This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Princess Oluyemisi Sanni (Nee Aletan), 55 years old, born on August 6, 1965, and passed away on March 15, 2021. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Eunice Oluyinka on March 25, 2021
As we mourn you here,I pray for eternal rest for your soul and light perpetual to shine upon you Amen God will grant your loved ones great fortitude to bear the great loss in Jesus name Amen ADIEU
Posted by Festus Olugbenga Agboola on March 25, 2021
May her soul continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord. Only God can comfort you, my brother. Such a loving wife and mother. It is well.
Posted by Bisi Obawole on March 24, 2021
A loving, kind and amiable sister! The peace of the Lord is your reward. Sleep well and good night.
Posted by Julius Olanrewaju on March 24, 2021
Forever alive in our hearts
Posted by M. Sinaayo Olaobaju on March 24, 2021

Mummy 'Dayo, "the only powerful lady in the boys' quarters" (this is the way I fondly used to address you) .
Writing this tribute is a difficult task for me, because I received the news of your death with a rude shock and it hit me like a thunder bolt, I wish it weren't true!
Only God knows when last I shed tears, but the news of your death brought tears to my eyes. My heart was pained and I was totally devastated and disorientated.

You were a caring mother and a loving wife to your husband. As the best man to your husband on your wedding ceremony and someone who is close to your family, I can say with all sense of modesty, humility and sincerity about the unconditional love you had for your husband and that you meant many things and more than a wife to him. You were his "mother", "aunty", "sister " and even "driver" among others. You were a great pillar to his success.

A friend's wife, you were also my confidant and one of the few people who admired and liked me with all my shortcomings and idiosyncrasies.

Mummy Dayo was one of the few people who trusted me even when many didn't believe me. I recall vividly like yesterday, in 2007 when there was a nationwide crisis on the controversial refund of Contributory Pension Scheme (CPS) money to members of staff which I objected on the basis of professionalism and law. Members of staff of the OAU Teaching Hospitals were calling me unprintable names and when she heard  this, she called to enquire about the authenticity of the whole stories. After I had explained to her, she said "Broda Alhaji, ṣé bí o ṣe rí nìyẹn? " , which I affirmed. She said "if you said so, I believe you". Whao! This kind of words lifted up my spirit, especially in a situation where it appeared nobody else trusted me !

There were so many other good memories we shared together, which I thought we would talk about when we are older, but unfortunately, you have gone to the great beyond at the prime of your life when you were shining so brightly.
"Ikú doro, ikú ṣe ká, ó mú ẹni rere lọ. Kòkòrò kò jẹ́ ká gbádùn obi t'ogbo".

Your demise has changed all the orders and you are now an elder.

A hardworking and goal getter. I also remember what you went through; doing menial trades and or business, selling "lollipop", "sobo" and "pure water" between Odejayi and Loyola College after you had graduated with a first class degree from the great Obafemi Awolowo University but this did not deter you until you made it to the top and attained PhD in your chosen career. What a world of mysteries that you left this world just at the time we thought you should be reaping the fruits of your labour, but the Almighty God knows better.

Our dear sister, I will miss your advice, jokes, banters and "yaphis". We will all miss and morn you for a long time, but we pray Almighty God grant you eternal rest, comfort and console your dear husband and lovely children. May He grant them favors and grace in all their endeavors. May God grant all of us the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss.

OLAOBAJU, Muritala Sina-ayo.
Posted by Lekan Sanni on March 23, 2021
May God bless the day I met you
May the day be forever blessed.
May God bless the day I wed you
May God bless the pleasant days we spent together
May God bless the fruits of our marriage
May God bless everyone that contributed to our successful marital life
May God bless the day He gave you to me
May He bless the day He took you from me
May He bless the day we shall meet again to part no more.
O digba kan nan.
Posted by Opeyemi Adeyemi on March 23, 2021
Princess Oluyemisi Sanni (Nee Aletan) Phd.
A gallant soldier of Christ, your passing away at this time shocked so many of us but at the same time it's message for us all to stay connected in relationship with our maker who planned our birth and our exit. You demonstrated that life is a preparation for eternity. The closer we are to God, the smaller other things else appears. You placed higher premium on relationship and character, you lived with eternity in view, understanding that one day we shall return to our maker to enjoy endless, unbroken relationship with Him. The entire Methodist Church Nigeria Bodija will never forget your passion for prayers, zeal for service and sacrifices for the course of God's kingdom. May the Lord uphold the family left behind. Rest on till we meet to part no more.
Posted by Mayowa Abimbola Okunola on March 23, 2021
The news of your departure was a very big shock to me, you've always been there right from Secondary School days, you were so caring, jovial, friendly and accommodating... You couldn't withstand people suffering near you,you've always been helpful to me and my family. But you left at your time of harvest, Oluyemisi, your good deeds shall forever speak for you, what a great loss. May God console mama and the entire family.. I know you sleep but didn't die cos we gonna meet at resurrection sleep on caring friend....
Posted by Monsurat Oladiti on March 23, 2021
May her gentle soul rest in perfect peace. God will continue to be with the family. Amen.
Posted by Oloyee Dee on March 23, 2021
Gone Too Soon!!!
Though we never crossed paths while you were alive making everyone around happy and special, I still feel the same pain of losing you at an unripe age that everyone so dear and close to you are feeling right now. Your death has caused us all heartache but the loving memories of you will continue to hold in our hearts and this gives us all the peace of mind that your gentle soul will surely continue to rest in peace! You will truly be missed!
Oye Duntoye
Posted by Julius Olanrewaju on March 22, 2021
Forever in our hearts - Dr Oluyemisi Sanni - Nee Aletan (1965-2021)
I have known Yemisi for many years. We grew up to know our parents as friends and partners in progress of the Imesi-Ile Community. They both served as officers of the Imesi Ile Progressive Union from 1957 to 1965. Yemisi and myself were born when our fathers were serving as the Secretary and Assistant Secretary of the union.
Since then our families have been glued together.
Yemisi was a good girl that transformed into a good daughter for her parents, a good wife for Prof Lekan Sanni, a good sister to her siblings , a good friend to many and a good mother to Ifedayo and Oluwafikayo Sanni.
She is the closest to me among the Aletans and her sudden death remains a rude shock to my family. She will remain alive forever in our hearts. I can still recall her activities at the wedding of my son, Titobioluwa at Ibadan last October. She was agile and full of strength. It was difficult for us to accept by last Tuesday that she had gone to be with her Lord.
May her gentle soul rest in peace.
Foundly remembered today byall of us in the Olanrewaju Family of Ile Asaba, Imesi Ile.
Posted by Saeed Ojolowo on March 22, 2021
Each time I opened this platform, I found it difficult that Dr (Mrs) Sanni is gone. She was just a loving and caring mother, you can't just be sad with her presence. Mummy rest in peace. Mummy you really assisted me during my PhD programme, when my first draft was ready, you pleaded with Prof. Sanni to read it, he read it in less than two weeks; works that have been with my supervisor for months. Mummy, am short of gratitude. We love you,but Jesus loves you most. Rest on...
Posted by Zainab Alli on March 22, 2021
It’s hard writing a tribute because it still feels unbelievable. 18 years of my life, You were a friend to all. Jovial and always ready to make everyone laugh. Eid and Christmas celebrations will never be the same again. You and I had our differences but you always found a way to make a joke out of every situation. I pray God grants the family the fortitude to bear the loss. We all miss you.
Posted by Adebanke Fakunle Dada on March 22, 2021
Hmmm! Yemisi, l have lots to say to you. 45 years ago our path crossed. As most girl friends we drifted apart and as fate will
Have it we found our way back and it was like we were never apart. I will miss you my dear friend and “wife”. 
You look out for me in so many ways, always having my back even when l wasn’t aware. We became more fond of each other when we both discovered you are married to my egbon. You tease me regularly asking me to do this and that so you can be nice to my egbon; even though we all know Brother Lekan is your soul mate.
You are jovial , fun to be with, humble and proud of your family on both side. I remembered you wanting to join the iyawo Ile Opa in their traditional dance during my mother’s funeral and insisting on wearing the iyawo Ile Ankara, Knowing you l refuse to give you that Ankara until after the event because l told you, you must be beside me and so to wear my friend’s “uniform”
You are devoted to your family, loving and caring. All your wishes and plan for the boys was what dominate our calls! Only the unquestionable God knows why He has not allowed you to accomplish then!

We chatted less than two weeks and we ended with you assuring me you will get the vaccine and ensure my egbon does too! You did not give me any hint of anything not going well and we have comfortably talk the health talk ! This is so shocking and confusing for me.
You sow it into my mind to plan a home in Ibadan ! O ga o.
Hmmm ! Ore mi sun re o till we meet to part no more!
We love you but Jesus loves you more.
Posted by Adebanke Fakunle Dada on March 22, 2021
Oh! I can not believe this is happening!!! I tried many times but each attempt l stopped. With determination l start again. If you could, you would tell me to pull myself together and get on with it. I have to say something!.

In 1976 Our Lady’s brought us together young and innocent; after 5years we all drifted apart but found our ways back together, one by one we gathered and it was like we were back in boarding school, never been apart.

OLOGAFE Class of 1981, the unique, complex, enigma of a set, sisters forever. We are truly one in the spirit and side by side! And they know we are sisters by our love. We became a family without trying, care for each other passionately, we disagree like family do and agree to disagree lovingly; with love we move forward, one step at a time and enjoying our diversity of personalities and persons. Yemisi o m’oju ro wa o!!!

Yemisi was one who keeps us laughing , one of few who remembers the incidents from school in details. She has her way of pulling everybody into her jokes. She will make fun of herself in a way no one would, jovial and lay back at the same time. 

You stood by me when my mother transit to glory, it’s like you knew exact time to call for no reason plus you gave your time to spend days with me in Ife during her burial and any opportunity you had you will do something to make me laugh and momentarily ease my pain. You were the first to tell me age doesn’t matter and you recount how you still miss your dad! You know how to be what your friend need at the time. Thank God for you and the short time we had with you.

You threatened me regularly, pay me o or “me’ ni fun egbon re lounje “ Just thinking of you even now ! you made me laugh!! Oh God knows l would miss you, no hint, no warning.

Quiet support, you made sure l don’t miss anyone’s birthday or even when l decided to give western Morak two birthdays in a year, you are usually the first to quickly correct me if you spot any error. So l am always confident to say don’t assume Yemisi doesn’t know what is going on oh!

Rest in perfect peace ore mi
Iyawo mi, aya Opa Loogunosin, Opa lon’le, Opa lo’ko. Opa lo l’dena odo.

Ma sun Olufe ko si ma sinmin. Gbo ti le’laya Olugbala re. A fe o sugbon Jesu fe o ju.
Sun re , Sun re, Sun re e!!!
Gbogbo Ladians 1981 n se’le de leyin re o
Oku abiyamo o Ki n sun o
Posted by Semiat Alli on March 21, 2021
Right from my early days, you've always been a fixture in my life. Your jocular manner and sense of humour are second to none. I never left your Odejayi residence without collecting free zobo and lolly. You even gave me the nickname "Nafdac number" when I refused it in a child-like manner saying it wasn't registered. The Sanni family is the one constant family that comes to ours for the Eid celebrations. It won't be the same anymore.
I can't believe you're gone , I just want to hear you call me nafdac one more time followed by your warm laughter.
You'll be sorely missed.
Posted by Sule Alli on March 21, 2021
Occasionally in life, we meet a special person who cares about the well-being of others.
Mummy 'Dayo was a caring person that her husband was so lucky to have as a wife and the children as their mother. My family always looks forward to receiving hers during the Eid celebrations.
I pray that the Lord upholds Prof. Sanni, the children and the aged mother during this time of grief. Just as it's said, her death is our great loss but heaven's gain.
Adieu Mummy 'Dayo, may your gentle soul rest in peace.
--- Alhaji S O Alli.
Posted by ikeade Akinyemi on March 21, 2021
To the one I call ‘Yensi’

Oluwayemisi Sanni, omo baba Aletan! I will address you in the present because I still cannot believe you are no longer with us. What a great friend you are. You are a charming, loving, caring and devoted friend, sister, wife, and mother. I thank God for sharing you with me for almost 40 years. If only I knew that our telephone conversation of February 16, 2021 was going to be the last, I would have told you how much I love, cherish, and appreciate you.
All you wanted was a good life for yourself and your family, and you will stop at nothing to achieve that. And you did!
So many times, you hosted myself and my husband in your house on our visits to Nigeria, and you will stop at nothing to make sure we have a good time. Even when I am not staying in your house, you are always there to Chauffeur me around Ibadan. How can I forget our visits to those local restaurants? On the last one, you took me and my hubby to the best ‘amala and Gbegiri’ joint, and not only that, you sent me off with a box of indomie noodles for my children. I once even had you do an ‘Osomaalo’ for me, and you did it with so much dedication and commitment as if it were your money that was at stake. This is the devoted and committed friend that I lost.
It is so hard to say goodbye, but I mourn not as an unbeliever, because I know we will meet again to part no more. Until then, may your sleep be good and dear. Ikeade Akinyemi (Ojo)
Posted by Wasiu Emiola on March 21, 2021
Death has been described as an inescapable fact of humanity. This literarily means nobody can escape death. No human being. But when it took away a price less friend and lover of my family.
Dr Mrs Yemisi Sanni was a damn to heart personality. Frank,lively, sociable and strong promoter of family Peace. With her you know where you are. Not only the Prof that would sorely miss her but everyone that has opportunity of meeting her. This is one death too many. But we can not challenge God. He only can give and take. May God in His infinite mercy forgive her and count her among His favourite in His paradise.
We plead for His mercy to provide divine fortitude to Parent, her lovely sons and indeed her loving husband who has no other live than Yemisi- Iya Dayo in this trying period. May her kind soul be privileged to enjoy a deserving place in His Paradise.
From Hon Wasiu Adebayo Emiola
Posted by Jenny Ntamark on March 21, 2021
Dr, your death hurts me badly. I can't believe I'm trying to write a tribute. I've waited this long to shake myself out of this dream state. But Alas! It's true. It's true that a good heart has stopped working. It's true that I'll not be hearing your strong voice anymore. You seemed to be in control of every situation. You had answers for every question. You were always willing to help.
When you visited Akwa Ibom, you were full of life. We talked. You promised to return. But now, how can you fulfill your words?.
I can't forget how genuinely concerned you were about my sister's ailment. You prescribed a therapy. You even wanted to be sending her the carrots required for the therapy. You were caring. If you were sick and lying down now, we would have gone to God and ask Him to let you stay longer.
Oh! Death is come through our window, and is entered into our palaces, to cut off our children ( Dr.) from without... (Jeremiah 9:21)

And to Prof, what can I say? The comfort of the Lord God Almighty rest upon your heart and your entire household. Be of good courage. God is with you.
Posted by Victoria Akinpelu on March 20, 2021
Gone So Soon

I lost a gem, a friend, a selfless virtuous and loving philanthropist. A good organizer, an encourager, and a dynamic woman.

Dear Yemisi (Mummy Dayo is how I fondly call you). In life my family loved you dearly,  in death we love you still. Memories of our togetherness and laughter still lingers.

A golden heart has stopped, hard working hands is at rest. The song has ended but the melodies lingers on. Continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord till we meet to part no more. Good night my beloved sister in Christ.
Posted by Adebayo Adewole on March 20, 2021
Rest her soul Lord, may the spirit of God dwell with the family at this critical time. My heart goes out to Prof .Sanni and the children. Adewole, Alexander Adebayo
Posted by Adebomi Oyewumi on March 20, 2021
Yemisi,I am writing again I can't agree that you're not here ,waiting endlessly for our weekend long call today.You will call me Osisco girl and I will say Nonsense girl.we will talk for hours baba Sanni will say "eku iregbe".You will tell me I bought this call Units to abuse you,likewise I will also buy to gist with you. If you call and I sound funny you will just be coming to ask why I sounded as if I was in distress. You will bring me all that you have cooked in your house. I don't even know what to do, I am sitting here recalling all our activities,all our plans when our children will go and bring us their spouses from wherever they want. You will tell me your preferences, I will just be laughing at you.You were the one urging me to visit my daughter and I told you my fears about travelling you even told me you will probably go with me so we could have maximum fun.There was never a dull moment with you. You were so jovial , friendly and humorous. You can give anything to anybody. Still short of words, Yemisi I cant even face Baba Sanni! I am just praying to God to uphold him and the children. I am heartbroken by your passing on, nothing on earth prepared me for your departure at all, even not on your sick bed ,you still call me "names" whenever I visited you!. We made plans on so many things. I am left with your memories now.I thank God because your memories are super exciting. You are a rare gem,an uncommon friend. May your soul find rest with your creator. May the Lord uphold and abide with your beloved husband ,your adorable children ,your siblings ,your friends and well wishers. I am missing you already,you will be greatly missed. Adieu my bosom friend!!!
Posted by ADEWOLE David on March 20, 2021
May God grant her eternal rest. God uphold the family members in this times
Posted by Tinuola Agbaje on March 20, 2021
Dr princess was someone I knew from a distance during my studentship days under her husband Prof Sanni. I knew her as a doting, committed wife to her husband. I just started getting close to her and was wanting more of the closeness. But alas I heard of her demise! It was a great shock to me. Still is. I pray she rests until resurrection day and God comfort Prof and the children she left behind. She was Prof's 5&6, I pray God to be there always for Prof.
Posted by Gloria Nzegwu on March 20, 2021
Yemisi dear, nothing could prepare me for the shock of your untimely passing from this world. You were truly one of the girls, l enjoyed your jokes from afar and was looking forward to when we would see in person. Not knowing the God had other plans. Sleep tight ore till we meet at the feet of Jesus. Odi gba o. Sun re o.
Modupe Famoriyo
Posted by Ope Egunjobi on March 20, 2021
The news of your demise came to me as a rude shock ,I knew you when I was a project student to your husband.You are such a wonderful person and caring to your husband.I pray may Your gentle soul rest in peace.May God console your Husband and your children.Till we meet again.Adieu Mama
Posted by Folake Samuel on March 20, 2021
The news of your transition sent shock waves around. I will always remember you as a focused person, brilliant and straightforward. No pretence in your dealings, indeed you were loving and fair to all. Adieu, Dr Princess Sanni. May your family receive comfort from above. Amen
Posted by Mary Bifarin on March 19, 2021
Good Night to a darling Sister, our loss but heaven's gain. There is no one holy like God, no one beside him, there is no rock like our God, the foundation of the earth is the Lord's, upon them he has set the world, No one can query God. To look around is to be discouraged to look within is to be depressed, to look up is to be blessed, like David we'll find strength in the Lord our God. Rest on dear Sister, till we meet at Jesus' feet.
Posted by Oluwapelumi Oyewumi on March 19, 2021
Mummy, this is so hard to swallow. I wish someone will wake me up from this horrid horrid dream. All week I could not process what happened, even through burial proceedings until I opened this tribute page.

You are actually gone? whennnnn?? howwww? and whhhhhy??

You were life itself; happy, joyful and always laughing . You lit up every room you entered! I have never seen you sad or frowning. You were always ready to help and offer an advice. You weren't just my moms closest friend, you were a mom to me. I can't even believe I am referring to you in past tense.

Despite the physical distance between us, you always reached out to me to ask how I am doing. Every time I opened my Facebook I'll see a comment from you or a message. if I call my mom its either she says she just got off the phone with you or you calling on her other phone then we'll do a 3 way call.

Never in my wildest imagination did I think we will be saying goodbye to you now. I had hoped you both will fly in someday and spend time with me here. who will now do Iya Iyawo with my mom?

You were a shinning star mummy and your death has me broken. I have taken with me from how you lived your life to be joyful as I go through life and touch as many lives as I can because you did just that.

Baba Sanni , Ifedayo ,Fikayo, Adebomi, Tobiloba and I will definitely miss you.
I pray that God upholds, comforts and strengthens your husband and the boys.

Rest In Peace Dr Oluwayemisi Bamidele Sanni ( Nee Aletan )

Posted by Yinka Abraham-Silas on March 19, 2021
Yemisi, as you have moved house, continue to rest at the bosom of ABBA Father. Olododo ki iku, sleep on Yemisi as your legacy lives on. We may not know why but, YHVH knows why. Enjoy your new home & we will meet at the feet of Yahushua. Rest in perfect peace ore, you will be greatly missed.
Posted by Olugbenga Okeyode on March 19, 2021
Mummy, you were a lovely and virtuous woman. You radiated love everywhere you go, always making people happy. You were also very generous and caring. You were a wonderful grama to my children, my family will forever miss you........sleep on until we meet to part no more.
Posted by Oluwaranti Ilori on March 19, 2021
Yemsoso as fondly called by Me nd other close Friends will be greatly missed by My entire household.
I can say categorically that the greatness of the strength of love became very real to Me when I met You during Our first Year in Oyo College Ilesa in 1983. Ours is love at first sight during first semester registration,You received me with open arms and Your arms remained opened for Me till You took Your last breath.
 A wonderful,compassionate nd supportive Friend You are to Me nd My Children. I still remembered how You took good care of Me while I was pregnant of My first Child Tinuade who You picked as Your Little bride for Your wedding.During those periods You will assist me in carrying my seat to the lecture hall,carry my bag,cook my soup nd food nd ensured I took my drugs as If I'm a Baby.
 You stood solidly behind Me during nd throughout My marital challenges,You never for once stayed away from Me.
Our relationship In Oyo College was that of a twin Sisters,We shared everything in common,You were very humorous just like Me nd so most of the time we were seen together laughing or Joking.With Yemisi there was never a dull moment.
No one has ever settled rifts for Us as spinsters and even as married women throughout Our time together,its a rare thing to happen among two Girlfriends.
 She was not wayward,She is peace loving,a pillar of supports in all ramifications to all nd sundry.
How can I forget the day I called You to accommodate Tinuade My Daughter when She gained admission newly to UCH ,Your reply was"Se tori Yen lo se n pe o serious"" You received nd treated Tinuade as Your Biological Daughter throughout Her stay nd even watched over when She no longer stayed with You.
 You were fully involved in Tinuade's wedding both financially nd morally.
You were very accommodating that You were never disturbed with My stay in Your home anytime I visited .Your Darling Husband has taken Me to be integral part of Yoioii.ere discuss nd enjoy Ourselves to the fullest whenever I visited.
 Yemisi,Your support,advises nd guidance can not
You referred to Me as a brilliant Student ,but Your brilliance surfaces mine nd I thank God Your brilliance took You to the envious position of a Doctor of philosophy(PHD)
You loved Me unconditionally, it was reflected in Your acts nd deeds towards Me nd My Children.
It was a great shock when I received the news of Your demise ,it was disheartening, I cried my.eyes out rolled on the floor alas non of this could change the fact that You had gone to be with the Lord
A very hardworking, energetic,diligent responsible Personality You are.
Continue to take care and shield Your loving nd caring husband nd Your two wonderful Children as You did while alive.
You came,You fought nd You conquered.I take solace in the fact that You have bn with the Lord resting.
Posted by Felix Attah on March 19, 2021

Mama Dayo, I was shocked at the news of your demise. Just 20 minutes after discussing with Prof on phone, you gave up. You have put a period to our usual one-word joke "WELDON". A word you could not resist putting smiles on your face each time it comes on board our discussion.
You were a real mother to Prof and to your children. May your soul rest in perfect peace in Jesus name, amen.
For the family, Prof, the owner of the soul has taken it. Romans 8:28 says "We know that in all things God works for good with those who love him".
At the mountain of transfiguration, the disciples looked up and saw only Jesus. Moses and Elijah disappeared. So, look unto Jesus. Accept my condolences.
From Dr Felix Uroko Attah
Posted by Oloye Gbola Raji on March 19, 2021
Adieu Dr. Yemisi Sanni, may your soul rest in peace. We shall miss you as a family for you are a wonderful woman who was ready at any point in time to sacrifice personal comfort, time and finance whenever one is in distress. How many can I remember? But this year 2021 saw me very deeply ill and at home whilst my wife was hospitalized. You made it your duty to take food to hospital for my wife and send food to me daily at home. After discharge from hospital, you were the expert who came to counsel my wife and gave her courage to recover fast. Is it the bucket of Ogi sent to her I want to remember or cooler of rice and stew? You were just wonderful and strong with a lot of endurance. I pray God to uphold your husband and the children and comfort them. Also I pray God to reward your family with all the goodness you did in this world and for God to rest you in Paradise.
Keep resting till the end.
Posted by Joseph Binuyo on March 19, 2021
Dr. (Mrs.) Yemisi Sanni is an asset with unquantifiable worth. I met her first at a business centre close to Bank Anthony Hall - U. I, very humane, kind and straightforward. Later discovered she's my Oga wife. 
May you rest and enjoy bountifully in the arms of your saviour -Aunty Yemisi.
Your translation into eternity is a shock! May God comfort and console my Oga, the boys and us all.
Posted by Momoh Agbomehre on March 19, 2021
Dr Oluwayemisi Bamidele Sanni a woman with a large heart. I met you so many years ago in the Department of Adult Education as one of the post graduate students of the department. I never knew that I will be the one to supervise your Ph.d . You were such a lovely and lively were not just my student, but a friend and a sister and there is no dull moment with you.who are we to question God . Sleep on my amiable sister till we meet to part no more.
Posted by Ọlátúndé Ọdẹjáyí on March 19, 2021
Mummy Dayo lived a life worthy of emulation. Growing up and even till the time she was called to glory, she was never shy to be honest about things around. She would rather not talk than give a misleading opinion or reaction.

Her demise is still a rude shock to me, its absolutely unbelievable.

God sure knows best, and His thoughts towards us all are good and I choose to believe that He has called her home because that is what is best for her.

I pray that God will give Daddy Dayo, Dayo and Fikayo as well as everyone the strength to live each day with encouraging memories of her, amen.
Posted by Akinola Gbadebo on March 19, 2021
I considered myself very fortunate to have cause to interact and relate with Dr. (Mrs.) Oluyemi Sanni ( nee Aleta). During the course of our interaction, Dr. Sanni encouraged me to take my Ph.d issue more serious than that of unionism. She did every thing humanly possible so that I can complete my Ph.d programme on the record time - unfortunately, I am still on it! Dr. Oluwayemi Sanni has gone, do I have any motivator again? Oh! My sister, we loved you but God loves most! Continue to rest on the blossom of your creator till we meet no more to part. Adieu, Dr. (Mrs.) Oluwayemi Sanni.
Posted by Yomi Layinka on March 19, 2021
The death of any one of us could either be a moment of grief or a time of thanksgiving. I choose to thank God for the grace he gave to my friend’s wife and partner, Dr Yemisi Sanni to come unto the earth as a blessing unto mankind.

May the Lord accept her soul and grant Lekan and the family the fortitude to bear her loss
Posted by Olufunmilayo Adegunle on March 19, 2021
For the few times I had the opportunity to have met you, there was always this aura of calmness around you. You always had a smile and a gentle response to my greetings.
'Ki iwaju ti e doju ko kio dara. Eyin ti e fi si le ki o dara'. Rest in perfect peace. May God grant the family the fortitude to bear the loss.
Posted by Temitope Oyewale on March 19, 2021
You had one of the best hearts I ever met in my entire life anyone could have asked for. Thank you for everything you ever did, you will forever remain in our thoughts and hearts.

You adopted My sister and I at the late hours of your lifetime and it feels like we've known you forever☹☹

Memories of our journeys and discussions to and fro Oyo state will for ever linger in my thoughts as new as yesterday. Your love was pure as the spring waters without blemish.

Rest on Princess, Dr, Mrs Yemisi Sanni

I love you so much mummy
Posted by Babatunde Paul Olawale on March 19, 2021
An icon you will forever be, rest on with the Lord till we meet again. May the Lord be with the family you are leaving behind.
Posted by Baba Sanni on March 19, 2021
Baba Arayesebolatan Eluwole SANNI
You never told me that
I'm the one to bury Yemisi
When you handed the
Headship of the family to me.

Mama Comfort Opa SANNI
You never told me that
I'm the one to bury Yemisi when you passed on to glory.

Mama Ebunlomo SANNI
I was beside you when you passed on.
You never hinted me that I'm the one to bury Yemisi.

Parents. Why? Why?

Yemisi, my wife,
Daughter of Aletan
Mother of Ifedayo
Mother of Fikayo
Soulmate of Lekan.

Bí o bá dé'lé kí o kí ará ilé
(Greet those you meet at home when you get home)

Bí o bá dé ònà kí o kí èrò ònà
(Greet those you meet on your way as you journey home)

Bí o bá dé òrun kí o se òrun re.
(Do well when you get to heaven)

Má je òkùn
(Do not eat millipedes)
Má je ekòló
(Do not eat earthworms)

Ohun tí wón bá nje ní òrun in kí o je.
(Eat anything edible in heaven)

Greet Baba Arayesebolatan SANNI

Greet Mama Òpá SANNI

Greet Mama Ebunlomo SANNI

Greet Sister Foluke SANNI

Greet Bolarinwa SANNI

Greet Risikatu SANNI

Greet Oni SANNI

Greet Ayokunle SANNI

Greet Omololu's wife.

Greet Omoyemi SANNI

Greet all those who had gone before you.

Tell them that Lekan loved you

Tell them that Dayo loved you

Tell them that Fikayo loved you.

Tell them that we all loved you.

Tell them that we took care of you.

Tell them that we did our best for you.

Tell them that none of them hinted me that I am the one to bury you
Posted by Femi Oyedeji on March 19, 2021
Who are we to question GOD? Death is a divine arrangement borne out of love of GOD to mankind. To them that lives and die for HIM, it is eternal bliss. We take solace in the fact that you lived for HIM, surely, eternal bliss is yours. Rest on sister. Good night
Posted by Adebisi Adeniji on March 19, 2021
May the gentle soul of our sister Yemisi Sanni rest in perfect peace IJMN.

The Lord will grant my dear brother Prof Lekan Sanni and all the family the fortitude to bear this great loss IJMN.

Sorry to hear about this Biola. The Lord will be and keep all of us remaining safe in His secret pavilion IJN. Amen.
Posted by Ibrahim Dabara Daniel on March 19, 2021
It is quite disheartening missing you at this moment. We will have loved to have you for some more time. But obviously the Lord needed you to come home now. though painful we submit to the will of God. Rest on mummy
Posted by Toluwani Oladejo on March 19, 2021
My encounter with you was brief and the joy and peace you give do radiate in the family. My heartiest condolence to my inestimable Prof Sanni and the family! May God give you the strength to overcome this loss. Rest on..Till we meet again.
Posted by Olori Adewuyi on March 19, 2021
It is very sad indeed to hear about your demise, you and my younger sister were very closed as friends. You were always there for her children when your friend was no more, may Almighty God rest your soul in peace, and may he gives the family you left behind strength to carry on, sleep on my dear Yemisi until we all meet to part no more IJMN ❤
Posted by Abiodun Jogunola on March 19, 2021
My first encounter with Dr.(Mrs.) Sanni was in July 2019 when I joined the University of Ibadan, in the same faculty with our Daddy, Prof. Sanni. Her reception of me was very warm when she knew I was a new member of staff. Subsequently, anywhere she sees me she would be the first to greet me if I don't see her. The last time we saw and greeted was about two weeks before she was called Home by her Father, hence it was very shocking to hear of her demise. We take solace in the truth that she is in a better place far better than this earth we are. May the LORD continue to grant her peaceful eternal rest, and comfort the family and all of us she left behind. Good Night, Ma.
(Abiodun Jogunola, Department of Estate Management, University of Ibadan)
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Posted by Eunice Oluyinka on March 25, 2021
As we mourn you here,I pray for eternal rest for your soul and light perpetual to shine upon you Amen God will grant your loved ones great fortitude to bear the great loss in Jesus name Amen ADIEU
Posted by Festus Olugbenga Agboola on March 25, 2021
May her soul continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord. Only God can comfort you, my brother. Such a loving wife and mother. It is well.
Posted by Bisi Obawole on March 24, 2021
A loving, kind and amiable sister! The peace of the Lord is your reward. Sleep well and good night.
her Life


On the 6th of August 1965, when Mama Esther Idowu Aletan, wife of Pa Joseph Oladapo Aletan of Arapate Compound Imesi-Ile gave birth to her fourth daughter, Little did the people realise that an icon had entered the Aletan family. The father Pa J.O. Aletan was so excited by the birth of the fourth daughter that he bought a Christened Oluyemisi Bamidele Aletan on the 8th day.

Little ‘Yemisi had her early education in many primary schools because of her father’s constant transfers. She later completed her primary education at AUD, Ogbon-Agbara, Ile-Ife. She attended the prestigious Our Lady’s High School Ile Ife between 1976 and 1981. Her craving for knowledge saw her proceeding to Oyo State College of Education Ilesha where she obtained her NCE in 1986. Between 1989 and 1992, she pursued her M.T.D. Program at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife where she laid the record of being the first and the only graduant in the First Class(Honors) in Language and Communications Arts Education. She obtained her higher degrees, M.E.D and Doctors of Philosophy(Ph.D) in Adult Education from the University of Ibadan, The first and the Best University in Nigeria. 
A very Industrious and enterprising lady, despite her having a first class Honors degree from OAU. She did not allow her inability to secure white collar employment dampen her morale. She ventured into petty trading and lolly (hygienic lolly) production before she secured the position of a class teacher at Lagelu Grammar School, Ibadan in 1999. In 2011, she transferred her services to the Federal College of Education (Special) Oyo, as an Assistant Lecturer In the department of Adult and Non Formal Education. She has risen to the position of Senior Lecturer and had prepared her Curriculum vitae for the promotion to the position of Principal Lecturer before her sudden transition to glory.
A mother of two boys - Ifedayo and Oluwafikayomi - she was a doting mother and wife always ready to sacrifice everything for her family, her relatives, friends, neighbours and colleagues. She was also a very active member of the methodist family- Methodist Church Bodija Ibadan. She came, she fought gallantly, conquered and enjoyed a triumphant exit.
May God grant her eternal rest in His blossom. Amen
Recent stories
Shared by Kasim Faith on March 19, 2021
Dr Mrs Oluyemisi Sanni it is very hard to refer to you using the past tense. I am still in shock but I have consolation that you had gone home to be with the Lord. You had seen and conquered by always radiating love and care. With this I have the consolation and assurance that love and care will not depart from those you left behind. It is well until will meet again in the best place prepared for the Saints like you. I will always cherish your impactful memory
Shared by Adeleke Olusola on March 19, 2021
EYIN KAN, ILE ERIN WO (when teeth are removed, laughing becomes a burden) I don't know how to put my words together Dr. Yemisi when I read you are no more. It saddens my heart. I pray to God protect all what you left behind and give Prof. the fortitude to bear the loss. Dr. Yemisi rest on till we meet in the Bossom of our Lord Jesus Christ. Adieu good night

My life with Dr Oluwayemisi Bamidele Sanni

Shared by Ayo-Alabi Abiodun on March 19, 2021
We met for the first time on September 1976 when we were admitted into form 1 in Our lady's high School Ile-Ife. We were both in Form 1c and the journey continues through Our College of Education days, and I can still remember many of our codes together. Deep into marital lives we exchange views, gists into the night,watching our weight and health together, but so surprised we hardly settle quarrel, such a free and loving relationship, and we talk frankly whenever the need arose.
But never crossed my mind that our time together will be cut off this soon at her prime.But as her Jehovah's witness Friend, having hope of seeing her soon in paradise on earth in no distant time limited my sorrow at this critical time. My prayer is that God in his infinite mercy will uphold my egbon, Prof Sanni, Oladayo that opened my friend's womb and Oluwafikayomi my friend's resemblance, and strengthen you all to be able to bear the irreparable loss.