Service of Songs:
18th April by 3 pm at his residence at Alemu, Off Okokomaiko, Ojo Local Government, Lagos.

21st and 22nd  April at Ebonyi State
For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain
Philippians 1:2
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, OSONDU OKO, 51 years old, born on September 1, 1969, and passed away on March 17, 2021. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Ifeoma Okofor on April 3, 2021

My Dearest Daddy Osondu
It is hard to believe you are gone!
You are my Discipler
You inspired me to be the best I could ever become.

I remember your counsel
Your teachings
Your Prayers
Your Kindness
Your Friendship and Love which was true

Your Passion for God was extraordinary
Even Contagious, and you made it a pleasure Serving God

Your Selfless Commitment to winning Souls must by now have won you a Crown with many Stars, and a beautiful Mansion in Heaven

Sleep on in the bosom of our Lord
Whom You Love with all your Heart and with all your Mind

Till we meet on the resurrection Morning

Love always

Sis Ifeoma Okafor
Your Daughter In The Lord...
Posted by Samuel Aderonmu on April 2, 2021
My Brother Osondu, I will forever missed your voice, your Spirit filled praises and inspiring song. You will be missed by Brethren indeed but your soul was gained by God. What a glorious exit as you bid us farewell, farewell, farewell.
Posted by Chukwuemeka Ugwuanyi on April 2, 2021
The glorious bell is ringing !
A pilgrim has gone home !
A missionary has accomplished the mission !
The messenger has returned to his master !
A saint is gone !

Bro Osondu !
You have fought a good fight !
You have ran the race !
You have crossed the finishing line !
You have finished your course !

Go and rest !
Go and be rewarded !
Go and receive the crown !

Oooh! Let me die the death of the righteous !
May my end be like his !

Bro Osondu ! Oooh !
You came !
You saw !
You conquered !

Bro Osondu !
Fare thee well !
God is pleased with the death of the righteous.

As heaven rolls out drums in celebration of your triumph to glory.
As we mourn here .

We do not have any regret because you live on.
You are still living with us in all your enviable godly legacies.

Your integrity !
Your humility !
Your commitments !
Above all Christ in you !
All these virtues are living and robing off on us , challenging , correcting admonishing and encouraging us infinito .

Onye ozioma chineke
Nwannem Osondu !
Oo anyi ekwere go na- ijewego !
Ibugoro anyi uzo la n'ebe ka mma
Zotara anyi onodu !

Ka - anyi soro ndi nso πuria Maka *" onye nso alago !*
*Osondu nwanne m onye ozioma jee nkeoma anyi Na - abia !*
Posted by Ruby Micheal on April 2, 2021
It's still difficult for me to believe . It's still like a dream to me.Never knew you will go so soon.Thank you for the role you played in the life of my husband and I.Thank you for all the follow-ups.Thank you for being a blessing.I have no doubt that you are with Jesus whom you have laboured for.I miss you greatly Daddy
Posted by Love Ojukwu on April 2, 2021
I have prayed and hoped that you survived that health challenge but God has done His best. To Him be all the glory. When I heard how gloriously you transited to great beyond, I only but glorified God that atleast you are now resting with Him. You were a good man that I repected so much. Very painful to say this - Good night my brother, until we meet at His feet.
Posted by OLAYINKA JOEL on April 2, 2021
Bro. Osondu you fought a good fight and finished your course. A humble, committed and faithful missionary. I'm always amazed at your patience as a transport coordinator to Gboko, when passengers aggravated you and you would never react but smile. Your spirit-filled praises and worship is dearly missed. We shall meet again bro Osondu. Rest on.
Posted by Segun Ogungbe on April 2, 2021
Though it's painful you didn't stay for too long, we are comforted you're in the bossom of the Lord. You're someone I greatly respect and appreciate. I was always looking forward to your teachings and expositions.... Humble, amiable and most of all, God fearing. The Lord will take care of your wife and children you left behind
Posted by Hassan Emmanuel on April 2, 2021
Onyi Isi as I fondly call you, I remembered the last time I spoke with you in January when I traveled to Oko in Anambra state for a burial. I thought I was in your hometown, because the place is called Oko, despite the pains you were going through, you took time to explain to me that you are from Ebonyi State, you even told me your village which I can't remember now. I never knew that will be our last conversation on this side of eternity. You were so Strong, always smiling. You led us in worship for so many years. You Came, Saw and Conquered. You saw the Lord before Death. We all missed you. Continue to Rest in Bosom of Father, Till We Meet to Part No More.
Posted by Iseoluwa Ogundele on April 2, 2021
Our dear brother, Onyisi as I used to call you. We meet to part, we part to meet till we meet to part no more at the feet of the Master. Rest on our brother. You were part of Ipaja annual community hymnal night. We missed you. Faith&IseOluwa.
Posted by Ogungbeni John on April 2, 2021
Those times you led us to sing the song "Unquestionable you are the Lord, unquestionable you are the Lord, unquestionable, unquestionable, unquestionable you are the Lord ", I didn't know you were making declaration that will serve as consolation for some of us in a time like this. Our greatest consolation however is in Phil 1:21. Rest on bro, until we meet to part no more.
Posted by Michael Ogbu Nwachukwu on April 2, 2021
Beloved OSONDU,
I thank God for you for allowing God to ride on you to affect several lives positively for Him while you were here on Earth.
You have joined them over there to continue what you know how to do best. Singing and praising Him that loved and saved us.
He will sustain us that are still coming behind to finish well and strong.

All Glory To Jesus
Posted by Tosin Amusan on April 2, 2021
Forever Missed? No! I know I'll see you again on that day perhaps with the angelic choir. I miss your singing voice. I remember I told you so when I saw you in Dec. Didn't think you'll leave us eventually but Glory be to God who gives us victory. I really really hope to meet you at the bosom of our Father. Sleep on till we meet again...
Posted by Seun Folorunso on April 2, 2021
Adieu beloved bro Osondu
You brought God down at our meetings and fellowship through the melodious songs.
You are now privileged by grace to be singing in the home above face to face the praises of Him that loved and saved us.
May grace sustain us that are still journeying on this terrestrial and unite us with you and those that have gone ahead. Glory to Jesus
Posted by Sam Adelani on April 2, 2021
Brother Osondu we are already missing you. But our consolation is that you are with Lord that loves you more than us. You will continue to be remembered.
Posted by Stephen Fatonji on April 2, 2021
Bro Osondu was such a fervent believer. The day I saw him led a prayer session, l knew there was something extra ordinary about him and that is the fire and passion for God.
Posted by Donatus Emmanuel on April 2, 2021
Tribute to Dear Brother
OSONDU OKO's childlike life has distinguished him from his generation.
He lived and served the intandem with the Lord's calling. He was converted like a child (Matt. 18:1-4).
OSONDU OKO made a difference serving the all humility.

Donatus and Funke Emmanuel.
Posted by Ibironke Macaulay on April 2, 2021
Gone to Rest in the bosom of the Lord, free from pain and sorrow. Rejoicing with the saints above and singing endless halleluyah to the king of kings. Brother Osondu you will be greatly missed. Till resurrection morning!!! Adieu
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Recent Tributes
Posted by Adebisi Odiakose on April 22, 2021

Brother Osondu, a rare gem is gone to be with the Lord,
You have taken the best choice,
Much words cannot describe you,
Even though, it has been a very long time I met you last,
Your memories lingered on,
You facilitated the branch of discipleship class in our local church,
Man of passion for Jesus,
I have gone through all that people said about you here, that is just whom you are,
Your singing is so unique and heavenly, 
Brother, hope to meet you in the morning at the feet of Jesus,
Where we will know as we have known.

Good night, bro. Osondu!

Sis. 'Bisi Odiakose
Foursquare Gospel Church, Victory Estate, Iba.
Posted by David Ebube on April 21, 2021
Your words; 'don't loose focus' has kept me through a lot. It was 2017 I took the decision to take the yoke of discipleship and you were my first experience of human discipler. Your humility and meekness had challenged me so much. How tenderly you relate with your children at home became a prayer point for me. The little time I stayed with you before I was transferred, was a great help to me. It formed a basis for my continuity in discipleship. I thank God so much for your life. It is actually so painful to say 'rest on Daddy'
Posted by Oluwaseyi Ajibade on April 19, 2021
Our dear sweet psalmist is gone to be with the Lord.
While you were here on mother earth, you were in Christ and we saw Christ in you.
Your rendering of praises and worship to God brought joy to our hearts and strength to our bones.
But there'll never be another you. In that I can guarantee. I'm only comforted by the fact that you finished your course and fought the good fight of faith to the end.
And you are resting in the bosom of your Lord and Maker smiling down on us from Heaven. Adieu...
Recent stories
Shared by Bro Dashwep Domse on April 9, 2021
Bro Osondu, my discipleship teacher in Ojo class some years back, you contributed tangibly to my life in all facets. When working with a rifle as a soldier, or working with a stethoscope and a monitor as a nurse, what you taught me keeps reminding me as a disciple. This made me indeed a dual soldier not loosing sight of Jesus.
A story you told us where you told us you resisted a practice emphasising that we only do what our Lord Jesus did. Bro, we will see you at the feet of Jesus as we retire from this earthly mission.


Shared by Temitope Emmanuel on April 3, 2021
Dear Bro. Osondu, anytime I remembered the story of how the Lord picked you up, I can't but say that you made a good choice of the Lord. A no body who became God's servant and who served Him wholeheartedly, indeed you didn't allow your past life determined your future. Today we can boldly say REST-ON in the bossom of the Lord bcos you know Him and in Him is your future.
Any time I remembered that you've gone, I could not but thank God for your life again... though still find it difficult to believe you're gone but yet to God be the glory!!

Sleep on beloved brother Osondu.... We will miss you!!!
Shared by Charked Nzoputa on April 3, 2021
My brief moment with you was not in vain,it left an everlasting mark of Christ in me,even in your sick bed you keep showing me the things of Christ through your life,I will forever miss you, keep resting till we meet again, may God comfort your family