Posted by Tayo Olubiyi on June 25, 2021
Sarah! You’re such a wonderful wonderful wonderful young lady full of the grace of God. The journey of life is never how long, but how well. You touch everyone you meet with love, kindness, a brighter hope for tomorrow. Therefore, I do not, nor will ever, refer to you in the past. Because you are my present, if not physically but always in the spirit. Rest in the Lord my dear child. I will see you again. Definitely and for sure.
Posted by Ismail Salaam on June 21, 2021
Your presence with us seemed so short but well lived. You're a summary of what a purposely life should entails.

Thank you Sarah for giving more meaning to the saying " Not how far but how well". I Thank God for counting you amongst the worthy.

You will forever be missed.
Posted by Bisola Jimoh on June 9, 2021

The news of your demise hit me so badly because I have always looked forward to meeting with you again someday! The little childhood memories i had with you will be cherished forever.

My spirit was lifted, full of Joy when I heard how much you love God, gave yourself to his work and the awesome relationship you had with him, you lived a fulfilled life though short but like Seun rightly said "it is not how far but how well"

Thank you for laying Good examples to the rest us you left behind.

Continue to rest well beloved.
Posted by Idara osung on June 8, 2021
Sarah, I am still in shock of the news of your passing but know that through all the stories and tributes I have read, that you are with the Lord.
I am glad I had the opportunity to meet and know you and will always remember your beautiful and gentle soul.
Rest in peace darling!
Posted by Oluwaseun Reis on June 8, 2021
Gone too soon, But yet alive!

To my dearest sister Oluwaseni Olarenwaju Sarah Reis, I remember the day she was born and i held her in my arms, I was only 13, but I was so excited to finally have a younger sister. I remember the days we played together, Enter bus together along with David. Those little experiences thrilled you so much. I remember the little moments we shared here in Nigeria before she relocated to the UK. I hoped and prayed that one day, we would be reunited again.

That hope of reuniting with Oluwaseni is not shattered. Because I know that Seni though gone from this sinful world, is alive resting in a better place with our Lord Jesus Christ.

I'm particularly happy and challenged by the quality of life my sister lived. The testimonies I have heard as challenged and made me rethink my walk with God. Seni spoke and wrote to God Every day in the most simple and amazing way and there wasn't a day that passed by that She did not write to God. She talked to God about everything even the tiniest details of her life. Though She applied for a job here on earth, my darling sister got the role in heaven! Amazing right? Can you beat that?
She lived a fulfilled and quality life. The kind of life that was spent serving and honoring God. she served God with everything....her very being! Her life as simply challenged me and it should challenge everyone sitted here.

I would like everyone of us sitted here including myself to look in wards and examine our lives side by side as with that of Seni. Think about it, how many of us here have a dairy dedicated to God alone. How many of us serve whole heartedly? How many of us truly do bring Glory to God just by The way we live? This is the kind of life my sister lived. She really did live 22 fulfilling years. Perhaps her passing is another reminder that it is not how long, but how well. Perhaps some of us are still alive today simply because God is giving us a 2nd, 3rd and 4th chance.
I will employ us all to wipe the tears off our eyes, take out all the weight of this world that easily beseech us, and let's start living for God.
I charge us all to take a cue from Oluwaseni and follow her well laid example. May the Lord grant us wisdom and be with us all in Jesus name Amen.

Oluwaseni Sarah, I say thank you. You will forever remain in my heart. I know our Lord Jesus Christ is listening to this message and will deliver this to you.

Till we meet again, I love you.

Thank you

Oluwaseun Helen Reis
Posted by Oluwaseun Reis on June 8, 2021
Tribute to my dear daughter Oluwaseni Olarenwaju Sarah Reis

My Baby, by now I have fully come to terms with the fact that you are gone for good.
Though your sojourn on this side of eternity was as brief as it was I thank God for the privilege of being your dad and of knowing you. It could have been merrier if it was fuller, but let's submit to the perfect will of the Lord God Almighty and return the glory to Him.
Olarewaju, you have indeed gone in front but your death shall not be in vain. Omo Arikujoye, sail on into God's heavenly abode until eternity dawn's on us.

Mr. L.O Reis
Posted by Danielle G.A on June 7, 2021

I’m very grateful for you, for having you in my life.
The times when I was confused and scared. Speaking to you would always make me feeling better and motivate me.
Make me feel capable of making the right decisions.
I’ll never forget the days you’d come see me at my uni accom.
When we spend hours together talking nothing and everything.
When we went looking for accoms together.
And when we’d dance on the street shouting the lyrics to songs.
I will miss you forever.
I will remember you forever.
The fact that you past on my birthday still hits different.
I love you and I’m grateful for experiencing what it’s like to be a friend of yours

Posted by Sarah Praise on June 6, 2021

To Sarah,
We have all learnt a lot by your demise. You have showed us what it means to have an intimate relationship with God from so many things that we discovered after your passing away, we may not be able to see and touch you physically but your memory will never be forgotten. You loved God and you gave your time to serve in the house of God. You glorified God with your voice. Through your journal writings you have showed us how seamless it is to earnestly have a communication with God. We have learnt how to adore God as the creator of the whole universe. You have left behind the struggles of this world to be in a better place. You may have left early but one day we will all be in this place.
You had a heart for the needy, you had a heart to help and to put a smile on the faces of the vulnerable. You had a charitable spirit.
You were very talented in all the things you did.

The beauty of your memory will live on Sarah. Rest in peace.
Posted by desola enny on June 6, 2021
You have been a gentle, loving, caring soul from birth, the memories keep lingering in my head Sarah, I still can't believe you gone to meet with the lord I am still asking, seeking and praying to God for the strength to carry on. Till we meet to path no more cuz rest on in the bossom of the Lord your God.

Posted by Bukunmi Aluko Pinto on June 6, 2021
Oh Sarah! My lovely and sweet Sarah, you were an angel here on earth. You were soft spoken and had a lovely voice. I really wished a lot of things Sarah but I know we will meet to part no more. Last time I saw you, you smiled at me and I will never forget you nor that smile. We love you but God loves you more. Sleep well my lovely cousin. I really meant it when I said I loved you.
Posted by Titilope Blaize on June 6, 2021
Oh Sarah, you’ll be remembered for your pure and beautiful voice, possessing the qualities of an angel. You were sweet, soft spoken, easy going. Your maturity and understanding was that of a much more older person. I’m so glad you pursued your dreams, even though God had better plans. God really brought you to Earth for us to experience you. It’s a gift, I live to cherish every moment spent with you...We love you but God loves you more.
Posted by Shade Adeyemo on June 6, 2021
Aunty mi Sarah,Gone to soon. You are one of a kind treasure here in this space and time. You have qualities within you that many people would love to have, and those who really and truly know you. are so glad that they do. The little time we spent together was marvellous, and I will cherish those memories till the end of my time. I will never forget what a treasure you are That special person, kind with a big heart and a sensitive soul. I know you are in a good place now. May your soul rest in eternal peace.
Posted by Faith Imariabe on June 4, 2021
Sarah beautiful, God fearing and respectful soul. My friendship with your mother is known to be beautiful one's. Raising two wonderful souls like you and your brother. I am still in shock to know that you're no longer with us. But who are we to question God? May your beautiful and gentle soul rest in peace. My condolences to your family.
Posted by Tunrayo Adebisi on June 4, 2021
Minister Sarah as i usually called you, you a young lady full of potential, respectful, intelligent and beautiful. Death may leave a heartache no one can heal but love leaves a memory that no one can steal, you are loved and our collective hearts are heavy but i know you slept in thy lord. Thank God for you know christ at your younger age.  I prayed may the good lord comfort your mum, brother and family you left behind in God's arms may you gently rest.....Good night
Posted by segun ogunyeye on June 3, 2021
What a beautiful soul you were!
Inside out. It was a pleasure knowing you. It hurts losing you.
It's so not ok that you left too soon, so soon.
But because we believe you are in a better place, all is well.
Posted by Adewunmi Ilori on June 3, 2021
Hmmm... this is a hard one to write. Oh death where is your sting? Sarah we thank God for a life that was short but impactful. You worked for God and you were always happy in his presence. We miss you dearly and wished you had stayed a bit longer with us but we know you are resting in God’s presence. Adieu Sarah. Toks & Wunmi Ilori
Posted by Femi Sotonwa on June 3, 2021
Everything that can or should be said, has been said or will be said by others who knew her much more than I did. However I will say that it was a privilege to have met her and formed a bond with her.
The first time I met Sarah, we were supposed to exchanged pleasantries, but we ended up spending hours in deep conversation. It was at that point I knew that she was someone very special. She exuded warmth, intelligence, and a maturity far beyond her years. Her intellect was razor sharp and she struck me as a very caring person. The name Sarah, itself sums up an important feature of her. Sarah means "Princess" or "Noble Woman". Sarah had both noble and royalty imprinted in her being.

Always a ready smile, always a cheerful remark. She was a rising star, a budding lawyer in the making, a gifted songstress. Her impact on me is such that I will never forget her.
Sleep well Sarah.
Posted by Funmilola Audu on June 3, 2021
Oluwaseni,it's so hard to say goodbye but my consolation is that you are in a better place where there is no pain nor sorrow.
Continue to rest in the bosom of your maker and lover,we love you but God loves you best.
Posted by Temitope Ayilara on June 3, 2021
I am glad to know you are on the Lord side because the notes diary you left behind was a testimony that you loved your creator almighty God and you know Him. It pained us you left but we rejoiced you knew your God and yes you are with your maker. Rest on ‘Seni.

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