Let the memory of DR. ORIKAYE be with us forever
  • 66 years old
  • Born on August 24, 1945 .
  • Passed away on January 8, 2012 .

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, DR. ORIKAYE BROWN-WEST, 66, born on August 24, 1945 and passed away on January 8, 2012. We will remember him forever.


Posted by Daerebo BROWN WEST on August 24, 2019
Always in our thought!
Dein Na Sime
Posted by Nonye Brown-West on January 8, 2019
It's been 7 years but it still feels like you are with us. Early on, there were times I didn't think I could make it without you but then we all realized we would never be without you. Deina Sime
Posted by Daerebo BROWN WEST on January 8, 2019
Your footprints will forever remain in the life of many.
We will continue to remember your work on earth.
continue to rest in the Lord, till we meet to part no more.
Dein Na Sime!
Posted by Daerebo BROWN WEST on August 24, 2018
All life starts somewhere with specific date and time assigned by God Almighty.
Your started on August 24.
Although, you may have gone to rest with your creator, still you are remembered always, as there is no two like you!
Posted by Diepriye Brown-West on January 8, 2018
Will not stop missing you.
Posted by Daerebo BROWN WEST on January 8, 2018
Time and Season may roll by;
But the Memories of the Time and Season always remain;
Your memories of friendship, brotherliness, uncle and father remains.
We will always cherish and remember you!
Missing you, we do;
Missing you, I do;
Tamuno Dein.
Posted by Daerebo BROWN WEST on August 24, 2017
You are remembered today, as your love ones celebrates your birthday on earth.
Posted by OTONYE DAPPER on January 9, 2017
Keep sleeping uncle, tho u are gone, u are always in my heart.
Posted by Diepriye Brown-West on January 8, 2017
5 years gone by already and yet it still feels like yesterday.
We remember you always and miss you everyday.
So much has happened that we wish you were here for.
But we take solace in believing that you are looking down on us with pride.
Gone too soon indeed.
Posted by Daerebo Brownwest on January 8, 2017
Still remember, as you pass on to be with the Lord on a Sunday morning 5 years ago. It is so refreshing as if it is today.
On that Sunday morning, while others are preparing to fellowship with the Lord, you left mother earth to fellowship with the Lord Jesus.
We will continue to remember you.
Tamuno dein
Posted by Ipalibo Amachree on January 8, 2017
Wao: how time Flies. The memory remains fresh Opubro Ur words, your gifts, promises ur gentleness represents ur personality yes ur no more but u still live in our memories
Posted by Ipalibo Amachree on January 8, 2017
Five years ago, I lost a friend also an uncle Dr Orikaye Brown-West. The hate, pains, love, promises, gifts, dreams and how to catch up are all gone, as you always say, time will heal, yes time is healing us. No more pain. Thank God you saw some of your grandchildren.....you would have been 71 years now, while you elder sister would have been 81 year by now......Rest in peace guys, You know I loved you.
Posted by Sarah Adedoyin on January 8, 2017
5years already... It still feels like yesterday... Keep resting... We miss you
Posted by Daerebo Brownwest on August 24, 2016
Life is always amazing;
Not till one meets with unfillable Gap;
You are remembered here on earth;
As you celebrates your 71st birthday with the Lord Jesus!
continue to rest in the Lord.

Dein na sime, iminabo, ikiyabo, na ida.
Posted by Catherine Ebi Soberekon on January 9, 2016
Oriks you are remembered everyday. Rest in the Lord.
Posted by Daerebo Brownwest on January 8, 2016
Will always miss you!
Indeed you are a friend, brother and dad to all.;
Your story still goes on;
Dein na my blessed dad, friend and brother
Posted by Diepriye Brown-West on January 8, 2016
4 years already????? Still feels like yesterday. Love you always. Miss you soo much, as do the grand babies.
Posted by Catherine Ebi Soberekon on September 2, 2015
Oriks you are never forgotten, Happy birthday with the Lord.
Posted by Daerebo Brownwest on August 24, 2015
We still celebrates you @ 70yrs on earth;

While the Angels celebrates with you in heaven;

God knows the best for you.

Rest In Peace.

Tamuno Dein.
Posted by Daerebo Brownwest on January 10, 2015
Time may fly, but your footprint is ever fresh everyday!
Great brother, friend, uncle, and father and grand father, you are, and will always be. Remain in peace.
Posted by Catherine Ebi Soberekon on January 8, 2015
Oriks, gone but not forgotten. Dein na seme
Posted by Clifford Akpan on August 24, 2014
Continue to rest in peace. You are missed
Posted by Daerebo Brownwest on August 24, 2014
You touch much life, without been loud about it;
You did establish yourself in your little way;
You show and share, compassion, love, and caring;
Is part of the reason, you are cherished;
Hence, the gap no one can fill.

You will always be remembered on days like this.
We still miss and remember you on your birthday.
Rest in the Lord Jesus.
Posted by Biobele Diboye-Suku on January 15, 2014
The sad news of your passing came like a hammer blow because we had a telephone conversation only a few days before. .I will always respect your memory for the work you did for Buguma and Kalabari Kingdom. May your soul rest in peace.
Posted by Catherine Ebi Soberekon on January 9, 2014
Oriks, you are never forgotten. My the Almighty God bless your soul.
Posted by Daerebo Brownwest on January 8, 2014
Flowers and its scents may fade away,
But,your walk on earth is still as fresh as every blessed day.
Peace in the bosom of the Lord
Posted by Catherine Ebi Soberekon on August 24, 2013
Oriks, gone but never forgotten. Will ever be remembered
Posted by Clifford Akpan on August 24, 2013
Loss of a great one will always be felt and never really forgotten. Your impact on people lives on. Continue to rest in peace.
Posted by Daerebo Brownwest on August 24, 2013
A Day set aside for you to enter the world. Thanks Jesus.

You are always in our thought. Words cannot express the gap you created. In all we say, Glory to our all knowing God.
Bro Oriks, Rest in the Lord's bosom.
Posted by Destyna Brown-west on January 9, 2013
Still feels like yesterday,daddy you still leave on in our hearts.continue resting in peace...u r indeed missed..
Posted by Daerebo Brownwest on January 8, 2013
ONE YEAR AFTER..............................

Dr. Orikaye G Brown-West,

Your love ones and Associates still miss you.

Rest in Peace!

Dein Na Mu!

Will always miss you.



Posted by Bestman George on January 26, 2012
It’s much too soon to write this, Dr. Orikaye Brown-West. Whenever I think of you, I’ll hear: ‘Asari, Kalabari, and Ijo - oweni saki.’ I’ll always feel your love and caring. Your vibrancy brings out the best in us. Peace, Bro Oriks! Diepriye & siblings, Daerebo & relatives, please find strength in the memories of your years with him. God console and comfort you through this passage. With sympathy.
Posted by Ibitubo Ukwu on January 24, 2012
Bro, you will always remain close to our hearts, because you leave behind beautiful memories for us to cherish. Dein na mu. To the orikaye family, today and always may you be comforted by those beautiful memories and may it bring you stength and peace.
Posted by Ipalibo Amachree on January 24, 2012
Opu Bro, your demise was sore. The very fabric of Igolima house it tore hopes diminished into memories for the first time in Lagos, i saw you disembark from dad's dug-out canoe for the last time in Bonny, with promise that you will back, but sadly that promises will not be kept, God willing never slack if I could turn back the hands of time. Sepiribo Amachree
Posted by Nathan Aguru on January 22, 2012
"May the Lord grant him heavenly peace and strength to his love ones!"
Posted by Mosley Ogbanga on January 22, 2012
Doc. We miss you, but God know s best. May the LORD keep and comfort those you left behind.
Posted by Clifford Akpan on January 22, 2012
Its amazing how you have touched people's lives around the world..I hope to accomplish such a feat in my life time. May your soul rest in peace from this peaceless world we live in today. You will be missed.
Posted by DaBen DaBen on January 22, 2012
With sudden shock and heavy hearts, we miss you. But in holy view we know you are in a better place, with the angles of the Lord. We are grateful for your inspirations and contributions. May the Lord give us the strength and guidance to continue the examples you have set. May your soul rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Rena Prior on January 20, 2012
My sympathy goes to Dr Brown-West family.Dr Brown-West was my first Transportation instructor at Morgan State University . I enjoyed his class and reading his book "The Big Dig"
Posted by HILDA OKEREKE on January 19, 2012
So so sad to hear this. The last time he was at my church in CA, we interacted much. The Lord knows the best for our lives. He gives and takes away. You will greatly missed. Adieu!
Posted by Kate Luchtel on January 19, 2012
My prayers are with you. 
But God will free my soul from the power of the grave. For He will take me to HImself. Psalm 49:15
Posted by Esther Boro on January 18, 2012
May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace Dr Oriaye. Amen
Posted by Diepiriye Douglas on January 18, 2012
Dr. O. Brown-West,
It's a rude shock when the sad news of your passing to glory came....because earlier, on my arrival to New York I had been told of your trip to Nigeria. What a mix bag? May your gentle soul rest with the Lord. I pray for Divine strength & healing to your children & relatives that you left behind..Amen. Rest with the Lord. Adieu.
Posted by Nichole Runnels on January 18, 2012
Obele and family,

My thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. May your memories be of great comfort to you. Your father sounds like an amazing man!

Love, Nichole
Posted by Sopukro Tienabeso on January 17, 2012
The news of your untimely death came as a very unpleasant shock to me. When we spoke on Thanksgiving day, all seemed well.
I wil miss you both as a dear cousin and an excellent mentor.
Posted by Arash Adeli on January 17, 2012
He was my First Teacher at the Morgan State University. May seemed he was a little rough on students But was very oncerned about their success.
One of the best people I have ever met...a very Good Hearted teacher.
May his soul rest in peace.
Posted by NIMISOERE WOKOMA on January 17, 2012
"..... Where is death's sting¿. Where, grave thy victory." we triumph still, if Thou abide with us.
God Rest ur soul, Uncle.
Posted by Williamba Okuchaba on January 15, 2012
Oriks, why did you leave us? I will miss your Saturday calls. Dear brother, wonderful friend and great son of Buguma we will miss you..." Sleep well Oriks, take your rest, we love you, but God loves you best."
Posted by Winston Amachree on January 14, 2012
Dear Bro Oriks, you were truly a teacher, leadership role model, community development organizer & elder statesman. You were a big brother worthy of emulation. Thank you for your love for individuals & communities enlightenment for freedom from the bondage of ill-education. The multitude of lives you touched will celebrate your life and miss you fondly. May your soul rest in peace.
Posted by Mereh Davis-west on January 13, 2012
The news of your transition to be with the lord was shocking and devastating to all of us,but the good memories of you will ever remain .the lord giveth life and takes it as well. May you rest in perfect peace with him,we love and will miss you bro.

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