This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Omolola Oye-Igbemo, 50 years old, born on December 7, 1968, and passed away on March 28, 2019. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Miriam Imevbore on April 5, 2021
Dearest Lola, you will never be forgotten. Your beautiful spirit lives on. You touched so many. I thank God for bringing you into my life. Love always.
Posted by Teniola Bankole-Olusina on April 5, 2021
Never forgotten ❤️
Posted by Obiajulu Ogoh on April 1, 2021
My darling sister Lola you will always be missed. I will always love you dear. Keep resting in the lord till we meet again amen
God will continue to protect and love your family amen
Posted by Ronke Adeshoga on March 30, 2021
You are so dearly missed!!!!!. Your memories are too sweet to be forgotten. Continue to rest on. May God continue to comfort your family.
Posted by Oluwaronke Oluokun on March 28, 2021
You are still missed, dear Pastor Lola! May the Lord continue to comfort your family and friends in Jesus mighty name
Posted by Udeme UKPONG on March 28, 2021
Never forgotten for her love towards our children at Jesus House, Port Harcourt and the time she personally invested in John and Elijah. May the righteous remain in everlasting remember.

Anie & Udeme Ukpong
Posted by Bimpe Oyeluyi on March 28, 2021
Sleep on my friend and sister.
Posted by Odiye Damilola on March 28, 2021
It's 2 years today Mum. No day passes without thinking of you. I miss you soooooooo much. I want to rant sometimes but there's no one to do that with. Mum, I cherish our last days together.

I love you endlessly! I wait till the day we will meet to part no more. Say hello to Jesus for me.
Posted by Idayatu Braithwaite on December 8, 2020
Beautiful lady continue to rest in peace. You are surely missed.
Posted by Nomso Esenwa on December 7, 2020
Ego nwannem as we fondly called each other, I woke up this morming with fond memories of you flooding my heart and mind. You are a Star. Your smiling face and our Identity gap tooth just before my face. I smiled in response . Forever in my heart. Sleep on my lovely dearest sister.
Posted by Funmito Agusto on December 7, 2020
Fondly Remembered!
Cherished memories
Posted by Obiajulu Ogoh on December 7, 2020
My darling sister as We always called you Aunty lolly lolly, you are still and always be missed forever sis. May you continue to rest in the blossoms of the lord amen
I love you forever my sister❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Miriam Imevbore on December 7, 2020
My dear friend. Love personified. Seems just like yesterday. Still miss you loads.
Posted by Nomso Esenwa on April 11, 2020
On 28th march 2020, I celebrated the Life of one of the most wonderful, Awesone, Sweet, Amiable, firm, loving ,caring, honest, God fearing, dedicated, Sister, Friend, Mother, Teacher of the word, Evangelist, etc that ever walked the surface of this Earth.
Omolala,Efe,Ego Oyeigbeomo.
I remember that call from Mimi, as I alighted from the plane.
I know you are having fun. Thoughts of you fill my heart each day but especially on 28 march 2020, with fond memories. I am glad our paths crossed. I miss you but I know you are great up there. This is my consolation.
Live on my darlyn sister.
Live on Daughter of Zion.
Live on Great Minister of God in word and in deed.
Your legacy speaks volumes.
Thank you for impacting my life positively.
Your captivating smiles just flashed my face now.
Ego nwannem, as we called each other live on.
See what you did at your final transition into glory, A lovely group was born called " Connected by Love @Lola"
The group is as beautiful as you are. Thanks you!
You are always with us, thank you.
Posted by Oluwaronke Oluokun on March 31, 2020
My dearest Pst Lola! Beloved! As you kept calling those of us that were lucky to work with you at the junior church! We all still miss you and I certainly think about you often! Continue to rest, beloved! May the Lord continue to comfort and keep Pst and David and his sisters!!!
Posted by Udeme UKPONG on March 30, 2020
Ha, though one year has passed yet tears till roll down my eyes for the beautiful life of Sis Lola.

May our Lord Jesus Christ bring us into the multiple seasons of great joy as He is very faithful to His people. Come, a great calm, after that great storm!

Udeme Ukpong
Posted by Obiajulu Ogoh on March 29, 2020
My darling sister for life, you are so missed but continue to rest in the lord till we meet to part no more amen
Posted by Bola Sodipo on March 29, 2020
Rest on Lola
Posted by Bimpe Oyeluyi on March 29, 2020
Sleep on, Ore mi atata. Miss you sha
Posted by Isoken Elijah on March 29, 2020
We remember today our late sister Omolola Oye-Igbemo nee Aghedo (AGGS1984 set) who went to be with d Lord a year ago. May God continue to be with her family and comfort her loved ones in Jesus name. Amen.
Posted by Tolulope Ita on March 29, 2020
Rest on Lola.
Posted by Faith Lanre-Olugbeje on March 28, 2020
Its been a year you left us here to be with the Lord but it feels just like yesterday.
I still miss you Sis.
I still miss your voice,
I still miss your love and prayers.
Continue to rest in God's Bossom.
Posted by Adesola Asade on March 28, 2020
You are indeed forever in our hearts Lola. Sleep on beautiful Angel.
Posted by Oluwatoyin Da-Costa on March 28, 2020
Continue to rest in perfect peace at the bossom of our Lord Jesus...away from the troubles of this world....
Posted by Isoken Elijah on December 8, 2019
My dear sister, Rest on in peace. You were gentle as a dove with your smile so captivating. Voice so soft and soothing, blown away with the wind. Your spirit soared, high above d skies, to meet with God our creator. Leaving those here with broken hearts. Lollipop, rest on in the Lord, till we meet to part no more.
Posted by Oluwaronke Oluokun on December 7, 2019
Pst Lola, still can't believe you are gone! I miss you!!! May the Lord continue to keep and comfort Pst and the children in Jesus name! Love you!!!!
Posted by Funmito Agusto on December 7, 2019
Today a gem stone would have being a year older.

Rest in Perfect Peace Omolola❤
Posted by Christy Nkah on May 10, 2019
Lola, still can’t come to terms with the news of your passing, I will always miss you but I will take solace in the beautiful moments we shared, they were always delightful.
Rest peacefully in the bosom of our Lord - Jesus Christ.
Posted by Iwasam Agube on May 4, 2019
We learnt a lot from you when we were kids. Most of all, we will remember you for all the songs you taught us, the times we spent with you, and all the joy you left in our hearts through those times. You will continue to be in our hearts. We will not forget all the joy, until we meet again. Farewell Aunty Lola.
Posted by Aleruchi Alakija on May 2, 2019
So sad to hear of your passing. You were so passionate about evangelism and with very good inter-personal skills. May God comfort your husband and children. Rest on Sister Lola.
Posted by Nkechi Onyenso on April 25, 2019
Still can not believe I won’t see you in Grange soon.
How was I to know that the 2018 Grange PTA Journal would be the very last we would do together?
How was I to know that the Delliote Programme our children did together would be the very last you would attend?
How was I to know that my 40th birthday was the very last you would celebrate with me?
How was I to know that you would never have that 50th birthday you talked about?
My heart weeps for your children. They were very strong at your service of songs.
You raised them well Lola. You were a great mother. I learnt so much from you Lola.
Thank you for sharing your life with me.
Good night my friend.
Sleep peacefully.
Posted by Deji AJ on April 22, 2019
My Father in heaven, Lola I was in so much denial, hoping this was a cruel joke, & that if I delayed facing this long enough, it would pass, alas here we are...…It's funny I met you long after I met & worked with David; it always felt like I had known you for ages. You were so kind & unassuming, always with a broad smile & ready to help & advise. I still can't believe you are gone but the Lord knows best. I pray HE continues to strengthen the loving family you left behind, you labour over them will not be in vain in Jesus' name.
Rest well Angel, all is well. Deji Ajibola.
Posted by Joke Mabadeje on April 21, 2019
Not one day has passed since I heard about your passing without me thinking about you.... Though my knowing you was short but I had great & deep admiration for you. You tried many times to reach out but I was too busy with things I don't even remember now..... your passing though shocking & sad opened up more areas I need to do a lot better. Sleep well Pastor Lola. I pray the good Lord continues to uphold your beautiful family...Your memories are truly sweet.
Posted by Deda Ade on April 17, 2019
Pastor Lola!! Your passing has been shocking but we thank God for the life you lived. You were/are indeed a bright light and your light will shine through your children
Rest well Pastor Lola
Posted by Adenike Fodeke on April 17, 2019
Words have failed me since I heard the news that you are no longer with us, that I will never see your infectious smile, feel the warmth that you exude again. They say we shouldn't question God, but I have pondered in my heart why you left us so soon. I am however comforted by the fact that you have fought the fight, you have finished the race, and you kept the faith. I thank God that I had the opportunity to know you. I pray and trust that the Lord will uphold your husband and your children and keep them in Him until the very end.
Posted by Audrey Abayomi on April 17, 2019
My dear lola ,
Its taken me so long to write this because i thought writing this made this all so final . Well here we are. Today is your service of songs and i can see you smiling your beautiful gap toothed smile from heaven as you look down on us all as we remember you. We will miss you. I am sad but happy at the same time because i know where you are .
Rest on dear sister beloved of the Lord .
Lots of love
Posted by Margaret Adeyemi on April 16, 2019
Beautiful, friendly Lola.
Thoughts of you leave a warm glow in my heart.
I remember clearly when you first came to King’s Court. The first thing my husband and I noticed about you was your zeal. You were a woman on fire for the Father’s business.

We became better friends when you became an LPS parent.
From there the relationship was effortless.
You really were beautiful inside and out.
Caring ,very caring I should add.
I was so shocked and saddened to hear the news. What hit me the most was how deep a loss this would be for the children and for Pastor David.
Only the Holy Spirit can fill the gaping void you’ve left in their lives and in the body of Christ on this side of the devide.
Warm, sweet Lola you’ve finished your race and you left no doubt which race you were on.
Woman of God, I thank God for the blessing of knowing you. We will uphold David, Deborah and Danielle in prayer. God is faithful!
Till we meet at Jesus’ feet.
Margaret and Tola Adeyemi
Posted by Ronke Adeshoga on April 16, 2019
Lola my sweet sis. Beautiful inside and outside. It's so rare to find people like your kind of heart. I call you sister because over the years you have taught me that beyond friendship there is yet another vacuum which special people like you fill. I can talk to you about anything and you were always willing to give an advice. You were always happy for my breakthroughs. I am so grateful to God for the years of friendship and for the love you showed me. Can I begin to talk on and on about your magical ways with children . Truely magical. Hmmmmm! This pain is deep. Heaven has indeed gained an Angel. I love you and I will miss you. I am reassured and comforted knowing that you are in that place of internal bliss, peace and joy unspeakable . Good night my darling friend and sister. May your gentle soul rest in peace.
Posted by Chineze Gbenga-Oluwatoye on April 15, 2019
Dear,dear Lola, you were such an exemplar of peace and love, grace and truth. Thank you for always looking out for Zim & I even before our girls became close. Now we're both trying to follow your example & will trust God to make it count. Rest on...
Posted by Olusegun Oyebanji on April 15, 2019
My dear Boss, So sad to hear about the passing of your beloved wife. On behalf of my family, please accept our condollences. May her soul rest in perfect peace. Amen
Warmest Regards
Olusegun Oyebanji
Posted by Udeme UKPONG on April 15, 2019
Dearly Beloved Pastor David Oye-Igbemo & lovely children,
It really pains to think of Sis Lola & begin to use past tenses to talk of a young lady full of life, smiles, full of love, a great encourager & a deep Christian worker. BUT with all our pains, I must give thanks to JESUS CHRIST who has the full picture & no one can query Him.
Sis Lola was expressive, open, "easy to connect" & flow wife of Pastor David and mother of your lovely children. How she went about encouraging us when we had our first child, John, will never be forgotten by us. Beyond the encouragement, she kept her two (2) eyes on John in the children's church of Jesus House, PH and monitored his progress.
When we met in Lagos in December 2018, I had asked you about her and the lovely children (Ore, Daniela, Jobba) & wanted to know if Ore was in the university already. You assured that, by His grace, you were looking at 2 years more or so for him to be in the university. I made a mental note to telephone and talk with your family but did not get to do that though I was praying for all families of Pastors close to my family.
No doubt, a very big vacuum has been created in your lives but accept it as a shared loss. ALL of us will miss her but her memories & legacies at the children's church of Jesus House, Port Harcourt will endure.
May the Lord Jesus Christ so comfort you to receive strength to move ahead. May affliction of this type never come our way again in Jesus name! May all the promises of God for your family still come to pass. May we all take a lesson that it is better to be in the house of mourning than the house of feasting - Eccles 7:2.
Eternity is real, let us prepare for that home that Jesus Christ has prepared for us.
Posted by Aniefiok Ukpong on April 15, 2019
A tribute to Sister Lola Oye-Igbemo
Sister Lola was a dearly beloved sister. She was a great encouragement to me as a person. She was great with children and had a wonderful interpersonal relationship. She was always a joy to be with. Simple, always cheerful and full of life. Her faith in God was an unwavering one. Her testimonies attest to God`s faithfulness in her life.
News of her demise shocked me greatly. It was indeed painful news.I know she loved the Lord and served the Lord with her whole heart. I am comforted by the fact that she has gone to be with her maker.
My prayer is that the Lord, the God that never fails, the Almighty God will uphold strengthen and comfort her husband, Pastor David and their lovely children the way only He can.
May Sister Lola`s sweet soul rest in perfect peace in the bosom of Jesus, the Lover of her soul.
Aniefiok Ukpong
Posted by Damilola Omogbenigun on April 14, 2019
Pastor Lols as I fondly called you and you’ll answer darling with your bright, sincere and heart warming smile. You were a real woman of God. You were not just about your Father’s business, you chased after your Father’s business. Anything that had nothing to do with His business you were not really interested in it. Pastor Lols gentle yet firm when it had to do with her Father’s business. You were a great mother to your children David jnr, Deborah and Danielle ( you wanted to make sure they were rooted in God’s word and they sure turned out right). Will miss you dearly but I am rest assured that your smile goes on as you bask in our Father’s glory. Keep singing and smiling daughter of Zion.
For your children this is the assurance I have in God’s words which says “ I have never seen the righteous forsaken nor his seed begging bread”
Posted by Morin Desalu on April 14, 2019
I met Danielle’s Mommy at AISL - Adeniran was in Danielle’s class. Your children simply excelled, they read voraciously like books were food. I must admit you had me feeling incompetent. Later I understood your love of books and how your children inherited it. Then you sold chickens, rather passionately too ... I was always welcome in your home. This entire departure took me by surprise and shook me, but I have learnt to say “It is well”. May the Lord send help to take care of your family, Amen. Rest In Peace Lola.
Posted by Tobee Awosika on April 13, 2019
It is sad to have you go but even more brutal to have to admit it; to have to admit that you have really left us. Thank you for your generousity, your constant support and motivation. You are truly on the kindest and sweetest souls, and what a great fortune to not only have crossed paths with you but to also know you and be considered family, to have the opportunity to know your brilliant children. David, Debra and Danielle things will be different, I am sure they already are. I'm sorry for your loss. Please have courage. May God strengthen and uphold you.
Our comfort during this time is the assurance that she is in heaven. She was a wonderful place and heaven is a place fit for her. Rest well Pastor Lola Oye-Igbemo❤.
Posted by CHARLES NWATUGHARA on April 13, 2019
This is an unsettling development. It was earlier today that I got to know.
We were in RCCG Jesus House, Port Harcourt. I attended her wedding to Bro David.
In Jesus House, Sis Lola was completely sold to the children's church. Her zeal was boundless and there was this haste and urgency in her approach. I now understand.
It's well with the family she has left behind and I know God will speedily comfort them. Amen.
Posted by Ehi Elaiho on April 12, 2019
We haven't been in touch or seen for many years. Yet it feels like I just lost someone so close. The impact you made as my teacher in children's church of Jesus House never left me. A lot of the Bible verses I know today I learnt in Sunday school. Rest in the Lord Aunty Lola. Heaven truly gained an angel.
Posted by Osasu Elaiho on April 12, 2019
Aunty Lola! Hearing of your passing took me by storm and utmost shock. I will never forget your teachings while being my teacher way back when in Children's Church at Jesus House.
You had a kind heart and even when I met you again so many years later in Lagos you still remembered me.
I never thought this day would come and I am pained! May your soul rest in peace.
Heaven just gained an Angel
Posted by Joyce Okpoko-Efemuai on April 12, 2019
Words are not enough to express my feelings at this point. I pray your soul rests firmly in the bosom of the lord.
My thoughts are with your family I pray for strength, it is a huge loss . Please family be strong.
Posted by Jeanne Ubogu on April 12, 2019
What more can I say?
It’s all been said!
I had known you for a while from our kids’ school and we exchanged greetings and chatted whenever we had the opportunity to. If I was running late for school runs you helped have an eye on my kids. Likewise, I did the same. Whenever you were running late, you could call sometimes to say “Jeanne please help have an eye on the kids. I am close by.”
David is my second daughter’s age mate and classmate and I always found him with a book. I discovered your love for books and you told me you had an online bookstore.
I worked closely with you during one of our summer reading programs where you helped us to order books through Scholastics Books and I saw through your honesty and your sincere love for God.
As I write this, I feel tears running through my eyes and still find it incredibly difficult to believe you are gone!
I hadn’t seen you in a few years but I remembered speaking with you on phone and assuring you all was well.
And truly I know you have gone to be with our maker in a place you truly deserve to be.
Adieu my dear sister and rest in perfect peace through Christ our Lord. Amen
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Posted by Miriam Imevbore on April 5, 2021
Dearest Lola, you will never be forgotten. Your beautiful spirit lives on. You touched so many. I thank God for bringing you into my life. Love always.
Posted by Teniola Bankole-Olusina on April 5, 2021
Never forgotten ❤️
Posted by Obiajulu Ogoh on April 1, 2021
My darling sister Lola you will always be missed. I will always love you dear. Keep resting in the lord till we meet again amen
God will continue to protect and love your family amen
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Omolola Oye-Igbemo was a loving wife, amazing mother, wonderful sister, dotting friend, and a warrior in the house of the Lord.

We will like you to drop your condolences and share your memories (pictures or videos) about this selfless champion who has gone to rest in God’s blossom.

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Shared by Sandra Yoroh on April 12, 2019

I know a woman, she thought me love ❤️ when I felt this does not exist it’s superficial, she thought me faith in a different dimension she though me warmth affection to the children and family when I thought toughness is the game plan to raise them. Her integrity baffles me ,with her, business was always just a handshake deal for me,she always strives to deliver on every commitment she makes to you . She always saw good in every thing and everyone, always drumming it into my ears that Heaven is the real deal. Loving, caring, dedicated to all and any course you bring to her. She is indeed a mother, a friend .a pastor my prayer partner and my super motivator. I Love you pastor Loooooola , I always say thi to her You are gone to be with the Lord, but your memory lingers on, I still think it’s all a dream but !!!!!!!! It’s real!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Adieu my dearest Pastor Lola

Painful Exit

Shared by Kelechi Igbokwe on April 8, 2019

With pain in my heart, I write this  tribute to Mrs. Lola Oye-Igbemo who, in the short period of time that I knew her made a positive impact in my life...she was soft-spoken, kind hearted, motivating and a counsellor  not only to people who were close but anyone who came in contact with her.

She was a blessing to the Grange School community with her love for reading and service.

She shall forever be missed.

May her gentle soul rest in the blossom of our Lord.

Till we meet again to part no more

Shared by Obiajulu Ogoh on April 8, 2019

Auntie Lola as I call you, and someone said to me why do you call her auntie, she is only a year older than you. I laughed and said she is my auntie, friend, sister and even mum. When I am off key you play mum, real mother hen you are. even when we go to the market. In my house sister & friend, we opened up to each other no secrets, we laugh, cry, eat,  pray and praise together. It feels like I have known you all my life sis. No body to call me Obilicious again. You called me sweet and yet you are the sweetest one sis. 

I miss you so much and will always cherish our times together forever till we meet again in glory.  Papa miss you too & your son Ore. He even told some of the moms not to till me about the news, I asked him why? He said I will be really hurt. So right he is. 

You will be forever in my world. Continue to rest in the