This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Oso Ross Pelham, who was born on May 13, 1980 and passed away on January 30, 2011. We will remember him forever.

Posted by gbuo horace on May 13, 2022
Keep resting Brother you are missed
Posted by gbuo horace on May 13, 2020
May life perpetuation Shines upon you happy birthday
Posted by Jason Kulala on May 13, 2020
Gone but not forgotten. Happy Heavenly Birthday Oso
Posted by Bayzambmo Saye on March 12, 2020
SoSo, it's been 11 years since you left us! We miss you every single day. Your talents were cut short! But your smiles were not! I see your smiles every day. I continue to hear you say to me at my ADA/LAP office: "we will get there, big brother".
Rest on, pekin.
Posted by Nataline Cole on January 30, 2020
Continue to rest well hun,Oh how I missed you visiting me at work.
Posted by Nataline Cole on January 30, 2019
Continue to RIP my dear BIL and buddy.
Posted by alesia jallah on January 30, 2017
Rest In Peace my love!!!! I miss you today, and every other day
Posted by Ellen Attoh on January 30, 2016
Its 5 years already since u left this world but not our hearts. U will forever be in our hearts.
Posted by Sunil Yadav on May 4, 2015
On behalf of the Attoh's family, i express my deepest sympathy to d Pelham's family. Its hard but we all have to take heart in d Lord 4 he knws y. Oso Ross Pelham, we will truly miss u cuz u touched our lives one way or the other. Go n rest with d Lord.
Posted by Sunil Yadav on April 29, 2015
"On behalf of the Attoh's family, i express my deepest sympathy to d Pelham's family. Its hard but we all have to take heart in d Lord 4 he knws y. Oso Ross Pelham, we will truly miss u cuz u touched our lives one way or the other. Go n rest with d Lord."
Posted by Munah E. Pelham-Youngbloo... on January 30, 2015
Today my heart bleed for the lost of my dearest brother, this death I can not get over, I try to let go but this is just too hard to happen. oh death you are so wicked. today made him 4 years since I last saw him I am yet to get over this death but God knows it all. Rest in peace my dearest love you will forever by remember. Oh God what can I do or say my heart is so heavy. Rest in Peace
Posted by Chris Eugene Taylor on January 30, 2015
Today can never pass by without me saying to a small brother and friend Rest in Peace and keep smiling on. You are missed, you played your role well, though short, yet meaningful and felt by all who you came in contact with......Sleep on....on and on and we will meet up someday.
Posted by Alesia Jallah on January 30, 2015
For the past 4 yrs today, everytime this hour and min I pray that the phone call I got was a lie. Oso u must have left us 4yrs ago but your love and kindness remains in my heart forever. You was one of a kind and my very first best friend/love, I pray God continue to hold u in his arms because I know u are with him and smiling with him always. Rest in perfect peace my love, my heart aches for you. I promise today to not cry but smile for u like u always wanted me to.
Posted by Vinton Johnson on January 30, 2015
I will always miss you Brother. I can vividly recalled those good and entertaining moments we had together as young boys coming up. Rest In Peace Until We meet on that great getting up morning.
Posted by Munah E. Pelham-Youngbloo... on May 13, 2014
what a sad day today, a day my late daddy and my loving brother was born but see what has happened to me both of them are no more. Death you are such a wicked thing, but ever man must pass this way to have eternal life. Oso missed you so deeply, I wish everyday of my life that your soul find a rest in God's kingdom. You was my hope, my joy and my happiness you will forever be remembered. I still yet to believe that you are dead. May Your Soul Rest in Peace.
Posted by Abraham Flomo on May 13, 2014
We are not talkin to one another, as we use to call each other, i can not believe that we really not talkin to one another Oso. I miss u and will continues to miss u, may soul rest in peace Oso.
Posted by Munah E. Pelham-Youngbloo... on March 17, 2014
Oh what a broken heart that can never be heal. I miss you baby,,,,,,,many days I wish you were around to see me make you proud but the cool hands of death stole you from me and left my heart bleeding. Oh want a lost that can’t be found again…….rest in peace.
Posted by Nuzohn Kulala on January 30, 2014
Gone too soon but ur memory still lives on.R.I.P J.J. Ross
Posted by Doliakeh Quoimie on January 30, 2014
The Quoimie family extend profound condolence to the Pelham family, Karishma and Paris. We missed you a lot.
Posted by Patricia Roberts on July 10, 2013
Oso I just do not want to accept that u are not with me again. I be leave that my oso is stay in my life. That is why I refused to put roses on that is just let when u use to travel to Ghana at times, and u will say Patricia Oso as u usual call me, I will be back my girl. so I know that u will be back one day my baby. GOD BLESSED
Posted by Patricia Roberts on July 10, 2013
Oso I just don't want to accept that u are not in my life again. that is why I did not put roses on that casket.buz I know my oso is stay with me. I feel that u travel a long journey and will be back soon. Love u Oso
Posted by Eve Attoh on January 30, 2013
mmmmm ow time flies...8's 2 yrs 9w ...RIP sleep on we miss u yah dear

ur memories live on......!
Posted by Eve Attoh on February 3, 2012
how time flies, its been a yr now since u departed dis world to rest, although physcially you are gone, but in our hearts, soul, mind, being and with everything you have done and left behind, we still do remember you. Miss you yah!!

Posted by Eve Attoh on May 23, 2011
happy belated b-day my dear. even in death you are still remembered. rest in peace
Posted by JOSEPHINE NEWTON ADDO on May 16, 2011
Posted by candace sayon on May 13, 2011
Happy Birthday Mr Oso Ross Pelham,Thoug The Cold Hand Of Death Has Taken You Away But Your Memories Lives Within Our minds And Hearts....We Miss you!!!!!!!!!!
Posted by Monie Hooke-Momolu on April 18, 2011
Oso Pelham, a true friend, colleague and brother. May your soul rest in eternal peace with the Almighty and your light shine perpetually.
Posted by Alice C Chea on February 21, 2011
God's knows why....RIP
Posted by carfthrina dahn on February 20, 2011
"OSO, u meant so much to so many people including myself.your death came as a shock to so many, i still wake up sometimes wishing i was in dream, that u're still with us but then realize u left us and isn't coming back. may GOD keep u in his arms until we meet again at his appointed time. i ask GOD to give your mother and your entire family peace and in peace. we will foreva miss u"
Posted by Joan Richardson on February 17, 2011
On behalf of myself i say to the Pelham Family God will take care of u in everyday all other way he will stand by u in all ur pains.
we all love Oso but God love him best.
take ur rest Oso Ross Pelham till we meet again
Posted by Henrietta Askie on February 16, 2011
Oso, May the good Lord grant you peace with Him until that faithful day when we all shall meet again. You will always be remembered. May your soul rest in peace.
Posted by Ezekiel Freeman on February 14, 2011
We are all a few steps away from you. Let your light continue to shine on and your good works relight the path you have strode on this earth....Rest in peace brother! U SHALL 4EVER BE MISSED AND LOVED.
Posted by Leelia Andrews on February 13, 2011
"Wow! hummm! ahhh man! Cheaaay! Cream crakers, my birthday mate, my friend, how we wished to celebrate our birthday this year together but the cold hands of death has taken you away. I just cant digest the fact that you are not around.. why so soon???? Who's going to trouble me about spaghetti and liver stew for breakfast? you've left a scar that i'll always remember. Sleep on......
Posted by Harold S. Neufville on February 12, 2011
Oso, I can’t quite say we were friends but I did observe you from afar. I saw so much potential in you. I saw some traits of myself in you and I did admire them. You were destined for great things. No word can adequately describe how shock I was to hear of your death. I feel like my own brother has passed.My heart goes out to your family..RIP
Posted by Stephen Wensae on February 12, 2011
On behalf of the Wensae's ,my deepest condolences..

Just cant believe the news..why so soon?We weren't prepared for you to go.You were too full of life to be taken away from us so soon.Its still hard to believe.
Your going is like the lost of sunlight on a cloudy afternoon,gone too soon.Like a castle build on a sandy beach.. Gone too soon.. We love you but God love you the best
Posted by Daniel Wolloh Jr on February 9, 2011
Imagine someone has opened your chest with clawed hands, grabbed your heart in a crushing grip and torn it from your body. But you do not die. You remain alive, in agony.
Posted by Eve Attoh on February 9, 2011
Tks E3, Oso Ross Pelham, u can never be forgotten to me, there's a mark you placed in me that is like a scare, which can never be erased, rest in peace!
Posted by Thomas Gant on February 8, 2011
May your sole find rest in the arms of our Lord Jesus Christ...
We miss you .......
Posted by Rose Maclean on February 8, 2011
What moves through us is a silence, a quiet sadness, a longing for one more day, one more word, one more touch, we may not understand why you left this earth so soon, or why you left before we were ready to say good-bye, but little by little, we begin to remember not just that you died, but that you lived. And that your life gave us memories too beautiful to forget.
Posted by Percy Mckay on February 7, 2011
Old Skool-Oso,why so soon brotha! Still carry u in my heart.My heart is deeply broken. Guess ur restin well brotha. May God guide n keep u. Oso J.J.Ross Old Skool Pelham- R I P brotha!!!!!!!
Posted by Eric Molon on February 7, 2011
We Will Miss You

A precious one from us has gone.
A voice we love is still.
A place is vacant in our hearts
which no one else can fill.
After our lonely heartaches
and our silent tears,
We will always have beautiful memories
of the one we loved so dear.
Olso, servant of God, well done!
Rest from thy love employ.
The battle is fought, the victory won.
Enter thy Master’s joy.
Posted by Austin Bill Massaquoi on February 7, 2011
I will miss your days, but I will remember all of our good times together. You were a wonderful friend and brother. Your memories will ever be here. you are an honorable friend. I miss you forever even at death, Suffer no more for the struggle is over, we love you dearly but God loves you the best… RIP till we meet again and toast our happy glasses together.
Posted by Angel C. Bull on February 7, 2011
Well in this life we all have to go someday!!! but for u oso, your's was to soon..... rest in the bossom of Abraham..tell we meet again
Posted by Momolu Trowen Massaquoi on February 7, 2011
You will forever be remembered Oso,for it were the little things you did that you will be so dearly missed. One thing in life is sure, we all have to answer when God's calling. Rest In Peace!!!
Posted by Debah Roberts on February 6, 2011
For and on bhalf of the entire Roberts family i wil like to use this opportunity to extent my deepest sympathy to the Pelham family for the Lost of a dear friend and brother oso. May his soul and souls of all other faithful departed rest in light perpetuity.
Posted by Ezekiah Sillah on February 5, 2011
On behave of the Sillah families we extend ours deepest condolence to the Pelham families of their lost son Mr. Oso Ross Pelham. may his soul rest in perpetaul peace.
Posted by Samuel T. Woto on February 4, 2011
On behalf of my family and I, I'll take this time to express our deepest sympathy to the Pelham family. Its so hard and painful to think "Oso's dead",ah manh...R I P brother. He will always be remembered.
Posted by Nuzohn Kulala on February 4, 2011
Is a house really a home when your loved ones are gone?
We'll tell the World dat U've gone home.
We pray that the rain will wash away all the pains of yesterday,tho 8 will be very hard.
I know ur kingdom awaits and they've forgiven ur mistakes.U left us all with hole in our hearts.I wont lit a c...andle 4 u but would rather burn d forest 4 U.R I P Oso.
Posted by Joenet Gardiner on February 4, 2011
Posted by Charles Karpeh on February 4, 2011
... It is too early Brother, why so soon? only God knows
as you leave this trouble earth may the your soul and soul of all the faithful departed rest in peace. And to the family it is very hard to understand but we will all understand it by and by! I say take heart, and have faith that one day we shall all meet beyond that buatiful shore...........
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Posted by gbuo horace on May 13, 2022
Keep resting Brother you are missed
Posted by gbuo horace on May 13, 2020
May life perpetuation Shines upon you happy birthday
Posted by Jason Kulala on May 13, 2020
Gone but not forgotten. Happy Heavenly Birthday Oso
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Rest on bro

Shared by gbuo horace on January 30, 2020
I get this reminder every year and am glad I do because we tend to forget about loved once when they are gone.but your memories will live forever rest on beit

Gone but never forgotten

Shared by gbuo horace on January 30, 2019

Rest on bro

A Real Man

Shared by Eve Attoh on February 9, 2011

Oso, Oso Oso, each time i think about you since u passed, a picture of you brings smiles to.

i still do feel your presence around and yet just to know you are gone. You are a man, not were a man cuz ur mark u placed in my life is unmovable, unforgettable, the scare remains a good one too.This scare is a bright one made by you. U brought too many good things to lives. For me I c this event as a promotion to God himself  as a  paid for all good things you have done.

Enjoy the peace of God!