My Olaseni Story

Shared by Segun Fakeye on June 8, 2021
Is this a story or a tribute? Even I do not know. But make what you will of it!
It is both surreal and awkward having to write this. Awkward because we never really met in person! Surreal in the sense that we spoke - spoke? - rather we had long conversations every day for four days before your departure.
Such is the impact you had on me in those conversations that your presence has remained so vividly with me! 
Your mum, got me talking to you, she wanted me (being a lawyer) to mentor you as you were an aspiring lawyer yourself. I remember the day we spoke about Vicarious Liability. Even as I didn't see your face, I could tell how shy you were, I could tell how intelligent you were, I could tell how humble you were, I could tell how well brought up you were, I could tell how determined to succeed you were, I could tell how well read you were and I could tell how you had your future well planned for your yourself. 
Such was the love your mum had - had? I settle for have - because that love I know will remain with her until she breathes her last- for you that all she ever spoke about was "my daughter, my daughter".
The very next day she told me of your pending interview and how she wanted me to give you "tips" as she called it. And we had another very interesting conversation. Could I ever forget how you'd go...."yes uncle, thank you uncle, okay uncle"?
The very next day she wanted me to look at your personal statement for your Masters degree application. I have still got that with me and I had promised we would discuss it after your interview. But you never waited for that to happen. I only read it after you'd left. 
From your pictures I could tell you were very beautiful, from the outpouring of tributes I could tell your soul was beautiful!
I can make out you loved your God and I am sure HE loves you in return. I am sure you are sitting on the right hand side of his throne of glory now.
So as you journey into eternity, as you journey into glory, fare thee well.
Sleep well!
And good night! 

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