Let the memory of Oswald be with us forever
  • 83 years old
  • Born on January 8, 1933 .
  • Passed away on October 25, 2016 .

This memorial is created in honor of Oswald Ossie Pereira, the founding member of Kripa Foundation, Mumbai, India. 

Ossie has touched many lives across India and around the world with his magnificent heart, especially those affected by alcoholism and drug abuse. He dedicated his life not only in saving others, but in instilling a greater meaning and purpose to life. He was a simple man filled with wisdom. He was a man of great depth and insight.Those who encountered him will remember him as a legend, a giant leader who cared deeply, who loved unconditionally and who stood utterly faithful to his calling till the very end of his life.    

If you have had an encounter with Ossie, in one way or another, here is an opportunity for you to share your tributes. You may also share photos, videos or links related to Ossie's life. For those many who has been associated with Kripa Foundation and Ossie, you may also have some famous Ossie quotations to share. 

Ossie's love for culinary is also well known. If you have Ossie's special recipes, you may also to share that with others.   

May his memory be a blessing!   

Thank you

Posted by Byron Pereira on 19th November 2016
Dear Friends, please note that the Months Mind Mass for the repose of the Ossie's soul will be as follows: 7:30am at Mt. Carmel's Chirch on Sat 26th Nov 5:30pm at the Chapel of the Sisters of St. Paul on Waterfeild Road Bandra also on Sat 26th Nov.
Posted by Punyajyoti Chowdhury on 5th November 2016
I am grateful to Ossie. I was in treatment in annexe. Ossie and Oscar were the two persons ,who educated us with the disease and that recovery is only through a conducive lifestyle. Half of their words of depth I could,nt understand then, is. 1993. I left for kolkata after taking the education from Ossie and Oscar. Ossie I was not afraid of , but, what he spoke always made me thoughtful. Once I remember I was in bandra for a training and then Ossie gave me the honour to take an input in his presence. Once in kolkata few years later again I meet him and he asks me are you happy ? I was fumbling for for an answer ,since the question was from Ossie. Then tells me , be happy with what you have and with what you don't have. Ossie will be alive in my learnings from Kripa.
Posted by Girish Kurra on 1st November 2016
Your mission will be on. It's my commitment Ossie Sir. We will carry the message which you gave us. Would follow your footsteps ...
Posted by Girish Kurra on 1st November 2016
I am grateful to you that you touched my life & gave me a new start in life. I am grateful that you taught me about my problem & guided me on solutions. I am grateful to you for the way you have trained me to help others in your kind supervision. My whole family is grateful for the hope you have given to them. I am committed to carry the message as per your instructions. You are always with us Ossie Sir. Love you.Regards
Posted by Newton Khonglah on 27th October 2016
Thankyou Sir for everythings.He was my Counsellor,still remember his input class and food specially pork.
Posted by Bosco Dsouza on 27th October 2016
The Ossie I remember was of a man without blemish...he was a big idea man..He had faults NOT blemishes! He loved to a fault people who had problems with alcohol or drugs, he loved food and cooking and feeding people, he was finicky about the company he kept and he had an opinion about the world he lived in..Above all he spawned a generation or two of die heard admirers who went on to blaze a trail of their own in the field of recovery...Whether as doctors or spiritualists or plain recovering souls....Play on Ossie, wherever you are, your inputs will be remembered along with your fish and pork curries and your mischievous humour...RIP Dr ANV
Posted by Neichu Mayer on 26th October 2016
There will never ever be another Ossie. He was an exceptional leader who served humbly, with special care for each person's unique needs and issues. He will always be remembered for his love for people, roses (oh! his rose garden in the backyard of Mt. Carmel's church in Bandra), books (i inherited quite a bit of his collections) and for good food. He was my mentor and my friend. a father figure, my encyclopaedia - i sought him for everything including recipes for some amazing dishes he often made! Go in peace, uncle Ossie. I will miss you so dearly!

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