This tribute was added by LaTonya Fowlkes on April 10, 2020
Happy heavenly birthday!!!! I thought of you this morning. You are missed dearly. I pondered on the conversations we would have had with all that is going on. Sleep well my friend.
This tribute was added by Olubusola Ajibola on April 10, 2020
You would have been 50 today and what joy we would have had; reflecting on the past, celebrating God's mercies.
But then you went away leaving us with questions; what if's, how can, puzzles we are unable to solve.
Yesterday was unbearable, today is painful, tomorrow we would forge ahead in hope of His glory.
Someday, Someplace, Somewhere, Somehow we would meet again never to be separated forever.
Happy birthday in heaven, Bestie of life, Oluwole Ojo. Unforgetable that's who you are.
This tribute was added by Christopher Crouse on April 10, 2020
Happy Birthday Wayne. Miss you buddy.
This tribute was added by Olubusola Ajibola on February 4, 2020
Today, 30 years ago, February 4, 1990, I met Oluwole Ojo at the University of Lagos. I had responded to the altar call at Wosem campus fellowship to give my life to Christ, a freshman at the university, my first service at the fellowship. After the service as I walked to the dormitory Wole came up and introduced himself asking where I lived. That was the beginning of a divine relationship that marked every facet of my life and shaped my Christian growth. From then on Wole paid me regular visits and for hours on end he would share scripture passages one after the other. Most of what he shared I did not comprehend at the time but I soaked it all like soap on a spondge. When I looked confused or got flaggerbasted by all the teachings he would tell me not to worry about it some day it would make sense, that proved to be true. Years later in life when I went through a dark period in my life I remembered significantly a lot of those scriptures and teachings, they seemed to just rise up when I needed them. That proved to me that the word of God is never dormant they are spirit and they are life and that has influenced my children ministry significantly I am never worried as to whether the children comprehend the word of God I just keep pouring it into them.One day like I did then, I know they would get it because the words of God they are quick and powerful.
    Oluwole Ojo, (as I often adressed him) was the most significant individual alive in my Christian walk with God until about a year ago when I came across Sid Roth. Before then my spiritual mentors were General's Kenneth Hagin and Kathryn Khulman people who had moved on into glory. If I was going through a tough time Wole would show up in person or on the phone. What's up he would say I had this nudge in my spirit to check on you and he was ever so accurate. It didn't matter the distance or the length of time we spoke last we just always connected when we caught up. One time during the vacation period in Unilag when there were no phones. I was going through a hard time and I left home in Isolo to look for Wole at Akoka I wasn't even sure which one of the flats he lived in eventually I located it but he had gone out. I was so despodent I just walked around and sat by a garden. Next thing I looked up and saw Wole he sat by me and said what's going on I just had this nudge to go back home now I know why. Till today that encounter still amazes me cos the spot where he met me was far from his house and there are many entrances he could have taken to get back home but God led him to the exact spot I was in.I could go on and on describing such similar encounters. When I told Wole I was getting married he said to me if you ever need a lawyer contact so and so...I eventually did need a lawyer for that marriage...Wole was out of the country at the time and I hadn't been in touch with him in over 6 years. One day I was just overwhelmed with all that was going on and all the crazy advises I was receiving that didn't reflect the God I had come to know through Wole. I just broke down and started crying and I remember writing a letter that I never posted to Wole cos I didn't have an address about all that was going on. I said Wole if you were here you would know the right thing to do. I started praying to God about finding Wole for me. I went to Unilag to see if I could locate him I met his dad and he said I remember you let me get him on the internet for you but I was too distraught I left without taking the offer by the time I went back to take up the offer his parents had left the apartment. Eventually on official duty a couple of years later I met someone on VI who remembered me from the campus fellowship. She began to mention all the people in the fellowship and I couldn't remember a single one of them. Then who do you remember she asked, Wole Ojo I said. She looked stunned and said I have the contact for his sister. I got in touch with her and not long after that I got a call from Wole asking as usual, what's going on ? Dele left a dozen messages for me to reach you. That call was a life saver - from then on I just received clarity on what to do with Wole helping me to process....
     When my youngest sister had kidney failure and I couldn't connect with her I called up Wole Ojo and he began to minister to her. She began to open up to him, a total stranger. Once she started pacing around and getting restless or shadowing me with her eyes I knew she hadnt heard from Wole. Then she would ask me in an off hand manner like it didnt matter_ have you heard from uncle Wole? I used to spy on her phone then until she put a lock so I often had an idea what was going on. Wole ur protege is looking for you and he would reach out again. He was a great spiritual anchor for her until she passed on. She loved Wole so greatly.
   Sometime in 2015 I was praying and I had this nudge in my spirit. I just pulled my phone and I asked Wole what did the Holy Spirit say you should tell me? He didnt miss a beat, we hadn't spoken in months, and he responded, pray about divine appointment. Divine appointment how? I don't understand I said. I don't know he replied that's what I heard go and ask the Holy Spirit. I kept praying and asking God, not too long after that God brought me into contact with someone who I hadn't seen in 20years who ochestrated my moving to the US states. I remember years earlier when I had mentioned to Wole that I wanted to travel out to further my education but I didn't know how to go about it he had responded, talk to the father about it if it's of him he would make it happen. God did make it happen in a miraculous manner.
   Wole and I would have celebrated 30 years of divinely orchestrated friendship today. I am amazed at the goodness of God how long and how far he brought us. Often times when Wole wanted to drive home a point or have a serious discussion he would say to me, how long have we known each other now you are one of my few long standing friends. Last year I actually did a count and I said to him we would be thirty years in 2020. I actually planned to celebrate him...
     I loved you so very much Wole Ojo, you were my Christian hero most beloved friend and brother. This past year was the best part of our friendship years, we spoke virtually everyday and we laughed ever so often ending each call saying we loved each other. I treasure all those conversations and moments. The other day you called I was telling you how hubby brought this crab that I didn't know how to prepare. You took me through the steps of cleaning it up talking about the crabs that walked the shores of unilag. That crab pepper soup was a hit as I told you when you called back to check. Hubby found our friendship incredulous, he often teased you about being my second husband and when I called you and we had a 3some conversation he would say don't mind her it's when I start ignoring her that she looks for you. We would all laugh because we knew it wasn't true. We knew God had ordained our relationship and we walked faithfully in that call upon our lives. Our relationship was never always this smooth..we fought, we disagreed, we had long periods of silence but we always respected each other and looked out for one another. How many times did I rope you into my Christian projects when I needed to get someone a bible and didnt have enough money to get a particular kind. I allocated your contribution and you paid up. Other times you restrained me from following a particular course. When I had revelations on the edge of my awareness you gave me insight. There was no prevarication with you, we shot it straight you gave me words that I didn't have, you gave me perspectives that I didn't have you were my guardian angel. You said you were going to move down to San Francisco with time and hubby and I were so looking forward to it. You were to spend Christmas with us and then you postponed it by a few days more. I dusted up the house for you got some new stuff so you could be real comfortable. Hubby took off a week from work for you we were going to spoil you silly but you went ahead in glory my beloved I wish you had given us a few years more. I am glad you always pointed me back to the Holy Spirit when I hounded you then, it used to frustrate me to no end because I would say yes Wole I know the Holy Spirit but I need flesh and blood that I can connect with but you would insist talk it over with the Holy Spirit. That's what I am doing now because the flesh and blood I often called, you my brother are no longer here. I have had good practice to continue on the path and the journey. I am going to love you to eternity Oluwole Ojo, unforgetable that's who you are. My heart broke when you left, I just wanted to lie down and cry I didnt want to go to church. My pastor called me up and said you were his disciple , you are going to carry on from where he left off. What he poured in you, you are going to sow into others we all have to be busy in his vineyard. I went back to restart my children's ministry here in church the Sunday after you left, as you poured into me I intend to pour into the children...Next year January by God's grace I am going to begin my Oluwole Ojo child memorial fund for Christian growth and advancement in my local church back home to nurture children from the slum area getting into college and growing with God. I don't think you knew you would leave so early we had so much plans and so much more to do together but I believe in the Sovereignty of God and his faithfulness over his own. What else can I say my beloved? It was an honour to know you, love you, walk with you and grow with you. You came a long way from those Wosem days. You grew into compassion, love and humility. You were the perfect embodiment of Christ. Thank you for showing me Christ and the definition of untainted love. You rooted for me, you went the extra mile, you forgave, you made things right between us. You gave me focus, you gave me a legacy of love to pass on, you taught me to do the right thing even when it was not convenient. You showed me the path of honesty which has been healing and peaceful. I love you more in death, Oluwole Ojo. Sun re my beloved until we see in glory.
This tribute was added by Nicole Williams on January 20, 2020
Where do I start, where do I begin. In 1999 I met you my friend. I didn’t know then it would last for so long. That we would be more than friends through the rights and the wrongs. You started as my tutor for medical school and the years went on and we became more cool. We traveled the states and countries abroad. And no matter the situation you always were odd. I loved you because you were not ashamed, of being yourself my Ojo, better known as Wayne. For events we knew you would always be late, so to those who knew you, we knew not to wait. You would show with a smile, a dip and a corny dance, and a corny joke too if given the chance. You taught me so much about God and my health, all things that helped me to become my better self. I am sad that your gone and that I will not hear, the phrases you coined and repeated through the years. You made such an impact on my family, friends and my life. You lived with such peace and resented any strife. So with this I say that I will miss you my friend. Awaiting the day that we meet again. I long to lock eyes and look up and see, your face and then ask your phrase, “How You Be?”.
Love always Nix
This tribute was added by Michele Roach on January 19, 2020
I miss you, your smile and our laughing out loud, not caring about the location or people staring! Extremely large tips ensured that the moments would not be posted on social media!! LOL
Thank you for listening even when words were not spoken; distance didn’t matter, you were always a phone call/text message away.

My heart broke the minute I heard of your passing. I asked and received a true blessing from God - a man of God, lover of family/friends, listening ear and laughing partner! Thank you for being that man.

I know without a doubt that you are enjoying a cup of tea, asking for another glass of water, sharing a joke, laughing out loud and as always, serving God.

Rest well, my friend ~ you will live in my heart forever.

This tribute was added by Christopher Crouse on January 18, 2020
While I only got to know Wayne for a few years, he became a friend very quickly. He was always there to make you laugh, and if you had food, to see if you had any extra. I will miss him coming into my office area with his friendly comment "Incoming" as he always did. I will miss joking with him and him calling me a "busta". He was a wonderful person that touched every life he met.

The earth is a little more lonely now that he's gone. However we rejoice that the Father now has him in his arms.

If Wayne could send us a quick message from Heaven, I'm sure he would quote 2 Timothy 4:7 - I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith.

To the family remember Psalm 34:17-18 - When the righteous cry for help, the Lord hears and delivers them out of all their troubles. The Lord is near to the brokenhearted and saves the crushed in spirit.

Rest well our Nigerian Prince.
This tribute was added by LaTonya Fowlkes on January 18, 2020
What a beautiful memorial service for Wayne on today. It was amazing to hear the consistency and love Wayne gave to everyone he encountered. Truly a great man who loved God and only desired to please Him. It was a privilege to know him and honored to have one on one encounters with Wayne. It was as if God downloaded to Wayne to impart into us. I'm forever grateful for the pour you made into me. Well done thy good and faithful servant
This tribute was added by Niran Ajao on January 18, 2020
I am highly appreciative of the fact that everyone knew Wole as a lover of Jesus Christ (I never had the opportunity of meeting him). May God console his family and friends. May the memory of him be blessed.
This tribute was added by Chris Roach on January 18, 2020
It’s hard to accept that I will no longer hear your footsteps come down the stairs... talking future investments in the kitchen... talking fitness and supplements as you made your way out the door to the gym... God blessed me with your presence in my life and because of you I’m a changed man! I wish our paths crossed sooner but it was right on time! Love and miss you man!
This tribute was added by Olufunmilola Sami on January 18, 2020
Writing this tribute means acknowledging and accepting you are gone. This is so difficult to accept but the truth cannot be changed. Though we have been apart for many years now, I remember your kind words to me when you came home for Dad's funeral service. Memories of our teenage years and early twenties flashes through my mind and can't help the tears flowing. We spoke just before Christmas and we both promised to call each other again but that didn't happen.
I choose not to mourn you but to celebrate the life you lived in Christ knowing that this separation is only for a while...............we shall meet to part no more at the feet of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Good night Wole
This tribute was added by Ibukun Ajayi on January 17, 2020
Oh my Dear Wole, 
It's so unfortunate that it's only under this circumstance that I get to reconnect with you in some way after over 25 years. The story of my growth in this journey called the Christian Faith Walk will not be complete without you. Way back in the day, we fellowshipped, feasted, laughed, learned, were tested, grew and built our faith together alongside our other college fellowship brethren. I know you lived a great life since then. And now that you have transition to be with Christ - the true lover of your Soul, I pray for sweet comfort for all the loved ones you have left behind. Sleep well my friend till we see again, then we can pick up the eternal fellowship from where we left off!

With love....
This tribute was added by Emmanuel Ajayi on January 17, 2020
So heres the story.... No one knows when the last time would be. That text, that phone call, that video chat or that conversation could very well be the last communication you would have with that person before you see them again in eternity.. What can I say about Wole? “The Apostle”. (I used to call him that). Wole inspired a great love in me for learning the Word. Never met anyone that’s that versed in the Word. Its sad you had to leave so soon. I was just looking forward to us hooking up after so many years. I am slightly consoled looking at your pictures to see that you lived a happy life. Death, the final enemy, even other great men such as yourself have had to succumb to it. Thank God that the lion of the tribe of Judah stomped death. To all and sundry, you left so soon. I pray the Holy Spirit will console your immediate family. Like I always do in circumstances when my understanding is limited, I surrender to Gods sovereignty over your passing away. Say hi to ManB, Say hi to my Grandmother and if you see my Mom, tell her I’m about to make her proud. Rest in Peace Apostle Wole Ojo.
This tribute was added by Stacey White on January 17, 2020
The brightest earthly smile will now be the heavens' shining star. A gem and a gentle man. So glad I got my hug in November when I last saw him. 'Til we meet again, kind sir.
This tribute was added by Mojoyinola Adedayo on January 17, 2020
My dearest uncle,
I already miss you. I cannot express how I feel. Our last conversation would forever be in my heart. Days will pass and I would never forget all the wonderful memories you created for me, all the scriptures you quoted for me. Daddy Wole, you will always be in my daily stories, childhood memories and my life believes and plans. In everything I do, I will ask God first, the greatest lesson I learnt from you.
Till we meet to path no more
This tribute was added by Foluke Adegorite on January 16, 2020
Still didn't believe this? But believe you are with ur maker. I can remember to first time meeting you has my big cousin brother it was has if we no each other along time ago, i was looking forward to see you anytime am having a trip to the USA soon so painful keep resting with the lord
This tribute was added by Talatu Ibrahim on January 16, 2020
Wole my dear brother , you lived an extraordinarily life ! There was something about you, so calming, endearing and reassuring. Always ready to listen and be of help. Your love for God, family and friends was obvious.
Your exit from earth into glory was a huge shock!!! We will never recover from, not because we question Gods final say but because we’re only human and may never understand why. So we’ll carry on trusting Him to strengthen and guide us. You were loved and admired by all of us, I dare speak for everyone you met.
You were more than a brother in law to me. I wish there were suitable words capture everything I feel today. 
May The Lord keep your gentle soul. Adieu Wole ❤️
This tribute was added by LaTonya Fowlkes on January 16, 2020
I had the privilege of meeting Wayne at work; he was a great person. I actually had to laugh when I read the tribute because you described him well. Wayne was a great friend; he encouraged me when I needed it, prayed for me and with me when I needed it, sent scripture, worship music and more. Our last outing was the Montpelier Hunt Races and I didn't have the pictures of us together but we had a great time. He was late showing up at the departure spot , had to go back home for the tickets, etc. but we laughed as usual, had great food and conversation there and back. What a beautiful soul; rest well my friend .

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