This memorial website was created in memory of our brother and friend, Oluwasegun Eniayekan who passed away on May 8, 2021. Segun was an ever smiling young man who truly cared about his friends and those around him, he was deeply invested in making the lives of those around him better, Segun was a lover of God and an excellent student. His wonderful demeanour and care will be sorely missed by his friends and family. Till we meet at the feet of Jesus. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Raheem Olamide on June 11, 2022
I miss you Segun, I was sharing a testimony yesterday with my friends and your input to my success story had to come up. I cherish all you gave, Good byes are not always good.
Today would have been another birthday.
Posted by Toluwanimi Fatokun on May 8, 2022
It’s been a whole year. I would always be grateful for how you aided my walk with God .It still feels unreal sometimes that you aren’t here cheering me on, but my consolation remains we will meet again on the resurrection morning.
I miss you.
Keep Resting
Posted by Oluwatoyin Ajayi on May 8, 2022
It's one year already.
I really miss you, I really do.
Keep resting.
I'll see you on the resurrection morning, I'm so looking forward to it.
Posted by David Alao on May 8, 2022
It's a year now.
We love you always Segun, and the memory of the life you lived, shall always remain with us.
Posted by Odunayo Ajewole on May 8, 2022
Guy, your leaving never left me the same, especially seeing that you were.... I'm actually crying as I type this. And that song I collected from you, I have not been able to listen to it again.
Posted by Semiloore Peace Atere on May 8, 2022
Every man knows he must die, but no one believes it.

I have seen surreal things in my life as a human and as a medical student but nothing beats Segun's death. Even though we know life is so fickle, yet how it took Segun away, remains a mystery. Oh how I wept, like a child. I was way way too broken. Maybe because he was a dear friend, a believer, a smart and dedicated guy, best in values and principles, Segun was spectacular! I hope to see you again someday, at the Father's bosom ❤️ Sun re.

One year and we are still in pain. It is well
Posted by Taye Owoputi on May 8, 2022
Wow! Stummie it's a year already but it still hurts, terribly. Your memories, thoughts, images had hit me at different times in this past 1 year so much that I'm usually very careful to not bring hurtful memories to those around. Many things you would have loved to make fun of about me, so sad. Nothing much about your Potbelly association since you left.

I hate the feelings here, really, it shatters me and I can't promise I'll come again, maybe I'll. Today, I have summon the courage to leave a tribute to you.

My brother, friend, amazing Gee, helper. I'm grateful our path crossed man, you left such amazing and beautiful memories in everything and everyone you came across. Very diligent student, btw, I still cannot read while lying on the bed after many tries, I'll just sleep off, lol.

You're forever missed man, but like your favourite pose (Wakanda Forever), someday, we'll meet at Jesus's feet to path no more♥️.
Posted by oyetunji oluwanifesimi on May 8, 2022
You will always be remembered for you gentleness and humility.

Continue to rest in Christ's bossom
Posted by oyetunji oluwanifesimi on May 8, 2022
You will forever be remembered for your gentleness and humility.

Continue to rest in Christ's bossom
Posted by Dolapo Adesola on May 8, 2022
I never got to meet Segun in person, but I remember vividly coming back from an outing with my friend, and I met people in my hostel (SON) talking about the demise of a brother and Christians gathering to pray about it, most people were still in denial and I joined them in it, hoping that he would live. Later, it was confirmed to be true and everyone was left with no other choice than to believe he was gone. I was really sad.

All that I've been able to read about Segun are things you would read only about a true legend. I wonder how everything makes me feel like I had a personal relationship with him. I could not hold back my tears, even as I read these tributes today(a year).

Each time I see pictures of my outing with my friend, I remember Segun, who left this world on that day.
If I feel this much without knowing you, I wonder what your classmates, friends, close friends & families feel.

Rest on, Segun.
I never knew you, but your impacts I have seen!!!
Posted by Benjamin Eromosele on May 8, 2022
Had a single interaction with you, and it was full of smiles and positive energy. Everyone continues to recount how much of an awesome person you were. Continue to rest in the abode of the Lord whom you loved so much, my friend. Till we meet to part no more ❤️
Posted by mark obeya on July 8, 2021
It was so easy to talk to you, Segun. So so easy. I freaking miss you, mannnn!!! Damn! You were such a special and beautiful person. You'd call and check up on me and remind me that you were praying for me.

On many of my worst nights. When it seemed like all of these things were too much, you were there to talk. To listen. Segun, damn! Why!?

I miss you so much, man! I really do!! Can't believe my birthday passed and I didn't get an SMS from you. Can't believe this is really it. You're really gone. Damn!!!

I love you bro! And I miss you so much!
Posted by Testty Toph on June 11, 2021
Guy. Omo you gats read all these; don't cross your eyes. It was never a competition. Happy birthday Eni-ayekan Oluwasegun. I swear there's power in your name. ✊✊✊
Posted by Jaachimma Nwagbara on June 11, 2021
I think I know all there is to know about coping mechanisms and I'm pretty sure I know mine. Despite all the knowledge, I am still not prepared to handle your loss. Maybe one day but not today. Seeing you rest after speaking to you the previous day was pretty much an out-of-body experience and I'm still living it till today. I try not to look for plausible explanations behind life's happenings but I find myself doing that now. Your beautiful heart and sweet soul will be missed. I choose to remember all the moments we shared laughter and joy and all the times I would persuade you to come to WCF while you were persuading me to come to LFC You cross my mind everytime I'm in the library or anytime I pass through smls field or anytime I see Damilola. Thank you, Segun for a life well spent. Continue to rest❤️
Posted by Anu Opaneye on June 8, 2021
Life is partly what we make it and partly what it is made by the friends we choose. Thanks for being a great friend and brother, for always looking for the good in others, the words of kindness amidst many other things.I remember your last text to me was a congratulatory msg on a failed Milan journey. I may not be able to recall all the words u said but I can never forget how u made me and others around you feel. Rest on brother till we meet again.
Posted by Oreoluwa Adeyemo on June 8, 2021
This is long overdue, and I'm only just doing this because some part of me has finally accepted that you're not coming back.
We were not the best of friends or the closest of friends, but everytime we met on our way to core lectures or after core lectures, you always asked about my welfare and how my posting was going.
You were so diligent, I remember asking if you ever missed core lectures. You were always smiing, it was so easy to rant to you about school.
Thank you, Segun, for everytime you checked in on me, the words of encouragement everytime I complained about school, the jokes.
Rest well❤
Posted by Passing Through on June 8, 2021
It's hard writing this maybe that why I've been procrastinating. It's not a matter of how far but how well. You impacted lives around you, the smile, the laughter, the motivation, the being there when we just needed someone to talk to. That's something worth emulating. I know God's time is the best but it's hard coming to terms with it. You are greatly missed Segun.
I still want to find out why you called my name in a message just the day before, but that I may not be able to find out. That's life.
Posted by Ogochukwu Jibuaku on June 7, 2021
Hii Ayokunle...
It's Cynthia.
I have postponed writing this for so long because somewhere in my mind I've been praying and hoping that this is some really really bad dream and that you were still here, with us all, who love you.

With grief, you learn how inadequate words are in fully expressing how one feels. Ayokunle, you were a Friend and a wonderful one at that. I've thought so hard about what my tribute should be about and I would just like to write a few things I loved about you and that I'm grateful for.

Firstly, I love that you called me Cynthia (Yes, I still remember how much I fought been called that) and that you answered when I called you Ayokunle. I love that I could always count on your smiling face greeting me if we ever met during any core lecture. I love that you were diligent with work and always gave your best in everything that you did. I love that you were a friend that cared about my well-being and that most especially you were there during the Covid pandemic to encourage me to put the free time to good use.(and I'm happy that I listened to you).

I love that you loved our dear Lord loudly and that you were not afraid to share your faith with others around you. I love that you talked boldly about how much you liked 'Ogbono soup' (lool...) and that you could casually go into details on how much of a superior soup it was to anyone who cared to listen. I could go on and on. But I am sure you get the point by now. I miss you Ayokunle and I'm so grateful to have known you.

I'm deeply consoled by this prayer from the Holy Mass; "As we wait in joyful hope, of the coming of our saviour Jesus Christ". A promise of the second coming of our Saviour, where we will meet again to part no more.

Ijeoma Ezigbo Oyim!

Posted by Adedoyin Ajayi on June 7, 2021
Don't know how and where to begin....forever you will remain unforgettable my brother, it is just a matter of time, I will see you once again Segun where we shall not separate forever.
Posted by cindy onwurah on June 6, 2021
I really couldnt bring myself to write a tribute at the time because somehow, i hoped, prayed, believed that a miracle could still happen, but apparently God says, this one is for keeps in my bosom, sighs, it is still such a hard pill to swallow but we cannot question the Almighty.

Segun Eniayekan was a living legend, so young yet so wise, so intentional in his doings, so intelligent, so hardworking, literally one of the most diligent persons i knew in 2k18 set. Segun had 100% in core lectures, he wasnt just there to sign in, he was present in the classes as well, it took more than a diligent person to pull that off...

Segun and i were not the best of friends, but the amazing thing about him is that he reaches out to everyone, encouraging and motivating one to do better, I remember weeks to MB2 when i was about to have an epic meltdown due to postpartum depression nd exam stress, His words of encouragement still rings in my head, and it really went a long way.
He would always always ask after little segun (my kay) and hoped to come nd see him one day, sighs... Even during the pandemic, he would still reach out to know how we re faring, Guy, if amazing were a person, it would totally be you.

Segun, my heart is still heavy, they say time is a great healer, but we really hope to heal from this pain. You are a wonderful person, a God lover, practising christian whose foot has been printed in the sand of time.

We all take solace in the fact that you lived a good life, though short but very exemplary, We shall meet to part no more, in heaven, where there ll be no more pains, tears or sorrows.
Continue to rest in the Lord's bosom dearest Segun, until we see again.....

Cindy Onwurah
Posted by Anuoluwapo Okunola on June 5, 2021
It's difficult to say goodbye but God knows best.You were always so warm and cheerful.I don't think I ever saw you 'not smiling'. You lived a very impactful life and we know you are in a better place.

Rest well,dear brother.
Till we meet again.
Posted by BOLUWATIFE GRACE on June 5, 2021
I have lost a person who occupied a very special place in my heart!

I honestly don't know where to start my tribute from...

Enny, as I usually call him was my favourite friend, my gist partner, my run-to person and as everyone knows, Eniayekan had an amazing personality! We all know he was a cool guy but if you were actually really close to him , you'll realize how funny and voracious he is despite being gentle. I'm not even exaggerating by saying that Enny made me laugh out loud the most in my entire life. Whether it was on video call or voice call, even while chatting, you'll realize he had a great sense of humour if you're really close to him. I'm sure his roommates can testify to this. He's a very free person and one other important thing I admire in him was his love for God! OMG!

Enny loved God so much. He was the first friend I found it easy to discuss Christ, the Bible and other religious practices with. He made these things look normal and interesting. Enny can just chat me up and say "Hey Asake! What's up with you? Tell me about Faith". His love for God coupled with his love for his church was unquantifiable. He used to invite his friends for his church programs and I can say he was obsessed with Winners

What about his love for others? Mehn...! Enny cared so much about his friends. He always wanted to make sure one is alright and doing fine. I remember when I was losing weight drastically during the lockdown and I told him about it, he was so concerned about it and urged me to start eating well and be keeping track of my weight. You won't believe he was always checking on my weight ever since then. He asked me about it every time we chatted. Whenever I told him I haven't checked, he would insist I check at that time even if it was in the midnight and I would be like "c'mon guy who checks weight in the middle of the night?" .He was just so caring and supportive. Countless are the issues I have discussed with Enny and the advice he gives afterwards makes me always made me feel better.
Some of the other things he loved: football, ogbono, Dunsin Oyekan's songs, fringe and red shoe on girls(funny, isn't it?)

So, on the 9th of May, I was going through WhatsApp statuses and stumbled on the most tragic news I have ever read in my life...that Eniayekan Oluwasegun Ayokunle Chukwuka Daniel is no more. I just couldn't fathom it! I was shocked cos I never expected losing someone so dear.

Hmm, Enny has done his part in this world, it's now left to me and you to choose what kind of life to live while we are still here. Enny lived a life that is worthy of emulation and I'm so proud to say that while he was alive , I couldn't even find any fault in him. He was a perfect gentleman and I miss him so much this. No one can fill the vacuum he has left in my heart but I'm glad he is in a better place right now. His departure from us reminds me everytime that death is inevitable and anyone can leave this world anytime. It's not ours to decide, it's in the hands of God, the Owner and Controller of the Universe, the Sovereign One, the Unquestionable. Enny has done his part, he lived a life worthy of emulation even though he was taken from us at a time we least expect but at least, he had a peaceful transition just as he wished. In his words while chatting to him on the subject of death two months ago, that was on the 18th of April, (unknown to us what is to come) he said "You can live long and finish strong. You don't have to be weak, You are ordained to have a peaceful transition too, Fit and strong, not needing help for basic needs. You won't be a burden, but a blessing. You won't have to be bathed by another or cleaned up. When you are going, it shall be a peaceful transition. It will not be as a result of sickness."

Yes! Enny had a peaceful transition but nothing is more painful in this world than losing someone you love so dearly. I am so much broken but your memories will never be forgotten Enny. They will always remain with me forever.

It’s an honour to remain one of your favourite friends until your last moments. Till we meet again...

Posted by Oluwakorede Dosu on June 5, 2021
Segun, you were an amazing, loving, kind and calm person. You had the ability to bring peace and liveliness wherever you were. I am proud to have been classmates with you and I believe you are resting in peace. Thank you for everything and you will forever be in our hearts ♥
Posted by Monioluwa Fasola on June 4, 2021
You always have a smile on your face. Always. You are so hardworking and kind. It's probably almost impossible for you to get unnecessarily worked up or upset.

Thank you Segun. For reaching out and simply asking how I'm faring. Thank you, for always talking about God.

Rest in peace, friend .
Posted by IK Ebengho on June 4, 2021
I miss you man.

Medical school won’t be the same without you. Remember I called you the ‘number 7’ of our group right? It’s because I could count on you to deliver.

During ward round when you ‘Self-induce’ Esotropia and I 'Self-induce' Ectropion little moments like this live rent-free in my heart.

I know we never got to go on that ‘pendical excursion’ but I know you are at rest. Thank you Segun for checking up on me, thank you bro for supporting my business.

I love the fact you could tell the true intentions from my jokes. I can never forget your voice, your smile, your values, and your faith in God.

I miss you man, I miss you.
Posted by Feranmi Esan on June 3, 2021
A life lived to the fullest, a better roommate, scholar, friend and Christian. Till we meet again my friend.

I’m editing this almost a month after you passed on, I’ve gradually come to terms with the reality that those 22 years is all you have lived. I remember when we first got allocated to the room and how joyous we both were. You were the superbly diligent student and Christian and one of the 3 people in my life we share the same ideals in the Christian faith and life perspective.
Even as a roommate your life encouraged me to socialize, be a better person, hardworking in studying and in knowing Christ. I remember starting weekly prayers together in our room in ABH and how encouraged I was for having a roommate like you. We cooked, ate, fellowshipped and even supported the same football club together(Until you started slying us for Madrid).
We still watched CL semifinals together on my ipad four days before your departure. We held hands, prayer together and even received a cryptic message of your departure. My instruction for the month was to be nice to my flat mates and I thank God for the things I did in that short period. You’ve not only inspired me academically and spiritually, my financial life will forever never be the same because of how much your life challenged me. I remember asking you how you never seem to run out of money two years ago. Now indeed I’ve apprehended a few things financially.
Your death is a shock no doubt, I’ve never seen anything like this in my life. But I am comforted by the assurance that you’re in a better place away from banditry, insurgencies and everyday hassles. So, while unfortunate for us that have come to know, love and cherish your value in our lives, we’re comforted that you’re worshipping with the heavenly host and in the bosom of our Lord. I will remember you now and till I meet you on the resurrection morning. Goodnight my brother and friend, thank you for the life you’ve lived. I will keep telling the story of Brother Segun Eniayekan and the life of Christ that was made manifest in him. I love you my friend.
Posted by Aanuoluwapo Ojole on June 3, 2021
Segun....thank you for are greatly on
Posted by Oluwatoyin Ajayi on May 30, 2021
Oluwasegunfunmi as I fondly call you, till now I'm still trying to understand that you're no longer on this planet, it feels like a dream, it wasn't something I could ever imagine. How will I explain your impact in my life in the short time I knew you, where will I even start from?. The level of your faith was always challenging me, you were always amazing me, you never got tired of correcting me, you were always ready to pray for me when I'm sick. You were indeed a friend! The check up from time to time, the words of encouragement, Like we still chatted a day before your death and you advised me on how to go about my academic challenges.
You instilled in me the ability to read Christian books, you helped me understand that worrying won't solve my problem but putting my trust in God is better, you made me love listening to songs, you cared even to the least of things, how many can I even say. I'm at least grateful that I told you how good you were and how I appreciated you from time to time.
Oluwasegunfunmi, I'll really miss you, I'll miss you calling me Oluwaruthmi, Martha, Simbi, all your teases. Your death was a rude shock, But then it made me realize you actually lived a fulfilled life, even in a short time you impacted lives, you had principles, you had values, you lived a balanced life. The consolation I have is that you are resting with the Father, it's painful but God understands. I'm really anticipating to see you sooner or later, till then rest on.
Posted by Derayo Eniayewun on May 26, 2021
Segun! namesake, pace setter
You were light to be around, smiling, upright, punctual, reliable, kind.
I will treasure the memories of our conversations, the questions we answered in CBN about why our names where so similar, sharpening pencils, cutting eraser, first to finish on exam day.
It is a blessing to have met you.
I will always remember you.

Rest well, Dear friend.
Posted by Jadesola Oyekanmi on May 24, 2021
Segun! You were amazing in every sense, way and manner. You were a gentle man to the core. Is it for all the times you had my back without me even knowing? You were intentional in your ways. I’m glad I told you some of the things I Ioved about you. No amount of words can take this hurt away but I take solace in the fact that you are resting in the Lord and that we would all meet again on the resurrection morning. Goodnight friend!
Posted by Grace Igbineweka on May 23, 2021
Only God truly understands the courage it's taking me to write this because I never thought this would happen.
Segun was a very good friend to me. I remember an addiction I was suffering terribly from in 2015, it was Segun who took out time to listen to me, led me to Christ, prayed with me and that was the end of it! He was so free to talk to and eventually, we became close friends and I even became interested in being close to his family and other friends too because he was such a nice person and cared truly about those around him.
When I heard the news of his death, I called him hoping he was going to pick and still went ahead to text him on Whatsapp, telling him I didn't care about all people were saying and he would be fine. I prayed and fasted, told God it wasn't his time. It hurts to realize you are no more Segun and it hurts even more not to know what truly happened, you lived a good life and I'm grateful to God we met.
Last year, all through the lockdown, he was there for me, encouraging me to keep my relationship with God growing, not just that, Segun made sure I was doing okay both mentally and physically. I'm so sorry we didn't spend more time physically, it was mostly online. I'm so sorry for the little quarrels we had.
A part of me definitely has been broken.

I miss you but I'm comforted that you are resting in a good place, in peace. Till we all meet again.
Posted by Pelumi Ipede on May 22, 2021
My dear friend Segun, knowing you was indeed a blessing. It all started then in secondary school when my principal referred me to you to explain a topic to me in Chemistry. As time went on, we became friends and you were so intentional about me, ensuring that I left school with very good grades. You introduced me to Kenneth E. Hagin books, spurred me to walk in the supernatural as at the time when all I knew about Christianity was to live like a religious person.
I was so happy to know we were both admitted to study the same course in the same university. We became close friends and you were consistent in checking up on me, ensuring that I was growing spiritually. I was free to discuss anything with you because I trusted you that much. Your honesty, diligence, consistency, discipline and passion for God cannot be overemphasized. I remember telling you not long ago how I admire these qualities. It's just sad that I miss you so much and all that you do for me. Thank you so much for spurring me unto good works. I'll be more intentional about those things you emphasized on. Even though I'm writing this with tears , I'm glad we'll see again on the resurrection morning. Keep resting in the bossom of the Father till we all meet again.
Posted by Bianca Splendid on May 22, 2021
Dearest Segun, Mr. Monitoring spirit, how did you do it? How did you fill up the lives of people around you with so much love and disappear so quickly.
It hurts terribly to come to terms that you are no longer but I know that your life is a testimony and a challenge to the ones you left.
Everything about you was different, who loves to invite and see others come to church like Segun, who is ever ready to pray with someone and consistently check up on them like you, who has a knack for punctuality like you, who says good luck to a classmate for a test that he is also writing and comes back to ask how was the test.
It hurts me that I didn't say all these to you while you were here. Thank you for shining your light, for encouraging me to know God more, for the calls, for prayers , for the laughter, for the teasing, the WhatsApp stickers that I complained about and check ups. Thank you for letting me be part of your life.
Words are not enough, my greatest consolation is that you are in Heaven with the one who loves you most. I pray that God helps me and everyone you have left to finish well and meet you on the day that nothing can separate us again.
Enjoy your best time in Heaven, my dear friend.
Posted by Ojoma Attah on May 21, 2021
Sege! My friend! You had called me that Saturday morning asking if I was ready so we'd attend service together. Had I known, wouldn't I have come out in my unreadiness?
When I arrived for the service, who was it that smiled and waved at me?
Sege!! I still search around for you at every service I attend, hoping against hope. What to do? It's saddening that it took your departure to realize how much you meant to me.
Nonetheless, I am comforted, that you're caught up with Christ. We shall see again!
Posted by Moshood Ibrahim on May 17, 2021
When you lose a student like Segun, you have definitely lost a son. If you had taught him, then you must have wished that your boy was just like him. Deeply enthusiastic, intelligent, matured and calm, he was massively gifted all round. At the South-West NNPC regional finals in Ibadan some years back, he snatched victory for the Ogun State team from the jaws of imminent defeat by successfully contesting the quiz master's choice of a wrong option at the very end. He would later lead the team to a second place finish at the National finals in Abuja. And that was only a figment of his capacity.

As the years rolled by, the star in him shone more brightly as he was admitted to study medicine at the University of Ibadan. He was going to be more - graduate strong, travel abroad, start some foundations and etch his name on the sand of time. I could never have doubted his resolve to achieve any of those.
If Nigeria has any hope of waking up from her slumber to become a giant that she truly hopes to be, much of it must rest on her capacity to produce many more school leavers like Segun and get them to fulfill their true potentials. Well, all of that ended recently though, as my fond ex-student breathed his last. I take solace in the fact that Segun lives on. Not just in those red muddy layers of this planet but in those beautiful memories that he succesfully helped us to create. Adieu.
Posted by Tijesunimi Ojo on May 16, 2021
I can't believe you left so soon always smiling and cheerful. Rest in Peace brother
Posted by BOLUWATIFE GRACE on May 16, 2021
Enny! I will forever miss you. You were a great man that I found no fault in. We will surely meet again. Rest on...!
Posted by Eniola Akinnuoye on May 16, 2021
Segzy, it's been over a week now and I'm still texting, hoping you'll reply. Please why didn't you take your phone to heaven?

I miss you in my everyday life but soon we'll all meet in Heaven, but before then, I'll cherish every memory and do much more for God as you did and aimed to do.

Ka ọmesịe.
Dalu, Chukwuka.
ka ọ dị.
Posted by Adedapo Omole on May 16, 2021
Segun, it is good to see the tributes about you and they just show the kind of person you were here. Your life will always be the type worthy of emulation, is it your diligence? your love for christ?? your selflessness??? Man! you were near perfect and you made so many things look so easy. Thank God for allowing me know someone like you and Thank you for being who you are. You're definitely in a better place. Rest on friend❤
Posted by Adesokan Temilorun on May 16, 2021
Broda Shegz as I fondly call him, a beautiful soul, Kai your breed is rare, so rare, the best friend LFC total garden gave me, it's so unbelievable, I just keep looking at your pictures, reading our chats all over again and waiting for someone to wake me up from this dream, but this is reality, it's being 8 days bro that u left us, only if tears can bring you back I am sure u will be back by now, bro segun was always checking up on me, how far temilorun are you fine, I will say yes I am, then he will laugh and tell me to be more specific, he want details,he ensured I studied the scriptures daily and snap and send to him for review, he was my mentor, he was there for me throughout my family crises last year, always coming to ICU to pray for my sister, it's not really how long we live, u lived a life of impact bro, I am so proud of you, thanks for encouraging me, thanks for everything bro, for those times we walk from church down to UCH, he was my confidant, I couldn't just keep anything away from him, a very dear friend.
I know you are in a better place, I am going to listen to all those messages you sent me and even download more, study daily even tho I won't get to snap and send it to you again, but I will always cherish all those memories.
I love you so much and I am gonna miss you, till me meet to part no more, keep resting beloved
Posted by Taiwo Lateefah on May 16, 2021
It still seems very unreal to me, I have tried since yesterday to put words together but I kept on deleting...
Segun used to call me “Lolipop”. My longest phone conversation ever was with segun. We were on call for 4hours and for someone like me that hates calls. I don’t even know how he made it so easy to talk to him.
He was always there for me through all my migraines episodes. The way Segun carried my health on his head. He would get mad cos I took just one extra pill.
Segun was the friend the keeps up with everybody, he is always the first to wish you on your birthdays, he would be the one to notice if you’ve not been online In awhile and reach out.
Segun used to tell me “lolipop you just need to accept God in your life, he can solve all of your problems “, he would say Jesus could help me with my migraines.
We were suppose to link up on Friday, he wanted me to make spaghetti for him. But some how we didn’t. I really really wish I just saw him.
But he lived a good life, he served God. And I am very sure he is in a better place and I would like all of us to take solace in that.
Oluwasegun, I would miss you greatly. But I am glad we even crossed paths, and I am glad I had the privilege of being your friend.
Rest In Peace Brother
Till we meet again.
Posted by Oladotun Davies on May 15, 2021
It was quite difficult for me to spot Segun without a smile on his face. He was soft-spoken, and indeed he showed me a deeper dimension of the word "easy-going". Though his death and the circumstances surrounding it will remain shocking to me for a long time, I will take some solace in fact that he left us pleasant memories and he believed the gospel.

Good night Segun. You were a complete gentleman.
Posted by Adedotun Adepoju on May 15, 2021
For me, my relationship with you was that of "the friend of my friend is my friend". You radiated beauty pal, I could remember vividly the way you called"oga solo and oga doyin" it was really cool and I always laughed. You gave me this feeling. Some sort of joy knowing that yeah, the university was going to produce one less of a societal menace with you on board because you were always influencing others indirectly and directly. I remembered those few moments we had together , moments so short but eternal at least in my mind. The last time we met you called me" this great guy", permit me to return the favor pal,you were great really. The phase you are now,though painful is not the opposite of life but a part of it. To that phase we will all assume eventually someday. So rest on friend.
Posted by Emmanuel Metajuwa-kuda on May 15, 2021
Segun lived gracefully. Thank you, Thank you for being you.
Segun, you are amazing, diligent, funny, loving and God fearing. You have once again challenged us to do better and live for Christ as that's all that really matters. Rest in the Father's peace. Till we meet again.
Posted by Oladipupo Bamgbose on May 15, 2021
My friend and brother. I just miss you, man. I always will. Thank you for being an amazing brother. See you in the city of Gold. ❤️
Posted by Taiwo Popoola on May 15, 2021
You were such a lovely and true person who loved God indeed.
The only one who humorously called me Popliteus since Anatomy days. Thanks for all you did.
  It is a privilege to have met you Segun, continue to rest in peace and power with our Lord Jesus Christ.
Posted by Olanrewaju Kolawole on May 15, 2021
Segun Eniayekan, my dear brother, as much as I love to humble myself and learn from you, you always find a way to call me daddy. You're so mature, humble, and God fearing. I love to stroll down from school to ABH with you because I know I'll gain a lot from it, is it the exhortation from God's word, the word of wisdom, the moving of stuff or the way we crack jokes and laugh with one another? I shared some secrets with you because you have proved yourself to me over and over to be a family. You're one of the bests among us, so excellent and honorable. Anytime you call me, you always ask about my siblings. I admire your punctuality so much that I stretched myself to meet up yet, I'll still meet you in class. Your hands are stable, you're very calm, diligent, smart, caring, compassionate and competent, so I didn't doubt your ability to become one of the best cardiothoracic surgeons of our generation. Anytime we stroll down to the hall together, I always have this feeling that you and I will still be here for at least 70years saving lives. As I'm typing this, my mind is filled with so much heaviness and my eyes could not hold the tears, to think of you battling with death while I was turning on my bed only to wake up and heard the bad news. You didn't give us the chance to run around for you. How can I say good bye to you Segun? There are lots of questions I could not answer, but one thing that dropped and remained in my heart is that you've found mercy with the Lord. You went from church to heaven( it's a confirmation of sure mercy and grace of God upon your life). You're never in my past brother, I'll carry you on with me till the end. Daddy Kola loves you so much Segun.
Posted by Ezekiel Folushade on May 15, 2021
You are a man of FAITH that touched so many lives in school and beyond. You were so amazing that we can still feel your presence. Your voice keeps ringing in my head with the way you used to call me 'suku suku'... We love you but God loves you more... Keep resting in the Lord's bosom
Posted by Pelumi Ipede on May 15, 2021
My great friend, it has been so difficult to know the right words to say. I am more than happy you sold yourself out completely to Christ. I remember telling you not quite long how I admire your passion for Christ, consistency, diligence etc. Thank you so much for spurring me unto good works. I miss calling you a pastor, evangelist, apostle and you calling me a prophetess.
Posted by ayomide sobogun on May 15, 2021
Tbvh, this is really hard to type and I know people say we should take consolation in the fact that you’re resting with the Lord, though it’s true, it is still very hard. You were always smiling, always. You were so easy to talk to and I think it helped that we attend?/attended the same church and you were always disturbing me to attend fellowship and programs and just random conversations. Sigh. I know you’re in a better place but it’s still hard to believe because I’m sure you had plans, we all do. Anyway, thank you and i hope your soul finds rest.
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Posted by Raheem Olamide on June 11, 2022
I miss you Segun, I was sharing a testimony yesterday with my friends and your input to my success story had to come up. I cherish all you gave, Good byes are not always good.
Today would have been another birthday.
Posted by Toluwanimi Fatokun on May 8, 2022
It’s been a whole year. I would always be grateful for how you aided my walk with God .It still feels unreal sometimes that you aren’t here cheering me on, but my consolation remains we will meet again on the resurrection morning.
I miss you.
Keep Resting
Posted by Oluwatoyin Ajayi on May 8, 2022
It's one year already.
I really miss you, I really do.
Keep resting.
I'll see you on the resurrection morning, I'm so looking forward to it.
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God doesn't flop

Shared by Semiloore Peace Atere on May 13, 2021
Oluwasegun! It took me a lot to build this with your amazing friends (The Cardinals- Paul, Feranmi and Tolani). It is so surreal to say good bye to you. I can't still fathom it, I can not believe it. I have cried fire and wondered How? and Why? I really do not know to be honest.
You were an ideal man, a man of faith, so amazing and so diligent. You were young but you had set out right values and principles that I admired so much. Thank you for your care and sincere check ups, thank you for RMDS, thank you for living for Christ and drawing everyone to Him. Thank you for always teasing me with sister Peace and your smiles. I would miss your tease, your big eyes rolling just to make a statement, me calling you an Ijebu boy, your gifs, your drag and gist as we walk to ABH after church. Good night my dear brother and friend.