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Shared by Bro Dashwep Domse on April 9, 2021
Bro Osondu, my discipleship teacher in Ojo class some years back, you contributed tangibly to my life in all facets. When working with a rifle as a soldier, or working with a stethoscope and a monitor as a nurse, what you taught me keeps reminding me as a disciple. This made me indeed a dual soldier not loosing sight of Jesus.
A story you told us where you told us you resisted a practice emphasising that we only do what our Lord Jesus did. Bro, we will see you at the feet of Jesus as we retire from this earthly mission.


Shared by Temitope Emmanuel on April 3, 2021
Dear Bro. Osondu, anytime I remembered the story of how the Lord picked you up, I can't but say that you made a good choice of the Lord. A no body who became God's servant and who served Him wholeheartedly, indeed you didn't allow your past life determined your future. Today we can boldly say REST-ON in the bossom of the Lord bcos you know Him and in Him is your future.
Any time I remembered that you've gone, I could not but thank God for your life again... though still find it difficult to believe you're gone but yet to God be the glory!!

Sleep on beloved brother Osondu.... We will miss you!!!
Shared by Charked Nzoputa on April 3, 2021
My brief moment with you was not in vain,it left an everlasting mark of Christ in me,even in your sick bed you keep showing me the things of Christ through your life,I will forever miss you, keep resting till we meet again, may God comfort your family


Shared by Chukwuemeka Ugwuanyi on April 2, 2021
The glorious bell is ringing !
A pilgrim has gone  home !
A missionary has accomplished the mission !
The messenger has returned to his master !
A saint is gone !

Bro Osondu ! 
You have fought a good fight !
You have ran the race !
You have crossed the finishing line !
You have finished your course !

Go and rest !
Go and be rewarded !
Go and receive the crown !

Oooh! Let me die the death of the righteous ! 
May my end be like his !

Bro Osondu ! Oooh !
You came !
You saw !
You conquered !
Bro Osondu !
Fare thee well ! 
God is pleased with the death of the righteous.

As heaven rolls out drums in celebration of your triumph to glory.
As we mourn here .

We do not have any regret because you live on.
You are still living with us  in all your enviable godly legacies.

Your integrity !
Your humility !
Your commitments !
Above all Christ in you !
All these virtues are living and robing off on us , challenging , correcting  admonishing and encouraging us  infinito .

Onye ozioma chineke 
Nwannem Osondu !
Oo anyi ekwere go na- ijewego !
Ibugoro anyi uzo la n'ebe ka mma 
Zotara anyi onodu !

Ka - anyi soro ndi nso πuria Maka *" onye nso alago !*
*Osondu nwanne m onye ozioma jee nkeoma anyi Na - abia  !*

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