This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Osayame Osemwegie-Orobator, 58 years old, born on June 22, 1962, and passed away on March 5, 2021. We will remember her forever.
Posted by Chris Olukolade on March 24, 2021
The message on the transition of Taiye to glory is indeed a rude shock to me and all our friends . Her smile in this obituary picture is not only typical, it invokes the memory we have of Taiye as an ever lively, loving, kind and cherished friend. Her company since our days at the University of Ife was always a great delight and ever inspiring. Her fervent faith and love for Christ, ever so infectious. Taiye is just a good person all round. We will miss her on this side of eternity. Our comfort nevertheless is anchored on the hope of reunion on resurrection morn. Good night, Taiye! Good night!
Posted by Henrietta Nwamaka Nnadi on March 20, 2021
Beautiful soul; lovely personality. I wish we had more time. I wish I had known you were sick. I wish I could rewrite history. I wish I hadn’t been so angry. I hope you know how much I love and miss you. May your Soul Rest In Perfect Peace ✌️, Amen 
Posted by Constance Green on March 19, 2021
Taiye was to me , a very dear friend and sister for over forty seven years. She was a Christian indeed. In fact my testimony as a Christian, particularly in my early days , is incomplete without the role Taiye played in my life. Taiye loved and served the Lord. She was very proud of her relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. She was loving, kind, calm but firm, a woman of great faith, courage and strength. She never ceased to encourage, counsel, assist and pray for people, especially those in need. By her Christian testimony , Taiye turned many people unto righteousness. She therefore shines in brightness as a star, forever.
Adieu my dear friend and sister Taiye, until by the grace of God we meet again, on the resurrection morning.
Posted by Olatunde Olusesi on March 19, 2021
How can one ever forget “Madam Osa,” as I fondly called Ms. Osayame Taiye Osemwegie-Orobator when we worked side-by-side at the Administration for Children’s Services’ Children’s Center in NYC in the early 2000s! She was a remarkably compassionate, cerebral, competent, confident, gentle, humble, and deeply religious lady, who was loved and respected by all. What a great loss!

May the soul of this rare gem rest in perfect peace. May the Almighty grant her family and friends the fortitude to bear their loss.
Posted by Stella Igbin on March 19, 2021
May the beautiful gentle soul of our beloved sister Taiye rest in the Lord. Sleep on ever smiling sister! We love you and will be greatly missed.
May God grant the family the fortitude to bear the loss.
Posted by catrina gordon on March 19, 2021
Dearest Ms Osa. I can’t believe you are no longer here! From our days at Addabbo Day Treatment to our days At BCC, it was always love and laughter. Sweet,kind, smart funny and loving you are. You will be missed. Thanks for the warm laughs and encouragement. Thank you for being you! 
Posted by Bolatito Afolalu on March 19, 2021
Aunty Taiye had an endearing personality which I admired. She was an embodiment of Grace, soft spoken and kind. May her gentle soul rest in perfect peace. May God comfort and strengthen her husband and children as well as the entire family. Rest well Aunty Taiye....
Posted by Eki Orobator on March 19, 2021
Taiye, you were faithful, you were coherent and you lived out your divine filiation which shone through your illness.  God is your father and you lived that out intensively as you were always so cheerful, encouraging each one of us. You were selfless.

In November on the way to the hospital you called to wish me a happy birthday. That was memorable. Thank you.

When you finally got home for the first time in this year you sent a text "I am back at home" It was a cry of gratitude to your father whom you loved so ardently.

Remember our conversation? How we talked about the saints? There were loving coincidences in your life which showed God's paternal love for you, his beloved daughter. You got married in St Matthew's Cathedral, you came back home from hospital on the eve of his feast. 

Now you go home triumphant on 19th March, feast of St Joseph, patron of a good death, and father of the Redeemer.

Taiye you have fought the good fight, you have won the most important battle. Now  you join the glorious company of saints.

You did not die, but rather now live forever with God in the land of the living with the Blessed in Heaven.

Taiye do help us from Heaven!!!
Posted by Chinedum Babalola on March 19, 2021
My dear T for Taye, finally it has come to pass that God has taken you home ahead of us. When you posted your family photo on Facebook on 4th March I greeted you with excitement thinking the worst was over only for you to depart the following day 5th March. Indeed it was your way of saying good bye to us.

Tee for Tayeeer my own bossom friend and my first prayer partner. We shared a lot amongst ourselves.
Our friendship extended to family members leading to my visiting Benin for family occasions..

Yes I cannot forget that long call we had about your health challenge. You opened up so much that I had a take away from it. Your experience showed me the value of a loving, caring and united family. You were blessed with an amazing family who sacrificed all for you. I know you were a rare gift to them. I thank God for chats we had during the period. You fought hard and maintained the faith and you have come forth a victor, free from pains and discomfort and free to enjoy heavenly bliss. You have left a void but you have left us with good memories of you

Tayeeee I don't know what to say. You were a gift to me and to the body of Christ. You were a gist partner. I can't forget that landmark visit to your family in New York. Taye, you cared and you loved. Your laughter and smiles brightened everywhere. I thank God and thank you for your friendship.

May God comfort your family - wonderful husband and children.
Your amazing sisters - Sis Bose, Tope and Idowu plus your twin brother.
May we all meet at the resurrection morning.

Posted by Niyi Egbe on March 19, 2021
Mrs Osayame Taiye Osemwegie Orobator (1962 -2021) My loving Sister Taiye nee Osemwegie... I woke startled upon reading messages from three of your close ECU sisters who like several others have been pleading with the heavens to reserve you for more time to be with us! But again, God has had His way - His wiser ways. But then, we would be unfair if we don’t acknowledge that you were sustained despite the long and hard fight. Sis Taiye! We loved having you for longer, but perhaps in God’s wisdom it’s time to rest from the battle and rest in His bosom in that beautiful abode for saints that’s devoid of pain and stress. Be comforted Dr Mrs Bose nee Osemwegie... I trust that you could have combed every medical book just to keep our Taiye and your aburo Pharm Idowu nee Osemwegie would have stayed on in labs inventing whatever drug ... Be comforted Pointer family, we will miss another of those gallant, brilliant and gentle souls. A very worthy representative of His kingdom while she breathe! May your tribe of believers thrive.
May God stand with your loving husband and children. God will keep them and grant them and the larger family every comfort as they cope with this momentary departure. By His grace, we shall not fail, so we make that great reunion of saints in Jesus name.
Adieu! Adieu!!Adieu!!!
Posted by Eki Y Omorogbe on March 18, 2021
Taiye, You were a lovely, funny and caring friend to me at Idia College. I wish we had met again. So sorry to lose you. Rest in Perfect Peace, my friend.
Posted by Gerald Oki on March 18, 2021
I have known sister Taiye as a teenager from the early 80's courtesy of elder sister Constance (as they both visted the house from school time after time).
My Parents and Siblings all fell in love with sister Taiye, and long adopted her into the Family no sooner than Later.

Sister Taiye I saw you and the children in 2015 when you came visiting the Country after a vey long while.You cannot imagine the Joy and Laughter you brought after not seeing you for over 20 years. You still looked like a teenager and your infectious smiles brought back so much memories and was a joy being in your presence to soak up all the past years we had'nt seen each other.

Your passing has been very difficult for us all in the in late Justice J.A.P Oki family including my aged Mum @ 89 to fully come to terms with it; not to talk about your dear freind and sister, Constance who was heart broken by the news. 

All the same i bless God for your life . You have been an inspiring elder sister full of so much love and compassion that words are not to express based on your influence over the past 30 years.

I am sure without a shadow of doubt you have joined the Clouds of Witnesses and the heavenly host resting in the bossom of the Father of Lights in the heavenlies; free from the perils and evils of this sinful and wicked world of us.
You have fought rhe Good Fight, Finished the Race and kept the Faith. For this we take solace and pray that when He too calls us home , we shall be reunited at His feet to depart no more.

Rest in Perfect Peace, my dear sister!
Posted by Ngozi Nnadi on March 18, 2021
Ms. Osa was a wonderful, strong and caring woman who loved life and loved her family dearly and always will. I had the privilege of working with her. She cared for her clients and worked well with all members of the team. She was always smiling. She will be greatly missed. My condolence to the family.
Rest in Peace my dear sister and friend.
Ngozi Nnadi
Posted by Joshua Ezemadu on March 18, 2021
Mummy Taiye, There's a lot to write about you.... I remember the first time I meet you when I had just moved to NYC for my job. I was desperate for housing, you and your family offered me a place I called home for 3 months, I also remember your charity and the love and care you showed me during that period of my life. Your faith inspired me and your hospitality was warming and welcoming... I will miss you but I know that you a resting at the bossom of the father. Till we meet again in heaven..
Posted by Debra Newman on March 18, 2021
One role of a therapist is to provide a warm and caring environment for their patients. Ms. Osa definitely fulfilled that role. I am a teacher in the school where Ms. Osa worked. I saw first hand how much Ms. Osa really cared about her students/patients. She worked very hard to promote their best interests and well being. On behalf of my students and myself, I say thank you Ms. Osa.
Posted by Philip Togun on March 18, 2021
Taiye was a Christian who exhibited the joy of the Lord. She had a friendly disposition and a sunny personality. Her death came as a shock because she told my wife and me some months ago that she was “getting better by the day”.
Our condolences go to Osagie and their children, praying that God will comfort them in this period of deep sorrow.
Good night, Taiye. We WILL see you in the morning, the resurrection morning.
Posted by Anjie E on March 18, 2021
Blessed is the memory of the righteous.

Thank you auntie T for being a beacon of hope, faith, unity and support to me.
You were a light, you were love, you were inclusive and a joy to be around. Now, you are a guardian angel. A witness in the cloud.

I still cannot quite believe that you are no longer here, earth side. However, one thing is for sure, you fought a good fight!

Till we meet again. x
Posted by Otunba Adeyemi on March 17, 2021
Good night mommy, it’s hard to believe that you have gone. Waiting for the news that you awake again. Words may not suffice to express the heartfelt sorrow that I feel. A good heart has stopped beating, but a heart that has touched so many lives can’t help but live on in those it loved. Good night mommy Oronbator.
Posted by Maria Uwaifo on March 17, 2021
The news of your passing came as a shock. You had a genuine interest in helping other people find their footing in life's situations. I pray that God will console the family you have left behind. May your gentle soul rest in God's peace!
Posted by Jenny. Redondo on March 17, 2021
My dearest Osa, it’s hard to believe that you are no longer in this world. Osa your heart was gold, your smile warm and full of life. I will miss your energy and your words of wisdom, but more than anything I will miss the positive way of how you saw life. May your soul be at peace.
Posted by Uwaila Alonge on March 17, 2021
I am deeply saddened by the news of your passing. It came as a big shock! Tt seemed like yesterday since the last time we saw each other at my cousins anniversary party. Taiye, words cannot describe my pain hearing that you have gone to be with the lord.

We go far back as primary school. We had so much in common - we ended up as lawyers, met and reunited in New York, and worked in the same office for many years. Each time we met, we would often go down memory lane, talking about common people we knew and crack jokes about the strict teacher "Mr. Jegede" from Primary school in Benin. You were a true friend, gentle, understanding and very reserved, a friend who commanded self respect. Your commitment to friends was immeasurable. Your children were your life. I recall your decision to quit working in the same place of our work just so you could have more time with your young growing kids who needed you. Your love for your family was invaluable. What a vacuum your exit has now created. God knows best and we cannot question him. The beautiful family you left behind can only now seek solace in the fact that you are in a better place, and no longer in pain. On these they can depend, and never worry.

May the almighty lord grant you eternal rest and peace, and comfort those you left behind during this very difficult time. He will grant your beloved children and husband the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss. You will be missed, and will forever live in my memory, my dearest friend, Osa.
Posted by Lade Apio on March 17, 2021
Still in shock and coming to terms with the news that your gentle soul has departed this world. We surrender to the sovereign God who knows and understand more than we do.

Your infectious and hearty laugh will be most missed. I pray the Lord will watch over your children and loved ones.

Met you in Nigeria / Ibadan for the first time in 2018; having had so much about you for last 20 years and we hit it off from the airport. What a wonderful time it was the four days we spent together during Anjie's wedding.

I am trying not to view the so many pictures we took together as it is too painful to know you are no longer here.

You fought hard and persevered throughout these last 2 years and just when we relax and think the worst is passed you entered your rest.

We give thanks to God for your time here and pray your beautiful children will keep your legacy on.

Rest in peace till the Resurrection morning.
Adieu Taiyelolu Ejire.
Posted by Christine Barker on March 17, 2021
I am sending my prayers and love to Osa’s beloved family during this sad time. I worked with Osa at the IDT program in Brooklyn and loved her so much. She was the best co-worker I could have ever imagined. And she was a truly gifted social worker- her loving spirit, dedication, compassion, and wisdom made such a difference in the lives of the children and teens and families she worked with. I am so grateful to have known and worked beside such a beautiful person! 
Posted by Sonia McIntosh on March 17, 2021
Saddened by this news.

Ms. “Osa” Osayame Osemwegie-Orobator was a very special and talented person with a powerful testimony on her journey to helping the children in our community.

For those who may not have known her, in March 2019 she was featured in our Journey to Social Work series. Here, she shared how she worked for years as a NYC DOE teacher and realized she wanted to help children beyond the walls of the classroom. She started an opportunity with ACS and after learning more of the challenges, pursued a second Master’s Degree in Social Work. She later joined the Office of Mental Health. And as she put it, Day Treatment was the perfect marriage of both of her inspired professions, educator and healer.

There were many factors, including the pandemic which made it difficult to send proper well wishes when she went on leave and eventually retired.

My prayers are with her family and those who worked closely with her through the years. Her smile and warming presence will be so greatly missed.

Kanika Jefferies,
Executive Director
New York City Children’s Center- New York State Office of Mental Health

Posted by Kayode Adetunji on March 17, 2021
It was so shocking to hear that Sister Taye has gone to meet the Lord.
We were thanking God for your healing and for giving you another chance when this suddenly happened.
I saw you last in Nigeria and there was no indication that you will soon leave us.
We thank God that you lived a fulfilled life and affected all around you with your positive disposition.
You were a beautiful sister with a beautiful soul.
It’s hard to come into terms with the fact that we will never see your smiling face or hear those words of wisdom and encouragement from you.
your kindness and genuineness are uplifting .
I will greatly missed that “Gbem gbem” prayers laced with biblical quotations.
You fought gallantly as a good soilder of Christ and won
You left a legacy that will forever be unforgettable in the lives you’ve touched.
You left a mark in our hearts, and nothing will ever erase it.
Our heart goes to your sisters, husband and your lovely children.
We know that God has gained a fervent servant at our loss here on earth.
Rest in peace our beloved Sister.

Posted by UDUAK AIMUFUA on March 17, 2021
Though we haven't met closely, but when I saw your smiling face in the picture, I can easily guess the type of life you lived. Full of energy, love, care and radiance just like your sisters. Being from the same stock I knis you couldn't have been different.
May you find rest in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ where your smile qill count eternally.
Mrs Aimufua
Posted by N'keya Peters-Camille on March 16, 2021
Ms. Osa taught me so much as a colleague. She was more than a coworker, she was a friend and a mentor. I am so blessed to have been able to work with her and to get to know her. She loved her family and always talked about her children. She will be missed!
Posted by Dorothy Walker on March 16, 2021
Ni akoko ti a ni ibukun nipasẹ ifọwọkan awọn angẹli ti nrin lãrin wa. Wọn fi ọwọ kan awọn aye wa ki wọn tan imọlẹ nibẹ ni awọn ọjọ okunkun wa. Wọn fun wa ni awọn ọrọ ti aanu laisi mọ ipa nla wọn. Osa ni angẹli mi nigbati mo kọkọ bẹrẹ lati ṣiṣẹ pẹlu OMH. Mo farapa ni fifisilẹ rẹ ṣugbọn mọ pe Ọlọrun nilo ki o pada lati joko pẹlu awọn angẹli miiran. Nireti lati ri ọ lẹẹkansii ni adun nipasẹ ati nipasẹ .....
Wiwa awọn iranti ti o gbona yoo fun ẹbi rẹ ni itunu.
Posted by Osaro Guobadia on March 16, 2021
Dear Taiye, I was happy to see your smiling face in the family picture posted on your Facebook page recently and made a note to send you a message. It was joy turned to shock on later learning of your passing.
Years after our secondary school days in Idia College, Benin City where we were classmates, it was a great pleasure seeing you again and living in the same neighbourhood with you in Yaba, Lagos. You were a good friend and neighbor and my husband regularly gave you rides to work on his way to work. I missed you when you relocated to the U.S after your marriage but saw you again when I visited the U.S few years later. You were a great help and support and gladly hosted me in your house for a few days. Thanks to technology we were able to connect again after a long time.
You were good person Taiye. A woman of God. Sweet, gentle, peace loving, kind, pleasant, caring. A loving, caring and dutiful wife and mother. A friend indeed.
I will never forget you my dear Taiye. You affected my life more than you knew. Thank you so much.
I pray that God whom you loved and served so faithfully will give your dear husband, your lovely children and loved ones the fortitude to bear this irreplaceable loss. May your soul rest in perfect peace. Amen.
Osaro Guobadia.
Posted by janice dasque on March 16, 2021
To the family,
My deepest condolences and sympathies to you all. Osa will be missed. She was a light in the darkness. She was always smiling even when she did not have the energy and then her spirit smiled! 
She no longer has to imagine what is ahead! She is standing in His presence! 
Posted by Bill Coleman on March 16, 2021
My deepest heartfelt condolences to the family, friends and co-workers of Ms. Osa. She had always displayed a sincere concern for our students and was always there to assist the staff. Ms. Osa had a beautiful smile that was always at the ready. May God’s comfort be felt.
Bill Coleman
Posted by Oma Masagbor on March 15, 2021
Ms Osa, it was shocking to hear about your passing as you were doing well when we talked on the phone recently. Though this was unexpected, I take comfort in the truth of God’s word that you are now present with the Lord. You fought the good fight and completed the race set out for you.
You will surely be missed by me and many others. I will not forget your kindness, cheerfulness, lovely smile and also your hard work and dedication to caring for the children entrusted to your care at work. I will miss the Godly advice you give to me each time I seek your opinion. I will also miss the produce you bring each year from your garden.
Praying for God’s comfort and strength for your family and friends. God will take care of them.
Adieu my sister and friend. Rest In Peace.
Posted by catherine orobator on March 14, 2021
Dearest Taiye, earlier today, thoughts of you came to mind of your motherhood . You sure were, and will continue to be a wonderful, inspirational, joyous, encouraging, and just simply an amazing mother to your beautiful children.  Together as a team with your husband, your children are extra-ordinary gifts who will continue to carry the baton of all the beauty that is you. Now as a spiritual mother, in strong touch with the divine power of God, you now have far more reach, far more positive influence, so your transformational influence continues to make a positive difference. Thank you Taiye.
Posted by Phillip Eto on March 13, 2021
Hm!! Taiye, my wife’s true friend of over 40 years…sorely, sorely missed. The strife in over indeed and the battle is fully done with great victory won. We have lost a woman of faith, dogged fighter -determined to live on and continue to be a source of blessing to all. May the Lord comfort your husband, children, siblings and all who are mourning at this time. Peace perfect peace, the blood of Jesus whispers peace within.
Posted by catherine orobator on March 13, 2021
Dearest Taiye  You are so with us , today and always, as your beautiful legacy continues to ripple and continue to create great positive waves in your husband, in each of your children, your sibling and all of your bigger family,friends and all the many you have touched with your beauty, with your ever positive outlook and your great relationship - first with God and then going out to share this in some wonderful ways to all.  As you in the embrace of God continue to live, continue to look down and do much more in the amazing blessing that through you, through your life,God will continue to bring out marvel of graces, marvel of goodness, marvel of great things than we cannot even imagine now. As the human pain is followed by healing, divine wonders of the goodness of God will shine forth as the passion of Christ though sad, brought forth outpouring of marvel of the Pentecost that over 2000 years continues to yield marvels , so too it is with you on your husband, children and extended family - the holy spirit of God acting as in the Pentecost for them all.  Dearest Taiye the loving love of God who is love embracing you daily in his love in the eternal home of love everlasting. Amen
Posted by Nosa Orobaton on March 12, 2021
Dear Taiye,

You have gifted your family and friends with your boundless spirit of giving, joyfulness and constantly celebrating the communion we share as one people under God. We remain grateful to the Almighty for His ceaseless love, benevolence and care we received through your kindness and open heart. Your light and love will continue to shine through Osagie, Deedee, Ito, Omo and your network of friends and family. Rest in Peace.
Posted by S O on March 11, 2021
The news of Sister Taye's demise was shocking. Words seem inadequate to express the heartfelt sorrow by her loss. As a good friend to my sister, she will never be forgotten and we will always cherish her memories. My deepest sympathy to all families and friends and I pray that her loving memories bring everyone peace, comfort and strength.
Sam Ojo
Posted by Elizabeth Abosede Sanni-A... on March 11, 2021
Aunty, I never got the opportunity to meet you in person, but a few times I spoke to you on the phone, you always sound so fun, and I can feel your smile through the phone. I have realized the wonderful person you are through your sister, and we pray for you. But, we are believers that God needs you for a more significant assignment with him, and we can't question his decision to call you home at this time. We pray that you will find peace in your journey ahead. We will miss you, but we know that you have gained your wings among the angels. Keep singing till we meet to part no more. Sleep in peace, precious child of the most high.
Posted by Blessing Manuel-Smallvoic... on March 11, 2021
Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of HIS own. RIP big sis as the Lord grants all you left behind the fortitude to bear this great loss. Idowu dear, please stay strong. Hugs
Posted by Anne Okojie on March 11, 2021
Forever in our hearts. Rest in peace sister.
Posted by Aimi Festus-Yobogo on March 11, 2021
My uncle's wife! I remember the very early days. May you rest perfectly in the peace of God.
Posted by Gloria Abumere on March 11, 2021
Our very Dear Sister, our hearts are heavy.
Departure so soon?
The race of Life so short?
Indeed, the Lord gave you to us & the Lord has taken.
May God's name be glorified through the wonderful testimonies of your life.
May you find Peace with God (who you served so faithfully).
May God grant your loved ones the Grace & Fortitude to bear this great loss.
May the Angels lead you safely home.
Posted by Bayonle Nelson on March 10, 2021
Honestly,we will forever missed your unconditional love and care. She never discriminate, humble and passionate. Accepting every one as we are. Rest on and rest well,we love you but Jesus loves you most. Till we all meet again. Good night.
Posted by Olu Oke on March 10, 2021
When I saw in my feed the family pic Taiye posted to her FB page last Thursday, I thought to myself that I would PM her later to touch base. Alas, there will be no “later”.

Taiye, with her ever-ready smile. My sister and friend has joined the saints gone marching in. My Pointer family member has ceased from her labor. My moms-in-training partner, encouraging one another when our children were younger.

Adieu, Osa Taiye Osemwegie Orobator. Rest now in your Lord.

May the Lord comfort and console the Orabator and Osemwegie families.
Posted by Obehi Enabor on March 10, 2021
May you rest in perfect peace.
And may your values, spirit and legacy live on in those you have left behind.
Posted by Helen Ambassador-Brikins on March 10, 2021
I find it strange that I have to write this tribute on you, Taiwo; really strange! Referring to you in the past tense is abnormal! Cool, calm, gentle, sweet soul. Son of the Most High! My sister from another mother and father. Farewell, galant soldier! You have won! Death can't frighten you anymore! Heaven has gained you! I remain grateful to God for bringing you my way.
Posted by Titilola Odubanjo on March 10, 2021
Sister Taiye was a gentle sister,ever smiling and quiet.
She'll be greatly missed.
May the good Lord comfort us all.
It is well.
Posted by Shana Okauru on March 10, 2021
Aunty Taiye,

I’m hurt, I’m so hurt...I never ever wanted to imagine a time like this. When I moved to New York, you and your family took me in as one of your own. While I was there, you and Uncle Osaige made sure I had everything I needed and more. Thank you for loving and treating me as one of your own. You were one of a kind, you had such a pure heart! Thank you for all the good times I love you so much & I will miss you for ever.❤️
Posted by Shola Adeleke on March 10, 2021
Just when I learnt that you were getting better, the news of your demise came. It was so shocking. But God knows best. You're in a better place now.. To God be ALL the glory. Just remembered when you stayed with us briefly in Íbádàn. You were so gentle&quiet & I got worried. But soon learnt that you were fun to be with & oh, what a beautiful soul! You are missed! Sleep on!
Posted by Shola Adeleke on March 10, 2021
Hàbá!!! Oh Death where is your sting? Ó Hades, where is your victory?....... But thanks be to God, who gives us the VIC-TO-RY through our LORD JESUS CHRIST. ALLELUIA!!! Tọ́pẹ̀, 'You have fought the good fight, you have finished the race, you have kept the faith. Adieu, beloved, gentle & amiable sister. Rest on till we meet to part no more.
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Posted by Chris Olukolade on March 24, 2021
The message on the transition of Taiye to glory is indeed a rude shock to me and all our friends . Her smile in this obituary picture is not only typical, it invokes the memory we have of Taiye as an ever lively, loving, kind and cherished friend. Her company since our days at the University of Ife was always a great delight and ever inspiring. Her fervent faith and love for Christ, ever so infectious. Taiye is just a good person all round. We will miss her on this side of eternity. Our comfort nevertheless is anchored on the hope of reunion on resurrection morn. Good night, Taiye! Good night!
Posted by Henrietta Nwamaka Nnadi on March 20, 2021
Beautiful soul; lovely personality. I wish we had more time. I wish I had known you were sick. I wish I could rewrite history. I wish I hadn’t been so angry. I hope you know how much I love and miss you. May your Soul Rest In Perfect Peace ✌️, Amen 
Posted by Constance Green on March 19, 2021
Taiye was to me , a very dear friend and sister for over forty seven years. She was a Christian indeed. In fact my testimony as a Christian, particularly in my early days , is incomplete without the role Taiye played in my life. Taiye loved and served the Lord. She was very proud of her relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. She was loving, kind, calm but firm, a woman of great faith, courage and strength. She never ceased to encourage, counsel, assist and pray for people, especially those in need. By her Christian testimony , Taiye turned many people unto righteousness. She therefore shines in brightness as a star, forever.
Adieu my dear friend and sister Taiye, until by the grace of God we meet again, on the resurrection morning.
her Life
On a warm sunny day on June 22,1962, the ancient city of Ibadan in South-west Nigeria welcomed Osayame Taiye and her twin brother- Kehinde who predeceased her(1996) to parents Andrew and Marian Osemwegie JP.  
She had her secondary education (High School) at the prestigious all girls boarding school Idia College, Benin-City, Nigeria as a pioneer student and served as a proctor in her senior year where she acquired meaningful leadership skills.  Her Christian faith and love of the Lord evolved very early in life and was actively involved in the Hosana Fellowship at Saint Peters’ Anglican Church in Benin-Nigeria.
Her parents relentless drive for education spurred her to attend the then University of Ife, (GREAT IFE!) Nigeria where she graduated with honors with a Bachelor’s degree in English and Literary Studies. While there, her spiritual evolution grew in leaps and bounds and was a tireless and active member of the Evangelical Christian Union (E.C.U) where she held various offices. She left her footprints as an indefatigable member of the Pointer Press Club and roved from one college campus to another in her evangelical expedition. Her desire to work with children veered her to a brief teaching stint.
Her burning desire to become an attorney could not be quenched and returned to her birth place and obtained her Law degree (LL.B/J.D.) from University of Ibadan(FIRST BEFORE THE REST!) and subsequently her Law license in 1989 upon admission to the Supreme Court of Nigeria. 
She envisioned living in America and got married to Osagie Orobator who shared an analogous desire in Spring 1991 after which they both relocated to the United States of America and indeed have their own version of ‘Coming to America’.
Always pushing the bar, she obtained a Master’s degree in social work in 2002 from Yeshiva University in New York and worked as a Licensed Clinical Master Worker both with the New York City Administration for Childrens Services and the New York State Childrens’ Center where her trademark radiant smile and unflinching desire to support others were invaluable assets until the time of her transition to glory.
As the ever smiling and radiant link of the quartet of Osemwegie sisters , she leaves behind to  celebrate her legacy, Bose, Tope, Idowu, her brother Abiodun. Her children, Andrew, Ito, Adaze (DeeDee) and Osagie her spouse.
Recent stories

Admiration for Osa

Shared by Peggy Sukonik on March 19, 2021
About 15 years ago, our son Ben invited Andrew to our home in PA and I thought we would pick the boys up at Fay and bring them back to our home. That was not to happen. Osa let me know that the Orobator family would drive Andrew to PA so that they could meet us.  She wanted to know where her son would be spending his time. As a mother, Osa had earned my respect.  Her actions told me that her family was priority number 1.  It is so easy to take the easy road and talk about how much one loves their children but it is the action of mothering that is the true measure. Each child is different and decisions are not always simple. But, with Osa, I knew where her heart was and I respected her immensely. As a Christian, I believe in God and an after life. I know that Osa’s spirit will surround Andrew and his sisters everyday. May all of you feel her presence as you move through your lives,  May you tap into her motherly wisdom in times of difficulty to live the life that would make her proud.
Shared by Cordelia Osasona on March 15, 2021

At such a time as this, what does one say - to sufficiently capture ones sense of loss at having to wait till "the Great Beyond" before catching up again with a dearly beloved aburo??? For me, the singular phrase that captures my most poignant memory of Taiye is: "smiles galore"!!!

S - Season in, season out, you could count on her;
M - Militant? Not at all - but quietly effective!
- Independent, in the sense that she knew what she wanted - and stayed consistently focused about it;
- "Lazily slouching around"? Not at all; just bow-legged - and proud of it!
- Enduring in her commitments - both to God and man;
- Singular in her affection, spartan in her criticism/ condemnation of others. 

- Generous with her time, in serving God and maintaining relationships;
- ALWAYS on the lookout to flash a smile (or otherwise brighten her "little corner");
- Loving, loved - and loving some more!!!
- Often appearing indecisive - but only being meek, respectful and conciliatory;
- Resilient, even in the face of searing pain - physical and emotional;
- Excited, undoubtedly, as she anticipates the "Resurrection Morning"!!!

Sleep on, beloved...

Shared by Titilola Akingbola on March 8, 2021
Dear Sister Taiye, the news of your demise came in like shocking waves because a few days prior to this sister  Bose Ola was sharing glorious testimonies about you. Despite this, God remains Lord over all yours.
Sister Taiye, A very cheerful, caring and thoughtful soul.  I feel very comfortable and was always excited to be in your midst. A woman with a very large ❤️ heart.  I always look forward to meeting you alongside the 4 glorious sisters. Our interaction may be short but you have been very impactful. Of note I remember the evening before the Trip from Ibadan to Benin re: grandPa Osemwegie”s funeral. I needed to rest from the pressures of work but also struggling to make the journey as per my close relationship with the family. Will I say you were discerning or was it the innate psychology in you?  Without any prior discussion you said point blank  without any sentiments “sister TitI you should stay back, you have played your part” 
I thank God for many Godly examples you are leaving  behind. My prayer is that your family will never lack anything good. You will be sorely missed. Our hope is that we shall meet On the resurrection morning. Dr Titilola Akingbola (Haematology Department. Faculty of Basic Medical Sciences, College of Medicine, UCH, Ibadan.