Abdullateef Olusegun Oreagba
  • 59 years old
  • Date of birth: Apr 25, 1945
  • Place of birth:
  • Date of passing: Apr 22, 2005
  • Place of passing:
Let the memory of Abdullateef be with us forever

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Abdullateef Oreagba, 60, born on April 25, 1946 and passed away on April 22, 2005. We will remember him forever.

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Modupe Ayorinde on 17th October 2017

"I love my dad!"

This tribute was added by Bola Oreagba on 1st May 2017

"12th year anniversary, and we still miss you just as much as The very next day. I believe the longing sense of missing someone is an eternal connection of affection, which reassures that you are always with each and every one of us. Mum misses you deeply as we all do, stay in her shadow and comfort her as we all do. May you continue to be in perfect peace in God's love always"

This tribute was added by Z I on 26th April 2017

"Today, i'ld say a prayer for our faithful departed."

This tribute was added by Modupe Ayorinde on 25th April 2017

"If you were physically here and I was with you, we'll probably order some suya and coke (not coke zero please), and discuss life lessons...
Happy Birthday Pop - I will still light a candle for you today!"

This tribute was added by ijomah oputa on 22nd April 2017

"Wow 12 Years .. my most vivid memory was his amused look at me and Bola when we thought we were being "sharp". I cant even remember what mischief we were up to .. but ill never forget that look .. combination of wisdom humor and love. Great men are rare. I am blessed to have known him and thus understand why u all are so special. Stay strong."

This tribute was added by Modupe Ayorinde on 22nd April 2017

"I still find it hard to believe it's been 12 years already since you left. I wonder how life might have gone a lot more smoothly for me if you were here.
It's rather interesting that there are quite a few people around me now that truly get what's it feels like to have a hole in your heart that no one else can fill.
I love you always and I know that you are one more Angel from above watching over me and just a thought away.
Who could know for certain? Maybe you're still here...  I feel you all around me and your memory is so clear... deep in the stillness, I can hear you speak..."

This tribute was added by Modupe Ayorinde on 1st February 2017

"Lighting a candle for you today so your light continues to shine through..."

This tribute was added by Modupe Ayorinde on 25th April 2016

"Happy 70th Birthday Pops - I intend to have some cake today!

This tribute was added by lara adebanjo on 25th April 2016

"You may not be physically present here but a soul never dies, we may not be able to see or talk to you and see you smile and that is what hurts and that is why your memory is here remembered. Everyone wished you were here but you live on there but we celebrate the legacy you left behind and we strive to emulate your virtues. Live on uncle, you came, you saw and you conquered."

This tribute was added by Cheez Whiz on 23rd April 2016

"Hi Grandpa, it's hard to believe that it has been so long but we still miss you and we know you are always watching over us and I would loved to know you now that I am older. RIP :)

Aisha Ayorinde"

This tribute was added by Simbiat Oloriegbe on 22nd April 2016

"Just going through all this beautiful messages left here, I wish I could have met you. Abdullah Oreagba makes an am
azing brother-in-law so I guess I can say you would have made an amazing pops-in-law. May Allah grant you eternal peace and make it possible for us all to reunite in Jannah  someday ISA! Rest on"

This tribute was added by Aliyah ayorinde on 22nd April 2016

"Remarkable is the word that comes to mind when I think about the impact that one man can leave, even 11 years after his passing. A gentle ubiquity continues to transcend through our family, which I can only assume is a result of your continual presence in all of our lives. It's a shame you passed when I was so young; I get the feeling I would have been very close to you. Goodbye Grandpa, your memory will carry on."

This tribute was added by Vivian Molokwu on 22nd April 2016

"It's 11years already. How time flies!. We remember you now and always. We strive to be kind to strangers,  just like you taught us. That, we promise,  will never change. Rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Modupe Ayorinde on 20th April 2016

"Every April is usually the toughest but I know you are with me always. I feel your presence. I hear you clearly. I just can't see you... except when I sleep :("

This tribute was added by Modupe Ayorinde on 28th January 2016

"Happy 2016 - wondering what you are thinking now, but yet so glad you are with me everyday :)"

This tribute was added by Modupe Ayorinde on 16th October 2015

"My amazing Pops, just thinking of you as I always do and I feel so blessed to be able to feel your presence.... all is well!
Yet I miss your physical presence!
Lots and lots of love"

This tribute was added by Modupe Ayorinde on 16th July 2015

"I miss you more than even I could have ever imagine!
There's so much left to say if you were with me today face to face
I never knew I could hurt like this
And everyday life goes on, I wish I could talk to you for while
Miss you but try hard not to cry as time goes by
Though it's true that you've reached a better place
Still I'd give the world to see you face
But it's like you're gone too soon
Now the hardest thing do...
...is say bye!"

This tribute was added by Damola Ajibade on 27th April 2015

"10 years already and yet I still remember everything about you. Your warm smile that makes each person feel so special, your gentle voice that you never raise despite the occasion. Your laughter reflected in all your children. I see a part of you so clearly in each of them that its truly amazing! Rest in perfect peace Uncl"

This tribute was added by basirah oreagba on 25th April 2015

"Tribute to the best father in law. The man of faith and Noble character. You indeed lived well because you are always with peace with man and your Lord. I miss your prayers  and kind words. May we live your lofty legacy"

This tribute was added by lara adebanjo on 23rd April 2015

"Dupe just made me realise it is 10 years already. You live on in so many ways in the hearts of all and to me that means you are alive though not in the physical.I can still hear it clearly "Young lady, spend your money judiciously, those were one of many of your wise sayings echoing in our heads and guiding our lives. Thank Almighty God for a life well spent. Live on God's own general."

This tribute was added by maria oreagba on 22nd April 2015

"With you I have always had two dads - too blessed to realize it at the time. Just like my dad calm, philosophical,spirit freeing coexistence was all I ever felt. You walked with us long enough just long enough to show us the way. I have heard you a million times and these words will never be forgotten *Do not let anyone make up your mind for you*  I live it. Rest in perfect peace Daddy  xxxxx"

This tribute was added by Bola Oreagba on 22nd April 2015

"A 10th year memorial, but it feels like yesterday. Still can't believe you are gone, but we know you are always here with us all, in our hearts. We miss you so and we'll always do right by you. Our homes have grown so much with all your beautiful children & grand children, there is health, there is love & laughter, and happiness triumphs just as you would have wanted it to. We miss you today and always and your light will always kindle because of the peace you are. Alhamdulillah!"

This tribute was added by Modupe Ayorinde on 22nd April 2015

"Ten Years already! How time flies!
It still feels like yesterday.
Today I light a candle for you and remember all the pleasant memories with you growing up and even as an  adult...the many jokes we shared, the prayers you consistently showered over us and the patience you demonstrated.
Aliyah and I were chatting about you yesterday and she was very surprised to learn that I had never experienced you angry (she wished I had picked that attribute...I'm getting there though). Afterwards, I searched the corners of my brain for at least one furious moment I may have missed...none! A little displeased maybe, but never angry or furious. How is that even possible?
You are truly a hero in so many ways and the world is definitely less cool without your presence. I am very proud to have you as my dad and I miss you every single day but I do know that you're watching over us from beyond.
Rest in perfect peace Dad until we meet again."

This tribute was added by Vivian Molokwu on 22nd April 2015

"May your soul continue to rest in peace. We love you and always will.  Your hard work was not in vain. ..your children are a blessing to the world.  They make it a better place just as you taught to do.  Your grandkids too. You'd be so proud.  Rest in peace, your legacy lives on."

This tribute was added by Abdulraheem Oreagba on 15th March 2015

"Memories live with us forever. The beauty and value is living a life filled with pleasant and memorable moments. I remember after your passing how everyone offered themselves to assist with anything we (your family) needed. I also remembered how I was totally amazed by the outpoor of love by all who knew you or found out I am your son.
It is really saddening for me because it is in your absence that I truly understand when people refer to someone as being "a great man".

Daddy, my pops! You are the greatest man I have ever known and I sincerely wish you are around to see your children and grand children and also have that evening drink with us in our homes. Rest is peace, Allah knows best."

This tribute was added by Ibrahim Oreagba on 21st February 2015

"We all have to leave this earthy world one day and am so certain to meet you and thank you for being such a fantastic dad. Till we meet in Al jannah Insha Allah"

This tribute was added by ijomah oputa on 18th February 2015

"I remember his quiet amusement as he observed me and the young group captain (Bola) plotting schemes of mischief.

Its that silent strength that gives us the courage to forge ahead till today. A true inspiration. I salute you sir."

This tribute was added by Damola Ajibade on 17th February 2015

"Even though so many years have passed, I still remember you so vividly. Your gentle nature and the subtle way you reprimanded us when we wore too much make up that beauty comes from within. Most of all I see so much of you in your children. In hearing Bola laugh or Kunle's smile, in Dupe ' s philosophical words. You just seem ever present! I didn't spend much time with you but your sweet spirit left an indelible mark.

Rest in peace Uncle!"

This tribute was added by Modupe Ayorinde on 16th February 2015

"So many things going on in my mind right now that I wish I could share with you...in a strange way though I feel that I can and if I listen close enough, I may even "hear" your response :)
Rest in peace - I know that you are in a perfect place. I am thankful that after so many years I still get to visit with you in my dreams. What a gift and a blessing.
Know that not a day goes by that I don't think about you. You're always in my heart and in my mind, I know that you are still here and your memory surely lives on forever!

This tribute was added by Arabi Bello on 13th February 2015

"Inna LiLLahi wa inna iLaihi Raji'un!!!
A simple and highly principled gentleman you were
Cannot believe it's almost 10 years since ALLAH the Knower of all things took you away at an age too soon.....
This is Praying you are resting Peacefully in Al-Jannah Firdausi...Ameen summa Ameen..."

This tribute was added by Cheez Whiz on 10th February 2015

"Dear Grandpa,
I wish I had gotten to know you a lot better because I have heard a lot of wonderful stories about you. You will be in our hearts forever and I'll see you in about 80 years or so. Lots of love ~ Aisha ❤️"

This tribute was added by Modupe Ayorinde on 7th February 2015

"Dear Dad - you are forever living on in our hearts and minds. Today in our minds, you became grandpa to another beautiful baby girl from Seyi and Zulaiha. I wish you were here and I miss you so much!
Rest in peace - you are forever missed!"

This tribute was added by lara adebanjo on 1st February 2015

"Live on uncle in the hearts of all the people that knew and loved you. You were like a father to me and the memory held of you is that  of a kind, gentle and hard working man. Your time was short but it was well spent, You loved your family and loved God which was in itself an epistle that I read and which left an indelible mark in my life. Thank God for the life you lived and for the mark you made. Much as we wished you were still here, God knows best. Live on in the bosom of God."

This tribute was added by Vivian Molokwu on 21st January 2015

"I remember how kind and gentle you were. I felt like a daughter even though I was just your daughter's BFF. Once you talked with me about the importance of being kind to strangers and doing something positive for someone everyday. I remember asking if I had to go look for someone to be nice to and worried about being taken advantage of. But you said if I desired it enough, God would allow people with needs find me. You also said we  have to wake up each morning determined to do something good for someone besides ourselves  (I paraphrase) and it did not matter if  the person was unappreciative because we would be doing it as unto God. I will never forget that."

This tribute was added by Fatimah Oreagba on 7th December 2014

"I have memories of you teaching me the most important things in life.  Alhamdulillah."

This tribute was added by Fatimah Oreagba on 7th December 2014


This tribute was added by Modupe Ayorinde on 3rd December 2014

"It still feels like yesterday...definitely not NINE years! Big hugs for my cool dad. Gone way too soon!"

This tribute was added by Modupe Ayorinde on 19th October 2014

"My Dear Dad, there is not one day that goes by that I do not think of you or feel you by my side. I miss your physical presence!
Thanks you for all the love, laughter and compassion you taught me.
I love you."

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