Oscar will never leave us... his light lives on in the memories we cherish. <3

**Please share your stories, pictures, videos, music -- the moment you met, something funny or sweet he said or did, recordings he made, things that remind you of him.**

In sharing the ways he touched our lives, we celebrate and honor him, and we sustain each other in our deepest grief.

Posted by Martin Nunez on August 1, 2015
Oscar- the day we met was at soccer practice in Jr high I was the new kid and you where the first kid to talk to me at the school and you will be missed
Posted by Aimee Cota on August 1, 2015
Sometimes I wish I can go back to 7th grade when I first meet you and you having a heart for soccer and you being the greatest support in my soccer carer going to my soccer games.. I just miss you my friend
Posted by Monique De La Guerra on August 1, 2015
Oscar, my dudeeeeeeee! My bestie. My best friend, my bro. I will forever love you and you'll always be in my heart. I still can't believe your gone. You didn't deserve it.. Haha dang we got memories. We drifted apart these last couple months but we still talked .. I member in the bus all the shit we talked about haha! I loved how you were always there for me! Always. If I couldn't go to you, you tried your best to go to me. We'Ve had some crazy ass conversations that no one will ever know haha. But all I gotta do is think positive and you'll forever be my guardian angel. I love you nigga ❤️
Posted by Coach Antonio & Dolores R... on August 1, 2015
We started coaching to be involved in things our kids liked but as time passed we realized we weren't just doing it for them anymore...but for all the kids we have had the honor to get to know. Oscar was one of the hundreds of kids we have coached at Fesler Jr High. He was an amazing person and a great teammate. Our family is heart broken. A child is all he was and will always be. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his family.
Posted by Daniel Borunda on August 1, 2015
Oscar daniel joaquin, flashy, devious, mr clits, zig nasty, oj nasty, hendo, mr burgos this is what i know you'll never be "damage" in my eyes.... I love and miss you so much oscar it eats me alive knowing who did this is still out and about plotting on how he could take another beautiful soul like you. No one will ever know the hurt my heart feels but you no one will ever know how much i cherished you and all the things we did all the memories we created this is so devastating to me we had so much more to see and do together im glad i spent most of your last day with you it was a blessing you were a blessing to have in general im more than glaf to call you my brother there will never be another "flashy" there will never be another "devious" and i will never have another friend like you as much as it hurts to say..... But i know now after today that your in gods was weird when that random lady was telling me all this but it all made scince i love you oscar and im gonna continue to do my best too take care of kassandra, and support lily the best i could even tho i dont know her and im gonna do my best to comfort your parents no one is taking this harder then them i told you "these streets have no love for you" and im sure now you know what i meant it sucks that it took you passing to realize that but i take comfort in the fact of knowing i was your brother and that i loved you and you loved me just as much you were my role model now i have to make you proud with everything i do...... Oscars in my soul until the day i get laid to rest and we meet in thugz mansion.
Posted by Sarah Mccurtain on August 1, 2015
Oscar your light went out to soon. RIP young nephew.
Posted by Bailey Durnin on August 1, 2015
You were always someone I knew I could go to with my problems and feel no judgement. You were always nice to everyone and you never deserved this. The only comfort we have now is that We all have a new guardian angel watching out for us. Never forget you Oscar.❤️
Posted by Heidie JH on August 1, 2015
Oscar, this has been the most difficult week for many of us over at the P building. Tears have been shed, memories discussed. You were an amazing young man and my heart has hurt for this tragedy and knowing how much potential you offered and the sadness people are feeling who loved you. We all hope your story impacts other kids. You will not be forgotten, ever. Rest in peace, I will never forget your smile and the way you would come into my office and say "ma'am" yes, I will, and we would send you on your way.
Posted by Nadine Hack on August 1, 2015
Oscar - I only know you through how profoundly your mother adored you. While we mourn with her, we also know that the memories of your extraordinarily magnificent being will stay forever in her heart and with so many others who you touched. You will live through love.
Posted by Tttttttt Ddidofkfkvk on August 1, 2015
Its sad really butt thats the life kids these days want and same story he was kind and nice ...gentle people love him wowwwww really .. Just feel bad for parents..
Posted by Gianna Ariel on July 31, 2015
Oscar "Flash"Joaquin... a name ill never ever forget.. I miss the days he would rap about me and bag on me at the same time. but we always had love for each other. Youll always be one of my bestfriends. And ALWAYS IN MY HEART !
Posted by Isaiah Cuellar on July 31, 2015
I love you bro you will be missed by everyone just know all your friends and family need your protection in will be missed
Posted by Susan Gould on July 31, 2015
To my Nephew you were taken from us young, but you have made a big impact on many lives. You will be missed and remembered forever. My heart has you and will never let you go.
Posted by Emily Hendricks on July 31, 2015
No matter what we went through or how many fights we had , he always had my back. His giant smile is something I'll never forget. We have so many memories I wouldn't be able to write them all but I'm thankful I was able to have such a great talented friend. Gone but never forgotten.
Posted by Cassandra Arellano on July 31, 2015
I have no words to explain the joy and happiness we shared together. All the nights of driving around in my car brought us so much closer. I'm glad I ever met you Flash, thank you for sharing you wondering amazing talented skills with me. Forever in my heart.
Posted by James Baker on July 31, 2015
Your death is not in vain young King..we will shout out loud until the message echoes in the ear of future generations..senseless violence and disregard for the fragility of life must END. Your story, your life, your grace will be forever in our hearts and live on and on thru our voice. With love and prayer, James-Dre-Andre-Reniah-Amari-Preslee-Evan-Charlee-Kaia <3
Posted by Giovannaa Lovee on July 31, 2015
Oscar, you will be truly missed by a lot of people! We have waay too many memories together and i cant write all of them down but the time we spent together i always had a great time with you. Nothing but smiles on my face whenever i was with you. I love you oscar. The name OSCAR 'DAMAGE' JOAQUIN will never die down! You will be forever missed my angel.. 'Til we meet again
Posted by Tania Chavez on July 31, 2015
Oscar , I can't say I miss you because I know your still here . Not physically but spiritually. You left a big chunk of the person you were in my heart.. I can't believe you've gone so early. God needs more angels , he picked a great one. Your smile was so contagious everytime you looked at me and smiled I'd laugh because of the warmth in your smile. You were a unique and bright person. Despite what anybody has to say.. And now everytime I look up above I know it's you smiling down at me .. that's the only thing that leaves me at peace . It's not a goodbye .. I still talk to you . But Oscar , I'll see you up there
Posted by Cathie Kayy on July 31, 2015
I wanna leave all my condolences to your patents , god knows how there feeling right now . I know I wouldn't love with myself if I lost my child . you left such a big impact on our lives oscar . you were such an amazing person . may you rest in paradise , with that big smile of yours .
Posted by Kassandra Arteaga on July 31, 2015
Oscar, you were a huge part of my life. We have so many memories that could last me a lifetime. You had the biggest heart and an amazing soul. You're smile could always make my tears fade away as you'd tell me, "its going to be okay because I'm here." I miss you so much. You will always be in my heart. I love you Oscar Daniel Joaquin. Forever loved & missed.
My Guardian Angel
Posted by Destiney Martinez on July 31, 2015
No Words Can Explain How i Feel..
But Im Pretty Sure A lot Of people Feel like that as Well.. Oscar i Remember the First Day i Met You , 7Years Ago. It was My first Day Back to school & i Remember having to sit by You.. even Back then You would have everyone laughing , everyone knew You as the Class Clown. You would Bully Me Sometimes But i Already Know Why :) Hahah. We Went to the Same Jr High As Well an High School... always Having a Smile On your Face, that smile that could brighten up everyones day . I still cant believe this.. why you? Why?! But i know ill see you again. Its not goodbye. its ill see you soon. Just Know You will Forever be in our hearts an never to be forgotten! I remember Your Last Hug You Gave me.. if i would have known it was gonna be my last one i would have never let go :( Love you Oscar.. we will all be seeing you soon so save room for us up there. Rest in Paradise Oscar Joaquin ❤
Posted by Joshua Palacios on July 31, 2015
My brother man, I love you so much Oscar. You'll forever be with me, by my side. My ride or die. I've known you for years now bro. Back in the day when it was just me you Roman and Chris. I'll never forget the crazy memories we have together. You're my bestfriend and I've been trying to stay strong because I know that's what you would've done. Rest easy my brother, much love.
Posted by Junior Hernandez on July 31, 2015
Danm i cant believe that your gone my boii rest in paradise oscar aka damage Gone but NEVER FORGOTTEN
Posted by Destinee Marie on July 31, 2015
Oscar , the very first time I met you , we were in Jr high in P.E. Class together. You were the new kid very quiet and just entertaining yourself by shuffling .. I said one word to you and after that you just wouldn't be quiet . From being on our roll call from warm ups we would always get in trouble for talking and laughing and would have to start whatever we were doing all over again . Thank you for all the laughs and memories we shared during school and just walking home together I miss you deeply and wish I could have one more laugh with you but I know your with us still I can feel your presences that's what's giving me comfort during this hard time .. RIP lovely you truly touched my heart and many others .
Posted by LINDSAY BOOKER on July 31, 2015
Posted by Daniel Magana on July 31, 2015
I simply love and miss you brother. You are such a solid soul. I love you and i will keep your legacy alive. We're still going to rise to the top i will forever keep you apart of me not only through music but everyday you'll be with me i love you brother keep smiling down on me while i look up to you....
-Hallow D
Posted by Daniela Perez on July 31, 2015
Oscar we didn't really know eachother that much . will never forget about you Guardian Angel
Posted by Renee Curran on July 31, 2015
My memories of you are fleeting, but I remember joy and innocence and pure love. You and your family have left a lasting mark in the lives of all that you met. I am so sorry for the thoughtless and senseless act that took yiur life. I send love from a Mother's heart to your Mother, Father, and every single person who is feeling a profound loss at your passing.
Posted by Veronica Arreola on July 31, 2015
Oscar - All that I know of the amazing person you were is from your mother. You will live forever in her heart and the memories she shares with us. Watch over her.
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Posted by Sandra Garcia on August 3, 2021
Dearest Oscar, It's unbelievable that it's been 6 years already since you've been gone. Every Summer hits hard for me, but this year, for some reason it hit harder and you were on my mind a lot. Maybe because your anniversary is just a couple of days apart from my sisters or maybe because I see all the nieces and nephews growing up way to fast. I often wonder about what you would be doing now a days, I'm sure it would be something cool, you had many talents and had the looks that went right along with them, the perfect mix for success. I hope you know that you left a mark in each and every one of us and you continue to live through the many memories we have of you.    
Posted by Meagan Levins on July 28, 2020
Today is no different than July 28th 2015. I mean, I know it's different, but it doesn't feel different. 

I love you. I want you to be here.
Posted by Nadine Hack on January 7, 2020
Today, on the 22nd anniversary of Oscar's birth, four and a half years after his death, I hold you Rebekah in my heart with tenderness. xo
his Life

Trial Pending...

On July 11, 2016 -- nearly a year after Oscar was killed -- a grand jury issued an indictment against 12 defendants (allegedly MS-13 gang members) for the murder of 10 people, conspiracy, attempted murder, and other charges ( They are all being held in Santa Barbara County Jail, without bail. Prosecutors intend to seek life in prison without possibility of parole rather than the death penalty.

The case is going through the court system, very slowly, with hearings held the third Friday of every month. Trial date is not set but likely mid-2019 to start, and could go through end of 2020. We just don't know. Although the waiting is hard, we know that it's important things are done well and not rushed, that defendants get due process and those who committed this violence will be held accountable.

This is an extremely complex case, perhaps the biggest CA has ever had in the number of defendants and victims. Senior Deputy District Attorney Ann Bramsen is the lead prosecutor on the case, and we are glad to have such an experienced attorney, and someone with great compassion who has been very communicative with us throughout. In addition to Bramsen, there are three other lawyers full time on the case and lots of support staff.

We are extremely appreciative of stellar reporting from Janene Scully, who has been covering the case from the very beginning at Noozhawk. Other local media is often sensationalizing, has very limited actual reporting, and sometimes reports on things they were not even present for. Janene Scully reports in such detail, it is almost as if we were there. This is her piece on when Oscar was first named in court, and defendants finally entered in pleas (not guilty) after the lengthy list of charges took 15 minutes to read aloud in court.

Love to all Oscar’s family and friends, and those of the other victims. Our hearts go out to all the victims' families, who have already suffered so much, and will be suffering even more in the long, long process of prosecuting their killers.
Michel Raygoza Hernandez (Jan. 8, 2013)
Modesto Melendez (May 16, 2015)
Oscar Joaquin (July 28, 2015)
Abrahan Rojas-Najera (Oct. 30, 2015)
Ulises Garcia-Mendez (Nov. 20, 2015)
Brayan Mejia Molina (Dec. 4, 2015)
Aaron Hernandez Sanchez (Jan. 12, 2016)
Javier Murillo-Sanchez (Jan. 12, 2016)
Donaciano (Alexis) Morales-Suarez (Jan. 25, 2016)
Augustin Jamie Montano-Barajas (Jan. 25, 2016)

Recent stories
Shared by Crystal Prendez on November 17, 2015

Every day I think about the memories Oscar and I shared. I think about how I will never have those times with him again. It absolutely breaks my heart over and over again every time I think about how I can never hug him, speak to him, or hear him speak to me and say "Ch-ch-ch-choners!" the way he would whenever I seen him. I have so many good times with Oscar, alot of them though we were always up to no good but we always had eachothers back. I remember one night specifically he picked me up with his cousin at Grams house and we went to the drive-in to watch Maleficent but it had closed and he was SO bummed out so that night we parked outside of the drive-in close enough where we could still see the movie screen and watched it for a good while even though we couldn't hear any of the words. I also think of all the mornings we'd be with all our friends at my house, and we'd just chill all morning watching Law & Order, eating eggs & bacons or sometimes pancakes. You made the house so much more alive & fun. My grandma, sister, and even my Uncle that you only ment once adored you. It hurts that I'm not gonna be able to hang out with you once I'm back home with Grams. He was one of my closest friends at the time and I regret not being able to stay close to him due to my own personal issues I was dealing with being away from home but there's not one day that goes by where I don't think about you. I wish everyday you were still here but I know your'e in a way better place than this world, where your'e much happier. I can't wait till the day I see you again. Rest easy, Flashy. God has a purpose for you up there.. keep me safe and protected. I love and miss you so so much Oscar!

Tribute given at Rosary, Aug 7, 2015

Shared by Dru Levasseur on August 11, 2015

Oscar was Quiet, tuned in. In a stressful moment in the car when we assumed he was listening to his music, he called up from the back seat out of the blue, "I love you, Mommy."

He was gentle with kids, babies loved him, clung to him, climbed on him.
Half a kid himself, he was fun-loving, endlessly ready for the next game or challenge. He hated to lose, but could laugh at himself and with a big grin he would challenge you to a rematch.


Oscar was Loud, direct, the life of the party, cracking jokes but making sure everyone was taken care of.  He was a leader, a care-giver.  One time he ate 15 White Castle cheeseburgers in one sitting.

Oscar was Powerful. He was handsome, smart, quick, funny. One of those rare people who are good at everything. He had big plans for the future, his music, getting a job to make his family proud. He was Royalty. King Joaquin across his chest. Scaling up rock climbing walls on the first try. A Massive, beautiful spirit.

Most of all, Oscar was loved. By his Mom, his Dad, his beautiful family on both sides, his Mom's friends, his own friends, coaches, his girlfriend.  And he knew it.  Trust me.  In my last conversation, he confirmed that he knew just how much he was loved by his Mom and all of you.

Oscar was bilingual and bicoastal. He straddled many worlds. Many of us in the room are not familiar with all of his worlds. He brought us all together. Mexico, California, New York, Georgia, Connecticut.

He lives on in each of us and thousands of others who are not here tonight but are with us in spirit.  Oscar Daniel Joaquin.

Grandfather at Work

Shared by Tony P Spicuglia on August 5, 2015

This is one of my favorite pictures.  It's been on my work computer desktop for months.  It still greets me with a smile when arriving at work!