olamidotun Votu-Obada on March 26, 2021
We welcome her loved ones and everyone to write their Tributes, leave memories and share pictures with our wonderful mother, Sister, Grandmother, Friend, Pastor and Deaconess.

She is in a better place with the Lord and we carry the beautiful memories of her forever in our hearts.

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