This memorial website was created in memory of our brother and friend, Oluwasegun Eniayekan who passed away on May 8, 2021. Segun was an ever smiling young man who truly cared about his friends and those around him, he was deeply invested in making the lives of those around him better, Segun was a lover of God and an excellent student. His wonderful demeanour and care will be sorely missed by his friends and family. Till we meet at the feet of Jesus. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Oghogho Bazuaye on May 15, 2021
Sege my spread mate, you were such a diligent, hardworking, God-fearing and consistent fellow. You have been such a blessing to us, always motivating and checking up on your friends. Every bit of your life is worth celebrating.I miss you so much and I know you’re in a better place, Rest in the bosom of the Lord.
Posted by olalekan zacchaeus on May 15, 2021
Those times in D27, Bello Hall, when we talked and argued throughout the night. The memory still lingers; the love and care you showed me when I had not. The discussion of the Bible, the way you challenged my faith in Christ's healing power, the comedy skits with Femi, the scolding of Kevwe and Israel, the over passion to change lives. Segun, all these can't be bought with gold. You will forever remain in my heart. Rest on.
Posted by Moradeyo Oyindamola on May 15, 2021
Segzy,It's so hard writing this right now,but I am quite sure you won't want me faithless at this time or even anytime,I would be out of your legacy doubting the faithfulness of God,no matter what.
My sly friend,we had great plans for the body of Christ,great exploits handling the realities in Christ,you would say 'GospelVic,I have not seen today's insight' , 'what's the spirit saying?' that one man that can shout 'GospelVic' anywhere! you were that battalion in one man,you would always pray with me,roll that scary big eyes just to tease me, (sigh) seeing the impacts you have made,...Segun,your life is a testimony already,you finished strong and I am convinced you are with our Father, this is my consolation,so to the rest of us,we march on, strictly following the Father,and to those who are living recklessly out of the love of Christ,this is the time to have a personal reflection, repent, CHOOSE & FOLLOW HIM who is able to save from Sins & death--JESUS CHRIST because this physical death,it's a general due.

Segzy,Look down as one of the cloud of witnesses,we are not weakling instead this our faith is being strengthened.

Rest on,that soldier that hung his sword.
Hug Jesus for me oooo...Till then,see you at ressurrection morning.
Posted by oyetunji oluwanifesimi on May 15, 2021
Segun was a humble,calm fellow. He was an example of a Christian. We are comforted with the believe that you are resting in Christ bossom. Till we meet at Jesus' feet. Rest on Oluwasegun Eniayekan.
Posted by Motolani Oladotun on May 15, 2021
A true brother and friend. Never slothful in business, fervent in spirit, serving the Lord. By far the best human I ever met. Rest on beloved. Till the resurrection morning.
Posted by Toluwanimi Fatokun on May 15, 2021
Mr Fire , the first thing that came to my mind when I heard of your passing away was ‘ it cannot happen’. This is a phrase I have learnt from you over time . Though we were only friends for a short time, I can say it was a very purposeful one. Thanks for being ever amazing, pointing me to God always, caring, checking up in such a loving way. The beautiful part is, so many people have similar wonderful testimonies. To say ‘ I miss you‘ is an understatement.
It’s Good night not Good bye
Your legacy lives on
Posted by Adedara Aladesawe on May 15, 2021
My friend, my brother.....
The only way dad could make me take this was that you had gone on a long journey and didn't take your phone along.
My awesome friend, my intentional and very loving friend..... a friend that sticketh closer than a brother, I miss you so much. See you soon Ayokunle.
Posted by Hillary Alemenzohu on May 15, 2021
Segun was a dear friend and brother...He was simply exemplary. He exuded passion; a passion for Christ, passion for his craft and passion for people. He pushed me to become better in more ways than I can count . A rage gem. Forever in my heart
Rest on brother❤️
Posted by Ojo Philip Odeniyi on May 15, 2021
What a shock to hear about your demise! Segun is a loving, selfless and respectful christian brother. Those days of fun were deeply engraved in my heart. I love you but Christ love you more.

Thank God you possess Christ, this gives me hope that we shall meet again at the foot of Him who love us most.
Posted by Feranmi Esan on May 15, 2021
A life lived to the fullest, a better roommate, scholar, friend and Christian. Till we meet again my friend.
Posted by Rockson Godwin on May 15, 2021
One your last birthday, I posted your picture with the caption "the truest of them all". I said this knowing you were not even the closest of my friends but you were that one person I always run to when I have anything troubling me. I discussed my deepest secrets and fears with you and you never mocked me for it. You were always there to listen to me. Several times when you invited me to church and I claimed not to have money, you give me transport and "offering" so I could get the same blessing as everyone else. When we came back from church, you'd sorted what I'd eat for that day. You were that one friend that never gave up on me. You always extend the love of Christ to me even when it seemed other Christian friends that we started together gave up on me. I assumed I was a lost sheep but you kept coming around to make me feel loved.Rest in peace brother, we will meet soon again❤
Posted by Paul OLAPADE on May 15, 2021
My brother, my friend, my classmate, a cardinal. You lived an exemplary life and you were a model unto many. The full scope of your impact is still being discovered, I will miss you but not too much because I'll see you again. I will continue on the path we began upon together and try to live the kind of life you lived; a life of selfless service to others. Till we meet again.
Rest well, my Gee.
Love from Paul.
Posted by Semiloore Peace Atere on May 13, 2021
Good night to a gem. Unbelievable but it is well.
Posted by Abiodun Akintayo on May 13, 2021
A new pot shattered at the river bank,
A light quenched at its prime,
A Soldier laid his sword at the feet of his Master,
Death, where is thy sting? Grave, where is thy victory?
Segun, you have taught friends and folks how to stay strong in tough time,
Therefore we will encourage ourselves with the scriptures,
In the Pauline injunction that we must not sorrow like unbelievers,
This is not just a motivational speech as some think,
It is the reality of the Kingdom we belong to,

On that fateful night, I cried sorely, I wept bitterly and I trembled at the Vanity of life,
Truly life is a mirage, it is a journey to eternity,
And I’m confident beyond doubt that You’re with your Master,
Who delighted to call you Home,
Out of the troubles of this present world,
To a Kingdom where grief or strife does not abound,
A Kingdom where Sun is of no use,
For God Himself gives light to them that inhabit it,

O’ SEGUN, Beloved Soldier of the Cross,
I’m glad in the understanding that we will meet again to part no more,
Sleep on Brother.... You’re a Star, and I can never forget you,
Your walk and work stands in my heart forever,
And they remind me of the day I will also be called yonder.
Rest In Peace Oluwasegun.... God Prevails!
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Posted by mark obeya on July 8, 2021
It was so easy to talk to you, Segun. So so easy. I freaking miss you, mannnn!!! Damn! You were such a special and beautiful person. You'd call and check up on me and remind me that you were praying for me.

On many of my worst nights. When it seemed like all of these things were too much, you were there to talk. To listen. Segun, damn! Why!?

I miss you so much, man! I really do!! Can't believe my birthday passed and I didn't get an SMS from you. Can't believe this is really it. You're really gone. Damn!!!

I love you bro! And I miss you so much!
Posted by Testty Toph on June 11, 2021
Guy. Omo you gats read all these; don't cross your eyes. It was never a competition. Happy birthday Eni-ayekan Oluwasegun. I swear there's power in your name. ✊✊✊
Posted by Jaachimma Nwagbara on June 11, 2021
I think I know all there is to know about coping mechanisms and I'm pretty sure I know mine. Despite all the knowledge, I am still not prepared to handle your loss. Maybe one day but not today. Seeing you rest after speaking to you the previous day was pretty much an out-of-body experience and I'm still living it till today. I try not to look for plausible explanations behind life's happenings but I find myself doing that now. Your beautiful heart and sweet soul will be missed. I choose to remember all the moments we shared laughter and joy and all the times I would persuade you to come to WCF while you were persuading me to come to LFC You cross my mind everytime I'm in the library or anytime I pass through smls field or anytime I see Damilola. Thank you, Segun for a life well spent. Continue to rest❤️
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God doesn't flop

Shared by Semiloore Peace Atere on May 13, 2021
Oluwasegun! It took me a lot to build this with your amazing friends (The Cardinals- Paul, Feranmi and Tolani). It is so surreal to say good bye to you. I can't still fathom it, I can not believe it. I have cried fire and wondered How? and Why? I really do not know to be honest.
You were an ideal man, a man of faith, so amazing and so diligent. You were young but you had set out right values and principles that I admired so much. Thank you for your care and sincere check ups, thank you for RMDS, thank you for living for Christ and drawing everyone to Him. Thank you for always teasing me with sister Peace and your smiles. I would miss your tease, your big eyes rolling just to make a statement, me calling you an Ijebu boy, your gifs, your drag and gist as we walk to ABH after church. Good night my dear brother and friend.