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I never imagined a day I'd use this site but I guess it came too early for me. I love how you can post pictures, music, tributes and a whole lot of other things. Its features are versatile as compared to other sites I previously considered and that's why I chose forever missed. Perhaps it explains why it's more expensive than others, but worth it if you ask me.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this site. Having my daughter's site on here is such a help for me and my family. And since she passed when 3 of her kids were under 3, they'll get to know her in a way they wouldn't have if this site didn't exist. This year I am going to purchase a lifetime subscription.
I wanted a way to make a tribute to my late mother and to store the photos, video, audio and other memories I had of her. I found this website by accident but I have been very satisfied. The lifetime subscription the one time payment is affordable and well worth it, the interface of the website is well made and easy to use, I give it a 5 out of 5 well done.
This is the second time I've used Forever Missed to create a memorial website--first in 2019 for my mother and now for my father. The site enables you and anyone else who knew your loved one to share photos and stories. Everyone with whom I've shared these sites has loved them. And they are available forever to those who follow us to see the history of our family.
This platform gave me and my family the opportunity to meet in one place virtually to celebrate the memories of our beloved father. The outlook and several helpful options of the site makes it very easy to navigate and share our tributes, stories and upload videos and pictures easily. Thank you Forevermissed.
I truly like using The staff are very helpful and they always answer your questions accurately. As for the the website, it is very well created and it is very easy for people to choose the design and most importantly, it is very easy to add pictures and edit. I would definitely recommend anyone to use if they want to honor a loved one. Another reason why I like their service is because you can share it with people you know and I also like the fact that you pay only one time and will last forever. I appreciate all the good service provided by the people who work at because they really do take the time to keep you happy.
This website gave me an easy way to honor my brother through documenting stories and songs that I could share with family. It gives our family a way to go back daily or whenever they want to remember him and the impact he made on so many lives. It also helped me through the grieving process and healing. I love it and everyone who sees it has enjoyed it.
We have used Forevermissed for several deaths of family members and friends and it is an excellent resource to give you control and flexibility in the most challenging times. The ability to put up your own background, story, pictures, videos, and music allows the site to capture the loved one better than a funeral home and ever could. Highly recommended.
I am so happy I found this site. It has made me so happy to have a place to keep all my daughter's memories in one spot. And this site has everything I could have asked for.
After checking out several sites and reading all reviews, I ended up with I always get paid versions of anything online. It has been such a satisfying decision. Just to be able to upload your own music, add unlimited photos in the order you want, view slide show and extend these services for other family & friends was absolutely extraordinary. It took only minutes to put together. It was truly an amazing experience. Thanks for providing your services to all of my family and friends. The tool is so user friendly and stress free. I must spread the news to others. Totally AWESOME!!!
To all the people at the company at ForeverMissed.Com. You are indeed such a blessing to me, Thank You from the bottom of my heart. You are the best free website I've ever been with Thank You again. Your sincerley. Mr's Joan Taylor.
Joan is an excellent website to honor and remember the loss of loved ones. It is a Memorial Website to post not only pictures but also tributes, personal stories, and music. It is a website that provides comfort and healing on grieving family and friends. From my own experience, after the loss of my only daughter eighteen years ago, this website allowed me to create my daughter's Memorial Page which helped me tremendously in my grieving as I went back often to add more pictures and post more tributes and stories. I lost my niece unexpectedly at the age of 36, January 2022. I created a Memorial Website for her on Forevermissed, and family and friends continue to visit her website daily. Thank you, FOREVERMISSED, for providing a website that brings us comfort and healing as we grieve the loss of our loved ones!
This was my first time using the website. It was easy to use, and the response I received from friends, family, and colleagues was overwhelmingly positive. This site really gives people a place to pay tribute, and I believe that reading other posts helps a person grieve. I am very pleased with the outcome and I will definitely use again. Thank you.
Forever missed is a truly wonderful memorial site. Easy to use, easy to get set up and manage. The one time I had a question, customer support immediately responded. I am forever grateful for the forever missed site and team.
When my husband passed away, he didn't want a funeral. Instead he wanted a memorial website where people can share photos and tributes. I have searched every available memorial website and nothing came close to It's the best one I found. It's so easy to use (especially for my older relatives who aren't great with computers).
In the overwhelm of enormous grief, I was so relieved to be able to use and rely on Forever Missed, a site I used to share with loved ones, friends, acquaintences. This solved a challenging logistical problem as well, since family and friends were all over the country. With Forever Missed, loved ones could see photos, add some, read stories they might not have heard before, add their own memories and comments, too. The respectfulness, quality and professionalism of Forever Missed were all excellent. Forever Missed has also uses special algorithms to ensure privacy and safety. I would heartily recommend Forever Missed.
I am so glad I found this site I am having so much trouble accepting the loss of my grandson I raised him and he was more like a son to me He called me mom It's hard talking to family and friends about how I feel .I feel like they get tired of hearing me .This site helps me a lot I can say how I feel , talk to him and save pictures I just pray some day I can get closer and relief from this grief. It does help some having this site Thank you!
I'm glad to have found your website and thank you for offering a free plan, I really appreciate it. It's nice to have an online memorial like this where people who can't come to the funeral in person can leave their tribute online. We really appreciate you for building this website. From my family and I, thank you! God bless you more. -Cherry Fouts
Just wanted to express again how much I appreciate this lifetime website where I can briefly be with and appreciate the life my daughter had and the chance for a private moment with her at least once a year. I hope at some point, if you have not already, appreciate what a great service this is to those of us who have lost our children too early. Her daughter is now almost 9 years old and some day in the future she will visit this site... thank you again for your website... Gary Childress
When my soulmate lost his battle with cancer, we researched several memorial websites and even tried using another one and none of them compared with the ease and beauty of The site is easy to create, edit, update and navigate for the family as well as for friends who want to post their own photos and stories. We couldn't be happier with the results and experience during this very emotional time.
Thank you for recreating this website. I love that I can write my thoughts down as the years move forward and go back and reread them to see how far I come from each year. Loss is loss and that part of it never changes but it is nice to have a special place to go to.
Our family loves the features available with, and have now used the site three times. They pride themselves on not having ads, and the "Free" account is good, but we feel the "Lifetime Membership" for each memorial we made is very reasonably priced. You can post an obituary, photos, videos, visitor condolences, stories, and choose music. It's all very intuitive and easy to set up, especially during such a sensitive, delicate time in peoples lives.
This site is such a Blessing! A place where all that loved and still love Shannon can remember him, talk about him, share stories and photos of him. It is a ray of sunlight in an otherwise dark and painful world. Thank you for making it possible for us to connect with my son and with each other for Shannon.
My son passed away unexpectedly. We didn't have a chance to say goodbye, get one last hug, or say I love you. We needed a place to mourn, visit, and share memories. fit the bill. We created his memorial; a place to visit his pictures, videos, leave tributes, and share memories. It is worth every penny (and the lifetime fee is nominal). It is super easy and user friendly. Friends and family have appreciated this service tremendously. We highly recommend them.
After researching the different options for online memorials, I chose because they had the most features. (I actually created a spreadsheet for comparison.).'s memorials, to me, are also nicer in that you can choose a background so it's not just a plain site. I have created family memorials in both the paid and free versions, and I like both. I have the free version for my grandfather who passed away 20 years ago, and I decided I wanted something to celebrate him online. I think he would like it. It is definitely worth the cost for the paid site; I lost my mother unexpectedly and I was able to create a slide show that my family loves. Finally, the customer service is outstanding. I submitted a ticket because I wasn't really thinking clearly when creating my mother's memorial, and I was confused. I got a quick and courteous response.
Classy, thoughtful and very user friendly website to honor your loved one. We researched a lot of memorial sites before choosing Forever Missed. We chose it primarily for the ease of building our mother's page for ourselves and her many friends and family; with many options for us to choose from to create a warm, welcoming page reflective of her. I would not hesitate in recommending this website to honor your loved one.
My brother and my mother passed away over 20 years ago. Sometime after their passing I came across Forever Missed on my computer and checked it out to see what it was like. I was very impressed on how this program worked and decided to give it a go. Their format is very simple to follow and works beautifully. You can leave a short note, add some beautiful music and can even forward it to your family and/or friends. I have since added additional members of my family (three more) since the first two. I am very happy with this program as it gives one a chance to share and reflect how and what these family members meant to us.
I Love this sight. I recommend to everyone. To share and have pictures over videos of Loved Ones. I found it so much more comforting to share viewing a photo or video than just to a plaque at a cemetery. It's so much more of a connection for me anyway. Not that could forget but I Love they send reminders.. besides if a Loved one is buried out of town or state you always have that access to visit.
I just love that I can keep my beautiful Mom's memories going and it is great that I could share it with family and friends! This is a perfect way to remember my mother! I miss her terribly. Thank you so much for what you do! The pages is very easy to navigate, there are many features. you could share history I am very happy with it and I would recommend it! I love following you on Instagram as well.
We lost our daughter in Dec 2018. I absolutely love the ForeverMissed website. I can post about my daughter at all times. I can add a lifetime of photos. I can write to her. The thing I love most is that my family and friends, as well as hers can also add memorials and view her gallery as well. It is such a beautiful way to honor our lost loved ones. I would reccomend it to everyone!
This is one of the best memorial sites I have seen. This site takes everyone's opinions in consideration and gets back to everyone in such a timely manner. I believe this site helps anyone who comes to it with some type of healing. I cannot thank you enough with losing someone myself, as to how much this site has helped me move through it all. God bless you all !! :) Keep up the good work!!
I absolutely love service. It is friendly to use and provided for me a way to express the love I have for my son who passed away and gave the opportunity for others to share and contribute. I was not sure I would be able to create a website...but I did it and it was easy....and a profound and healing process to go through. Many thanks. Sylvie
I highly recommend this to everyone. It is very easy to create and share a tribute to a loved one. With lots of features and the ability to share stories and photos, I can’t think of a better way to announce a passing and have guests leave their comments. I chose to upgrade to add even more photos and music and I found the price very reasonable. With the cost of newspaper obituaries getting higher and higher all the time, I chose to keep the print obituary brief and include the link to my Mom’s Forever Missed page right in the obituary.
Forever Missed has given me the freedom to create a "living" memorial to my late wife, and has given me a good number of tools with which to do it. I can't conceive of a better site to remember a loved one, and the price is extremely affordable.
I just want to say THANK YOU for this site. I created a memorial page for my dearest sister, who has passed away recently. We have known each other for the whole life and I can not believe she is not with us now. This beautiful website helps me and family to keep memory about Mary alive.

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