Shared by Hafees Missa on January 20, 2020
I just heard! God, Wole. I've not seen you for like 20 something years but you were my friend and I will forever remember you. Hug aunty K for me on the other side. You two were always inseparable. Love you bro

I will miss you Ojo

Shared by Nicole Williams on January 18, 2020
Where do I start, where do I begin.In 1999 I met you my friend.I didn’t know then it would last for so long.That we would be more than friends through the rights and the wrongs.You started as my tutor for medical school and the years went on and we became more cool.We traveled the states and countries abroad.And no matter the situation you always were odd.I loved you because you were not ashamed, of being yourself my Ojo, better known as Wayne.For events we knew you would always be late, so to those who knew you, we knew not to wait.You would show with a smile, a dip and a corny dance, and a corny joke too if given the chance.You taught me so much about God and my health, all things that helped me to become my better self.I am sad that your gone and that I will not hear, the phrases you coined and repeated through the years.You made such an impact on my family, friends and my life.You lived with such peace and resented any strife.So with this I say that I will miss you my friend.Awaiting the day that we meet again.I long to lock eyes and look up and see, your face and then ask your phrase, “How You Be?”.

Love always Nix

Smaller world

Shared by Bode Ojuri on January 17, 2020
After almost 28yrs of been apart, faith brought us together just last month when I met your sister. Well I thank God i managed to speak with you unbeknown to Me it would be our last time. Sleep well my brother till we meet again
Shared by Ohireimen Obadan on January 16, 2020
Wole (Wayne) was a friend and mentee. I saw him last physically almost 30years ago. I still have fond memories of him being extremely inquisitive of all subjects. I spoke to him recently in December when a whatshapp platform of WOSEM Reunion home and in Disapora was opened. Thank you Gbenga (Tunji) Akinola  for all you have done.

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